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  1. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Your comment led me to read the Retribution manga, and holy fuck that was bad. For those who didn't read it: Ayano is kidnapped by Nemesis while attempting to assassinate Kokona. We learn through an info-dump that Nemesis lost her beloved brother, and has sworn to honor his memory by avenging his death and eliminating his killer. She reveals that Ayano, as expected, was her brother's assassin--that he was her first hired kill--and that her brother is, wait for it...
    ...Taro Yamada. Which means Nemesis is Hanako Yamada, that borderline pedo/incest bait 9th rival. 
    Of all the convoluted, ridiculous--I'll admit, I was hella taken by surprise, but that surprise then gave way to disgust. Want to have a Mission Mode-style elimination mini-game that isn't canon in your game, Yan-Dev? Fine (even though it has zero to do with your ACTUAL game and shouldn't be included in the final product since Yan-Chan apparently isn't a Yandere in it, but whatever). But for the love of God, stop treating it like it's actually relevant to anything, at least until your Main Game is closer to being somewhat completed or playable, and STOP DIVERTING FROM YOUR CANON FOR USELESS BS. 
    By including this we're accepting Mission Mode as separate possible timeline/universe--one in which Ayano, the titular Yandere and main character, is not a Yandere, in which she kills her Senpai who I guess isn't her Senpai and thus incurs the wrath of his cutesy-turned-revenge-obsessed-sister. It's just really, really stupid, since Nemesis has nothing to do with canon, knowing she's Hanako does nothing for us, and I'm sorry, is that supposed to be some amazing plot twist?! What?! I live for reading and writing plot twists, but this just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Sorry if I'm alone here, but God.
    Also, the simple fact that Nemesis was willing to divulge that much information to Ayano off the bat was weird to me. Reflects on Alex's talent as a storyteller/writer (or lack thereof, I suppose). Maybe if it were done differently I could have enjoyed it more, or if I actually gave a damn about Hanako maybe this would mean more to me somehow. Instead, all I can imagine is Alex getting his rocks off on the idea of a cute, innocent, malleable loli girl fawning over her "big brother" (who is obviously his stand-in) who is so obsessed with him cares about him so much she'd turn into a "hawt," big-tittied bad-ass to catch her brother's killer. Just weird, man. You couldn't have come up with any other backstory for Nemesis? Any at all?
    As for the artist, though, I gotta say I loved it. Their work made the comic--I'm sorry, manga--somewhat enjoyable, especially the way they drew Nemesis/Hanako. Her leaning against the wall is really cool

    (although yo why are they in a basement? Looks like the one in Ayano's house but...who kidnaps their nemesis and ties them up/hides them in that person's house?? If it isn't Ayano's house then I sincerely wanna know why all these girls have casual basement torture dungeons in their houses)
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  2. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    This aspect of gameplay was one of the first that set me off against YanSim. I felt YanDev was adding way too much, straying too far away from his original idea. Admittedly, the art of Ayano as a maid is cute, but what relevance does this system really have? Info Chan was supposed to be our go-to for anything we needed--contraband like cigarettes and matches, spare uniforms, etc. Adding mone y and shopping seems like an unnecessary addition, and serves as yet another way of making Info-Chan obsolete IMO. Like, first we have the notion of the Yakuza performing favors for us, then we have this job to earn money to shop online (btw, we'd still need a debit or credit card for that--if Alex is going full out on the "realistic" aspects of the game, why not just have Ayano apply for a credit card while we're at it, or open up a bank account instead of carrying hundreds of dollars on her person -_-). It just feels overcrowded. I used to like the idea of a small town for interacting with other students, gleaning new information/gossip, etc., but this just feels juxtaposed with the rest of the game.
    Also: how are we supposed to see Ayano as the "monster" Alex literally claimed she is, when he puts in cutesy minigames like this? TBH I like the idea of Ayano as a character (needs a lot of work, but potentially salvageable) and would have pursued the sweet pacifist route, were this a real game and she a real yandere--but he needs to make up his mind what direction he's taking this game. Is Ayano the cold, unfeeling monster he's made her out to be? Then don't include a cutesy flipping maid cafe minigame! If you want the minigame, or want her to come across as NOT totally a sociopath, make her into an actual yandere with actual feelings, a sweet side, etc.
    Eh. Still not sold on the minigame by itself, though. Just feels like an another diversion from the main point of this game. Would've worked in a larger project with a big team and budget and resources, MAYBE, but as it stands...nah.
    (Also Alex get your head out of your own ass dude Fortnite didn't copy you, you literally just admitted Japanese schoolgirls are going to share a lot of basic similarities and you FREAKING BOUGHT YOUR ASSET AND RECOLORED HER. DON'T EVEN TRY) 
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  3. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic @ Mods? Nyx? Anyone?   

    Okay it took a while for that picture to load for me but when it did I snorted. Just so you know.
