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  1. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Happy May 1st everyone! We have officially passed the deadline Alex set to release Yandere Sim; not only that, we are still missing Osana, still a buggy mess, still featuring characters with the originality of a 13-yr-old deviantart-artist, and Alex is STILL implementing features that he never mentioned in earlier videos/that have no bearing on Osana whatsoever. Yay! 
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  2. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Sad truth. Like, in some ways I do understand it--a captain wants to go down with their ship, and some creators may feel such a connection to their work that, even if they don't finish it, they can't bring themselves to let someone else take it over, because then it's no longer their work. Problem is that this is usually more a writer/artist problem, and wouldn't play as much into video games. Even if Alex did still enjoy YanSim, the fact he won't let it go and insists on completing it himself shows he isn't considering his fans at all. If he cared about the game or his fans, he would find help and unload the game on people who could finish it, and either try to offer ideas from the sidelines/behind the scenes or relinquish control over it and watch it succeed without him.
    But like you said, he won't. He's a selfish prick who cares about no one but himself. If YanSim isn't giving him fame, it's nothing to him, so of course he won't want it to succeed with another developer/company, and of course he doesn't give a rat's fat behind about his fans, since he's milking them for all he can get. I'm still looking forward to the day he announces (or it becomes more than obvious, because I truly wonder if he'd ever admit defeat--more likely he'd just up and disappear, taking the blog, website, etc. with him) that game development will no longer continue, and someone, somewhere says "Like hell it won't" and sues his ass. I'm considering going to ask my law class this Wednesday as to whether this counts as false advertising and reporting back, because imagine investing so much money in this game because you expect a result from it, only to realize you've wasted so much money.
    Also also, has anyone posted about how his patreon's looking recently? It's not doing too well...
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  3. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I actually did not. And now I'm internally screaming. Jesus Christ, this reminds me of a conversation my friend and I had when we followed YanSim hardcore--she was lowkey upset that the game would be released when we were twenty/twenty-one (we were sixteen at the time). It was impossible to imagine, it seemed so far in the future. Now, looking back at this...I don't know whether to laugh or cry. We are NOWHERE NEAR THIS POINT. Osana is nowhere to be seen, we'll be lucky to see Megumi before 2050, and 90% of the internet thinks this game won't be released ever. Y'know, Alex, you'd be a helluva lot closer to these goals if you A) stuck with TinyBuild, B) stuck to an actual schedule, C) stopped adding stupid new features every two seconds and kept to an actual outline of a game you could FEASIBLY MAKE as a one-man operation, and D) GAVE TWO F'S ABOUT THE CONTENT YOU'RE PUTTING OUT. 
    I'm sorry, this looking at this incites my rage. He's ruined himself. He's led countless people on, scammed fans out of--what, a few hundreds of thousands of dollars at this point? some of that he bothered to blow on a freaking subreddit --has tarnished his reputation beyond repair...like, Christ, Alex, you know companies do background checks on their employees, right? Any company you apply to work for is gonna type your name into Google, and presto! A decade worth of drama you never let go of, that you allowed to haunt you and consume you because you never changed.  Your life is over. No one will take YanSim seriously when it comes out, which it won't, and no game company is ever going to hire an overgrown manchild who can't handle criticism, stick to a task, complete work on a deadline, or handle his responsibilities like an adult! God, what an absolute waste of a human being. 
    Sigh. Rant over. This schedule, much like the game, is a joke that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when the laughter finally dies. 
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  4. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Spechie   

    Oh, I remember this chick! YouTube recommended two vids of people calling her out to me a few months ago. She seems like a total entitled brat  Also, watched the clip on the first page of this thread when someone called her out on her lack of sympathy/consideration for people...I'm stunned. Like, if your friend comes to you devastated over a break-up, you don't tell them "lol you're just a priviledged middle-class american child your problems are literally nothing stop being a little bitch"
    like...what? you don't...say that? to anyone? especially not a friend or someone who's asking for your advice? Like, granted, some people fish for compliments or sympathy or whatever, but even then you don't act like a massive a-hole and talk down to them because they're a priviledge-ridden member of the middle class (which I freaking hate, by the way. middle-class doesn't immediately mean you have no problems. ex: i have family and friends who struggle to, and sometimes can't, afford college. they count as "middle class," get little to no aid because they fall into a certain income bracket, yet between taxes and living expenses don't see most of the money they make. so, please, continue talking down to people who struggle more than you can hope to imagine you total jerk)
    Just in general, though, you don't treat people like crap and expect everyone to kiss your ass. Ugh. Sorry, not trying to change the subject but did want to jump in on this thread ^^'
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  5. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    New to this thread, figured I'd pop in and see what all the fuss was about Ariana Grande. Pleased to see at least some people who dislike/aren't fans of hers. Everyone (or every girl) on my campus is obsessed with her. TBH I found her annoying on Victorious and never understood the appeal years later. I'm also glad I've found people who acknowledge the plastic surgery thing? Girls I've talked to/people I've interacted with on other sites dismiss it as just puberty lol I thought I was losing my mind 
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  6. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I agree entirely. What I meant is that as it is now, there's very little chance any dudes would be into it. I personally feel Alex would have to do a lot to overcome the premise--killing schoolgirls to get a boy to love you--by making it appeal more to the male demographic, with less girly games and ideas and a less girly feel overall. I personally don't have as much of a problem with it because I like girly/cutesy things, and find YanSim in its current state (ignoring plot holes, bugs, and every other issue it has) to be more fun bc it has what I'd enjoy and contrasts the heavy dark tones of potential murder and social sabotage. 
