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  1. buruberi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    1. saying the hate trolls are putting a strain on her friendships is a reach imho but also, she doesnt consider how she puts her friends on display? A lot of influencers have private accounts for more private things. If you blast your family or friends on your main social media account, people will get curious and/or invested. Kenna definitely has part of the fault on her by not covering her tracks well, imho
    2. I believe people can be ignorant and grow but Kenna has not adressed shit before it was brought up and even so, she did it so half heartedly. If she felt she did smth wrong/that bothered her and wished to come clean genuinely, she had a lot of time to do that. She decided to wait and take action when things resurfaced. Does she not know everything on the internet stays forever? 
    3. No one is forcing Kenna to stay on social media. I feel like she's been burnt out for a long while but has not had anything else to do either (as if her whole life is validated through her IG account). She has the means to take a step back and do some soul searching, and she should do that if she wishes. But she didn't/doesn't? Are we supposed to feel some type of way that she dug herself an influencer sized grave and she can't climb out of the pit? 
    Had she ever decided to put her money to good use through exploring things beyond aesthetics or education, i wouldn't feel so harsh about her feeling burnt out. But she proved time and time again that she wastes money and time and at the end of the day has nothing for show. I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who have it easy but decide to fuck it up some type of way.
    4. I don't wish ill on Kenna. She annoys me but that's about it. If she wants to fuck off and never come back I would say good riddance. But the way she choses to focus on hate and the negative really shows she needs to find her depths as a person. I don't think she has things that bring her joy, whatever picture she tries to paint. She doesn't feel like she ever tried to stay private about things (she doesnt cover her tracks and she overshares) -- she doesn't feel genuine or real, which is why I also can't wish her well. She doesn't feel like a person, she remains a highly curated pinterest board 
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  2. buruberi added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Her ends are so dull compared to her roots because of the left over pigment. It's also super blotchy... idk
    I like the color on her but I def dont think her hairdresser did a good job. If anything he should have tried taking the bleach down the lengths a bit to strip off more of that purple, or they should have worked with a transition shade beforehand. 
    I wonder if she'll keep it though? I really think it suits her better and compliments her skintone a lot more than that dust pink. 
    Also anyone finds her super vague in promoting her hairdresser's work? "I think he is using a dyson hairdryer" and other approximative facts. Idk, it's nitpicky, but these hair videos arent that interesting otherwise tbh 
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  3. buruberi added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    I think Jimin leaving AoA is great because who needs her still around when she proved to be like this. Also, very petty but even when stanning AoA i really disliked her so I feel sort of valid in thinking she was two faced even back then
    I really doubt AoA can or will recover though. They don't have a lot of strong talent left within the group imho... I hope any member (old or new) (that is not Jimin) will bounce back and be able to continue with their own activities though. I'd hate for the whole thing to reflect badly on some other members.
    I guess this is better suited for the plastic surgery thread tho but I'm surprised how sickly Jimin looks now. I didn't catch up on them visually since Choa left but heh. that's not a good look on her
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  4. buruberi added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    I just feel like especially because Kenna uses the AtlA screens, it shows how dubious her apology is.
    She wants to paint herself as the character with evident growth so bad that she has to use fiction to make her point. She's unable to use her own words and her own actions to show growth, she has to rely on comparing herself to Zuko and the things he's done.
    But Zuko shows growth in many ways, while Kenna keeps on completely filtering her whole life and rewriting narratives about her rather than face the smallest amount of legit criticism people can have for her.
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  5. buruberi added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    There was an interesting sequence of screenshots from a Holland interview that pinpoints exactly what irks me about fanservice (esp queer fanservice) : it capitalizes on queerness without really showing any acceptance.
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  6. buruberi added a post in a topic General bts discussion   

