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  1. Retro added a post in a topic Chinese Living Dolls   

    I know this thread is dead but this was recommended to me on YouTube
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  2. Retro added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Goldenbih/Kaya Phuong Le
    Social Media(s):
    Instagram: @goldenbih (
    Snapchat: gansekei_ri
    Youtube: GOLDENBIH (
     I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a thread made here...
    Goldenbih or Kaya Phuong Le(?) is a 16 year old youtuber/insta-model(?) from the United Kingdom. She is currently in college.  She is biracial, she is of Vietnamese and Dominican/Dominiquais descent.
    (NOT  Dominican descent from Dominican Republic tho) 
    She gained a lot of followers from being posted on Baddie pages, Youtube and looking similar to another insta-model/makeup artist, Yelenv.
    Personally, I like her makeup style, her natural hair and her choice of wigs! 
    Here are some photos of her:

     (When she was 14-15)
    Here are some of her videos:
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  3. Retro added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie
    I don't know if anybody posted this... (Note: Scroll A Little Bit Down)
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  4. Retro added a post in a topic EDWARD ZO   

    Yes! He followed me before but unfollowed me the next day.
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  5. Retro added a post in a topic ssin 씬님   

    I'm just going to put this here.
    Her real name is Baksuhye 박수혜. Just search up ssin in korean and the korean wikis say her name.
    Also, I found the controversy around in all korean articles/tweets and I founded her apology video and letter.
    The links are in the spoiler: Please translate!!! I only know basic korean.
    Plus the youtube video is in a link form instead of video form. OK.
    Also, search up this 씬님 시우민 , the screenshots of the video come up and more articles.
    In the apology video, this is what she put in the description: 
    "Hello, This is SSIN

    First of all, I thought myself a lot about this situation and now, I made this video.

    Sorry to worry you who watched my videos with trust.
    I was so obsessed with making creative and funny videos as a creator and that made me blind to think about the teenagers and many other people who are watching my videos.

    I just want to apologize for my mistake, especially to the Singer and the Singer's Fans.

    I will take this lesson seriously and check my speech, attitude and subtitles etc very carefully when I'll make the videos from now on. Also I'll always keep in mind that I have a responsibility to run this channel and create contents.

    And I want to say Thank you to all my subscribers and others who trust me so far.

    I'll always do my best to create contents and show you how I improve with good attitude as time passes by.

    Once again, Thank you and Sorry to worry you.

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  6. Retro added a post in a topic LIREYCAKEY / Каширцева Валерия (Valeria Kashirtseva) / Lera Khetten / YOLERRA   

    Are they two separate people or...? 
    I'm very confused! 
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  7. Retro added a post in a topic Jinnfu   

    ^ She is a koreaboo who's wears korean make-up styles but is actually white (you can tell obviously) and probably have fake followers. I think she is dating a asian boy. I use to follow her because I thought she was half korean but she's not. I unfollow her after that. She needs her own thread or something. She's problematic, too like the rest of them koreaboos. 
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  8. Retro added a post in a topic Country vloggers   

    I could recommend you C-Vloggers, basically people who live in China and vlog their life there.
    Here's a few: 
    China Non-Stop
    Living in China
    Austin Guidry
    My Life Aboard: China
    Re-Productions Tv
    Also, there are T-Vloggers, people who live in Taiwan.
    Here's a few: 
    A Laowai's View of China & Taiwan
    That's all I can think of. Hope I helped!
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  9. Retro added a topic in General Discussion   

    Hello! I want to know the languages that people on PULL are fluent in, studying or both. Are you guys lingual, bilingual, trilingual or multilingual?
    I'm a biracial female who lives in New York and Tokyo and I'm fluent in English and Spanish. I'm studying Russian, Thai, French, Swahili and Japanese. *I'm almost fluent in Japanese*
    Also, I am a language enthusiast. I'm thinking about learning 2 more languages like Turkish/Arabic and Korean. 
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  10. Retro added a post in a topic K-Hip Hop   

    I'm a fan of Keith Ape's music.
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  11. Retro added a post in a topic Anzujaamu   

    Do she live in Japan or is she visiting?
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  12. Retro added a post in a topic Jinnfu   

    ^ I just told her (asian.feminist). If a lot of people tell her(asian.feminist) about this girl (Jinnfu), she (asian.feminist) will definitely speak about this on her account. Hope this make sense!
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  13. Retro added a post in a topic Jinnfu   

    asian.feminist new instagram is filipinhoe_makeup. Her old account got deleted by Instagram.
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  14. Retro added a post in a topic What are your musical tastes ?   

    I'm diverese with my music. I listen to known and unknown singers/rappers.
    American Music: Michael Jackson, and 70s/80s/90s Hip-Hop and R&B
    KPOP (Boy Band): Monsta X, Seventeen, EXO, BTS, Shinee, Big Bang, NCT
    KPOP (Girl Band): F(x), Orange Caramel, I.O.I
    Japanese Music (JPOP): Anime Theme Songs, Nico Nico Chorus, 70s/80s/90s oldies
    Soundcloud Artists: Kay P Shiva, GF Retro, Pearl, AquaCola, and Many More
    Here's example of what I listen to: 
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  15. Retro added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    ^ that was so cringeworthy 
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