    But seriously, I agree with Lopunny. I'd happily help with smaller tasks around PULL if need be--I'm another noob with no real coding or design experience, but managing deadlines and working with others? Way more my forte. I've only been on PULL for a year officially, but I've followed the site for roughly two and a half years, and it's honestly a great place to spill tea and talk with other people with similar interests, even if it is about snowflakes. I know it's ultimately up to Nyx and Rhea, but just so you guys know you have our support if it helps at all
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  4. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    First, welcome! Second, while Burgundy already touched on it I do feel like the 100% winning streak could be realistic, if played out properly. Raibaru (just...f**k that name) looks cute, sweet, and innocent, not at all what you'd expect from the "Indestructible Rival" (also wtf, you generally don't call people indestructible? at least not in this context...idk just sounds forced to me but anyway). HOWEVER--what if she wasn't as cutesy, as down-to-earth and girly? As a former martial artist, I've known my share of talented kids who get pressured into continuing by their parents, senseis, or their peers. Maybe Raibaru was a gifted child, a kick-ass martial artist who dominated in competitions and in school clubs, whose whole childhood and life led up to being the best martial artist she would be, no second-best, nothing else. She isn't allowed to be an average little girl, or to try other things--drama, cooking, video games--all she knows is training, competing, martial arts. Maybe, while she loved the sport at first, she grew bored of it as she got older, or maybe just wanted to pursue it as a hobby, rather than as a competitive/professional lifestyle. But she can't quit--her parents will be disappointed, she doesn't want to let her friends or teachers down, she feels like she's got something to prove, so she sticks with it, wishing that she could lose but being too proud to throw a match.
    Then Budo comes in. He's learned from the best, and he wants to prove it. Raibaru is the best, and they both know it, but he knows her moves, knows how to beat her as no one else can. And then it's over. Raibaru's been beaten--she's free. She accepts her loss, turns the club over to Budo, and for once is able to be true to herself. She isn't the badass anymore. She can be an average girl--no pressure, no forcing herself to fit a mold. She becomes the cutesy, adorable character the player comes to know, still with a plethora of martial arts knowledge and skills, but now also with an admiration for the friend and pupil (and maybe, if the right cards are played, something more?) who bested her and who made all of this possible. 
    That is character development with a smidge of thought put in. Cliche? Admittedly, but not dreadfully so. It fits what Yandev intended for her backstory, and if you wanted you could toss in why she likes Osana so much--Osana isn't afraid to be herself, she's loud and girly and takes shit from no one, and Raibaru likes that sincerity, so they become friends. Or something, idk. Point is, it isn't that hard! If you think for a minute, you can put the puzzle pieces together in a way that makes sense and is still enjoyable. Hell, I'd even argue that it makes sense for a martial arts master to take you down if you attack her/her friend.
    BUT, as always, YanDev ruined it by making her ridiculously OP, being a stalker as opposed to a considerate friend, and being shoehorned in because he was too lazy to change/consider making changes to an asset that ISN'T HIS that he is still claiming as his own.
    Honestly, if we didn't already know how homophobic he is, I'd say Raibaru has a crush on Osana, is jealous of her affection for Senpai, and could either A) be a matchmaking option/suitor for Osana or B) Be an ally for Ayano, albeit a pacifist one, in which Ayano works with Raibaru so that they both end up with the girl/boy they desire. Buuuuuut YanDev would never consider that, since he seems to hate anything gay unless it's in his personal hentai collection and involves animated girlxgirl action only. 
    This made my stomach turn. The way he said it, just--ugh . TBH we've all had fictional crushes at some point in our lives, but the fact that you're imagining taking the virginity of a girl who doesn't exist, and that you'd be unable to view her as anything more than "dirty and impure" because you weren't her first everything is disgusting. Like how effed up do you have to be? 
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  5. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Wow. I knew Rival-Chan (or Raiburu—what an idiotic not-even-ATTEMPT at a name) was from the Unity Store, but I didn’t realize just how many outfits he stole. Literally everything except the pink/white shirt over cargo shorts makes an appearance in YanSim, most of them as actual in-game clothing w/ changed colors. WTH?
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  6. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Isn’t the point of the “Mysterious Obstacle” to be, I dunno, MYSTERIOUS?! 
    I know this has been hashed out already, but does Alex understand keeping nothing to himself?? There’re almost no secrets left in his game because he keeps spoiling them, from demons to Rival-Chan to freaking gameplay. God WHY do people like playing this again??
