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  1. Ghulabjamun added a post in a topic Your Height and Weight   

    I currentley weigh 62 kg at a height of 170 cm . I used to be skinnier, at around 58-60 kg, but then during exams I drank so many energy drinks (they were light too... weirdly enough) and I gained 3 kg. Right now I'm trying to lose the excess weight by eating better but also implementing gym-classes so I can get a bit more toned. But it's annoying how the scale isn't budging 
    For anyone who's still reading this: I weighed 75 kg at the start , that's why I get so sensitive as soon as I gain weight.
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  2. Ghulabjamun added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    I apologize, I was mixing those two up (stupid me ) 
    I just studied about hormones at uni, hence why I said melatonin instead of " melanotan " 
    To clarify, Melanotan is apparentley legal where I live, but Melanotan II(barbie drug) is not.
    Anyways, thanks for pointing it out  
    also giving some creds to cheesecake  
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  3. Ghulabjamun added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Okeh, here it goes. I usually don't have that many contreversial opinions, cause I'm pretty open-minded ....
     * takes a deep breath *
    The idea behind the body-positivity movement was great, but now very obese people use it as an excuse to remain unhealthy. It's okay to be overweight because there is still a possiblity to be healthy ( I was healthy then too...). But now I'm talking about young people, who have no reason to remain obese. Please dont take me wrong  Fat and curvy are two different things. I'm really sorry.  The pride festival, the idea is amazing. But where I live, the pride festival has become an excuse for straight white people to party until they puke. There were no issues(religion, race etc.) taking into consideration, and its really sad. I think pride is only meant for the people it concerns. It shouldn't be dominated by straight people who are there for free action.
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  4. Ghulabjamun added a post in a topic Beauty trends you wish didn't exist   

    Like the person above says, I dont like how big butts suddenley have become so trendy. I was born with a big butt (being extremely pear-shaped since birth).  I hate how those same people who teased me, are now trying to achieve the same figure. It's hilarious to open IG and see them trying to pout their lips out and use programs to enlarge their buttocksI generally dont like this "Thicc legs, big bobs but tiny tiny waist" trend either. Seems very unnatural to me, seeing how it affects the confidence of young people. Like this picture for example:Lastly, but certainly my least favorite....Whitening and MELANOTAN(edited) injections.... do I need to say more? 
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  5. Ghulabjamun added a post in a topic Khushi Kapoor   

    I wouldn't say she's a real snowflake, an unintentional snowflake perhaps? She's not any IG beauty queen out there. She's the daughter of two really popular celebrities. Most notably her mother, who also did nose surgery and frantically denied it, claiming it her beauty regime that made it thinner.
    Since nepotism is a HUGE thing within the indian industry, Khushi has been partially known. But people have been talking about her ever since these new pictures of her popped up.I still believe that she will deny or ignore all comments suspecting her of performing surgery. Just like what her mother and older sister did.
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  6. Ghulabjamun added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    I was hungry
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  7. Ghulabjamun added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Ok rant time because I've kept this is for too long.
    I had been together with my ex for almost a year. In the first 3 months he was so kind to me and would tell me how he happy he was that he found an independent woman with a future career and an open mind and also belonging to the same religion as him.
    Later he slowly started complaining about small things, like me not giving him enough attention. Keep in mind I was studying pre-med and there is no way I was going to fail. He would make me feel guilty, and eventually I started getting lower scores on subjects I usually got higher scores in. He would call me Bitch and Whore for the smallest reasons, Not realizing how insulting and degrading it is to call someone that in the first place. That was the start of my abusive relationship
    He would force himself upon me, and go mental if he didn't get what he wanted. The relationship during the rest of the months has been on and off, mostly about him not respecting my choices or even my family. He did get better afterwards, but then he would go back to his old ways, accusing me of being a stubborn immature bitch.
    I still remember when he met with all my friends. He was having fun shittalking me and just criticising me throughout the whole time. He would say the most embarassing things, and then he'd say things like "she's stupid as hell, she doesn't know anything, she's too dreamy, she's too ambitious that she forgets me, i think you know what I'm talking about hahah" 
    One of my guy friends even defended me once. After our dinner, my ex told me: "keep away from him".
    I cried almost everyday, and he would think I cried for attention. It's not normal to make a girl (or a guy) cry every single fucking day, and instead of feeling remorse, he would throw even more shit at me.
    I broke off with him yesterday, because I finally started seeing, that this isn't healthy. I told him I wanted to apply for a modelling job beside my studies when the theory aspect decreases so I can earn some money. ( I like to keep myself busy, I'm quite energetic like that). And the first thing he says to me is that "I'm a whore. Only whores do modelling." It was insulting because my mother was partially a model, my best friend is a model. When someone like him, even chooses to go so far as to insulting my own mother. I blocked that sloth everywhere. He called me, emailed me and spewed some shit. But I'm not going to let him or anyone use me ever fucking again.
    Fuck abusive relationships. Fuck him for almost ruining my life.
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  8. Ghulabjamun added a post in a topic Khushi Kapoor   

    I saw someone post a "before and after" picture on instagram a while ago. I must say that some people in the comment section were actually believing that she "only" went through puberty and hence, no plastic surgery was involved. This girl has clearly had a nosejob, comparing the older picture to the new ones ( the rest of changes I believe would be photoshop and picture angle). But then, nosejobs aren't that uncommon.
    Also, among the people I was raised(desi-community in its finest), they never admitted their "beauty secrets" nor admitted any form of cosmetic manipulation they did to themselves. A woman I knew gradually got her skin lightened and she claimed it was milk that made her lighter, and that it was common in her family that they became lighter in their 40s. Keep in mind that she was dark brown and now she's white....smells like fair and lovely.
    OOT:Seeing this topic made me really happy considering how many people we have within the desi-community that sadly are also role models and promoting unhealthy beauty standards.
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