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  1. Agasshi added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    He’s begging ryland to marry him because no one else wants a man who pees in bottles
    just kidding anyways some other videos of shane being suspicious with animals have surfaced 
    another cat joke
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  2. Agasshi added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I replied only once and mine included an unpopular opinion don’t put it on me lol 
    anyways my unpopular opinions:
    - nutella is trash, beyond tasting like diabetes it tastes like a very bad chocolate and not nutty at all
    - Most american candy and chocolate taste like it has been made in a lab and infected with something but I can’t tell what, it has no real taste they all have this similar taste but I can’t tell what is it
    - the office is not a good show and liking it is not a personality trait 
    - im not sure whether this belongs here or in the kpop thread because it’s not really an unpopular opinion about idols or anything but I wish kpop never became popular, now the world is full of weird korean fetishizing people and it makes me really uncomfortable
    - that being said alot of gross korean men in homeland are very aware of that and use it to have one night stand with white girls 
    - not showering is gross idc if you have depression 
    - out of all east asian countries china is the most interesting tbh people give japan and sk attention only because of anime and kpop and kdramas
    - 80% of the kdramas have the same plot. Rich chaebol falling in love with a miserable poor woman so I don’t understand how bored do you have to be to binge on kdramas all day long. Especially when most of kdramas are very cringey 
    - porn is very harmful 
    - innisfree and holika holika skincare products are terrible
    - people who say they don’t have time to read are making up excuses you’re on your phone all day lmao 
    - animal farm is a terrible book, I don’t like kerouac, fight club, mein kampf, bukowski, tony robbins, ayn rand, atlas shrugged, infinite jest, hemingway and brave new world 
    - girls who dress like this and think that they are unique, cool or special and call others locals make me uncomfortable as a fashion major 

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  3. Agasshi added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    You’re just proving my point lolz. I was vegan because of animals and didn’t use leather etc. The community is full of people like you who shame people who want to quit and scream that they were plant based and not vegan. No, I was in for the animals, the food was disgusting but I didn’t care because I watched earthlings and was so so sad for the animals. I quit all my animal consumption. I quit because I realized that the fruit and vegs I was eating was just as unethical since they were on my plate because of underpaid poor brown and black people who have no other options to make the living. Fake fur who damage the workers health and is terrible to the environment. I realized there was no ethical consumption. After 3 years of veganism and 1 year of being vegetarian I just started consuming meat again, except now the meat I eat is straight from farms where they don’t mistreat animals. I now wear ethical fur hunted by the inuit.
    To claim that veganism doesn’t promote healthier lifestyle is simply a lie. Most vegans talk about how unhealthy dairy and meat are while how healthy a plant based diet is, they attract people in guise of health and then slowly bring up animal rights before straight up showing you animal cruelty videos. This is where the ed community steps in, ever wondered why so many proana are vegan? There’s tons of youtube videos, ig accs, twitter accs etc preaching about how veganism makes you healthy, thin and fit. To deny this is simply a lie, alot of people who suffer from ed are being attracted into veganism and then showed animal cruelty videos that prevent them from quitting. There’s also tons of people like you who quilt shame people from quitting, not all meat is from in those disturbing slaughter houses and not all fur is from fur farm animals. 
    I was vegan not plantbased, I got backlash like the rest of ex vegans because most vegans and brainwashed into thinking animal products =unethical and veganism = ethical when this is not always the case. Just like you most vegan claim “I love animals more than humans!” we know, because the vegan food in your plate and the h&m shirt you’re wearing is here because of the poor black and brown people in the global south. You think all animals are kind and better than humans but if you were thrown into a pig farm you would be eaten alive by pigs without a second thought.
    Anyways my unpopular opinion is that the vegan community are hypocritical and borderline racist with how they attack poor brown and black people constantly for not affording veganism or choosing to eat food from their culture and especially when they attack indigenous people for hunting for survival. Claiming that all animal consumption is unethical is wrong.
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  4. Agasshi added a post in a topic babygirl0   

    it’s because she makes coin off perverts since no one would watch her boring videos otherwise 

