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  1. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Maybe but it's highly unlikely. Best New Artist is easy to win if you're popular but that doesn't mean that it's all about visuals and aesthetics. The artist still has to have critically acclaimed music no matter how basic it is. Dua Lipa won it this year and even though people think she was undeserving of it, she still had a hit up until the award ceremony, something that Blackpink doesn't have. Longevity. There's more to the award than stepping foot in America and that's what Blinks' need to know. The girls' haven't even won a Billboard Award yet or any music award at that. Not even at the People's Choice Awards. So, It'll be very surprising and shady if they manage to skip all of that and win a Grammy. Though, I wouldn't be surprised, to be honest, since UMG had that whole grammy pre-party that Blackpink performed poorly that. These mediaplay articles are just trying to paint a picture for the judges so they can manipulate their image and consider them. But, I don't think it means anything because nothing good ever comes out of YG's mediaplay. And, I think this is the only year that they can be considered for it. I don't think they can nominate themselves in that category again. 
    It's just mediaplay from UMG and YG, though girl groups' are always favoured more than boy groups. Journalists usually sway towards them when it comes to articles because they don't have "crazy fangirls" to be scared about. So, I'm not shocked if that starts happening. But, the girls' are one of the biggest industry plants in both Kpop and America, so it's just a tactic to push a certain image towards the public. They're under the same label as Billie Eilish anyway... It does seem a little weird, though. Almost like they're hinting at something and already know the results. 
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  2. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I guess, Taylor Swift is known for writing great bridges but it's still such an unnecessary, ass kissing name drop. 
    Her red carpet looks are so appalling. This dress was already bad but she still managed to ruin it even more with those lace arm warmers. She tries so hard to be "gothic" and "edgy" that it just ends up looking like a cheap Halloween costume. Why is she always trying to make a statement when she can't even wear basic pieces without messing it up? No shade to anyone who dresses like this, I'm sure you pull it off better than Halsey, but I don't know what's worse, this dress or the one she wore to the AMAs last year. 

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  3. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I don’t know if that specific story is real or fake but Jennie has had multiple rumours about her and YG. Teddy as well. As sad as that sounds. 
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  4. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I'm surprised she hasn't but then again, she never really posts on her story seriously unless it's for a Gentle Monster brand deal. I actually find the girls' a little ungrateful, to be honest. They never show true gratitude to their achievements, almost like they just expect it to happen. But, I don't know if it's just because of their image. This is the first time the girls' have actually written something for big achievements like this. Probably because it's a big deal. It's usually just an emoji or nothing at all. I'm just confused because you'd think that winning 3 people's choice awards against BTS would be a bigger deal than a Youtube record and plaque. YG favours Youtube way too much and I'm shocked that he hasn't made an even bigger deal about 1 billion views, though I don't think it's going to change his opinion on Blackpink as a group. 
    I've noticed that a lot whenever they have to give a speech of some sort but it could be just Jennie being Jennie since we've already established that she has little to no media training. She either completely disregards the rest of the members or just changes the subject to herself. 
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  5. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I've heard that she just does that in photos to change her nose shape even more but she could've actually got it permanently altered as well. 
    Ariana's songs have always had basic, borderline shitty messages. ie: Break your heart right back etc, but break up with your girlfriend I'm bored is a terrible message to send to her audience. You could say that it glamourises cheating and yet, she tried to play it off as some type of self love track with the music video. I don't know how she got away with it because if anyone else released that type of song, no one would've thought it was funny. But, I guess she did get a little bit of backlash from the queerbaiting music video. Ariana seems to be very hypocritical and that's why her albums and songs make no sense now. Up until Sweetener, her albums told a story, but now she's singing a song about being thankful for her exes, while continuously shading them. She gets away with a lot and I think the majority of her positivity messages are fake.   
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  6. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I don’t think D4 hitting 1 billion views is going to do much, to be honest. It’ll probably just make their situation worse because they’ll never be able to top the song’s success. All it’ll do is just make Teddy think that he can just keep giving them D4 copies, like KTL, when they need to expand their discography and showcase their vocal variety. I’m surprised they won all 3 categories at the people’s choice awards since everyone thought it was going to go to BTS. It’s a pity they weren’t there in person because that would’ve been great exposure. But, I guess YG thinks they’re too good for anything but the Grammys. Though, I don’t think they’ll even attend that. 
