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  1. touru added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

    Anime subreddits are so annoying and entitled they make my skin peel off and burn into ash. they're supposed to be is a place to discuss an episode, not complain "dId thEy aDapt the mANga yET??!?!?!?! WHY NOT >:((( i hate this show" and then attack everyone in the comments who like filler arcs. Go write your own story then dumbass, why are you wasting your life complaining about something you have zero control over? I love funny and lighthearted fillers, that way I can feel excited when the story changes pace. 
    Attack on Titan isn't going to be produced by Studio WIT after this season and I'm so FUCKING GLAD. I hate the random CGI and the horrible planning of every season. I don't want to wait 50 years for the manga to be adapted, all because of stupid animators wasting time drawing shingles on a roof exploding. They fucked the first season up and every Anime-only discussion thread is filled with confused people. At this point, everyone should ditch the anime and catch up on the manga until Season 4 is confirmed by a reputable studio. CGI colossal titan looks like a MMD model, people have even made their own doing fortnite dances. AOT deserves so much more than this.
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  2. touru added a post in a topic Any advice on dealing with a Stalker-ish ex?   

    Good for you girl, I dealt with a situation that led to stalking because of an ex and 1-2 years later... all of the people I knew in that period of my life are GONE. GONE WITH THE WIND. It is so incredibly childish and such a waste of energy to deal with people that refuse to defend you/help deal with crazy ass people! I hope that you never have to deal with her or that guy ever again-- hopefully in a few years if she ever so happens to run into you she can apologize for being such a loser <3 or not! Any sane adult shouldn't be afraid of losing friends over "drama" when it is actually stalking LOL 
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  3. touru added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    ^^^^^^^ perfectly stated. There's a difference between owning up to your shitty behavior and owning up to it to garner sympathy. Not even gonna read the comments because they're probably filled with "we forgive u rin <4". Fans aren't the ones who can decide this, it's the victims. Own your shit and grow up, easy as that. 
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  4. touru added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    a couple months ago Rin would've been foaming at the mouth over this whole shitstorm LMAOOOOOOOO now it's toxic </333333 oh how the tables have turned
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  5. touru added a post in a topic James Charles   

    that's why I put it in quotations~ James said "clinical" to be dramatic, Ian is just depressed from an event... if he's even depressed
    his twitter is 90% "wish i could go back in time😓😫💔" "miss her😫" which is really embarrassing. Good thing he took his ass home bc he needs to be around his parents and not tweeting or being a mOdeL. But honestly, being supervised by their parents doesn't do anything probably because they both turned out awful. Imagine being related to these people and seeing the entire family in the middle of internet drama. Trash.
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  6. touru added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    the icing on the cake would be her making a podcast LMAO she's halfway there with these 30-40 minute videos. ALSO. What the heck were those clips about her getting cramps about? I'm assuming it was from dancing around but if that's her way of teasing a pregnancy... girl. stOP
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  7. touru added a post in a topic James Charles   