    But when you look at Persona...I mean, I just google these images, I've never played, and they look like they'd appeal to guys at least as much if not more than they would to girls. They're dark, they suggest danger and action and suspense...YanSim looks like it could easily be an interactive dating sim. 
    Like, obviously their styles are different so it's not entirely fair to compare them based on looks. But still--there's nothing about YanSim that suggests it could appeal to guys; if anything, it would be another obstacle, alongside the plot, that Alex would have to overcome in order to appeal to male audiences. Instead, everything he's implemented has been more appealing to girls. It actually makes me wonder if he included the delinquents (who went from being both male and female to just male) as a way to make his characters and game seem "tougher" or something. 
    I wish I could contribute more on how to make the game appeal more to men, but I feel like that relates more to gameplay than plot or anything. I stand by having the ability to change both Ayano and Senpai's genders, though, since that usually helps--Huniepop keeps everything the same when you swap your gender, except for a few dialogue/photo changes, so even changes like that could help YanSim appeal more to guys. Or maybe I'm wrong, idk. 

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  7. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Honestly, I'm a bit shocked that Alex treats his fanbase the way he does. For starters, how on EARTH did he ever believe he'd get guys to play this game? Even guys on 4chan or whatever. It's honestly such a girly game if you step back and look at it. You play as a girl in love with a boy (Alex claims you can change Senpai's gender but Ayano's is still up in the air) battling other girls for the love of your senpai. Obvious fanservice aside (with pedo teachers/nurses, pantyshots, locker room scenes, etc.) this is the sort of game girls would play. Most dweeb/weeb/gamer guys I know wouldn't be interested in YanSim, and those who know what it is aren't. Maybe I'm just too innocent to understand the demographic Alex was aiming for, but come on--I feel like he really missed the mark on what would appeal to the 4chan audience.
    Secondly, considering that he's Alex, why wouldn't he be a little more thrilled that his fanbase is largely female? Okay, sure, we have some younger girls who seriously should not be exposed to him or any of YanSim's content (parenting of the twenty-first century, folks). But from what I gathered, more often than not his fans are older girls in high school and into college (for the sake of my argument I'm throwing in the 13-18 age range). That's not a bad demographic to have in general, but since it's Alex--who has been accused of being into younger girls, has proven how much of a creep he is in general, and who has made comments about being a sexual deviant who objectifies women to the most insane and disgusting degree--you would think he'd consider it striking gold. He has so many young, malleable minds at his disposal, so many young girls who not only sympathize with him but adore him, love him even. I would expect him to take more advantage of these girls than he does--hell, I used to have a private email exchange with him about "disproving rumors" and was let down when my attempts at flirting went unreceived (yes, was one of those fangirls who didn't realize what he looked like or what human waste he was). It just boggles the mind.
    Note that I'm not trying to encourage him to be a pedo towards his fans, but I'm just shocked at how stupid he is. He has his dream--a bunch of girls who love him--at his disposal, and instead he shits on them because in his eyes their adoration isn't worth as much as the other losers on 4chan. Like, what the actual hell, you dumbass. 
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  8. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I think it’s because of who’s in this thread particularly. I’ve noticed a trend recently—in the last 20 pages or so, a good handful of people have admitted that they started following YanSim in high school and are nearing the halfway/end point of their college careers. I feel like most of us here are people who at one point loved the game, wanted to see it succeed, and have become so embittered by Alex’s lack of productivity, drive, and his desire to blame all his shortcomings on others instead of taking responsibility for his own terrible actions. In a sense, we grew up with this game—not from childhood, but we’ve spent a long, significant, formative part of our lives invested in its development. To see it treated so poorly is bound to piss these people off, making them wish things had turned out differently and leaving them to imagine the millions of better possibilities the game could have become. 
    Plus, in its current state, it’s also not hard to reinvent the plot/mechanics. If a bunch of mostly college-aged girls* can do it out of boredom and anger, that tells you a lot lol
    *sorry if there are guys in this group i brushed over—I just kinda got the vibe this thread, like YanSim’s fan base, is mostly other girls ^^’ no offense intended 
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  9. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Ayo, Burgundy, I think it glitched out a little on your end and double-posted your post. 
