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  1. Olivia Hye added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    I feel bad for her... 
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  2. Olivia Hye added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    Eu também sinto uma energia negativa vindo dela, e essa vibe negativa vem de pessoas como Narumi Kataiama e Satty também. 
    I feel a bad energy caming for her too, and this bad feeling came from people like Narumi Kataiama and Satty, too.
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  3. Olivia Hye added a post in a topic Flavia Sayuri   

    Oh man, that's true. She isn't even (naturally) ginger/redhead as she said, she's pathetic.   TRANSLATION:  ORANGE: "She said that she's mixed, and in the photos she made her eyes more expressive, her hair was dyed brown, special effects ... then a lot of people believed her.   GREEN: WTF?! She such a bitch, disgusting. How she doesn't had an exposed party yet? ORANGE: this happened at orkut times, she was not even yotuber, I knew her in anime events, we were about 14 years old" 
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  4. Olivia Hye added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    Her face... WTF
    STOP and assume your real face, girl. Then stop being a racist too.
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  5. Olivia Hye added a post in a topic Narumi Kataiama   

    Eu tenho um RANÇO ENORME dessa mulher. 
    Ela é realmente uma pessoa MÁ, caráter RUIM mesmo. Ela não tem empatia, respeito, nada, só de olhar pra ela você já sente vibrações negativas. Agora ela está morando no Japão, mas nem faço questão de acompanhar. Ela é ladra, perversa, horrível por dentro e por fora, a cada dia que passa fica pior, parecendo um E.T. 
    I really HATE this woman. 
    She's really a BAD person. Really bad. She's doesn't have empathy, respect, nothing. By Only looking at her you feel bad/negative vibes. Now she's living in Japan, but I'm not following/watching it. She's such an dirty THIEF, perverse, terrible person inside and outside, every single day who pass she's look more like an E.T. 
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  6. Olivia Hye added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    @SBTonline: “Human Ken impresses by revealing that he drinks cockroach milk to lose weight.”
    Mas voltando ao tópico. Como ela pode ser uma pessoa tão desumana?! Odiar a pessoa apenas pela cor da pele. Que eu saiba, nazismo e racismo é crime, ela não teria que ir presa?! Ela é muito infeliz. Claramente infeliz. Uma pena. 
    But back to the topic. How she can be such an inhuman person ?! Hating people just by skin tone. As I know, nazism and racism are criminal cases, then why she is not in the Jail yet? She is very unhappy. Clearly unhappy. What a pity.
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  7. Olivia Hye added a post in a topic Flavia Sayuri   

    She is definitely a little snowflake. 
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  8. Olivia Hye added a post in a topic KASPER(캐스퍼)/Serine Lee   

    I've heard some people talking about her a while ago...
    But I have not idea that she was this type of person. 
    (Sorry for my rusted English. PT-BR native here.)
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  9. Olivia Hye added a post in a topic Satty/Pense Geek   

    Guys, she came back with her yt channel... And she's posting, basically: gameplays, an ASMR video and a hair product review, after an "apologize" video. 
    Well, in that "apologize" video she even couldn't apologize appropriately and talk about the plagiarism. 
     A famous yt channel called "Metaforando", did an analysis from her apologize video.
    She couldn't hide her real face. 
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