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  5. Agasshi added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I agree there’s tons of anorexic turned vegans who just change an eating disorder to another (orthorexia), veganism sounds like a safe option to choose since most of the vegan community promotes “healthy” image they don’t feel as quilty eating vegan food compared to non-vegan food. The vegan community also promotes tons vegan diets to stay thin (low fat high carb, 20/80, raw etc). The vegan community is very pressuring and quilt trips vegans who consider quitting. This is especially toxic if you have ED. The vegan community can get very cult like easily since it’s full of militant vegans, I quit being vegan and became vegetarian mostly because of how disgusting the community was.
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  6. Agasshi added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Shane could get away with anything tbh he could do anything he want and his fans would defend it, he has put on this victim costume to make people feel bad for him. I have watched actually most of his videos and I couldn’t help but think that he’s somehow perverted . Listen I understand making sexual jokes but some of the sexual things he say sound sincere that he’s trying to pass it off as jokes rather than just random madeup jokes. Again I don’t believe that he was joking about beastiality. 
    Anyways apparently he has monetized his apology video? He was being called out on twitter and that was also mentioned.
    Shane also still sells shanaynay merch which is not only disgusting but makes all his apologies about his racist past sound empty. It makes me lol when people scream “he has changed!!!!!!!!!” like he doesn’t still sell shanaynay merch and hang out with racists.
    “im not into politics” 
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  7. Agasshi added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Sorry I don’t believe him. When I listened to his popcast where he made that terrible paedophilic joke the full version I mean not the cut one I could tell that he was joking, it was a terrible joke and not joking at all but I could tell he wasn’t serious but I don’t feel the same thing now. He’s trying to pass it off as a joke because he knows his fans will believe and it will get buried like the last time. This one is different though, it didn’t feel like he was joking at all? To me he sounded very serious?  There’s even a video of him making out with a dog, I wouldn’t be suprised at all if he really did it.
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  8. Agasshi added a post in a topic babygirl0   

    Just watch her spite racist borderline alt right bullshit and get away with it like she always has. She needs therapy she’s a walking negativity ball, I wouldn’t even be suprised at this point if her acne was psychological. She’s going to make some white supremacist and islamphobic bs videos to gain an altright following to milk for money since she’s not underaged anymore and pedophiles don’t want her anymore. I wonder whether she has realized that it’s too late and no one will give her a job with all the bs that jumps out when you google her name.
    edit: how suprising

