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  1. MissDazzle added a post in a topic What anime girl stereotype are you?   

     Ojou types are some of the most sophisticated people you can expect to meet. They exude class and perhaps even an heir of royalty- however, despite their refined tastes, they are rarely snobby people. Ojou types believe in the proper sentimentalities of times gone by; manners, etiquette and chivalry are all things they admire and pursue. Always very beautiful, they take great care with their appearance, expressing themselves with fashion and style. They lead a lavish lifestyle, wanting to focus only on beautiful things.
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  2. MissDazzle added a post in a topic Things People Would Be Surprised To Know About You   

    I'm prone to mental breakdowns (it ain't even funny).
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  3. MissDazzle added a post in a topic Artist and Drawing Thread   

    To be honest, my art's garbage compared to all you talented guys.
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  4. MissDazzle added a post in a topic ..   

    I never really cared much for him.
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  5. MissDazzle added a post in a topic Tila Tequila   

    I think she's a dumb bit**! 
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  6. MissDazzle added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    Those people sicken me! At least Cody and Emma are finally in their real mother's hands!
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  7. MissDazzle added a post in a topic Nicole Dollanganger   

    I only heard about her through a friend of mine and I listened to one of her songs, thinking it was good. Now I'm not sure to be honest. 
    (I'm staying neutral in this.)
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  8. MissDazzle added a post in a topic New Topic Guidelines (MUST READ BEFORE MAKING A TOPIC)   

    Is it possible for people who are so-called critics to get a thread?
    (glares angrily at SavDraws)
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  9. MissDazzle added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    To be honest, I was a casual viewer of AkiDearest but I didn't watch many videos from The Anime Man. Focus on the "was".
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  10. MissDazzle added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    The Bowser cosplay looks more like an R15/R18 Bowsette cosplay. Sorry about that.
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  11. MissDazzle added a post in a topic Disturbing Songs   

    (The story behind these songs are disturbing)
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  12. MissDazzle added a post in a topic Have you been on the Deep/Dark web?   

    Nope. I don't plan on visiting.
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  13. MissDazzle added a post in a topic How did you find PULL?   

    I found it through a MikuMikuDance server on Discord. Discord is an alternative to Skype.
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  14. MissDazzle added a post in a topic Anime Songs You Love (openings,endings,insert songs)   

    I love that song! It's just so catchy to sing along to
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  15. MissDazzle added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hello from a Newcomer
    Hello. My name is MissDazzle and I found this website through a MikuMikuDance server on Discord. I am an asexual heteroromantic cisfemale who enjoys the show "Gravity Falls" (I got into the series via On Demand and I watched the final episode, not knowing it was the finale). The thread I first viewed on this website was the thread on YandereDev.
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