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  1. MilkMe added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    For me personally, watching porn isn't cheating but following them and keeping up with them is considered cheating in my book.
    After you masturbate, you should go back to your normal life.
    I don't find watching porn cheating because I did it growing up (im a girl), so it'd be hypocritical of me to not let my boyfriend watch.
    Idk about other shit though, my bf & I just stick to porn websites/videos, that's it. 
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  2. MilkMe added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    Yikes, if I liked someone and found out they were taken, i'm 100% unattracted to them automatically
    but for some people... it's like...they don't even care lol.
    like why would you want to bang someone whos banging someone else lol.
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  3. MilkMe added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    I mean the whole teen thing is fucked in porn, but dont forget that people ages 12-18 also look at porn and want to look at girls their age hence why teen porn is popular. even though the girls are ages 18-27 in them or they are just skinny/petite.
    MILF is also popular af, so if anybody is worried about losing your youth, dont worry, y'all still hot.
    if someone likes younger girls while they are 30-60, chances are they are just mentally at that age and immature. 
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  4. MilkMe added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    The only good thing about pedobaiting is that i'd rather have pedos donate money to 18+ yr old girls and fap to them than molest actual children
    so thanks i guess lol..........
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  5. MilkMe added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    hurrdurr im not like da other girls bruh im pretty sure 95% of the people on this planet have hobbies, even the simplest things can be hobbies or passions LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
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  6. MilkMe added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    true, it's fucking 2019, anybody whos into gaming is into other things such as art 
    and a lot of girls play games nowadays, so my ass, he could've found anyone but took advantage of lily lmao.
    and the way he talks is just so fake, like, bro just be upfront instead of all cute to convince lily you're this nice guy
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  7. MilkMe added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    ew the way he talks is cringy 
    : ) : )
    comes off fake as fuck, like boi stop, we all know you ain't about that cute life u cheating cunt
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  8. MilkMe added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I remember being back in HS, discovering lilypichu on youtube, and searching how she actually looked like, couldn't find any pics of her back then
    the girl seriously has confidence issues and she overcame them
    now this shit? holy fuck. poor lily. i hope she actually moves away from all these toxic people. 
    she actually has talent unlike some of the people who just get popular by leeching cough
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  9. MilkMe added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

     too bad u actually have to smile or show enthusiasm to get far as a egirl/camgirl/pornstar
    or even in real life.
    it shows that you're friendly and approachable.. lol
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  10. MilkMe added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    It's sad that some girls literally get off to taking other girl's man
    like holy shit dude, how low can you be
    cheating should seriously be a fucking crime, how can you waste someone's life like that, you can't gain time no matter how much money you have.
    i hope both of them die alone or some shit, cuz holy fuck.
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  11. MilkMe added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    like I said in another thread, if lily wants to be happy, she needs to move out of California or wherever she is rn.
    Those friends are not actual fucking friends 
    You can tell Lily is the type of person who's like a doormat and a lost puppy who sucks up to people & she needs to find a better life and better people.
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  12. MilkMe added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    All these cunts are just using eachother, these people still have high school mentality and if you ever want to have a good life, they should seriously move out of California lmao.
    can't wait until they regret their 20s , i guarantee 90% of them won't keep in contact when they are older lol
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  13. MilkMe added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    lmao what, the internet knows albert and lily were dating, so unless she's fucking amish, her hoe ass shouldn't be excused just sayin
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  14. MilkMe added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    they don't deserve the attention even if it's negative attention lmao.
    they should stay irrelevant, because god forbid they ruin pink hair, cat ears, elf ears, chokers even more.
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  15. MilkMe added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    "shes doing good killing"
    bruh she's going downhill month by month, she can't pay a mortgage for a good house if she isn't making stable income
    now what part of that is good killing?
    unless she invested the money she has earned so far, she ain't shit anymore & needs to get a irl job. 
    the money she earned isn't going to retire her lmao, she's not even 25 yet let alone 30 LMAO get fucking rolled
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