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  1. Jaken added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    For a season called Produce X101 you might think that Rank X would've been the highest and yet...
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  2. Jaken added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    My mom was in a similar position when she immigrated. She took an English when she arrived and the teacher gave her an English name to use, but it never went beyond the classroom for her as she wasn't really looking for a new name and literally 0 thought went into it. I think it just depends on whether you want to use the name or not and whether or not you feel comfortable using the name that was given to you. 
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  3. Jaken added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    TXT's debut is nothing special and I'm cringing at the comments that go along the lines of "didn't want to stan just because it was bighit, but after hearing their amazing and unique voices in this song that is the ambrosia of the heavens, TXT are my new gods" because honestly Crown is a basic song and the MV, to me, is nothing special (also was it just me or did they all sound vocally similar to one another??). Nothing we haven't seen from Dream, Astro, or The Boyz  hopefully they'll become more interesting as they grow. 
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  4. Jaken added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Jinee you have green/blue eyes, no epicanthal fold, and a nose shape found typically in caucasians. Having dark hair and "squinty eyes" (big oof there) is and never will equate to being Asian. An Asian with big eyes and brown hair is still Asian, just like how a (mostly) Caucasian with smaller eyes and dark hair (you) is still-- and you won't believe this-- Caucasian.
    Why is Jinee pretending to be Korean when he has the opportunity to embrace his hawaiian culture? Hawaii is so cool and has such a unique history and yet here he is inventing this fake and problematic identity based on wanting to be an idol.  
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  5. Jaken added a post in a topic Eugenia Svetlana Dmitrievna / Yoo Lana / @23.11_   

    Anyways, for those of you interested in seeing her in videos they're in the spoiler below:
    She seems like a good dancer from what I saw-- I know that she studied dance at an arts high school in Russia. 
    In terms of her nose being altered it's a possibility, but there's not really a gallery of her media predebut photos for us to compare it to.  
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  6. Jaken added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Korean mom yet she typed "Rose"in Korean as "Luz/Ruz" (she used the wrong vowel). I think any half Korean who's really claiming their identity through writing their name is at least going to be able to spell...
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  7. Jaken added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    TxT is being treated like the second coming, especially Huening Kai. I listened to their preview and I'm not really impressed: it seems like bighit's reiteration of The Boyz in terms of concept and diversity in sound. 
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  8. Jaken added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

     Three long rants about my sucky school life
    Here's a general thing though: I can't stand people (online and irl) that are purposefully rude for the sole reason of putting someone down and making them "hurt". Scum of the Earth.  
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  9. Jaken added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Literally didn't realize, so I apologize for that. I knew he was the manager's husband but I've never watched any lives so I was unaware he wasn't fluent/ English wasn't his first language. Without that info it looked like panic-induced keyboard smashing. Definitely my bad though.
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  10. Jaken added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    ^^ Teddy's songs are catchy, but they're definitely not "unique." He's been a producer under a company that's really demanded the same-sounds for so long that I think he's actually forgetting how to make anything else.
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  11. Jaken added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    That wonderful grammar and spelling. What an educated king 
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  12. Jaken added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Can you imagine if her family reads this thread to catch up with her? These last few pages would've left them shell-shocked. 
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  13. Jaken added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    No, but literally like 10 minutes ago she refollowed them-- they're at the top of her following list now. She was being called out a lot for it by Onces because to unfollow her friends just because she has a bad relationship with her old boss is wrong, but then again, following them insincerely is just as bad as well. I don't understand why she's being so shady these days (she's always been a little bit salty towards Twice, ie opening interview to P101) but to just be so open about hating everything JYP is too much. 
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  14. Jaken added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    About Z pop... Their predebut announcement was definitely K-pop, but I guess the plans have changed since then and now it's its own "genre" which is Zpop (or international Asian pop). Maybe they realized after there was so little hype for them in Korea (despite having a debut concert for them there) and that none of them could speak Korean at a good level, that they should capitalize on their international fans and cybercurrency scheme. 
    The whole Zpop thing is so shady though. The groups are apparently temporary and members will get switched in and out according to fan's voting on audition submission tapes, which they can also participate in (which, again, likely requires cybercurrency to do). This is a sad money grab really.
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  15. Jaken added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    Small update: Somi unfollowed Twice. Not sure if it's a big deal or anything but from an outsider's perspective, it really seems as if she's burning bridges. 
    About the photo edit: I've noticed her nose shoop is inconsistent, so it's probably just her making a weird face or a bad snow edit.
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