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  9. Agasshi added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Again, this is not ben shapiro thread stop derailing it with ben shapiro when it’s unrelated to felix. 
    And, again don’t bring up ariana as she’s not related to pewdiepie in any way or form. Stop derailing this thread with off topic comments, you can take it to the PM if you like to discuss ben shapiro or Ariana grande, or just go to their threads. Ben shapiro was mentioned as one of people linked to the altright related to pewdiepie, we are not going to discuss ben shapiro himself here. 
    I don’t really understand why pewdiepie supporters on this thread insist on bringing up the shooting again and again when we are tying to discuss pewdiepie’s content. You were complaining about how he’s not related to the shooting and we all agreed, stop mentioning it. 
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  10. Agasshi added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    ben shapiro is an altright who tweets his extreme views in a more digestive way. Apologies only work if you change you actions and don’t repeat our mistakes. Im not going to explain ben shapiro’s racism to you in a pewdiepie thread, go make a thread about him if you want to talk about him. This thread is about pewdiepie don’t derail it.
    Unrelated to you, Pewdiepie also follows stephan molyneux who denies native american genocide while promoting the white genocide myth. Denying him being linked to the altright is silly to me, no one is forcing felix to follow bunch of neonazis on twitter, he does it willingly. It’s white knighty to defend him when he knows what exactly he’s doing with the content he puts out, he has been the biggest youtuber for years and has been putting out videos for years, he knows the best how his content affects his following, his fans do what he says and agree with him on everything like cult members. It’s the same in this thread, it’s shocking to his fans that the holy felix is criticised for following altright influencers on social media. I don’t really understand why people are being so defensive because this is a gossip site after all.
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  11. Agasshi added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    This is a pewdiepie thread, we can discuss pewdiepie all day long if we want to it doesn’t have anything to do with the shooter or the shooting. We are talking about his content in his pull thread. Why is it difficult to process that humans can discuss several topics? I donated to the victims, I gave them my support. If you want to offer support then go offer all the support you want. You’re on a gossip site commenting this on pewdiepie’s thread, I thought we all agreed that he doesn’t have anything to do with this? Why do his supporters keep insisting on bringing up the shooting?  
    Also if being censored means not saying the nword when you’re live-streaming and not making anti-semitic jokes then im all for censoring. Edgy jokes are not just jokes, im not laughing when someone makes dog eating chink jokes. 
    Edit: oh and if you don’t think ben shapiro is altright then I guess our claims about edgy jokes normalizing racism and altright is true.  
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  12. Agasshi added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I’ve ran out of upvotes to give you.
    I don’t understand why pewdiepie fans are so defensive not a single person on this thread is claiming that it’s his fault that so many people died. It’s simply wrong to claim that he’s not involved with neonazis in any way or sort. This was brought up after the shooting because the shooter was radicalised online and pewdiepie is linked to it. Whether you like it or not he was mentioned and is linked to the altright. He associates himself and gives platform to people in the altright. He is irresponsible. That’s what most of us are criticizing, not a single person said the shooting is his fault. 
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  13. Agasshi added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I don’t feel even a bit sad for him. He’s not responsible for the shooting but it’s useless to act like he’s not creating a space for his fans to radicalize online. He follows altright all his apologies are empty, if he cared he would unfollow them and strongly condemn hate, just like another user mentioned he’s providing a platform to islamphobes and other racists, he cannot detach himseld from hate crimes that result from this promotion. It’s like ben sharpio butting out when he has been racist so many times in the past and has radicalised people. Pewdiepie has a huge following but instead of being really careful he pushes this watered down altright edgy memes, he’s now backing out because he’s being attacked and nothing else. It’s like his accident with the nword, his fans don’t care. They think ironic racism is a joke and ok because he has pushed that narrative from day 1. If people of out his fanbase wouldn’t made it an issue he would’ve just ignored it. His fans didn’t care, and he didn’t care. His apologies are all empty and he has never been hold responsible for opening a gate to radicalisation online. People watch him for some gaming videos and then it follows with the small political videos. He is not responsible for the shooting but he should be hold responsible. Saying pewdiepie have nothing to do with the altright is willful ignorance. He’s a gateway to rightwing radicalisation. I have yet to run into a single pewdiepie fan online who hasn’t been racist. Thousands of young men are being radicalised online by white supremacists under the guise of being edgy. That along with youtube algorithm that promotes more extreme content   once you see a single video about that topic leads to a dangerous precedent.
    Pewdiepie knows what he’s doing, he dips in altrighty shit and throws empty apologies when he’s called out so his fans can attack you with “HE APOLOGIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, his apologies don’t mean anything when he’s following the altright and opening a gateway to the altrigh in guise of being edgy to his followers. Not everything is a joke, especially racism. It leads to death. Hold him responsible. Stop acting like anything will happen to him when his cult fanbase will defend him no matter what. Stop being biased towards him. If you go few pages back to when he said the nword you can see people were defending him saying a literal racial slur. The same thing is happening now. 
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  14. Agasshi added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    asian americans are so obsessed with boba tea like it doesn’t taste like drinkable diabetes  
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  15. Agasshi added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Liking boba tea is not a personality trait 
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