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  1. CloudPixels added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    So turns out that Pedantic is accused of backpedaling... He further argued against it by stating that she was talking about the propaganda FROM YOUTUBE where she talked about it in the first tweet of the thread. I mean, most of, if not the entire misinformation or propaganda from Youtube is coming from the #IstandwithVic side. Maybe she was saying on that first tweet that not all communities are perfect and have certain misinformation and propaganda from certain people or that she's not implying that his side is completely right and other completely wrong?
    Anyway, even if Pedantic was backpedaling that doesn't make the other side better either, it kinda makes it worse knowing that their biggest defense to their side is basically an ad hominem based of one person certain inconsistency of debate.
    I don't know, I want your opinions about this.
    Also, I remember there was some rape accusations against Vic, I want to know if these accusations are proven to be true or likely to be, if some of them were false, or if some of the said accusations never happened.
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  2. CloudPixels added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Any thoughts? (Sorry I couldn't embedd it for some reason.)
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  3. CloudPixels added a topic in General Discussion   

    What are your thoughts on the NPC meme?
    So is this meme flowing around internet. I think some of you know it already. It’s based on the term widely used in the game industry, the Non-Playable Character, which means that the character cannot be played by the user and that is programmed specially to imitate the actions of a real life being. Usually, by mostly hardware limitation, the NPCs get very predictable and it’s easy to see how they were programmed, also they can’t choose independently.
    Basically this meme is about the right (especially the alt-right and /pol/) saying how the left (the liberals) tend to be very predictable (i.e. You like orange man? Sexist!) and it’s easy to find their code, they’re also saying how the left don’t actually think for themselves but they’re actually hive minded by the big news companies like CNN.
    I want to know your opinions at this.
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  4. CloudPixels added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Maybe Joey reviewed the emergence shonen. The twisted story that everyone is talking about.
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  5. CloudPixels added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I wonder what spoopy thing Joey prepared..
    Maniacally licking pillows of carton kids a whole video? That would be terrifying.
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  6. CloudPixels added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Go for it. A lot of her info got leaked here anyway so I don't see reasons for not doing it and, like you said, by posting it you can prove your argument. 
    Also, we'll be able to see more stuff about wolfychu and reveal things about her, like if she's lying her audience with her high loli UwU voice.
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  7. CloudPixels added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    How depressed must you be in order to be so delusional you still think someone's a loli even when you know her irl and you know she looks and sounds normal?
    Also I don't blame Wolfy's fans for not saying anything about her in the con. Maybe they don't know what she looks like or they don't know Jordan (like we do).
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  8. CloudPixels added a post in a topic Twitch egirls (and eboys)   

    Ironically enough she writes like an edgy 13 y/o now.
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  9. CloudPixels added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    So I looked at the comment section of the video Joey made and a lot of people talked about why the show (and the platform crunchyroll) is so hated recently. Here's an example

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  10. CloudPixels added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Oh my, oh my. Joey made another video.
    Yes Joey, we already know that women can do a lot of stuff and impress everyone. We already know that the early waves of feminism started building a new perspective towards men. Nowadays, woman can be strong, smart, creative, independent and not just some pretty dolls only good for cooking and making babies.
    Later on you're talking about how great the anime community is and how tolerant and diverse it can be and just how this community, basically unifies everyone.
    Stop being an absolute web cunt. Anime is just Japanese cartoon with different art style and culture. The only reason why the anime community is so diverse is because how the anime is so diverse, because there isn't some multimillionaire mainstream platform there to censor or filter the content.
    You know what is a bigger community that unifies absolutely everyone on the globe? The internet. The place that you're able to upload videos is also responsible on connecting an enormous and diverse amount of people worldwide, where you can make and develop relationships with people you didn't even knew existed.
    You also avoid the real fact why the show is hated in the first place. The reason why the show is such hated is because of it's WOKE production team, on how the main focus on their video is diversity, in which, where you said in your video, that anime community is so diverse why would you want to bring diversity there if already is a lot of it? It makes no fucking sense. Also that show High Gurdian Spice? Can you call that anime even? Why is crynchyroll even airing it on their site?
    My theory is that Joey still supports crunchyshit, even when there are people who complain about the company not helping the anime industry at all. Even though they greenlit this and they knew what they're doing. Why? Because of that sweet, sweet sponsorship money of course!
    Also I've noticed how ironic it is that he's  defending this LGBTQ+ show but still having the guts to witch hunt Yuri!! on ice.
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  11. CloudPixels added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    What should we ask him?
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  12. CloudPixels added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Another video of wolfy portraying her clumsy authentic animu persona.
    Also Sweeto seems to be portrayed as this macho man where Wolfy seems to get distracted by every time. We have sparkles in this (probably fake) relationship.
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  13. CloudPixels added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    So the voice drama transitioned into a tracing drama?
    That'a interesting.
    Now let's see how good the defense videos will go.
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  14. CloudPixels added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    I agree that the entire voice drama is stupid, probably because it's mostly driven by edgy teenagers. But really most of the defense videos of her just talk about that most of the times, they rarely talk about the other stuff who people call out her for the other stuff. The entire wolfychu drama isn't based just around her voice.
    Yeah, most of her rant videos were not that great, some of them were poorly researched. But the people who call out the drama... I feel it's the same thing, but probably even worse because do they even understand her drama, like those ranters don't just talk about her voice is fake (at least, the genuine part) but how she exaggerates her voice in order to get yay traction from children or questionable men. Yes, you can say that her voice is not fake, but really what's the point of it anyway if she used misleading tags, thumbnail, and just over-sexualizing herself in some videos, where she keeps that kawai persona that may be using just because it feels like that inside but we already know that clearly that is not the case, emirichu makes a better job of keeping that wholesome cute persona mostly because she doesn't portray herself as an UwU queen, and  most of her videos seem genuine: no clickbat (kinda), no sexualization, just herself showing herself and her persona, she even shows pictures of her life sometimes. And because of that her stories seem even more truthful than wolfy's, where she constantly hides stuff that to the public.. Also emirichu's art is prettier.
    Wolfy portrays herself as this porcelain doll and she somehow knew that these white knights will come to rescue her and defend her from those evil and meanie rant videos.
    I think the both sides don't do a good job covering her and explaining her pros and cons. I think there should be someone who clarifies this once and for all, probably someone who read this thread, and end this cesspool of opinions but I don't think there will be one..
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  15. CloudPixels added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Uhm, why did you posted a photo of yourself? This is a thread about Anime Man and Akidearest.
    There's really no reason for positing that...
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