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  1. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    NO, If he does copy and paste for everyone
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  2. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I don't think a hand written letter is that bad, I'm hoping she writes them individually and all of them are different, and not like some people do, write one and them make copies. If the Patreon is very successful she could end up having to write 55 letters, that's a lot to write, lol
    Personally is something that holds no value for me, I don't think I want a hand written letter from my favourite musician or filmmaker either but I guess it comes with age but, I can see how younger people will enjoy a hand written letter, specially the ones that see her as a role model/idol or whatever you want to call it.
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  3. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Yeah Micaela hide her goals, when I wrote my opinion about Sharla's Patreon, Micaela's goals were visible. And to think I put Micaela as an example of transparency.
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  4. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Yeah so far only one person is paying the 35$ tier but she just announced the Patreon on Twitter, is going to be interesting to see how the Patreon grows in the next days. I guess she will make a video about it too.
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  5. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I'm a little disappointed to be honest, first by the lack of transparency, Micaela is willing to tell you how much money she wants for every goal, and Rachel and Jun go a little further away and they are open enough to tell you how much they made from Patreon. Is her choice, she is not obligated to disclose the money but in my opinion something like that adds to the credibility of the Patreon, at least is something the Patreons should know.
    The goals, she got a new camera at the end of march 2016, so more or less 1 and a half year ago, I don't understand how her camera can be "broken" already but it happens and is pretty standard goal in almost every Patreon. The third goal is just silly, she wants a new laptop for her husband, for the kind of content he is going to edit (plain and basic cat videos) and old laptop is just fine or what about using his desktop PC?.
    Obviously she is the one who is going to use the laptop most of the time, this goal would have been better if she says: "look guys my laptop is slow, it crashes all the time and it takes forever to render videos, I need a new one to speed up the video editing process, this way I can make more videos or have more time to plan out things". I can get behind a goal like this 100%.
    The Patreon exclusive content... How many livestreams every month?, are you going to offer content like exclusive Vlogs or exclusive previews of the youtube videos?. If I miss a livestream will there be an archive?, because you know time zones, work and stuff like that. I feel she needs to add more information.
    I think is super nice she is not asking for more than $50, handwritten letters and sending postcards or souvenirs?, that is awesome and the asking price is really good.
    Maybe I'm too harsh but it feels rushed to me. I don't know if Sharla reads here but if she does. If you add more content you will increase your chances to get more support.
    More content, more transparency, more information.
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  6. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

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  7. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Youtube is screwing things big time, specially for the smaller youtubers but I was hoping she will never start a Patreon (not happen yet), a lot of people that are on Patreon don't put enough content to justify the money they get, I don't want to name anyone but some people get thousands of dollars every month and they barely can make a video every week, and I don't think Sharla will put more content out there with the help of Patreon.
    She said today that she gets 5% of the money people expend in iherb when using her coupon code, she should try to find more deals like that, or make merchandising like Taylor and other people but she only wants to do it if she design it....
    The other day she was interviewed by one of her friends on twitch and she said she hates editing when she previously said editing was her favorite thing about youtube, maybe is time for her to find another solutions to get income but I guess the freedom she has now is very appealing despite the troubles of editing and dealing with youtube revenue system.
    100% support her but Patreon is a no go for me unless she convince me she will do more and better videos, if you have a Patreon you have a responsibility, you can't keep doing the same as before, you have to rise your game.
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  8. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I'm not sure about that, not counting that Kylie Jenner video that went viral and it was meant to go viral with or without Sharla, their videos are not getting crazy views, just a couple of them got over +200k but in average they get +100k, more or less what Taylor gets by her own. In my opinion, at this point they have gotten all the benefits from each other (subs).
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  9. casio added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I fear for their fingers watching this video. I think it was a fun video. I don't understand the thumbnail, why using that Maleficent design if they didn't pick that design, I though one of them will be doing that.
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  10. casio added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Sharla was funny when they were tasting that thing they made, otherwise it was a meh video. I don't watch her regularly but every video I see.. always the same Rosie/chicken stuff, is a little repetitive at this point. The Halloween video is probably going to be fun.
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  11. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Yeah the video was bad, the videos they are reacting are fine, they are not cringey at all, just a shy young girl with no experience making videos. I think Taylor did one of this videos, she actually is cringey and makes cringey content from time to time.
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  12. casio added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    She is not that kind of vlogger.
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  13. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    The thing that surprised me was her putting the mattress in the floor and not in the slat base, I guess she didn't got two when she bought the bunk bed?. She did a good job but it was a simple job to do, is a really small room.
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  14. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    This was a very enjoyable stream in my opinion, looking forward to her video about this trip. I'm surprised she didn't clean the comments, some idiots wandering around.
    Edit: looks like the video is no longer available, I don't know why.
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  15. casio added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Public days are crazy, you have to wait for too much time to play,  I'm not surprised she has never been at TGS,  She did a really good job with the video, I'm glad she checked Indies and VR.
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