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  1. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I SUPER DUPER HATE IT when agencies release a “Christmas” version of a preexisting song of a group when in reality, they just add christmas bells in the background of a sappy song. Wtf is that about. Sure, you can argue about cultural differences but come on, there are agencies who have done company christmas songs that are not great but pretty much gets what a christmas song should be. Same hate applies to “acoustic” version of songs wherein they just take away most of the fancy production and replace it with guitar strings. But same vocal recording files. 🙄
    this mini rant is brought to you by Rosé’s Christmas cover song. It’s a cover but hey it’s a legit Christmas song. Doesn’t mean i actually understood the lyrics she was “singing” over that mumbling 😉
    TRUE TRUE TRUE. It’s not about which is less sexy but more about what is considered sexually appealing to majority of the country’s male population🤮 I guess it’s why the “empowered sexy” concept of some groups is welcomed by majority female fan population.
    while we’re on the topic of sexy. WOAH JESSI really went through with the butt implants. Hope her surgeon did a great job because i’ve watched a lot of Botched episodes and most of the cases we’re bad ass implants. So yknow. Lowkey liking it on her (even if it’s too obvious) cause she looks more balanced now
    AGREE but problem is that i think most Koreans think that thin=healthy weight tho 😬
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  2. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    totally agree with this. I feel like nowadays, everyone gets debuted by a visual comparison with an older gen sunbae just to get attention. You know, those rookies/undebuted groups that come up with articles that says “x member looks like *a sunbae whose career has barely retired*”. Either that or companies forcing the trainees to get plastic surgery to have “perfected” features of previous idols.
    i find weird that they shamed jihyo for having a curvier body while tzuyu’s in the same group having the same amount of curve on her lower body/legs. Not even about the height because tzuyu doesn’t have long legs for her height. She has almost the same amount if leg length as jihyo. I don’t get it
    edit: the above comment was in line with the criticisms about Jihyo’s weight during their debut year. Just looked up Tzuyu 2019 and mygod they all really did shrink
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  3. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    -Queendom is currently airing on my tv right now and idk why but i feel weird seeing mamamoo there. Like the energy is off. Yes i have seen positive comments about them as contestants on the show but they were comments from Moomoos. Or kpop stans who are sugarcoating and amplify anything about their favored group. For me, their “humility” in the show feels...backhanded? Like they already know they’re better than most of the other girls so they can give the others the more favorable songs etc. To clean up their public image, maybe? Tldr; to me, Mamamoo are talented af among the groups currently active but they seem ingenuine about their intentions in joining Queendom
    - GOD I HOPE I AM WRONG but Lucy (Formerly known as Jiyeon from Bighit’s Glam) seems like advertising as an escort/sugarbaby with her change of username in instagram (heylucycutie ➡️ 165cm43kg220mm). OR MAYBE AS A MODEL but that would be weird because she has an agency. But really, who on earth displays their vital stats freely including shoe size?!! I mean hello foot fetish???
    -another point about Lucy, i wish she had stopped touching her face after her BDay EP shoot. She went overboard with everything especially the joker lips and her forehead fillers 
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  4. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    -ironically, Nancy’s only famous here because she looks like one of the pretty actresses trending since the past five years. That’s it. Her “acting career” that’s launching soon is probably just part of a deal their company made with the tv network producing the show (MLD Ent really wants that longevity in the industry lol but mind you, it’s a contract for all the members but it’s only nancy doing the showc). Her career here might survive a few more years if she’s willing to learn the language but i don’t really see her being interested in doing that haha
    -ugh i think those people don’t even understand the meaning of the word “muse” anymore. Also, very unpopular opinion, ITZY doesn’t really suit that branding, they look cheap in overly-branded clothes (ie non-athleisure wear). I wish they tried for a brand that is something more on their level. Like sportswear instead of leather handbags and gowns😂
    idk man but Irene glitches sometimes and she sometimes looks happy to be in front of cameras atleast, sometimes. And she sometimes give of a semblance of a stage presence. But mehh, she does look fucking tired of the world and would rather be swallowed by a sinkhole
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  5. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Yo Momoland’s Nancy is about to start an acting career here in the Philippines and basing it off her performance as a Arirang host, the sound engineers will have a hard time. She’s always almost whispering and lacks energy when delivering lines. I hope it’s a short-lived one
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  6. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Not saying that they’ll surely win. I get what you’re saying here, i just meant that it would somehow makes sense atleast (or atleast just to me) if it’s them that is hypothetically nominated, since they’re a little more influential and has farther reach in the american public. I said chance for the nomination, not the award itself. Lol they surely won’t win if ever too, since a grammy is not won by public votes (aka armies voting tirelessly for a social artist award) or mere attendance at the ceremony (ehem MAMA?).
    no current kpop act is ever going to be worthy of a Grammy, lbr.
