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  1. clairemarie added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    dont you need a valid reason to file for a chargeback.
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  2. clairemarie added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    hasnt anyone figured out yet that if you post your no-makeup picture without captioning it "no makeup" you will be more likable as a person
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  3. clairemarie added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    man, looking at all the selfies she uses snow for or something akin to that makes me so so so confused. same with anyone who uses the app.
    i downloaded snow today to try it out and i looked so fucking bad in its camera. i mean it makes me look completely horrible. not 2 mention it made my phone overheat and go from 75% to 20%... i become blurry and all the details of my face are erased. it's creepy. i bet that if every one of these internet influencers or w/e dropped the app they would look NOTICEABLY better, but it would just take more tries and effort to get a better picture of themselves.
    it's so refreshing to be able to see skin, eyelashes, highlights, shadows, the details of faces in crisp quality but garbage apps like these totally ruin that. is it REALLY that hard to take selfies with the iphone camera, and then go to edit out your wrinkles or blemishes in photoshop? and if you really hate yourself so much just go fucking use liquify. im sure the end result would be better. im tired of seeing photos that look like your camera lens was all crusty. stop plz. 

    why are you so MATTE. why are you so blurry. what on gods green earth is this. she's not even in the sunlight to achieve that smooth effect im pretty sure. this looks off. for someone who wants to look good this aint it. do better... get a professional photographer. have them take fake selfies of you in advance in different outfits LOL. just do something!! christ.
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  4. clairemarie added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Why do people on this website get baited so easily. Dont take those idiots seriously. Someone just explained those two in a post on the page before. Stop please lol.
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  5. clairemarie added a post in a topic Aria Rose   

