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  1. clairemarie added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    what are you people going on about up there^^^
    honestly i thought she looked fine in that pic then i put my contacts in and looked again and oh my god she looks old and crackly(?). jealous of her teeth tho
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  2. clairemarie added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    yeah she got implants and openly admitted to it
    man i dont like those teeth she got they look bad but O WELL
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  3. clairemarie added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I think they're making fun of her fans LOL there's no way that's unironic 
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  4. clairemarie added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    hmmm i wonder why
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  5. clairemarie added a post in a topic Xiao.anna (possible snowflake & PULL user??)   

    Wow..... this girl is incredibly tragic
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  6. clairemarie added a topic in Beauty & Fashion   

    Prescription Circle Lenses
    hello! ive taken an interest in getting circle lenses. but ive never ever bought anything aside plain ol' seeing ones from 1-800-CONTACTS.
    i have dark brown almost black eyes, -4 vision, and an astigmatism in one eye.
    can you get circle lenses for eyes like that, legitimate ones, and do they work ok on dark eyes? i dont know very much on the subject. i am in the united states.
    looking for recommendations on the circle lenses mainly but also lately ive wanted to try a new color, however im afraid my eyes are too dark for that. also emphasis on the legitimacy of the contacts i definitely dont want to damage my eyes!!:( thanks for any help:)
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  7. clairemarie added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    i dont like that shoot either but tbh i hate most dollskills photoshoots
    as for that tweet, how is that slut shaming as that reply on twitter says? the tweet she's replying to seems to be attempting to normalize pedophilia/even bragging about it slightly. that's stupid and icky. i dont read it as "youre stupid for being taken advantage of" but more like "youre stupid for making this comment and being proud of it." i went on the twitter (suesobad) that made that post and i dont see an age but she looks to be older than 17 now. maybe its a lil rude but ... it's pretty stupid to say smth like that esp if it was in the past and the person has grown as the tweet implies. i hope that girl realizes that sick men loving her "poussay" isnt something u should be glorifying? its harmful because if some other naive girl sees that and thinks to herself "oh she's fine now so i'll be fine." thats how i interpret it anyway :eyes:
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  8. clairemarie added a post in a topic Megan (mae.col/GOOKCITY)   

    i think shes totes hot and i find her funny af. i never noticed anything about flexing cuz i dont recognize any designer stuff anyway/never got genuine bragging vibes from her (to me it seemed more like a meme). 
    i dunno anything 'bout that dom stuff, just seems like normal sex work to me, idk why it is an issue. i was thinking maybe people are mad because shes allowing white men to fetishize her race?  
    to me her body looks great because i'm thinner than she is, and 5'6, but still just about a similar size to her, however my body looks deformed cos i'm not toned and just a freaky stick monster naturally, whereas hers looks hawt cuz it looks like...sculpted and shit. also she's hella flat like me as well. so her body type is an attainable goal for me, probably why i think it looks so good, as compared to those massive thigh n massive titty people. she inspires me a lil bit to actually develop some muscle and work out more. :'( 
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  9. clairemarie added a post in a topic Kang Taeri   

    oh FUK i cant remember his name!! i remember the brand i think he owned? and she modeled for it too: http://www.overloadwebsite.com/#none
    ok it randomly popped into my head, here is his ig: https://www.instagram.com/zerobu/
    im allowed to post that link right
    edit3: and upon further inspection it looks like he deleted all pics of her too. something is UP
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  10. clairemarie added a post in a topic Kang Taeri   

    i agree she looks fake tbh, it's not even mean, it's entirely true. i guess thats a style tho, looking fake? i dunno.
    i saw one insta comment defending her against someone saying she had plastic surgery, saying that she's a "well known natural beauty in korea" or something so i doubted myself for a sec but it turns out im not wrong anyway ig
    holy shit her looks changed a ton, that's incredible. thx for the pictures ^^^
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  11. clairemarie added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Kang Taeri
    Hey guys! So there's this model that I find super pretty, and her name is Kang Taeri. I found out about her because she models for a website I shop at. Anyway, I tried finding a thread on her because I am curious and I'm honestly very naive when it comes to this photoshopping/plastic surgery/makeup stuff. Does anyone know about her or have any opinions? I've noticed on her posts before people arguing about her surgeries and other drama that I can't seem to find more about. It doesn't bother me at all that people have surgery/use makeup but sometimes I get curious about the "techniques" people use, and I especially like her look so that's why I'm here.
    For me I'm mainly curious about her makeup and like her posture (her neck looks super straight and stuff). I'm not really creepy or anything I've just lately been obsessed with good posture and so every time I see someone with it I find it impressive. 
    Here's a link to her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taeri__taeri/?hl=en
    OH YEAH also for the mods approving this, I wanted to put this in online personalities but the option is greyed out for me. So idk if I'm doing this right, ty

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