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  1. Hanae added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Coming out of my hole because suddenly Knite has been appearing on my feeds these days and i was wondering if she did something again but hahaha how interesting to read that she only eats 1/day and i remembered that i did addressed this before but got dismissed, i wonder what's the truth now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  (seriously knite, stop exposing yourself, you arent even a bit smarter  than before) also Knite herself as Mayanora commented about her sickly complexion too, even somewhat confirmed to eat pretty uhealthily but then just blamed it on the eyetaping 
    Since i'm basically a retired member now may as well say it that i have always believe that Knite starved herself to become this skinny and continues to do that, not because "she grown up and lost weight", and with all the evidences in this thread, it's pretty clearly that Knite is extremely insecure about herself and body so she turned fame hungry to get daily validations from people online. Pretty sad and concerning to see young kids commenting about wanting to be like her though.
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  2. Hanae added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    Things aren't adding up to me so i want to point them out, please know that I'm not on Nhi or the ex-friend anon's side, just trying to keep a cool head here.
    All the pics anon posted have been taken down so if someone has a backup feel free to provide
    Anon was talking about this video as a proof Nhi was faking her suicide, which she was already admitted, but pointing out that it was on the street of Hanoi 2 weeks after that event, but the thing is the link Nhi posted has proved that it was from an old photoshoot posted previous to her "death"

    Now it's weird to me that an anon waiting to expose her would get this wrong, especially when they're close enough for anon to be able to come to her house, wouldn't that make them somewhat is in Nhi's friend circle ? which involves a lot of Nirvana related people, shouldn't they know about this shoot ? (Anon is also very fluent in English as well which strikes me as weird considering none of her other friends are, but this maybe just me thinking too much) 
    But wait, in the email, one of the person involved in the shoot sent her the vids 2 WEEKS AFTER she ran away, so this meant the people at Nirvana knew where she was at that time already ?
    Then anon also avoid answering the question asking if Nhi was in the USA or about her cancer :

    It's either she was in USA or she wasn't, but anon said that she wasn't and then went on to imply that she was but only a short time??? It's like anon wasn't sure or wanted to avoid the question, anon didn't answer the cancer question too. If Nhi was lying, and anon want to expose her then why is anon avoiding this ? and if anon wasn't sure then it's weird, again, how could you not know when you were that close to Nhi ?
    Nhi said she posted an explanation here but it's weird that we haven't seen it anywhere yet, it could be nice if someone get a confirmation from sheidlina, if she was in Vietnam before her wedding or not, then we will know the truth
    Nhi also said she doesn't know the anon but if anon has posted the timestamps and whereabouts of them when anon was logging in her accounts and also implied that they know her very well due to knowing when Nhi will posted her explanation video, then wouldn't it make anon's identity pretty much know to Nhi already ? Unless your friends are very close to you both in distance and relationship wise, and have nothing better to do they wouldn't come to your house every single day, making it hard to keep track of who going and out of your house (Well but then Nhi was in panic mode and mixing up the anon who was trying to expose her and universe8me girl above)
    Either Nhi is lying or this anon is lying about being her friend, anon maybe could just be an acquaintance, barely know her but know about Nhi's stories and wanted to exposed her so they went to Nhi's place 
    I don't trust Nhi but this anon isn't really trustworthy either 
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  3. Hanae added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    I have been keeping quiet these days, im not on the site as often because my life and my mind havent been in a good place so i think it is the best to detach myself from a few things. But i still lurk every now and then to follow up, sometimes i want to comment but then i stop because honestly i feel like i can't find any right word to write.
    I feel like i need to adress the translation of the book first, i have finished scanning everything and gave it all to Janet, this forum was also the only communication we had. To be honest after reading her book, i just wanted to detox everything out, i'm not sure what happened to Janet but im sure she has a good reason too.
    Now on to this whole situation, at first i was very skeptical but at the same time i feel relieved and also angry, but i tried to be open minded, to be understanding. I still want to trust that the whole thing was not a stunt or a terrible lie getting out of hand.
    Nhi, i know you're lurking, beside the fact that you used a sockpuppet, you also posted the explaination  video in the same exact day when the discussion in this thread was getting heated and everyone was demanding an explanation and you addressed the exact points everyone was trying to make. So you have been following this thread for quite sometimes already.
    I want to give you the benefit of the doubt again, please please please dont evade anything this time,  post an explaination in this thread, something. Did you use the sockpuppet because you want to inform people in this thread about your current situation and also about your new project but don't want to show yourself ?  Did you lie about your whereabout because you want to stop people from keeping your track ? Or did you just miss the attention you had? Did you really want to misled people ?
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  4. Hanae added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    jfc Knite, can you be more dense ? Nobody saying you can't smile/shouldnt smile, everybody is saying your smiling face look creepy because you photoshopped the shit out of it, by making your lips line longer you to look more animu you get one step closer to look like Joker, and everyone say the same thing when you do other expressions (by using photoshop too) not just your smile. I'm sorry if this sound harsh but i'm so done with keep seeing her making a pity party out of nothing.  That photo you posted looks fine, but compare that to the ones on insta and see how uncanny valley you photoshop your face, knite
    The problem is not your face or your smile or your expression, the problem is your bad editing skill
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  5. Hanae added a post in a topic Incels / MGTOW   