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  7. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    They are actually TECHNICALLY ELIGIBLE (for submission and consideration) for the Best New Artist Grammy! Based on this criteria that is: 
    HIGHLY DOUBT THEY’LL ACTUALLY WIN IT THOUGH. There are more impactful new artists that debuted in the past year. BUT OH GOD CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW AWFUL THEIR STAGE WILL BE IF THEY ATTEND? Lol I dunno but i think if BTS was the one submitted for the award, it would make total sense that they’re the ones who actually have a chance for it. They’re just over-qualified since they have released a handful of full length albums before breaking into the US market
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  8. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Idk why but it looks like they’re/he’s going back to their cringy badass-try hard concept that reminds me of their debut days. It’s not released yet so we don’t know but mmmeh, where is the classier image they built up when they were going to american awards. Or atleast the Hope World visuals of the mv? Maybe they’re doing it for the 2010s nostalgia of kpop? It feels like a let-down in so many ways already and it’s not yet even released hahaha
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  9. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

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  10. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Wow Everyone in Twice look dead in the eyes throughout the Fancy MV.
    Now before someone pushes the dEeP mEaNiNgFuL analysis of the MV that actually exists, the analysis only makes sense towards fans. None of those shit matter towards casual viewers and that casual viewers can only see their eyes looking very dead. Nobody really has the time for theories anymore except for hardcore fans.
    also they really need to rest. They deserve it. It’s not even just for Mina’s sake anymore, it’s for all the members. The tiredness seeps through the video. Their brand as a group will not diminish if they get a few months break.
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  11. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Jennie is always YG’s favorite, especially the influence and money her mother has in the industry.  I think Lisa became a favorite once YG realized how big her fanbase is in SEA + potential in the international market since she’s the most model-like (looks + height/body). Jisoo gained attention as someone who has an actress feel so YG pushed her to do that role in Arthdal to start to prospective acting career. Rosé has always been about singing but YG is not about that so she gets ignored.
    1) if it’s their regular makeup artist, it makes sense why it’s a shitty job. Have you seen that youtube video where she does the makeup of someone from a magazine or something. She spilled her own tea that it’s usually the girls’ idea on what to their makeup should be, on top of doing a shitty job at the most basic smoky eye makeup. In Lisa’s case here, i think she wants to be edgy. Idea may be good but execution, as always, is done poorly. Her clothes will always be the same case wherein she gets the shortest stick.
    2) if it’s the magazine’s stylist, i think Lisa’s the only one they are allowed to make edgy looks. Like they’ll ask YG who among the 4 can they force to wear weird clothes and it will always be Lisa, because the other three are afraid to try because they’re not sure if they will still look pretty. Because they are all about staying pretty. Lisa’s the only brave one to go through with it.
    But either way, the look is REALLY BAD
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  12. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    In my eyes, people who have issues with how bighit clarified/handled the situation (answer being a little ambiguous) secretly wish it was them dating Jungkook. I mean come on a dating news would always be a double-edged sword. Either be supported by fans with the relationship or get the brunt of the hate of the “adoring” fans. If it’s an idol he is dating, the idols would be bashed and hated on, smear campaign and all. If it’s a commoner, their privacy would be compromised and they’ll get bashed as well. Bottomline is, they hate the truth (no matter how it goes) because they can’t handle not being the one dating their bias.
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  13. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Jungkook’s dating news aside, his hand tatt (fake or real) looks stupidly childish. It looks more like scrapbooking stickers. But hey it’s his body so he do what he wants and i’m just someone who doesn’t appreciate the design and dEeP mEaNiNg behind it *shrugs shoulders*
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  14. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    no matter who the idol is, this part makes me sad. It almost like they really need to send out a message like “hey don’t worry. I’m eating. I’m fine”
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  15. Mudslideshaker added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    BH probably going the western route and thought it was a great idea. 1D had one, a Little Mix member is having one,etc. Honestly, we should’ve seen it coming since they’ve been producing the shows that were meant for movie theaters.
    ok wait hold up. I should have worded my post better HAHA. Yes, Rihanna dresses amazing but her outfit’s lately are hit or miss for me, it’s just her confidence that makes it look good but by itself, most outfits are whack. CL (or her stylist) on the otherhand really seems clueless about dressing a curvier figure that’s why they are more or less “inspired” by most of Rih’s looks.
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