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  1. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I need to know what lipstick she has in that pic, looks gorgeous on her. Hopefully we won’t see those overdrawn matte lips anymore. 
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  2. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    From what I’ve seen they have open space kitchen with dining table connected with living room, one guest bedroom, one master bedroom with office space for Taylor, separate Tom’s office and one bathroom plus rooftop terrace. 
    I don’t hate their style, but I think they missed its potential. It also misses personal touch in my opinion. Only decor I’ve seen was Tom’s posters and that stupid golden mouse statue, there’s nothing saying ‘Taylor’. 
    On top of that it’s weird to me that as a couple trying to conceive they didn’t take their child plan into consideration when they worked with the designer. I realize they have enough money to change the guest room into a baby room if needed, but most of the people I know (myself including) left the baby room empty/used it as a storage room until they are pregnant, but then again no one I know can spend 4000 euro for a coffee machine when they feel like.
    Its just a sad place to me. 
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  3. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    It seems she added new items to toat - not sold out as quickly as before. Prices also went up, but she added some coats and such so I get their prices can be higher - however I don’t see a justification for nearly 400 USD coat (when you add shipping and possible taxes) from unknown source. She claims it’s handmade in Korea, but she never really clarified the ethics of her sourcing. We have to pay extra and believe it’s worth it. 
    To compare, she wants 350 USD for a wool (90%) and nylon (10%) coat, I’ve seen very similar wool (90%) and cashmere (10%) coat in Uniqlo for around 150 USD before sale and 60 USD on sale price. 
    I know they are not exactly the same, but I would rather give my money to Uniqlo who I can hold accountable on their sourcing, can read an actual review of the product if I don’t see it and that has other sizes than one fits all. 
    Her grey coat is pretty, that’s sure but too expensive for an unknown source product. It may be from a fast fashion sweat house for what we know.
    What I find surprising is pretty much no one took a picture in her clothes when they received it. Taylor is known for reposting her fans’ stories that mention her so if she got a good review I’m sure she would show it on her IG stories as her success. 
    Additionally, there’s no place for review for her products, you can comment on the blog entries but you can’t give feedback on the clothing. 
    i wish her all the best with the store, but her approach is not for me.

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  4. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Video was OK, but I couldn’t look at her puffy cheeks - the talking part was weird to watch considering in different shots she didn’t seem to be so botched.
    What I don’t get is the so called business. The moment I heard ‘one size’ I could only imagine those small stores with cheap no brand fashion. In my area you can get things easily below 100 HKD which is around 10 USD. Of course there’s more expensive one, but nothing close to her prices. She just slams her tag over those clothes, marks up her prices to ridiculous ones - no way I’m paying nearly 300 HKD for a basic long sleeve where she doesn’t even know her supplier and their sourcing policy. You can get the same stuff In Uniqlo for half the price. 
    But of course some of her fans jumped on the wagon of ‘business Taytay’ - good for her but I feel sorry for them once they realize they are on more expensive Aliexpress or some other Yes.
    Not to be all negative - love the recipe section, probably the best done section on her blog.
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  5. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Just like Quaelle says - to me she should stay silent instead of bragging at this time.
    I don’t expect her to talk about, people would eat her alive in comments, doesn’t matter which side she would take. I read so much nasty crap in comment sections I don’t even want to mention it.
    But with all this she pretends like nothing happens outside considering it’s one of the darkest times I’ve seen since the protests started. 

