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  1. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    What do you mean fairly new... He is one of the oldest youtubers...?
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  2. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Honestly when it comes to the so-called friendship of Shane and Jojo Siwa, I am kinda questioning it. Like I am just saying it always felt like he was mocking her when he spoke about her, but maybe I am in the wrong because its the same with him and Tana soooo idk maybe he treats his friends like that.
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  3. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    So everything is a documentary now?
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  4. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Tana Mongeau   

    Guys the CEO of Good Times said he will release the TANACON documentary, after she dressed as him for holloween and its supposed to come out this week.  Do you guys think its gonna bring some real evidence, or will it be as pointless as Shanes docuseries?
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  5. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Also I love how the "media" reacted to it like clevver "omg shane dawson is doing a series with JB". Also Bieber when asked about the Jake Paul series ignored it completely, sooo I think there will be no series.
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  6. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I have not seen him interact with social repose but it makes me dislike Shane so muuuch! I don't understand why he associates himself with confrimed abusers, than talks to both them and the victim and disregards the victim completely and then is like "poor abuser UwU with their sad past UwW." He wont talk to Onision cause Onision hates Shane. 
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  7. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    She said on twitter that she is not the co-fundor of betterhelp, but you know who knows. Btw its in the description of the video.
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  8. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I have been following him for a LONG time, and I think its because of the jokes he made back in the day and blackface. I was also weirded out, because yes he did have controversis but he was never hated in the community or "not accepted"? I feel like I am missing something. 
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  9. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I 100% agree. after watching them I ask myself what was the point of them. I loved the moment in tana-con docuseries, when he was supposed to reveal some "shocking facts", and then it turned out that it was something we already knew even before he posted the video with the cliffhanger.  
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  10. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I don't understand how he jumped to the rescue of the girl who almost lost her job at ulta, but cannot do the same for people who get soo much hate because he send his fans their way and I am saying that because I hope he did unintentionally. On the other hand if he did do it unintentionally, why is there no reaction? 
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  11. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    First of all some of you wanted him to go back to conspiracy, and to that I say he needs to learn how to research first. Someone said that all he does is read one reddit thread, and oh my how I agree with that. I somewhat liked them too, but when I saw stuff like in one of the videos he said that the body of JonBenet Ramsey was never found and thats why it can be Katy Perry I died. In a different video he said the correct thing, but the video with false info still is out there and he never officialy corrected that video. So we can say for sure he has a past of spreading false info. Same with the white lighter theory, just watch his and then the video made by Taylor Reilly and her dad.Just shows that he just saw white lighter theory, and did not do any research. Shane literally said Kurt had a white lighter on him when found dead, a quick google search shows he didn't.
    Second thing is how I think that his apology, was a big middle finger to everybody who criticized him. At first the generic "sorry not sorry" if you were offended, and then "I will put happy music to not make things "sad"". He just honestly understands nothing and does not care, It looks like he just locked himself in a echochamber. The way he acts is just childish, the way he treated Fae System was beyond childish it was horrible and so disgusting. Pewdiepie made so many good points, and have you seen the shade thrown by Shane at Pewds? CHILDISH. 
    This series turned from "Jake Paul sociopath series" into "What Shane Dawson is really like". Someone in I believe part 1 or 2 of the series, pointed out that he even made the sponsor part creepy. They were praising him, which is soo bad imo. Fans of Shane Dawson are no different than fans of Jake Paul, those are children who don't know better and will follow their idol blindly. 
    He might claim that by putting those disclaimers, all is good but its so not good. Even when he said do not armchair diagnose, he and the "therapist" did it to Jake Paul, and did it in such a horrible way. He didn't want to be too nice, but overdone it so much. Also the clips of other yt, and the fact that he said he used them for context is soo funny. Any blind person can tell its a drag, plus he put it all in to milk it even more.Its funny how everyone warned Shane about Jake, when in reallity its Jake who should've been warned. Just look at it Shane is dragging himself down, and digging that grave so well. It's always weird to me that people like Shane who were in "the game" of yt for so loong, have those moments like this when they forget how to play.
    I wrote so much but the thing I wanted to be noticed so much, is his lack of research because the misinformation he spreads is really bothering me. I always wanted someone to call him out on it, so that he would actually address it. 
    You might blame only the therapist, but its Shane who was putting a certain narrative on their conversation and he is the one or Andrew who edited it. Even if Andrew did that, then Shane still had to approve it. 
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  12. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Dasha & Cyr   

    The other issue is money probably, lawyers are really expensive. 
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  13. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Honestly at first I thought that Gabriel was talking about the things that have resurfaced, and how its all in the past and that a person can change. Now I see that he meant Manny and the crew, because Mannies tweet was about him. They all seem so fake, I wonder what was going on behind the curtains. 
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  14. Cir-edhel added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Jeffree star said on his I believe it was snap, that everything will come out by the end of the year. I really cannot wait for the tea.
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