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  1. esotika added a post in a topic Taylor Swift   

    there's a whole-ass pandemic and miss notebook-paper-ass swift had to bring up old drama everyone forgot about. this goes for kim too.
    kim (+ taylor), there's people that are dying. 
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  2. esotika added a post in a topic Halsey   

    wait what abortion thing did she mention now lmao?? jesus christ her lies sound like one of those ridiculous fake deep young adult novels 
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  3. esotika added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    didn't jess chic do this too? like jesschic and gabi demartino were friends but only gabi was asked to be in the TUN video. gabi got a whole-ass nose job to look like ari and ari was fine with it bc she wasn't like, lying about being influenced by her. jesschic on the other hand went around disneyland and i think some other places pretending to be ari. 
    anyways i think it's wild that there are a bunch of girls on IG/tiktok trying to literally be ariana. 
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  4. esotika added a post in a topic Taylor Swift   

    i've never liked taylor. i tried to at one point. but she's insufferable and also super unlikable.
    she makes herself the victim in almost every situation and tries to make herself a martyr. every few years it's something new about how someone/something is attacking her. the whole scooter thing was annoying because literally any other singer would have just taken care of that behind the curtain in court, but taylor HAD to make it public so she can gain empathy.
    her music is mediocre, her image is mediocre, everything about her is mediocre. i guess the payola really works because i'm still baffled at how long she's lasted in this industry. 
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  5. esotika added a post in a topic Halsey   

    he looks like the assistant manager of a best buy. i don't understand how he gets all these women. money and drugs, most likely, but like, still lmao i don't get it. 
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  6. esotika added a post in a topic Halsey   

    i always side with victims of abuse and i'm always one to take abuse allegations seriously but halsey has lied so much about her past and lies consistently about everything else i think her whole "abusive relationship" trope is just another gimmick to her "no one is as tragic as me!!!" backstory.
    she's lied about such serious things like miscarriage/homelessness/drug addiction/sexual assault like OOOOH MY GOD girl when is it gonna end????? when are people going to get tired of her shit???? it's like every bad thing that can happen to a person has happened to her. she comes up with another sad, tragic thing to add to her personality/background like once every two months. i am T I R E D 
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  7. esotika added a post in a topic Halsey   

    lmaooooo i would LOVE to see ms ashley fragglerock come after meg. meg would not hesitate to bodyslam that bitch and I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT 
    but meg and g-eazy i think are just a fling/hook-up. i don't think meg cares of he cheats or not. i think they're probably just FWBs. 
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  8. esotika added a post in a topic Halsey   

    oh god. just to add to her "tragic sad background" she WOULD throw the idea of sex work in there.
    all ashley is is histrionic. she's a privileged little rich girl who had no personality or backbone of her own so she conjured up this fake backstory and asked her parents to buy her a career and here we are. 
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  9. esotika added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    half of the things on this forum we take just based off what someone said. idc you can believe me or not but this what my friend told me firsthand when he was interning in LA. 
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  10. esotika added a post in a topic Halsey   

    AHHHHHHHH lmaoooooooo y'all remember Boxxy from WAYYY back in the day? the "rawr i'm so RANDOM" girl? that's literally who she reminds me of in this video lmfaooo 
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  11. esotika added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    "proof?" i literally just said one of my friends was working for interscope. he does music management. billie herself wasn't even at the meeting, it was her parents and her brother and various other A&R guys from the label (my friend was interning at the time).
    i don't doubt ari isn't a plant too but she probably has a little more control over her brand than billie does. but idk tho bc it also seems like scooter has a firm grasp around ari's career as she's his cashcow at the moment. 
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  12. esotika added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    i can straight-up confirm billie is an industry plant. one of my friends was working for her label right before she -really- blew up and had to sit in on one of her management meetings. her parents crafted her and her whole image and have a set team of ghostwriters for her.
    (sorry, not trying to derail the subject. i just wanted to say that.) 
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  13. esotika added a post in a topic Halsey   

    JESUS she's insufferable. 
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  14. esotika added a post in a topic Halsey   

    she looks like a literal clown with this rainbow hair. and she's trying to latch onto that e-girl aesthetic now lmaooo  
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  15. esotika added a post in a topic Halsey   

    this album is B O R I N G AF 
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