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  1. Baniana added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

     like the post above me said, honestly I don't know about the U.S.or any other counties but in my country and some other part of Africa girls and guys get out of their ways to be super light and even fairly white, they'll use products like glutathione, some might even use it as direct shots to get light within a few days, household products(such as bleach and anything that whiten) and the result is horrifying, uneven skin tone, lots of dark spots, red spots, skin cancer and they don't have the melanin that used to protect their skin, older women that used to do that when they were young are always warning people about the danger of whitening your skin but it's the worst trend now in here. 
    I just really hope that the twins didn't actually lighten their skins and are just using a lot of Photoshop. 
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  2. Baniana added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    I made an account not too long ago and been lurking but I need to say this is straight up scary and unnatural. 
    OT but as a blasian girl who is brown and living in an African country I see this a lot, girls lightening their skins just to be praised and hide their insecurities because society has this habit of praising people who are light skinned and see them as beautiful, there was a time where I was actually considering lightening my skin just so people would stop asking me if my dad is my step dad or why am I so dark for a mixed girl but luckily my mom and dad were always there to remind me how beautiful I am in my own skin, but my cousin gave in and now she is as light as the twins and it's heartbreaking because it isn't natural or pretty, it's weird and you'll have a lot of skin problem and zero confidence whatsoever. The twins are pretty girls it's just sad they had to go out of their ways to appear more "exotic or asian like" for what? Guys you don't know what type of person they like, what if they like people who are just natural and embrace what they were born with? They will just live with so much regrets. Sorry for the long post but this is really sad and upsetting. 
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