    It's kind of weird how many fans are having a bts burn out Though I sympathize bc I've been straying away from BTS for about a year now
    I just feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff fandom wants you to care about and constantly underwhelmed by the quality of the content BTS puts out lol
    MotS:7 was such a disappointment musically speaking. I know artists are entitled to their own evolution but it sounded like an american made album (and I think most of the tracks were produced by outsiders? I don't remember) with no understanding of music production.
    But I have to admit I'm curious for their next album!! If anything, I'm really stepping back from caring about BTS as personalities and I'm happy just consuming their music. Fandom just feels childish and I must admit I have bigger fish to fry than stupid hashtags on twitter lol
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  7. buruberi added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    She isn't using colors that need developer. She is using tone on tone colors (pigments mixed in a cream base similar to conditionner) so it is actually really gentle on her hair.
    The most damage she seems to do is shampooing her hair which naturally washes out the pigment, but she also does treatments (or haircare at least) to help it stay healthy. I don't think her hair is getting damaged beyond the usual bleach. If anything, she's always been very smart about her dying process 
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  8. buruberi added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I have a friend who is borderline emotionally abusive but no one says anything to him. They all coddle him because he's depressed and sad and fragile, but then he tells me things like he can't stand talking to me because after I turned him down and ignored him, he just feels like shit whenever we talk. I always end up leaving him alone because I don't want to deal with the emotional charge of things, but then he goes and talks about how he feels damaged and lonely and that no one loves him.
    I can't help but see the moments he turns to these public rants after something happens in the DMs. He keeps saying things are difficult for him and puts me on this weird pedestal where anything I do hurts him so I don't do anything? But not talking to him also hurts him. He's got this weird obsession that I'm super smart and such a guru on everything and he feels awful that he can't get over his feelings and have a normal relationship with me...
    I feel like I can't block him because then it's on me if he has a spiral. I can't keep engaging because of the emotional charge. I just try to wait out whatever is supposed to happen but it's really weighing on me how much everyone else is careful of his feelings and I have to fight it out with myself on my side
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  9. buruberi added a post in a topic Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew   

    "i'm being so fucking careful about things now" cry literally what the fuck
    That's such a cop out to say you never mentioned age. Weirdly enough it's always the older creeps that are like "age never came up!" because deep down it didn't fucking matter I guess? They just wanted to ride the high and have their piece? disgusting
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  10. buruberi added a post in a topic Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew   

    Not to take away how all of this is fucked up, but damn those streamers need real jobs as well as therapy
    I can't believe they were willing to put stuff under the rug until they secured financial stability away from Cry. Excusing shit behavior because they might lose money... I know I always had low key issues with streaming as a source of income but this takes the whole drama to the next level for me.
    While understanding some of them didn't have much of a choice because at the end of the month you gotta pay rent... I'm just really uncomfortable about how willing they were to let go of things "for the time being". Like, it's smart to secure your own income but did they never call Cry on his fucking bullshit?? Ever?? this upsets me lol
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  11. buruberi added a post in a topic Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew   

    I personally am sorry if it came off as if I implied he wasn't aware and I want to state that I'm not arguing what he did was wrong. I don't want to invalidate the hurt he's done, because that would just be as fucked up.
    But I do however believe he should work on those issues if he wants to go on with a better approach to life, and learn to be better as he claims he wants to be. Not that there is a redemption arc for him, just that he shouldn't get to live again through the pattern of being an abuser and a liar (on the account of having "excuses" that could be related to his own issues)
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  12. buruberi added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    I do agree that it's a narrative that ARMY have been supporting despite evidence saying so, but he's also going to enlist soon so that's why I feel like others could move on with their career more easily. He could also make a huge comeback!
    I'm mostly interested in what BH had to rework to get all them to sign again to the same label. Idk how much BH actually helps them at this point, I feel like they help the label more than the other way around. I seem to notice there's a lot of stuff that gives the members more agency over personal doings, I hope Seokjin will manage to get a good opportunity. He's been wanting to act for so long ...
    Like please don't get me wrong, I realize Seokjin has a lot of worth and deserves a lot of good things coming his way. I just have seen the pattern of idols going to serve and come back and be somewhat disinterested with actual entertainment work / the industry
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  13. buruberi added a post in a topic Cryaotic and the Late Night Crew   

    I actually have issues with Chey's behavior in the whole deal bc she goes back and forth between being over Cry and what happened to wanting justice. I know you can go back on what you say and it's valid to second guess how you felt especially when you've been wronged but a lot of it seems like vile behavior.
    Like, out of everyone, she tries to fight it out with Snake and attack the whole Crew? It's like she's taking a bigger bite than she can chew -- I doubt she can level with Snake in a one and one conversation because she's obviously more emotionally involved for example.

