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  1. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I honestly doubt immigration office would revoke her dependent visa over this. Taylor was already very quiet about the protests, and her marriage is a legitimate one so there’s really no reason to revoke it or not give her the extension later on.
    So if they leave I think it will be on their own terms, however I can’t see Taylor wanting to move. She always calls the HK flat her dream home, she has things to show in HK but in Canada she would be just another white girl - in HK she doesn’t really have a competition, aside of Corrina Chamberlain who is white but local born and raised, Taylor would be the most popular white KOL in HK. 
    She has her family in Canada, but she never talks about Canada the same way as about HK, she could travel more often there, she has time and money but she only goes back once a year. I think maybe she finds Canada too boring for her? She often says she likes fast-paced life.

    I think she will just continue living her TaiTai lifestyle in HK, until their kids are about to go to school, then they will move to Canada to avoid the rat race in school, kindergarten interviews and patriotic education that will probably be forced even further by that time. That’s just my prediction.
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  2. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #3   

    The sad thing is so many people in the comments ask what breed Rosie is and how they want ‘such a cute dog’ when in reality this breed should not exist. The ‘cute tongue sticking out’ is literally a result of her mouth being too small to keep it in and teeth problems. Those people also forgot few years ago that Rosie had to have a leg surgery that was also a result of health issue teacup poodles have.
    I have no doubt that dog has been cared for very well. Probably had more comfortable life than most pets, good quality food, with all the love Rosie could get from Taylor and Tom. It’s just sad they didn’t do a research (I rather believe they were ignorant rather than knowing how these dogs are bred and still going for it), supported possibly a very shady breeder (that YT video from HK breeder showing a dog for ‘Canadian model Taylor’), and as a results her fans want to keep the demand for these pups. 

    LAP HK is an organization helping animals that were abandoned or rescued, often getting ‘failed’ pups from breeders or dogs which no longer can produce offspring and are useless to breeders. Their coat is nearly gone, nipples are about to explode. It’s just terrible to be watch. I’m not saying all breeders are bad, but there’s a fair share of assholes out there, especially for poodles.
    I wish Rosie the longest life possible, but I also hope in future if Taylor and Tom decide to get another pet maybe they adopt. Especially since Taylor went to RCAP and has seen and heard what these dogs go through. It would maybe encourage her fans to do the same, rather than looking online for teacup poodles. 
    As for the video itself I wanted to enjoy it, pet content is my cup of tea but I actually felt sad looking at Rosie’s state and I couldn’t finish the video.
    And my, this is a long ass comment 
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  3. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    I giggled a bit seeing all those comments how Taylor is creative with her mask design when literally that’s the pattern of her PJ I keep seeing on vlogs, it’s even on a thumbnail of her recent videos.
    However, kudos to her for promoting the action. I know Hong Kong government distributed their own masks but people have concerns about the masks’ safety. Plus they look like old underwear so I can see why kids wouldn’t want to wear them. 
    Also, can someone please cancel biker shorts + dad’s shoes combo for non-sport related events? I will ‘OK, boomer’ myself, don’t worry. 
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  4. bongocat added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    The electric outlet on the screenshot is swiss 3 socket plug which is quite unique so pretty safe to say it was shot in Switzerland 

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  5. bongocat added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    As someone who just caught up with the latest Venus drama, all I can say is WOW. I don’t even know how I feel about this whole situation, for a while I thought she may go on a right track but instead she decided to do this. No way this is good for her mental health. And I feel sick seeing her fans encouraging and praising her. Maybe being more opened would be a way for someone else to really feel good with themselves but not for her, she’s too unstable. 
    I genuinely worry about her despite not knowing her personally. It’s that poor child who grew up in front of the camera where her money thirst mother put her. She doesn’t know any other way, that’s why she focuses on doing crap like this rather than focusing on her mental health, education and future. 
    To me she should have been gone from online presence, get going to therapy, get some education that could help her stay in Japan despite divorce. I worry now it’s too late, her ‘sexy’ (not) pictures will always be there, standing in a way to get a ‘normal’ life. I can’t imagine in such a conservative society like Japan she would be able to find a standard job or get future in-laws to like her with her titties easily available to search online. I may be wrong about it, feel free to correct me but that’s just my view of Japanese people based on friends and few trips.
    I just hope she doesn’t end up in even more mess.
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  6. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Danica who wrote the article is actually one of her friends, so maybe instead of talking about success by staying true to yourself she should mention the connections  especially in Hong Kong, not only on social media, if you want to succeed in terms of career you need to know people.
    Be true to yourself, don’t focus on numbers, you can be inspired but can’t copy someone (ironic, isn’t it?). Repeated few times that you should be just yourself - that’s the lessons you get from a person with 5 YT phases and personalities. 
    As for the shot, I think it’s another shot with benefit but I may be wrong. I just judge by the same heavy make up they did on her few days ago.  
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  7. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Based on SamIsHome feed, Taylor will be a part of new Benefit HK campaign. 
    Personally I’m not a fan of the make up they did on her, it’s too strong for me. She also looks bigger than usual, which is not really like her because you can see a picture from yesterday where she was super skinny. 
    I hope the final result will be different from the glimpse that can be found online at the moment. 
    Her last picture on IG with vases was much better and model-like, she looks absolutely stunning to me there. 

