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  1. quickshine added a post in a topic powerpuffsky / soraangelic / monotonesoraa   

    I feel like she only showed her East Asian & Native American ancestry & censored it to mislead her followers into thinking that she’s actually HALF Asian. In reality, EAs and NAs are very close in DNA. I bet she’s more than 30-40% NA & the rest would be her SEA ancestry. I wonder how disappointed she is to find out she’s zero percent Korean or Japanese lol. Bet she was a little hopeful that even a drop of EA will show up in her genes. 
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  2. quickshine added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    you really created an account to attack a mixed person for being *shocking news* MIXED? so what if she takes selfies ulzzang style? y'all literally are just nit picking now.
    i don't think she's catfishing because if she was, there would be no way she would still have pictures of her "more authentic" look. the way i look at it, she probably left pictures of her taken by other people because she wants people to see what she really looks like beyond her curated, best angled selfies.
    yawn. be angry about other problematic ig figures. there's plenty out there doing outrageous high level photoshopped sh8t. this girl is literally just living her life. 
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  3. quickshine added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    lol the height is a big lie. i've seen pictures of her with her sister and they're about the same height. cali (her sister) answered on ask.fm a while back that she's about 5'2". someone i know also saw cali at 626/OC night market and said cali is short (with incredibly small frame too). the friend of mine is 5'4". 
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  4. quickshine added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    i kind of agree with what she said though. she was born with her face and her genetics play a part with her height so i dont understand how people have problems with that? everyone has a better side/better angle when they take selfies. hers just happened to be her side of the face with the more pronounced double eyelid. believe it or not, people who happened to be conventionally pretty/handsome can have their own insecurities. just because they’re attractive by societal standards, it doesn’t mean their views on self-image are less valid. 
    she also understands why people can find her attitude “problematic”. i personally just think she could use better a choice of words. but then again english is not her native language so i understand why she has troubles with sending her points across. like i said previously, she’s young. give her a break. everyone has a room for improvments.
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  5. quickshine added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    i used to follow her because she’s pretty but i agree that her posts are a bit boring (and mainly because i’m not an ARMY so i dont find her posts relatable). 
    i like how she sheds light on hapa issues since i’m friends with a couple of hapas myself. i can’t relate to hapa problems but i understand how hard it must be for them to have the need to constantly validate their heritage. she reminds me of younger okmalissa when a lot of people would pick apart her ethnicities and she said something along the lines of “i don’t look at myself as two entities” or something like that. 
    i think jo could just use a better choice of words when she explains herself because she can come off a bit rude or defensive sometimes. she’s young though. give her a break. she’ll eventually break out of the internet fame & realize that the public’s opinion shouldn’t be relevant to her life decisions. 
    the only time she irked me a bit was when she posted a screen shot of her korean mom’s text in german(?) and she got defensive bec people asked why her mom doesn’t talk to her in korean. she said something along the lines of “WELL IT’S COMMON SENSE WE’RE GONNA SPEAK GERMAN TO EACH OTHER SINCE WE LIVE IN AUSTRIA??” i think she assumed that people were questioning if she’s really korean since her mom doesn’t speak korean to her. 
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  6. quickshine added a post in a topic powerpuffsky / soraangelic / monotonesoraa   

    it looks like she’s never gonna drop the act anytime soon so i’ll just leave her alone. maybe she’ll get some revelation one day lol i noticed she’s extra notorious with her use of out of context chinese characters. i guess she’s chinese now since people called her out for pretending to be korean/japanese lol 
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  7. quickshine added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    this looks unreal 

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  8. quickshine added a post in a topic powerpuffsky / soraangelic / monotonesoraa   

    ok i know this thread died down days ago but i found this on twitter. idk how credible though
    Exposing powerpuffsky twitter thread
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  9. quickshine added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    i havent kept up with her for years now & i'm wondering did she get her under eyebag fillers taken out or did the photographers at the event photoshopped it out because it made her look haggard? 
    anyway, she definitely looks like her age. she can now stop pretending that she could pass for an 18 year old.
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  10. quickshine added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    i feel like she took big eyes and v-shaped face to another level. 
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  11. quickshine added a post in a topic powerpuffsky / soraangelic / monotonesoraa   

    i havent seen the live.
    if abel is 15, then he shouldn't be on here. he was brought up ever since they revealed that they're cousins. his ethnicity make-up still doesn't make sense but imo, it should be spared. 
    i think the discussion should end here:
    (1) sky is mexican, white, and thai.  i was the first person to bring her up on the general koreaboo thread because she was on my instagram feed & i asked people to confirm if she edits her face. a lot of people said that they're certain she tweaks her face. due to the excessive blurring of her face, it was natural that it'll raise skepticism about her true ethnicity. it also didn't help that she kept changing her answers with regards to her true identity every now and then. 
    (2) sky & abel are holding on to their statements: they are cousins. 
    (3) i think what blew this out of proportion was the part when people found out about her n word incident. the video was posted 6 weeks ago, is still on instagram, & hashtagged with #powerpuffskyisoverparty. another thing that doesn't help is she uses racial slurs on the daily. "ch*nky" is not an adjective. here is an article explaining why it is offensive. a lot of PULL readers strongly identify as asian so it's natural that people will take offense in it. being young isn't an excuse to be ignorant. we all have access to the internet & we could learn about one thing or two about racism. 
    (4) she's also an avid user of chinese characters and japanese aesthetics as a part of her instagram brand. many people were also offended by this & i think she's been told a couple of times to quit doing those. 
    this is where i want to conclude my thoughts about powerpuffsky. if anyone wants to add to it, feel free. 
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  12. quickshine added a post in a topic powerpuffsky / soraangelic / monotonesoraa   

    if you watch her first live, there’s a part where she was off-screen & it was the same time taeo/abel commented. i dont want to look into it too far because i wanna give them the benefit of the doubt. however, it’s a strong indicator that she could be the one commenting but like i said, i dont want to suggest too much because there are other possibilities. 
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  13. quickshine added a post in a topic powerpuffsky / soraangelic / monotonesoraa   

    (1) her followers called people on PULL childish for talking about someone they don't know but weren't they the ones saying that we all need "tiddy milk" ? hmm something doesnt add up
    (2) sorry to burst their bubble but....... i'm not ugly looking myself but i know for a fact i'm not in the position to call people mean names. they keep saying that PULL should stop talking about people they don't know, but they're so quick to label a group of people "ugly" and "jobless". they don't even know any of us personally. don't pick and choose, kids. 
    (3) i actually like that in every discussion i've been on, 90% of commenters are eloquent. no one's throwing around names & no one's insulting anyone's intelligence. however, on the other hand, sky's followers are foul-mouthed. 
    (4) adding to analyzing photos, everyone on this thread are attempting to confirm what her real ethnicity is because all she did was throw random ethnicities together & take all them back when people figured nothing added up. 
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  14. quickshine added a post in a topic powerpuffsky / soraangelic / monotonesoraa   

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  15. quickshine added a post in a topic powerpuffsky / soraangelic / monotonesoraa   

    an active lurker probably dropped a tip that she's on here? 
    sky only said something along the lines of "someone made a website for me and taeo to talk shit about us yada yada.."
    a girl commented that her ~friend~ the legendary kboo katieaegi is also on PULL.
    sky never mentioned that she was referring to PULL yet the other girl knew exactly what was being talked about.
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