    Her livelihood and finances don’t depend on her being an influencer, I think she maybe could have postpone it or reject the PR package.
    Maybe I’m too naive, but I see people putting road blocks on my street, I actually seen people arrested below my home, I was stuck in my area because buses were suspended and metro was closed. For four night straight there’s been tear gas fired close to my home. University is a warzone, now police entered another university. People are hurting each other, just see what happens in Sheung Shui. I can’t pretend this is not happening, despite trying to live a normal life. I wouldn’t be able to do all the ‘can’t wait to try these’ knowing what’s happening outside. 
    In one of her vlogs she kinda spoke about her feelings, what’s happening etc. I could feel her, she quite well expressed how I felt, that’s why to me it’s hard to understand why when she knows what’s going on, how situation is escalating, I just don’t find it appropriate? I’m sorry I can’t put my feelings into words, it’s just I think if she did it like Sam is Home or quiet down like some of influencers I would understand it more than just living her trophy wife freebie life.
    if that’s an OT, then I’m sorry 
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  6. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    The wig looks so cheap on her, she had a much better looking one before. It was black, I think.
    I also can’t get over the fact that Hong Kong is crazy right now - there was tear gas in almost every district yesterday, tonight won’t be much different from what I can see, and she thought it’s a good time to show off some of the shit she could afford and yet got for free. 
    I get why she doesn’t want to speak up - she could have been eaten alive on her Weibo account, but I rather don’t see her at all than see those stupid freebies.
    Maybe I sound bitter but it’s annoying seeing someone in the same place like you who talks about amazing bath bombs while 500 meters away from me there is tear gas right this moment. 
    She probably doesn’t even realize how sheltered she is. 
    Sorry, rant over. 
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  7. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I think she mentioned in one of her vlogs she didn’t even know what SEO was before ‘launching her own business’. Looking at the screenshots from our little PULL detectives  I see it as a great failure that will only make her more unhappy as she thinks she put a lot of effort into it.
    If you’re not a fan of Taylor why would you chose her website or her store/website instead of Sassy Hong Kong, Goods of Desire, Lion Rock Press or TimeOut Hong Kong. These are just from the top of my head when it comes to similar English media. All of these are well done, have good concepts and proper teams working in marketing, design etc. After seeing the mashup collages she done before it’s even launched I wouldn’t even bother to sign up out of curiosity, because I’m not curious about it - it looks just so weird and not interesting.
    Sorry Taylor, I wish you well but it’s a big no from me.
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  8. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    If you look up toat Hong Kong you can find this description before entering the website - “
    TOAT -- A one-stop lifestyle community/shop – Toat_shopToat is a one-stop lifestyle community filled with tips, advice, and the latest fashion from our founder, ... 6 Vegan”  
      Looks very similar to what Tom is already doing, if you ask me. And the pictures are horrible in my opinion. I wouldn’t sign up, unless I’m already a fan of Taylor.
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  9. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    She posted this on her IG stories - it’s hilarious and sad at the same time, you can see she tries to make different faces, her eyebrows change their positions but forehead is just dead. She looks like she had those plastic caps people use in make up to hide hair and make person appear bald.
    I will be honest with you, I used to be so jealous of her beauty but not anymore. At least my face can have actual expressions. Now I just feel sorry for her not having anyone around her to shake her up and say ‘You’re f-ink up your face, it doesn’t do you any good’. 

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  10. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I may be in minority, but I actually liked the vlog. It wasn’t too long, it was shot mostly by her, she had a cute moment with Natalie, and overall felt quite OK to listen to it in the background instead of constantly skipping through it.
     I would only cut random Eww-san greetings, but I guess that’s what her fans like.
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  11. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    if she has dependent visa then she does require something like a renewal - after 1 year she gets extension for 3 years and after that another extension for 3 years until she becomes a permanent resident. She probably lost her residential status when they moved to Japan so now her PR clock has restarted. 
    South Korea is famous for their procedures so I hope they will fix that botched fillers, and make her look more natural. I can’t get over how beautiful she was before she started to look like bad mannequin.
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  12. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    If you noticed on both shots and picture posted by the other girl she uses the same hand to hide the same side of the jaw. 
    Also, the last picture she added when she can’t really chose the angle is terrifying. 
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  13. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    From the looks of it they met up to exchange tips on video thumbnail design 
    I don’t know her tho, I skipped through the video, didn’t even bother to wait for part with Taylor because indeed the girl seemed so annoying.
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  14. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    She reminds me of what happened to Noah Cyrus’ face - very rubbery and fake