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  8. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Edit: nevermind, my bad, I just noticed  can’t delete the post.
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  9. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    Bad news: creepy ass baby-Taylor thing will be back. It seems that tiktok has new challenge called tiny face make up challenge and it slowly starts trending, at least based on my IG feed. 
    I wonder will she say it wasn’t her idea or will she try to take credit for it? This one is from mid last year.
    I honestly hope the creepy challenge won’t stick around too long, it gives me nightmares
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  10. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    They improved, I take it any day over that crappy orgasm festival she did before, but I cannot shake off the feeling that she tries hard to copy the way SamIsHome is showing her PR packages. 

    In case you’re not familiar with Sam, she is a Canadian of HK descent living in HK right now and she’s doing content creation not only for her own page but she also worked with giants like Peninsula hotel and Cathay Pacific airlines. Taylor even met with her one time, on Tay’s story she said she hopes to meet up again with Sam and... they never met. I guess maybe she felt Taylor wants to kinda use her to show ‘to go’ places and better pictures, or maybe simply it didn’t click between them and I’m making up conspiracy theories. 
    She’s definitely worth to check out in case you want to see a different side of HK, love her and her fiancé’s work, they work as a team and the results can be amazing. Poses and ideas could be bit ‘basic IG girl’, but the surroundings, colors planning and consistency is great. 
    Sorry for the small off topic!
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  11. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    SunTay bruch 3 is here. I hate Tom’s voice in the opening, it’s so off-putting to me, I wouldn’t be able talk to someone speaking like this all day, I would really feel physically tired. But that’s just my opinion, ignore it.
    Taylor went for French toast which I think she could do from a different approach: as someone who lives in Hong Kong she could try to make a simple HK style French toast with those thick pieces of bread in simple egg batter with a peanut butter inside. It’s like a staple dish in every cha chaan teng, I absolutely love it with a bit of syrup on top. Maybe add to it a simple HK lemon tea. I would like to see that much more than Kylie Jenner style cornflake toast, I think it would be more interesting to her audience but then again - she’s popular, I’m not so maybe I don’t know what people would like to see, lol.
    Aaaand now I crave for 西多士.
    Just to be clear, I actually do like the brunch series a lot, aside of ‘opening theme’.
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  12. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor and Elbow-san’s "relationship"   

    Totally, I definitely have 35 000 HKD (over 4500 USD) to replace already expensive but working completely fine coffee machine. I want to puke every time I hear bull crap like you can do anything if you really want. He did work hard to be in a place he is, but determination isn’t the only thing to make someone successful - not only at work, but at life in general. Maybe Taylor brainwashed him with her videos lol.
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  13. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    If she can tell all that from description and pictures why she needs to fly to Korea, get samples etc?
    I can’t believe how full of crap she can be. And the worst thing is some people would believe her thinking since she was a model and is into fashion despite just being a fraud. 
    I do believe she and taobao sellers source from the same Chinese retailer - or the other way, she already buys marked up products in Korea, but I don’t believe her product is any different in quality from taobao offered products. 
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  14. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    For someone who pays 300 HKD (39 USD) maybe price difference from 3 to 6 times is ‘low’.
    If the taobao stores buy it from the same retailer they also have the same expenses and opportunity costs like her - maybe aside of storage fee and salaries as they are cheaper in China, but if she has low stock she may as well keep it at home in the spare room or that huge closet space or wherever. We saw in the first video she didn’t have much stock or packaging. On top of that she doesn’t need an assistant so if she really wanted she could have cut that portion. 
    I bet she will now do a spin and say either they copied her and you can’t be sure about their quality as opposite to toat’s (my phone changed it to goat, lol) super quality you pay for with so much money. Elbow should teach her how to use taobao because in the comments you can find pictures from people who bought the product.
    Well girl, on taobao you can at least find reviews of products while you on your website deleted comment section. 

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  15. bongocat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #3   

    I love the editing, the chilled music - especially in contrast with recent videos that were annoying. I think it may be the new assistant, Taylor claims she edits her videos herself but we know she’s not the most honest person on earth and she has been caught altering the truth. When Natalie was her assistant her editing also changes. I don’t mind tho, the new editing is something that I honestly enjoy 
    Also, I know she tries to help others to cope with the situation but for someone who has no money pressure, has a huge beautiful apartment with green trees around and a terrace, someone who is not experience the problems of ‘regular people’ (worrying about job security, bill payments, house mortgage etc.) it just doesn’t sound good to me. It makes me think of that meme about celebrities telling people we are in this together. 
    If it helps someone, then great. For me it’s not convincing. But again, I could leave it in background without focusing too much on what she says and enjoy it. 

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