    it's coachella-- meaning every white girl ever aka his fanbase. I can totally see him getting swarmed, mobbed is a negative/violent sounding word, so "swarmed" by fans is more appropriate.
    Also, it's weird that sister Ian his brother is "clinically depressed" from a break up. Wanna know who he was dating?? LOL musically queen Loren Gray. Weirdest couple ever without a doubt.
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  8. touru added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I feel like she's trying to act like Jenna Marbles. i loved Natalie calling her annoying tho AHAHAHAH
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  9. touru added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I hate having adhd and taking adderall. I hate that I'm like this and i have to rely on a pill to be 1. awake 2. not thinking in CIRCLES 3. happy 4. not depressed
    It is so fucking annoying. I have an extremely fast metabolism and it seems like my dosage wears off WAY TOO FAST NOW. I can always feel myself getting tired and stupid, along with my thought process spiraling. When I'm not on adderall I can't stop being upset or bothered by something, nor can I complete ANYTHING. Can't get out of bed. Can't clean anything. Its so ridiculous and I can't believe I've made it 19 years without medication, prior to January 2019. I hate my brain. I don't hate myself, but I hate my shitty depressed/lazy brain. I would give anything to not have adhd. I would be so successful.
    My dumb normal self is so lazy, I can't even rely on me to take my pill RIGHT when i wake up. I always do something else, get agitated that I'm tired and then take it... wow I'm magically normal and realized the importance of skipping that whole agitation and lazy morning.
    I want to change my major to Music Technology Production, but I'm so fucking lazy and reliant on my medication that I will surely fail and lose interest. I love music and know almost nothing about it. Logically, it's the best path i can take at the moment. But. I'm a piece of shit and can't be successful ever.
    I hate that when I get angry at myself, i say things like "ugh I just want to kill myself, literally. I cant take this shit anymore. I hate everything" because it almost has... zero meaning. Those words mean NOTHING to me because I've said them so many times in my head. Like what the hell??? How did I desensitize myself so badly? Why the hell did I do this? I wish I had a reset button. Or a snooze button. I love my brain on adderall. I truly wish I could operate like a normal human being. So fucking unfair. :')
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  10. touru added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    if anyone in Bts looks like shit in an interview, its 9/10 because they're jetlagged. that's honestly so dumb of anyone to think they're on drugs, as if bighit would allow them to go down the same path of every failed boy band in the history OF ALL TIME. every single male band has crashed and burned due to drug abuse, like why would that happen to bts LOL there's way too much money involved... and Suga is silent/naturally lifeless. not shade, just a fact. not whiteknighting either, but that's just how the dude is.
    also. benzos?? weed?? who's the genius that put those in the same category? Benzodiazepines are PILLS. weed is a PLANT. HOW THE HELL do you confuse that? these guys can't even date a woman, they live in south korea... please educate me how the hell they'd get weed LMAO people can be so stupid it's actually hilarious. Also, why would they decide to abuse Xanax or Valium? Opiods are talked about so much now, I think they'd at least prioritize the millions of young fans copying them and trying it over getting a shitty high. Just my two cents. 
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  11. touru added a post in a topic General K-POP Discussion Thread   

    This youtuber, AB mashups, does amazing remixes to many kpop songs.
    My favorites? All. Chungha's Gotta Go was rearranged and WOW everything that was missing in the original version is in the remix. ALL OF THE BLACKPINK REMIXES. Wow. AB mashups uses Garageband to remix things... meanwhile yg has actual producers using actual music producing programs... nice. I love the KTL and Solo rearrangement.
    Despite Kpop going international, it would greatly benefit as a genre if they had several producers overseeing projects. That would stop the music from sounding so repetitive.
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  12. touru added a post in a topic James Charles   

    J* said on his snapchat story that he's going to expose James for a bunch of shit. (My friend sent it to me I am NOT subscribed) Why does J* care so much? It's just one big circle jerk of "tHERes tWO SIDES tO eVERY stORy SIS ;;;) thats the t e a bye shitster" like UGH they all need to fist fight each other and get over it. James is a clown, J* is a clown, and Tati is a clown for crying on camera.
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  13. touru added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    true true, like they're getting a response from her without starting drama or everyone on twitter seeing it.
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  14. touru added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I always assume she doesn't see the ugly side of her twitter fans. She seems to tweet for a few minutes and then poof shes gone; people in the replies always reference "oh she deleted the twitter app again bye ari" so... maybe she does that. I really can't understand how she'd be so oblivious to the shitty fans unless she straight up didn't see the shit storm, you know what I mean? OR she sets her timeline to only verified accounts. 
    I follow this Instagram account that reposts her deleted stories/pictures/tweets and she seems to post and delete 2 seconds later A LOT. Tin foil hat theory: maybe she gets extremely anxious when she's on twitter or instagram due to the giant following...? A few years ago she posted a lot more frequently and even posted snapchats with her friends and stuff-- I'm all for living your real life and putting the phone down however. Social media is garbage 10/10, but she definitely can control her fans. I really can't wait for the day that "stan accounts" go out of style, it's way too easy for someone to be anonymous and have backup from other fan friends because they're anonymous too-- apart from sharing Ariana profile pictures lmao.
    I really don't understand the mentality of fans being mean to other people that don't like said artist. Why is that?? People have different tastes and interests, who cares. The random millionare singer doesn't give a shit if someone's cousin or classmate doesn't listen to their music... like. how is that hard to grasp. I'm a casual fan of Ariana but I can criticize her and also read criticism without having a meltdown. Die hard fans are straight weird.
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  15. touru added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    hahahaahahah he said in the newest video today that "Gloria Borger has been fired. She didn't do enough research" and that was in reference to the James video LMAOOO he realized he messed up thank fuck. Also, he mentions a lot that Brad edits stuff out so he probably ended up looking dumber as a result of him not editing his own video. Anyway I just thought that little bit was funny because he really looked dumb trying to explain the whole charade.
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