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  1. afryingpan added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Billie Eilish isnt as good or bad as other people say it's just ok. Her album being diverse and having multiple genres isn't new either, kpop albums already do that. There are a lot more other artists that are just as good as her or better that are underground (Croosh, etc.) my own personal opinion but shes getting too overrated at this point
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  2. afryingpan added a post in a topic Skin Care Routine please? + Tips   

    Hiya!! If you have younger skin (under 30) then use beauty aid's face cleanser then use Lush's tea tree water (toner) wait to dry then use a moisturizer. I got a lot of my friends hooked onto them (both males and females) but do remember to drink lots of water!!
    Edit: The moisturizer that I use the ultra facial masque hydrant by Kiehl's or on occasion avocado oil or olive oil. Ik it sounds hella weird to have oil on your face but overnight the oil soaks into your skin and you wash it off then my skin is hella soft n squishy in the mornin. But I usually use the ultra facial masque hydrant.
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  3. afryingpan added a post in a topic Emma Chamberlain   

    her channel used to be good but now its kinda bad now, its too bland
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  4. afryingpan added a post in a topic How to remove acne scar   

    micro needling is starting to become a thing, you need to be shown by a professional before you do start by yourself tho
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