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  1. bongocat added a post in a topic Menclub - Tom Lip's controversial online magazine   

    After he defended 13 year old in bikini on his website I’m not surprised he defends the housing issue and claims Hong Kong people are used to it. I don’t think so, but of course there’s plenty of Taylor’s fan girls supporting him.
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  2. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I think she just does what she always does - copies other. I remember a girl doing this and going viral back in 2015 - https://petapixel.com/2015/08/15/one-woman-photoshopped-by-18-countries-beauty-standards-revealed/
    i think she has no idea what to do so she goes with ‘fried rice’ - old ideas. 
    I don’t think she should have make up on when she gave the ‘raw’ pictures to photoshop, but not like my opinion matters to her 🙄
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  3. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    It’s 28C/82F with 74% humidity in Hong Kong right now - how can she wear sweaters in such weather?
    As for what she wrote about not being in the mood for shooting, it’s pretty understandable, but cynical me wonders if that’s just excuse to herself? What I mean is we all lose people dear to us, but we still have to go to work as usual, even if we get few days off. If she would treat YT seriously (or her income depended on it) she was would edit older videos or something. On the other hand, YT is more about creativity which can be lower when you’re upset, but then a lot of other jobs depend on ones creativity.
    i don’t know how to feel about it, but I wish her all the best to pass through this period.
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  4. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    I read on some gossip sites Kim Kardashian went back to school and tries to be a lawyer so I wonder will that inspire our ‘girlboss’ to actually do something in this direction as well. 
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  5. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I was thinking if she’s going to regret ‘eloping’ - in the past she would say she wants a big wedding with her whole family there. She had them all, Nana, grandparents, both parents. Now when one of them is gone, will that make her regret not having a traditional wedding ceremony?
    I feel so sorry for her, it must be so difficult on her especially since she said she didn’t make it on time. She has money to fly but money cannot buy time. I’m guessing it’s the first time since she moved to Asia when something like that happened to her.
    It must eat her from the inside, I just hope she takes all the time she needs and get back on her feet. 
    My condolences for her whole family.
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  6. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I understood The conversation between her and shop owner, but I still don’t think she learns it - I think in the lion dance video she replied to Natalie in simple phrases like it’s good, where is it etc?
    These are very basic phrases for people living in  Hong Kong, not even interested in learning. You just hear them so often eventually you will pick something up. Asking where is the sauce after asking if they have it is the easiest follow up you can do and honestly doesn’t really make sense. I never seen anyone ever in any place of the world going to non-self serviced store and after getting information they have something instead of asking to give them one jar they would ask where is it, it just doesn’t come off natural. It’s like when you’re having a yum cha and at the end you hear people saying ‘bill, please’ 唔該埋單 - eventually you can ask for it yourself.
    I don’t stay she can’t understand basics considering Tom and Natalie probably speak a lot around her, and I think it’s better than her Japanese ever was, but I don’t believe she’s really learning. 
    On top of that even Tom said she has no interest in learning it on his IG Q&A, so I’m still not buying it. 🤔
    she could take an example of Carlos Douh, he’s a Canadian who went to HK for a church mission or something, but then fell in love with HK girl and learned Cantonese to the point he even did a promo for Discovery Hong Kong and had his YT channel teaching others Cantonese slang. He is no longer doing it as now he has a child, so she could fall into the space he left if she really wanted but I genuinely don’t think she learns it other than catching up phrases from people speaking around her and I don’t think she’s a person who will put an effort to learn. It took her only 7 years to try to learn how to cook Chinese food.
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  7. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Natalie taught her the phrase and she just repeated it. She knows basic things like ‘where’ and ‘thank you’ so she could fake a conversation - she had whole videos where she pretended to speak Japanese so I’m not buying her studying Cantonese
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  8. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I always get a feeling they can’t handle a meaningful conversation, maybe it’s language barrier or just personalities but watching these two talk to each other seems at least awkward
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  9. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    it’s another clickbait - the issues are like using decorative towels etc., not actual problems 🙄
    On a side note: she looks better in this make up, IMO
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  10. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    From what Ew San posted on his IG stories she said something like ‘She lived in Japan for years and still can’t pronounce Japanese properly - I’ve been labeled pretty much anything you can instert here’.
    And there were some pictures of her flower vase hair.
    if you ask me, that seems just like bunch of crap I expected it to be. I wait for ‘work hard’ and ‘don’t give up on your dreans’, ‘you’re your only limit’ and few other ‘motivational’ phrases from a well off lazy brat who married a rich guy funding her fame.
    edit: there it is - photos of her baby fat labeled ‘pre phase Tay Tay’ ... in a university... I can’t believe Ew San didn’t tell her it’s not the right place... I can’t believe she did this!
    also, you can see guy reading news on his phone, that’s how into her speech he is lol
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  11. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I have the same feeling like the time with the dog shelter, but ultimately it will benefit the unfortunate ones so at least that’s good 
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  12. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    when you think about it, this makes sense - you really only see her with Natalie and Jessica (from time to time), the only time you see her with someone else is when she’s in Japan or Canada. 
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  13. bongocat added a post in a topic Menclub - Tom Lip's controversial online magazine   

    we know where it will be held, but what is she going to talk about? Follow your dreams and find a rich guy to fund the dreams? What she can actually bring into business classes with no education or work experience? 
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  14. bongocat added a post in a topic Menclub - Tom Lip's controversial online magazine   

    My best guess is HKUST as it’s Elbow’s uni where he graduated in business and gave speeches before, but I can’t find anything on KOL event or anything that could be remotely related to Taylor or her speech
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  15. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Ellen literally said ‘trend someone came up with’ - she wasn’t even named. It’s cool, but people are blowing it out of proportions like she was one of the guests.
    And I can’t get over her ‘be creative, work hard’ - said by the most hard working woman I know... now add it to the convo she posted from her DMs, and she now thinks she’s in the position to give people advise on their lives and careers, having no career whatsoever. That what annoyes me the most - she tries to build that image of hardworking successful woman, tell her young followers they can achieve anything if they only work hard while all she had is simply because she hooked up with a wealthy guy. She has no education, no job experience, no career, no hobby. Lifestyle, trips and houses are funded by Elbow, even her channel can run because he funded the equipment and supported her financially so she doesn’t need to work and can focus on YT. 
    Then girls think if they work hard they can get the same lifestyle - but that’s not true. It’s not hard work only, you need luck, right timing, right opportunities and people around you to succeed. 
    I smile bitterly when I see Taylor caoching her fans while she didn’t really achieve anything - YT is not her real work, there are YTers that actually depend on YT income so they put time, effort, they stick to schedule as without it they may be in trouble. For Taylor YT is to get fame and praises she craves, if she posts or not, it doesn’t make a difference to her lifestyle. MC is just a cherry on top of the things I dislike about her; which is sad because many years ago - pre Elbow time- I used to follow her career in Hong Kong and I thought of her as hard working person but it was all an illusion or another image she tried to pursue in HK.
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