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  1. yoonminji added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    honestly her boob job looks kinda off? like one boob looks bigger than the other and it just doesn't look right for her body shape... it looks a little bit saggy... I really hope she gets them fixed because it just doesn't look right. 
    also just noticed this while looking at the picture but her implants are bigger than her face   (I'm jk but it really does look bigger..) 

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  2. yoonminji added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    is it just me or has she lost a lot of weight? I'm actually kind of worried for her because she was already skinny to begin with, but she lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time too. Her arms and legs look so fragile  
    also, the in the first photo, her right arm looks weird? the angle? The position? The lighting? it looks like her bone popped out of place or something 

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  3. yoonminji added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    on Twitter, klaus was subtweeting alycia basically and called him out. In said tweets below...
    the only people who don't see right through him are the ones trying to get his attention, too bad for them, he only goes for ig famous girls so he could bite off on their fame. I'm starting to think his story about camila cheating on him and all was fake or too emphasized to make him seem like the victim. 

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  4. yoonminji added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    it's funny how on Twitter he preaches all these things about respecting relationships yet he's trying to hit up wylona when she's clearly in a relationship  klaus needs his own thread tbh because even his ex alycia(yes they broke up) is calling him out on his lies 😭 he seems to get off on all his ex girlfriend's fame.... including Camilla, she was literally the one who boosted him up but not as much as alycia... srsly, we need a thread about this guy 
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  5. yoonminji added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    she's wearing heels which makes your legs look more longer.... and those are some pretty high platforms on those boots, she also has long legs for having a short body, which makes it awkward bc she has to have a shorter torso as seen in the lingerie photo a few posts before. but yeah, she's pretty short, I remember seeing a photo of her with a fan who recognized her and she was shorter than her. also if you look at some her family's photos, her sister has longer legs than camila even though camila was wearing heels and they're the same height. 
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  6. yoonminji added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    could be her friends I believe just messing around in the first photo...  but it must be annoying always having camila's fan girls comment on her pics all the time ( this is her sisters ig) always asking about camila and such. 

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  7. yoonminji added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    they both look so different but it really just comes w/ age... but even though they only have a 2 yr age gap, camila acts wayyy older than her sister. I remember when I was still lurking her thread before the revamp and there was a picture of her sisters ask.fm saying that she was only 15 (or 14?) and Camilla was only 2 years older. Though I have to say her younger sister actually acts/looks more mature than her now. 
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  8. yoonminji added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    She is so pretty and all her looks I'm just in love, she's really the art here 
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  9. yoonminji added a post in a topic Hwamin 화민   

    I follow her on Instagram mostly bc I thought she was pretty and her pictures w/ her bf are so cute tbh her account as a whole is so aesthetically pleasing imo, but umm...
    that photo with the blue thing circled... Is that a dildo? LOL
    but not gonna lie, she looks so young, it kinda makes her bf look like a pedo bc he does look his age, nonetheless she's still amazingly pretty.
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  10. yoonminji added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    she actually looks really pretty in these photos, but the damn lollipop lol... I'd say different angles make her look bad that's why she doesn't look the same every photo, it's all in the angles, and to me, she only has that one angle where shes always taking it from the one side of her face and she knows that's her good angle
    but damn, im a makeup artist and her face is definitely two shades lighter than her natural skin tone. the filter they put on her photos definitely emphasized it too. You can tell she has that filipino skin tone, I don't know why she feels the need to hide it and try to have a whiter face, in person it's really not flattering...
    but reallly, can someone tell me how she got so famous? I've followed her since forever and then she blew up out of nowhere... I just find it peculiar though, she does nothing special, no talents or anything and she looks pretty but not out of this world beautiful... idk it seems fishy 
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  11. yoonminji added a post in a topic Camila Low Camilakilla   

    made an account just so I could post this... I was waiting for someone to point this out and I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed his comments lol 
    idk, to me it's kind of weird that camila posted a comment with those emojis after her dad commented that.
    honestly, I've been following her since way before she dated klaus and those photos of her smoking became big on tumblr and genuinely thought she was stunning. I mean she still is amazingly pretty but it kinda sucks her personality doesn't match... i follow her sister on Twitter and remember when she tweeted a pic of her texting camila about an incident camila posted on her ig and hashtagged "#exposed",  cali (her sister) supposedly answered back to her in front of cali's bf to look "tough" and camila posted the incident on ig and captioned something about walking across the room naked to get back at her. ( I'd find the photo, but too lazy to rn) but in that same text camila said she blocked cali and asked how she saw that photo, I just though it was kinda rude how she has her own sister blocked lol but I'm just more surprised she posts stuff like this knowing her family follows her

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