    The girls’ definitely get all the recycled rejects that Teddy doesn’t use and random songs that they used as training. Like Forever Young. As If It’s Your Last was 100% a 2NE1 song, in my opinion, because it’s easy to tell. It sounds even more outdated than 2017, as you said, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lisa’s rap was already written as well. Since, all the slang in it, like finna was trendy before Blackpink even debuted. I don’t know about the rest of their songs though. People claim that Boombayah was also a 2NE1 reject. Ultimately, I just think that Teddy is stuck in the prime of his career where everything he gave Big Bang and 2NE1 was a hit. When he should realise that they were the only reason why his songs were a success. It used to work for Blackpink but the Teddy print and 2NE1 successor title has now worn off. 
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  7. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    They look exactly the same but this time I don't think it's the same brand. She uploaded that picture on the same day as Jennie but who knows, I wouldn't put it past her to be that fast. Especially since Jennie was the member wearing it. Though, Joan really has no taste in fashion. Even, with Blackpink "helping" her out as inspiration (if you could even call it that...), she still chooses the worst pieces that they've worn. 
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  8. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    'Pink' sounding comebacks definitely fit them better and I think they should keep releasing them because the girls' vocal range always sound more pleasant on songs like 'See U Later' and 'Forever Young,' compared to Black concepts like 'D4' and 'KTL,' that strain their voice. Their b-sides have the best vocals, in my opinion, and Blackpink could've had some really great comebacks with them. The girls' always look way happier when they're performing pink songs and I think they're more comfortable with them as well. Despite what people say. Including 'Kiss and Make up.' It was a great collab for everyone, I feel like it's their best upbeat song vocally, especially for Rosé because her voice sounded more natural. I think Blackpink continuously coming out with black concepts is ruining their uniqueness and spark. Everything looks perfect when they're promoting pink songs, including their wardrobe, but black comebacks just expose them for being so basic. 'As If It's Your Last' and 'Forever Young's' stage outfits weren't the best, they were very experimental and all over the place, but compared to 'D4,' I like them better because it hides the favouritism and makes Blackpink live up to their "trendsetter" image. All of the girls' black stage outfits just look like random Instagram trends put together and I think that's why it makes them unbalanced as a team.
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  9. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    It all depends on the outfit and concept, to be honest, but I think Rosé suits a bold lip really well. Better than the tinted lipstick that they do now. The girls' makeup artist has done it a few times and it looked pretty good. Especially, when it matches her hair. She could also pull off Jennie's makeup looks really nice if you picture them on Rosé instead. Like the golden KTL eyeshadow and her blue eyeliner, in my opinion. It keeps her natural look but it's more prominent and glowy. Even, Lisa's black lipstick from their jalouse photoshoot. But, I just want to see more makeup looks like that, in general. It was very western. I agree, with the winged eyeliner. She suits it and it doesn't make her eyes look weird. An excuse that Blinks' give for the terrible makeup. 
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  10. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Wow, Rosé looks stunning and as a brand ambassador, she seems to be really well treated and a priority. I think she gets given the best outfits, in my opinion. They all flatter her really nicely, but her makeup could be better. I wish the brands hired their own makeup artist. Though, her lipstick does look a little bolder in other pictures. She has such a nice presence. I'm really looking forward to her going solo.  

     Her airport style has been so bad lately and even though I'm all for idols being comfortable, this is not it since she's meant to be the "fashion queen of kpop..." Jennie does dress down a lot at the airport, but it has never been this mismatched, over accessorised and lazy. It still used to be cute. I could be reaching, but I think this also shows that she just doesn't care anymore about her image and what the public is going to say. Because she's meant to be the "queen bee" that takes so much pride in her appearance. I don't get how Knetz still praise her when Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé all have better style now. Chanel has killed her fashion sense and so has her forced vintage, cool-girl image.    