    Yo, i didnt realize this girl was on this site. I came across her videos a couple times and she oozes insecurity. the vids are also pointless 'cause it feels like it's information i could read about in 5 seconds instead of listening to her ramble for 10 minutes. shes basically the definition of "Not like othur gurlzzz.""  thats the vibe i get from her videos lmao
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  6. clairemarie added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    i like how she read her dead friend's messages word for word
    (unnecessary, could have just said he had contacted her recently because he saw the drama, wanted to support her, and left it at that)
    and they just so happened to be about how great/amazing she was and how she was never in the wrong skefjsklf 
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  7. clairemarie added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Yeah, i figured she brought it up because of the recent poki drama and felt confident enough to. I don't know much about that streamer but all the replies to her tweet are made by delusional/stupid men and are kinda harsh. Does she have a thread or anything? Was she a bad person in the past? I'm curious if people are hating on her because 1) she mentioned pokimane 2) she's a sex worker or 3) she's a bad person. 
    They're delusional and very very very stupid because they think pokimane isnt a titty streamer. these dudes are legit priding kween pokimane on her stellar values and virtuousness. it seems like people are too easy to manipulate. I don't see a difference between showing titties to sell your body and showing less skin while still selling your body. i think you can do either one but just stfu and be quiet about it. you dont have to ADMIT you're doing it by self deprecating and calling yourself a whore, but just don't go out of your way to deny it or go after people who are more obvious about it especially since you do it for brownie points with your impressionable crowd of 12 year olds + incels while throwing your own gender under the bus in the process. 
    sometimes i wonder if poki doesnt show off her body more blatantly because she doesn't have anything nice to show off in the first place. She's not fit, doesn't take care of herself (im not talking about fake self care!), and her genes are pretty unfortunate. So at that point you don't have much going for you even if you're a lil negligent with yourself. maybe she just got lucky by barely scraping by with what she was born with and then decided to capitalize on male misogyny to make herself look better.
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  8. clairemarie added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    did i hear her say they were flipping through a bunch of calculus notes? doesnt literally everyone take that in high school, up to calc I or II? at least in college prep schools/private schools they offer it. and a "third" yr chem major is talking about calculus acting like it's an impossibility for a high schooler to have taken any of that whatsoever. but what do i know about what she was doing. taking the derivative of 2x?? couldnt tell u. maybe she really is a secret woke math kween. 
    it's like she can't let this mans have anything he's proud of.  
    actually, what he says is that "im not that smart BUT i did take higher level math classes than imane" which means he has respect for & acknowledges HER work in college, because he words it like it's an accomplishment for him to be able to compare himself to her in that regard, instead of as an insult to her.
    but what does she do? she comes in and insists that he's lying, and lowkey gaslights him about it. clearly she thinks he's beneath her as shown by her immediately attacking him about not going past high school, as if it's an insult for her stupid, lowly servant to even rival her in any skill.
    i would be HELLA insulted if i were in fed's position. i dont really know how big of a beta he is but he sort of tried to stand up for himself this time, at least. 
    honestly i think if she were confident in her intelligence she wouldn't have such a freak out over it. it reminds me of that tweet on her private account about how smart her parents raised their kids. i sort of get it. if ur a hot or feminine girl (i mean not that she is but...) people usually assume youre stupid, and if you're insecure about it you feel like you have to go out of your way to prove them wrong instead of minding your business and achieving results. results speak for themselves. she didn't have those results so she just needs to keep to herself & be cooler about it in the future. it's just kind of pathetic to cling onto something that's not even a part of your life anymore. 
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  9. clairemarie added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    maybe she thinks that ugly ass suspender dress looks like those school jumpers you wear in uniform schools when ur younger. galaxy braining for a caption tbh
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  10. clairemarie added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    i think she's just skinny-fat (yk when youre skinny but it's not because youre athletic), im like that too, my ribs are randomly visible and then sometimes not.
    my guess is that she doesnt really work out or play a sport, does anyone know?
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  11. clairemarie added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    honestly blowbax’s video was kind of shit compared to other pokimane exposing videos
    he just ranted and rambled and I could barely pay attention to it, it just felt so eugh (I think the one I saw was the second one he uploaded) 
    so can he just crawl back into his hole and let people who know what they’re doing handle things. Like it was said above literally no one cares about him (I mean they SHOULDNT) and regardless of his existence pokimane is trash. 🤡
    how many times has he fking complained that he wasn’t getting attention. Is anyone keeping track
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  12. clairemarie added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    i dont like her music, ill say that first. ive been on her twitter before and it's kind of cringe/sappy and i also get fake vibes from her. but other than that i know nothing about her.
    maybe when i was like 13 i thought she was pretty, but the more i see her face the more it freaks me out for some reason. her high ponytail looks super painful
    the way i feel about her is the same way i feel abt beyonce. their stans associate them with ethereal vibes/see them as goddesses. i dont think they fit the image that they have. especially that i think they're both incredibly overhyped. seems like people on social media just worship them. i dont think theyre all that great. im including beyonce 'cause these two are the mains celebs ive noticed with a similar image.
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  13. clairemarie added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    theyre both adopted by white families. i will give u that one. but they do NOT look similar. if you think that girl looks like her, and youre saying you see a lot of people in your area that look like her, i dont know how much i trust your judgment on that, not that it matters what i think really but it just makes me go hmmm :thinking:
    are you asian by any chance? i know there are legit some people out there (usually non-asians) that think all asians look the same (im not trying to attack you, ive just heard people say that unironically, yes in this current day and age ppl are still saying and thinking that. kind of how some say all whites look the same.) it's just.. the chin, collarbone, cheekbones (not sure if right word), eyebrows, eyelids, eyebags, nose, body, and probably more, are nothing alike (?) even the full face together doesn't look like hers, without pointing out single features. i know that's just a still photo and you said "kinda" but cmon. just because theyre both asian with wide faces and the same hair color doesnt mean they look kinda like each other.
    which brings me to my next question, for everyone saying that a ton of girls look like that, can yall link some? i wouldnt mind following some more! that model up there looks really pretty. i can see the similarity in her bone structure. ive always been impressed by people with that type of facial structure 'cause mine's the total opposite (not tht i hate it i just like to see smth im not used to) 

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  14. clairemarie added a post in a topic Kang Taeri   

    yea u know i was trying to be tame about the acupuncture/meridian facial slimming massage but that's a complete load of shit a massage is not gonna melt your bones off like that
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  15. clairemarie added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    i still dont think she's that bad personality-wise, (not commenting on the slur issue, im not in a position to speak on that. personally i am all for reclaiming rude shit about ur identity, i do it myself, but even though i'm not white, i'm not asian so i don't want to say anything)
    ive only been following her twitter for a few months and from what ive seen so far nothin has come off as true edgy to me. imo edgy =/= snarky/aggressive, i think it's more like those people that say weird shit like "I'm not racist, i hate all people" or coldsteel the hedgehog shit like that, u know..
    maybe im partially biased bcoz ive been called edgy in the past for joking around and i never really understood it. so maybe we all have different definitions of the word. who knows. just my 2 cents 
    as for the flexing, i've got a question about that. is it just annoying to people when you post pics of ur expensive things? ive never had an issue with other people flexing. i like to see pretty things, so i just wanted some perspective on why it bothers people. unless the person is like, blatantly anti-poverty then i get it. but aside from that
    i think for this one i'm gonna actually play the humor preference card (again aside from her usage of slurs). i can see why she might not be some people's cup of tea. and some things she said in those old tweets r questionable. not my style. but i think i like her current "content,"  let's call it that, since i dunno a single thing about her personal life
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