    I'm also sort of irked by people yelling Cry never properly apologized. I never felt like he did an apology video (not a straight up one at least), his video was non scripted and obviously he isn't well articulated. But I feel like the one thing we can give him (if we give the benefit of the doubt) is that, indeed, he's trying to come forward with it and not hide what he did anymore.
    I'm not familiar with the ProJared thing so the timeline might be hazy -- but I feel like social media is more aware of "doing the right thing" nowadays. Standing with the victims and "cancelling" the right people at the right time. Maybe this is why?
    Like, I'm not trying to twist this to make Cry a victim of circumstances. I do think, however, that the clarity most people feel with that situation, they wouldn't have felt a couple years ago. That's why there's been a pattern of predators, of people letting other people do shit... The whole idea that someone under 18 is strictly underage was a much blurrier concept (though I agree, it was probably blurred by predators) in 2015 I guess.
    So to speak, I think that we have a very 2020 lense on things that happened in a different social context -- it's not an excuse of course. I'm just curious what would have happened if it all broke out even last year, or the year before, yknow?
    Cry did refer to himself as a manchild. I do think you can be socially stunted and the early twenties, for a man who didn't grow up to be socialized, can definitely fall under that weird "barely adult, barely mature" mindset -- kind of like how being 18 (or 21) doesn't magically turn you into an adult overnight. I feel like this can extend to the mid twenties and create patterns where you turn into a predator because you're emotionally unable to grow past the confidence boost of teenagers being into you.
    I do appreciate your take on this though, like. It doesn't excuse anything, of course not, but there's food for thoughts.
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  14. buruberi added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    I doubt they would get only "some" success. Yoongi is already pretty sought after for collabs and he reminds me a lot of Zico who can enjoy a career while being pretty low key about performing himself.
    Jimin keeps ranking incredibly high on the popularity chart whatever and I believe all three members of the maknae line have good promises for solo work (People have been wanting to collab with Jimin as a model/musician, Taehyung and Jungkook are pretty huge heartthrobs)
    The rapline is quite secure musical career wise because they have solo work and some precedent. The maknae line is very much the "face" of the group and they will get brand deals etc for sure.
    Unfortunately, out of everyone, I feel like Hobi will probably go back to performing as a dancer rather than a full on idol, and Seokjin will probably have the least opportunities.
    Now bear with me, I want each of them to do what they want to do. I've been loud about Seokjin deserving an acting deal for years since it's what he's obviously wanted to try out for a long time -- and I hope he gets that! I hope everyone gets to do what they wanna do.
    But BH definitely set them up with the OT7 clause and favoring the rapline over the vocal line. If BTS fizzles out, it is most importantly a failure from their label and their overbearing contracts rather than people naturally losing interest in them -- but I also think BH has been smarter now by letting them have creative control over the next album and give them more agency. If BTS does well enough, they'll keep an engaged fanbase and BH can work on making TXT their next hit group (they've never been shy about wanting to make TXT the "next BTS" lol) while using up old footage and overly dramatic documentaries to keep ARMY interested and invested enough.
    At any given point, my honest opinion is that I hope enlistment will weed out the fans. I'm tired of what BTS' fanbase has become and it's obvious one of its issues is its size. Maybe people who lose interest and start getting interested in other groups will leave the more mature, loyal fans and that will create a healthier atmosphere? idk
    I feel like even 50% of what BTS has rn would be quite a sizeable fanbase anyway so like, is it rly a loss lol
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  15. buruberi added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    I had the feeling Seokjin was gonna enlist after the 2020 tour that got postponed. I wonder if they'll push back his enlistment for the reported dates.
    After that it's tough because basically the whole rapline can go at the same time, and then vocal line. They've been pushing Jungkook as main vocal for a bit now (along with Jimin) which leaves room for Seokjin to not be super present in the next releases if need be.
    But I *think* the cut off is that they need to enlist before turning 30 (korean age) ?
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