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  11. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    The girls' definitely look happier when they're alone doing their own activities. Especially, Rosé because she hardly gets the spotlight to herself. They do look really miserable when they're together and it's just so awkward to witness. I think there's lots of tension between them now since their solo projects aren't even nor is their fanbase. Probably because Jennie keeps getting the most attention. If we can easily point out mistreatment and favouritism among the girls',  it must be even easier for them to realise it as well. Their group aura is so forced and Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo all look better solo. If you compare their solo photos to their group ones. Even, when you see them at awards shows they just look like 4 different idols sitting next to each other, not even being friends. But, I don't know if that is because YG wants them to be quiet and "well behaved" or if it's because they just treat each other as co-workers. Overall, I think Blackpink are just over the whole "we're family" image and realise that their fans don't even care anymore, so now they're just doing everything for themselves and their future since their group fate isn't looking so good. Rosé looked cute, though. I liked her outfit and I think she has a nice eye for style since she seems to pick pretty good pieces from her sponsors. Compared to Jennie. She knows how to sell a product. 

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  12. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Alexis Ren   

    Why am I so surprised but also not? They fit each other perfectly. They're the perfect, cringy internet couple with impressionable preteen fanbases that blindly worship their every move because they're conventionally hot. But, I don't consider this an upgrade on Alexis' side. 
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  13. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    I didn't expect this type of news, but I have always pictured Somi not lasting in the idol industry, just becoming a college student. So, I think her focus on her studies is a great thing. Even though, she, herself, has said how college isn't right for her. There's nothing wrong with getting a degree to fall back on. But, I wonder if she'll continue being an idol since I suppose an entrance exam means studying on campus. Somi does seem pretty indecisive about her future especially since YG as a company isn't what she thought it was going to be. I bet she had this perfect idea about her solo career under YG but then it obviously didn't work out because of the scandals. Though, I don't blame her because she's still pretty young, at her prime age. Somi could become an MC if she tries, she's more known for her bubbly personality more than anything else, or even something behind the scenes, like a stylist etc. I wonder if this is one of the reasons why I.O.I couldn't reunite. 
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  14. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Of course, her tour is called Manic. I didn't expect anything less. But, that picture is so bad and romanticising. I can't believe she's going on tour like she'd be able to sell out arenas and domes. I guess she just needs quick money or her management does. Is she skipping over America and just doing international dates or has she already released them? Because I find that really weird. 
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  15. tokyoyoongi added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Well, he is close friends with the Kardashians, he's Kylie Jenner's male best friend, so his name is "high profile" in western standards, but only due to association. I don't know if they are still friends, though, I think he's more close with Jaden and Willow now. Even Kaia Gerber, Cindy Crawford's daughter. So, maybe that's why Jennie is talking to him, so she can get into that cliquey, nepotism rich kid crowd. I'm not too sure. He could've deleted the story for numerous reasons, but it does look like they were at the same place at the same time. Just taking photos at different angles. Both of the photos look like they were taken at a lookout near a beach. He lowkey looks like Jennie's type, I never really thought that she liked guys like Kai anyway, though, I'm only basing this off of the Solo music video. But, I do see Jennie dating someone better if she was only doing this to social climb. Someone like Harry Styles instead, even Jaden himself. I think that Jennie needs to be really careful. She's still a member of Blackpink so she can't be acting too reckless like she's already a famous LA socialite that can get away with whatever she wants. She's still a kpop idol, a highly restricted kpop idol and she could be dropped by these celebrities at any minute until she gets to best friend status. CL is a good example of that, she was always seen being the it-girl around A-list celebrities, but then when she needed them the most, they weren't really friends after all. She should realise that this information will still get back to Korea and the kpop industry. Especially, since Blinks' love to grasp at the straws for any signs of something great. It'll be interesting to see what happens now because I think this is the last nail in Blackpink's coffin. Jennie clearly doesn't care that much about the group anymore, since she now has a glimpse of what her life could be like without them, and even if they do get a comeback, she won't perform to her best ability because she'd rather be hanging out in LA, Lisa is getting more solo projects day by day, while Jisoo and Rosé are still together being mistreated. But, we all know that Jisoo will be fine since we've already heard that she gets a lot of acting love calls. It's just Rosé that is stuck, not knowing what to do and what could happen in the future. I'm not surprised that Jennie is easily hanging around this crowd. Even during school, she seemed like she was extremely popular and since she doesn't like performing on stage anymore, she is obviously going to go for the type of celebrities that didn't have to do much to gain success. 
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