    Also, reading your post, something came to mind to make Ayano more relatable and clean up the plot a little more. Instead of featuring this supernatural family bloodline BS to explain why Ayano, Ryoba, and all Aishi women have been yanderes, Alex should take a more realistic approach and have the mothers manipulate their daughters into becoming these fearsome individuals. Imagine being young, impressionable, and being taught by your mother since you were old enough to remember that there is one boy for you, that he alone will guarantee your happiness and that it's okay, necessary even, to do whatever it takes to make him your own. This sort of reading would justify why Ryoba taught her daughter to clean up blood as a little girl--hell, you could take it further, with the older Ayano gets, the more intense and violent her mother's lessons become. This would also leave more room to develop Ayano as an actual yandere. We all have violent urges, some more than others, and it would make sense that Ayano would have some genetic predisposition to some psychopathic traits if her ancestors have all been effed up as they were. Having that cultivated properly would result in a girl capable of emotions and being normal, even cute, on the outside, while hiding her capacity for much darker, more heinous acts on the inside. 
    I would also recommend that Alex rework the bonus system, possibly categorizing the types of skills you get from different sources. Panties give you bonuses that are somewhat repeated by clubs, school studies, etc. I feel like it would make more sense to cut the panties feature all together, revamp the study system so they're more applicable to the game and don't overlap with clubs, and consider cutting the anime/manga sect entirely, or minimizing it so the bonuses are smaller. Having bonuses for skills from so many different places makes the game more confusing and the character a bit overpowered if you use them all at the same time. 
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  10. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    See, I definitely think that makes sense. Alex seemed to be playing around with that idea with the "personas" in the mirror, but frankly it's been so long and they feel so insignificant now I can't remember what purpose they served, if any. 
    Speaking of skills/benefits, I completely forgot that we gain "skills" from class time. Literally. There's been so much other stuff thrown into this game, with the bonuses from panties and clubs and now manga/anime and everything else--it's starting to feel impossible to keep track of. Or maybe that's just me? Idk it seems so difficult to remember what skill bonuses I get where, and how I even apply all of them.
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  11. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    See, I remember Alex in the original (scrapped) YanSim openings had Ayano being a normal, deredere girl (the whole running-to-school-with-toast-in-mouth thing). He helps her up, she thinks he's cute and falls head over heels, and she later has to be pushed into murder by Info Chan, though the seeds of jealousy over Osana are already there. It's rought and a little cringy at times, but it shows how over-the-top cutesy she is, believing in fate and love and that since she was Senpai in her dreams, they're destined for each other. Having Ayano have that cutesy side would add not only to her Yandere personality, but would also add to her relatability as well (until the whole murder part, of course). It could also lay the groundwork for how the player wants to play her game: do they embrace Ayano's psycho side and go full out murderer? Do they play up her cutesy nature, and pursue friendship and pacifism instead? Or do they walk the middle ground, being nice on the surface but being manipulative and working against the students to ruin their lives? 
    It's just kind of annoying for YanDev to solely emphasize Ayano's creepy psycho sociopath side. Yandere's are messed up, we get it, but showing some of the cuteness is definitely always appreciated  
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  12. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    This normally doesn't piss me off, but check out the picture of Kizana on his latest blog post. That girl is tiny--small arms, small waist--nothing close enough to proper proportions to support that chest. Not to compare YanDev to other developers (I'd hate to insult them) but even HunieDev admitted after releasing HuniePop that the chest sizes he listed for each girl were completely off, and that they had been changed/re-listed in later games. Plus, while still huge, he creates proportions that are somewhat reasonable for these characters (some more than others, admittedly). See, Alex? You CAN have fanservice-y waifu stuff in your game and still have it kinda resemble somethign realistic! 
    *I realised that I reference HuniePop/HunieDev in a few of my posts...I can't help it, it's too fun not to, plus the developer's fun and someone I think Alex could take reference from. There's cute girls (not quite anime style, but similar in certain respects) and fan service for both genders, but it's also fun and the characters have substance/some form of underlying development. Take note, YanDev*
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  13. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

  14. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Literally anyone with any piece of metal would then get pepper sprayed. It's ridiculous. Metal earrings? Pepper sprayed. Pots and pans? Pepper sprayed. Tiny metal scrap in a hair-tie keeping your massive kawaii gravity-defying ponytails up? Pepper sprayed. 
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  15. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I feel the same. I want to see the game's completed form, mainly because I've invested so much energy into it and really did, at one point, think it had potential. It still does--it just needs to be taken out of Alex's hands, immediately.
    As for Kencho, yeah I checked back and was like wtf. If Alex really thinks having any sort of extended mode after the main story is a good idea, he's insane. He can barely implement the current, linear storyline as it is. I wish he'd get back with tinybuild (not a fan of their games, tbh, but at least they get content out) or some other company with the resources to fund this stuff. It's so tiresome. There are so many good ideas, and he's wasting them all. 
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