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  15. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I personally absolutely hate the late 90s early 2000 fashion and I hope it dies soon 
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  16. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    No idea but I guess it’s like high school year book or something. I’ve seen it before on jvlogger thread on other website and dug through two year old posts to find it lol. She does resemble her sister a lot in this picture so I can assume this is her real REAL face.
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  17. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I had a weird feeling about the mouth area but I thought it’s more like a side effect of fillers. Now when you mention it, it does look the same to me. 
    Considering that her friend’s father in law is a specialist in plastic surgery (for real) I wouldn’t be surprised if she had something done recently without leaving Hong Kong. She looks less and less like herself. 

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  18. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    New vlog, good to leave playing in the background. What caught my attention is when she said she spends half an hour doing thumbnails... for real? 
    I don’t know how to feel about her new hair, I liked the ones she had for most of the vlog, maybe I’m just not used to her bangs.
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  19. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Even if I believed in fortune tellers, considering how much Taylor has done to her face, I wouldn’t be convinced of anything they said. They are reading a different face. 
    IMO she looks better comparing to last few months but we’ve seen her pre dolly pictures and we know the real Taylor’s face.
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  20. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I love the energy Joyce has, she made that video very pleasant to watch. If I was Taylor I would skip that awkward video of her talking to Tom - it made me cringe and feel weird, if that’s the way they talk to each other all the time I feel sorry for her. Then again, she knew who she’s marrying. Overall, not a bad video.
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  21. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I don’t know if it’s just me but to me she looks much better. I’m not sure if it’s just change in make up or did she do something to her face and that’s why she disappeared for so long, but I think she looked really pretty.
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  22. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    you are arguing over if she looks old or young while I’m just there sitting and waiting for the interview she gave along with the photo shoot - we all know how she loves to portrait herself as successful and hardworking boss girl who achieved everything with her determination and positive attitude, not with support of money from her parents and husband. Not at all. My best guess she is going to a model who became Japanese idol who became a successful Youtuber, that’s why she can afford this huge apartment and another one in Canada, two very big apartments in two very harsh housing markets. All her hard work paid off.
    anyone wants to share their guess?
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  23. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Just a quick reminder we are talking about a girl who set redesigning her website as her goal for 2018 and mid-2019 she’s still not done with it. She abandoned her merchandise as well. And her studies. Twice. And plenty of other things. If she treats her business the same as she treats anything in her life I think it’s just a waste of time to announce the business. 
    I actually think it’s Elbow’s business which will use Taylor as its face and marketing.
    I don’t think she has knowledge, experience or is a type of person who can do actual business. She doesn’t have any degree, no work experience aside of modeling which is not really related to owning a business. She can’t even stick to YouTube schedule despite having two assistants. 
    On top of that I hate motivation-Taylor. She has nothing to lose and if the business fails she still has Elbow’s money to support her. She doesn’t realize it won’t work for 99% of her viewers. she’s so out of touch with most of people’s reality, and to make things worse she can’t even really work hard, that’s just another of her personas which I dislike the most. It’s fake and I can’t believe how her viewers can’t see how lazy she really is.
    I think it would be better for her if she didn’t live a life where she’s protected by her husband’s money - it would give her more challenges and motivation in life to actually do things instead of posing as hardworking girl boss.
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  24. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I don’t believe she didn’t have help back in Japan, you can’t compare the quality of this lookbook to the latest one. Even timing of each cut was good and matched the music, this is not any of Taylor’s videos for last year or so? Which would match time of leaving Japan and the fact she needed ‘an assistant’ in Hong Kong. 
    The 2016 is my favorite but to me it doesn’t look like it was done by Taylor at all. Even her thumbnails, probably the easiest thing to edit, looks like an amateur’s job - and we talk about a person with over a million of subscribers, two assistants and who doesn’t need to worry about the revenue of channel nor her spendings. 
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  25. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    it’s mostly nail appointments, public holidays and restaurants - very few are YT related. she is so out of touch with the real world
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