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  1. bell added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    long "rant"
    i found out about this girl through my explore page, but i didn't really pay much attention to her until she started selling her... bath water.
    whether the product is actually selling or not, the horny idiot just about jumped outta anyone who endorsed it! incels and 13 year old roblox streamers are only enabling belle to do the bare minimum for attention and money. i don't like belle one bit, but the audience she is desperately trying (and succeeding) to market to is absolutely toxic and just as misguided as she is. belle is no innocent nymph, but its thanks to guys who bring their dakimakuras to school that she is gaining the crazy exposure she is. 
    after reading through this thread, i actually feel some pity for belle because she feel like she has to drain the last 1% of barely expired memes, wear the same pink aliexpress wig, and make the same 2007 thrift store hentai manga ahegao faces just to appeal to flaky followers who get off on 1/4 of an exposed tit alone. she seemed like a creative person; i don't know if she actually designed her own room, but it was truly gorgeous and her old styles looked unique. unfortunately, it just seems like a lot of wasted potential. if belle would've been more open minded to her fans' suggestions and criticism, maybe turned her creativity into a career she would've liked, or at least would've looked to other options before resorting to softcore porn as an underage gal, i have a feeling she wouldn't be stuck in the rut she's in today. 
    some of the slut shaming and degradation here is extreme, especially considering that an honest cam girl deserves respect as well. i believe that an adult woman of age has the right to do lewd shoots and expose their body assuming that they're mature and understand the risks of sexual careers. however, it is not acceptable that belle has been doing this stuff as 15-16 year old and promoting pedophilia. we may never know if getting into sexual content was against her will, an act of desperation, rebellion, or what it could possibly be, but i feel like she went down this route incredibly incorrectly. at a young age, the niche she chose seemed to be "kawaii uwu lolita cutesy barely legal e-girl" , and the supporters of that kind of content has the worst "fanbase"... considering the fact that's it's illegal to like child porn. it's just sad to think how belle can't really branch out in a different direction, try out her 2015 fairy kei style again, or even post a pic without sticking her tongue out, because she has to cater to an incel audience who thinks the hit or miss meme is still funny. 
    tl;dr: belle has a sour attitude and a gross aesthetic to boot, but belle keeps producing cringey and borderline illegal (at the time) content like this because her toxic fanbase enables it by spending $2500 to skype her 1x a month and see nothing but teases on her nsfw accounts, and buying her bathwater. both sides are to blame and girls, or just any cosplayer should be encouraged to do better than this. nobody should be feel like they have to be stuck in a cookie-cutter mold to get rich fast and... retire when they're THIRTY.... lmao
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  2. bell added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    this made me think about hyojong and hyuna.
    its ridiculous that they were fired from their label just because they are dating. they seem much more carefree now that they dont have to hide their relationship, but its sad that other idols cant experience the same love and freedom since they have to stay single so they dont get mutilated by their greasy, delusional monster stans who write piss kink fanfics about them on wattpad
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  3. bell added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    i spent a good hour lurking thru this thread n wow i am glad i did
    i haven't been following her for long and i didnt look through everything in this thread so pls correct me if i say something dumb:
    i followed her right before she released her song, so maybe no more than a month. i actually dont remember how i found her, but when i first saw her profile i didnt really think anything of it... just kinda ur basic tumblr girl that buys all her stuff off of depop because she thinks its cooler than going to goodwill
    i think im in the minority here bc i actually kinda like her face. she's pretty in an obscure, elf girl way but i could think of nicer lookin people
    her fashion sense judging from her new content is stuff i would be too shy to wear irl, but i think that simple style suits her 
    scrolling down a bit i kinda start to get a weird vibe from her. this photo is what got me:
    idk? she's standing like a danganronpa character in the middle of nowhere and its so unsettling
    then i take a look at the knife pic thats before it and thats when i realize she collects weapons for the aesthetic and it hits me that she's trying to be edgy tumblr teen!! :/(
    it bothered me a bit, but it didnt make me unfollow because yeah acting edgy can be cringey, but i give people a chance to change + it wasnt that bad enough at the time, her thing with knives wasnt all up in my face
    i kinda stopped lurking after that day and she became some random girl i followed from there on
    her new song wasn't the worst thing i ever heard, but i think the chorus drags on for too long, and there's rlly no rhythm to it and it feels offputting. it doesnt make me feel better when i look at the song cover and see elita posing like a danganronpa character again with her homegoods tablecloth backdrop,, i thought i was the only one that thought the cover was super weird and im so glad im not lol
    one of her newer posts with the caption about serial killers was how i got here. i was lookin thru the comments and i saw someone bring up how elita was problematic and romanticized serial killers. i get a little excited because reading receipts and analyzing internet personalities is interesting to me!! an hour later not only did i found out she likes serial killers a bit too much, but she's also into incest, ddlg, advocates pedophilia, and is a pissbaby that blocks everyone that tries to expose her.....without a second look she just seemed like a sweet forest fairy that likes to share wholesome facts, but now she's honestly more like a swamp monter lmao i never seen myself press the unfollow button so fast. im not too surprised because there was always this little feeling i had about her when i first saw her account, but she's still sorta elusive to me...i just wanna figure out why she's like this?? how she became like this??? is she really mentally insane or is it just an aesthetic she's adopting??? 
    i hope im not bringing back a dead topic but i couldnt ignore it, i just wanted to comment on her danganronpa posture so badly

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