    Do you guy know that the Toronto van attacker is an incel ? Here is a link to an article
    I read this yesterday and i'm so damn mad, these lunatics are walking time bombs and the sites they are on are spreading their psychopathic and echo chamber ideas, i honestly hope that the police would track them down or put all of them on watch list already. Who know what will happen following this attack ?  
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  6. Hanae added a post in a topic Hana Dinh / Hana Bunny Cosplay / hana.bunny_bunny   

    lmao finally a day where she has a thread on this site, i'm familiar with the cosplay scene in Saigon and im mutual with some people she knows and she always appears so fake to me, she tried to create this perfect, kind girl image but it just comes off as fake 
    She's also bestie with this photographer named Shad Redeath, who is also materialistic and fake as fuck, he claimed that he only hang out with people who are beautiful and only beautiful people can play with him (despite him not looking so great these days either), and he will attack any people that criticized his terrible photo manipulation with failed anatomy. He also has some internalized racism toward his own people, he always talk about wanting to live in the USA and how Vietnamese people and Vietnam are terrible while Americans are superior.
    Hana here always talk about how she really hate fat people, and she seems to have insecurities about her body so she keeps claiming that she is curvy not FAT, but in photo you can clearly see that she always shave off a huge chunk of her thighs and belly/hip lmao, she should just accept that she's chubby or fat (according to Vietnamese standards).
    She also often boast about being a patron cosplayer too, how she make so much money etc lol ( i don't think being in the same group as momokun is something to be proud of )
    A small drama i know is that back to a few years ago a local popular female cosplayer has some trouble with people spreading some false rumors so she asked people to share her posts to help her dismiss them, Hana saw that and joined in. Hana translated her post into English for everyone despite the cosplayer didn't personally ask her to. Later when that same cosplayer has some bickering with her (i think Hana started this first), Hana used that incident to say thing like :"I'm so good and nice to her, we're like sisters and even helped her but she is such a bitch to me!!", it's good that she helped her that once time but it seems like she only be nice to her to used it against her later, yikes and that cosplayer later said that Hana and her only talked like once,  and it's online, it's literally just them saying hi, they barely know each other lol
    Also her bf, Dan lmao, he used to be my FB friend (he sent friend req first btw, i don't even know why he even sent me one, i'm literally a nobody, but i'm FB friend with a popular male cosplayer in the scene) and he often post pictures to flex about his rich background or at least that was how it seems to me, he also often joined in Hana's drama to defend her and attack people, that's like so petty and it wasnt even his fight, he should have stayed out of all that yikes. A few years ago, he has a conflict with the male cosplayer that i mentioned, i'm not sure about the details but they seem to be on good term before but that cosplayer, who is usually pretty chill get really angry and he ranted about Dan for days, his words were pretty harsh as well, i've never seen he did that to people he were friend with on FB, and Dan of course posted a bunch of rants too, but heck when i read Dan's posts, he came off as so petty and childish, i ended up unfriended him following that incident, they also stop being friends too
    If i remember something else i will write more but that's all for now, and as for screenshot proof, that was all so long ago, i don't think i ever like or save any of those posts, but if i dig i may find something, unless it was all deleted of course
    p/s: I witnessed all of these on my own newsfeed with them posting all of it themselves, not by looking at someone else's screen shot or that i heard it from someone, just a clarification unless one of them found this thread and started bullshitting that i made all of this up 
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  7. Hanae added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Did she purposely lift her shirt up to make it seem like she run outside shirtless with a boxer like in some kind of anime 
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  8. Hanae added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    isnt Reika has a snapback with "SEME" on it lol ?
    So now Knite and other guests are stuck in Mexico trying to pay for the return flight fees ?
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  9. Hanae added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    This reminds me of a smiliar situation 2 years ago, but it was in Peru. Elffi cosplay made a few posts about it

    Could it be the same organizer ?
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  10. Hanae added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    lol Knite starts doing fake aegyo sals now ????? It looks so unappealing on her face lol,those taped eyes arent helping either
    (Wrong eye color though)

    I am just guessing but maybe she lost or got stolen something and is going to the police station to write a report, it's still so extra for her to make it seems like something huge happened like she was caught by the police
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  11. Hanae added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    did her new boytoy refuse to buy her expensive stuff ?

    Wylo, it's pretty embarrassing to mooch people when you're able to work yourself and then throwing a tantrum about how they won't provide enough for u
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  12. Hanae added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Just finished catch up to this thread and lol what a ride, he seems like knitemayo except he even claim to be asian. I'm wondering about this too
    Has he transitioned yet ? Or just put "trans" in the bio. He looks like your typical tumblr fakeboi with a yellow fever
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  13. Hanae added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    At the start i already see the shoes are wrong, i dont think it's hard to find a white stiletto like this (especially when you buy your cosplays from taobao):

    Here is the original design for comparison :
    Couldn't see really well because of the pic's quality, but it looks like the costume is missing the belt under the chest too ( the cut  of the collar doesn't seem accurate either) :
    May look like i'm nitpicking but honestly all the gems' costumes are really simple and minimalist looking, i'm sure nailing every detail is not a hardwork for a -professional cosplayer-  
    I can't wait for the (horrible) wig styling. This train is going to crash hard.
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  14. Hanae added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Her real face with this expression must be really hideous (according to her) to use this much editing on a dumb selfie
    How insecure are you to think you must always look like a perfect yaoi chinchin in every expression
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  15. Hanae added a post in a topic Misa TW Cosplayer / Misa Chiang-米砂   

    Nah, Liui is really an asshole, it just takes quite long for him to show his true face. Misa was just there to blown shit up more. If he is truly a ~nice guy~ he wouldn't hang out with her lol, Misa seems to always hang around people who are just as fake and full of dramas like her, i would avoid any cosplayer who has close interactions with her 
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