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  1. PinkJjongbie added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I don't think temporary groups formed by reality show competitions should be eligible for things like rookie awards. They have relatively short term contracts for these groups and will spend pretty much all of their contract period in the "rookie" stage, and it takes away from rookie groups who are actually planning to continue for longer than a couple of years. The reality show competitions are basically glorified popularity contests anyway, so I don't think it is really an even playing field for rookies who didn't participate in the programs or did, but didn't make it into the group. 
    On that note, I don't really understand how fans of reality competition derived groups like IOI or Wanna One can get very invested in them, knowing that they will definitely be splitting up before very long and so won't have the chance to grow as much as a group, nor maintain the same group dynamics that they have in their temporary groups. 
    Hyuna doesn't have a sexy concept - she has a vulgar concept. Her singing and rapping are both seriously subpar, and her career is built on her willingness to cater to the male gaze and be sexually objectified  and on her ability to do "sexy" dances. Cube has been upping the ante for years with her, giving her more and more scandalous songs, photoshoot, choreography, and music videos in an attempt to keep people interested in her because of the spectacle, and it has gone from suggestive to the borderline pornographic over the years. At this point, she has to share the blame with Cube because she willing renewed her contract and even takes part in writing her music, so she obviously doesn't have a problem with the way they have marketed her. 
    I think that Cube has used Hyuna in the Troublemaker and Triple H subunits in attempt to get the guys in the units more attention from the public, but she is clearly the weak link in these units musically, and her very presence in the units is solely to again, make it vulgar and into a spectacle. I think allowing her and E'Dawn into the same unit was also an awful idea, because eventually they were going to have dating rumors and likely need to public with their relationship, which was really never going to go over well with the unit having that sketchy threesome concept (also... poor Hui having to act like that with his groupmate and his girlfriend.. how awkward). 
    Some fans are overreacting solely because of Hyuna and E'Dawn dating, and they obviously shouldn't be harrassed for it, but I think it is fair for his fans to be disappointed, especially because it is with someone with the stage image that Hyuna has. I'm a new-ish Pentagon fan and he was among my favorites, but his willingness to date someone who has based her entire career on being an object of sexual desire who panders to the male gaze to that extent really disappointed me. I know that she has a good reputation as a person, and is apparently really sweet, but her willingness to make her entire image one revolving around her being objectified is something that seems really questionable, at least to me personally. I find it hard to imagine being okay with your girlfriend doing those things unless you objectify women yourself (or he is being absurdly accommodating lol but that seems less likely), so it puts his character into question for me, which is sad because he has seemed like a really kind and sweet person to this point. 
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    Hi everyone! I am a new user, but I have been lurking this site for over a year and it's been pretty fun, so I decided that it was finally time to join in! 
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