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  7. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I think the original poster meant someone Alex's age being "obsessed" with cons. My friends and I are in our twenties and enjoy going to the occasional convention--I know a fair amount of adults who do--but we would never consider not going to even our most favorite con "simply not an option" as Alex said. This year I bought 3 tickets to PAX East (been dying to go for years, finally got the opportunity) and due to an unfortunate series of events, couldn't use my Saturday ticket. Too many other things came up, so I passed. Did it suck? Yeah. But I acknowledged that not going was just how it had to be. That's how normal people function. Alex is an older man--not a problem for liking cons, yes, but he's acting like missing this con is the end of the world. If you're an adult and view the convention as having that much significance, yes, there is something seriously wrong. We can't always get what we want or do what we want, that's life; the fact the Alex is so focused on attending this just gives off weird af vibes (which is how I interpreted op's statement)
    Edit: half the webpage didn't load, so I didn't get to see @Ballerina Mina defend themselves. Sorry, didn't mean to be repetitive ^^"
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  8. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    July 1st Bug-Fixing Build
    New post is up talking about the "Mysterious Obstacle" was not implemented on time (what else is new?). Apparently, it was supposed to be done by July 1? 
    Also this (taken from the blog post):
    1) When did he promise the Mysterious Obstacle by July 1? Did I miss that? Because it seems to make ZERO sense to have a mysterious obstacle at this point when Osana still isn't in the game. What the heck.
    2) "Mandatory religious pilgrimage"? What.  Listen, I get that expos and cons are a big thing for YouTubers generally, but when there's a more pressing issue--like, I dunno, a self-imposed deadline for a game that is literally your life's work, whose popularity and by default your livelihood is in a swift downward spiral--maybe don't go? Or limit the days you go, or something? It seems foolhardy to acknowledge that you missed your own deadline, try and explain it away like the deadline YOU set was never possible, then nope out of trying to meet it ASAP by going to a con that is completely okay to miss? I don't see why it's "simply not an option" for him to miss this con. Lots of YouTubers and creators opt not to go to certain conventions if they need a break/it doesn't fit into their lives. 
    Nothing really new I guess, but this just continues to show where his priorities lie. 
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  9. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Snowflake Banner Update...?   

    I would kill to see YanDev or Belle Delphine
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  10. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Sorry, should have specified--I was referring to the fact that this is a deviation of what he said last time about his views on pedophiles. I was wondering how the hell that explanation, or the new one in the debunk page, became necessary--like what he said or did to make this a relevant topic. However, I reread the explanation caterpillars posted, and realized this conversation came up after someone claimed Twitch banned Yansim over underage characters in sexual situations. 
    That said, I still wish we knew what exactly he said to "N," since in his "Clearing Up Misunderstandings, Part 4: A Pre-Emptive Explanation" (caterpillars' link) he says:
    Under normal circumstances, I would question how the hell one jumps from "this person says age of consent changes from country to country" to "this person is a pedophile!" (even if I disagree with him calling it "arbitrary"). However, this is Alex--he's known to twist facts to make himself seem better in various situations (Azzman controversy, anyone?). Considering "N" allegedly posted evidence calling him a pedo, to the point he made this post explaining himself, I just really wanna know the truth of what was said. If someone accuses you of being a pedo, then either you said WAY worse stuff than you're letting on, or (assuming Alex was honest for once) the person saying such things is not all there. Idk.
    *I don't know if what "N" said (or even who they are) was released/discussed in this thread. I do know that I never saw anything about Yandev being a pedo besides his explanations posts and what has been discussed here*
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  11. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Found this gem on reddit—so much for a “mysterious” obstacle

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  12. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    honestly I don’t fully agree. From what I know of sex crimes (had fam in law enforcement), it’s exceedingly rare for people like this to ever be “cured” for lack of a better term. Even with proper help, the urges are still there, it just becomes a matter of trying to repress/ignore them, although more extreme options sometimes must be taken (like chemical castration). It’s more similar to an addiction, like drugs or alcohol—it’s almost impossible to make it go away forever; instead you have to live with it, constantly work to get help and repress your urges even with therapy—and then of course people still go back to it.
    Not saying I agree with Yandev, of course. I feel like it’s rare to find someone who has these tendencies and DOESN’T act on them, because those who do can usually hide it very well, so frankly pedophiles can rot in hell IMO. I just think his way of thinking about this whole thing is effed up. Yeah, maybe not all pedos act on their urges, but statistically speaking they’d likely be a small minority.
    Also yo why the hell did this become a conversation?! Like what happened than Yandev had to voice this opinion?? Cause frankly I’m a little concerned 
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  13. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Good to see FUNGIRL in this video, because she has such a CRUCIAL and INFLUENTIAL role in the plot, don't you just LOVE her??
    That aside, he has 100 students in his game and still chose to repeat bodies in the hallway scene—the green-haired rainbow girl and Saki Miyu were the two who caught my eye. And I thought the rainbow girls were no longer in the game, save Saki and Kokona? Then why are a bunch of their bodies littering the halls in schoolgirl uniforms?
    Ugh, just...ugh. This looks like something a amateur, semi-talented high schooler put together for a class project. The animation is meh, the character models look weird at crucial times (wtf is Senpai’s hand when he helps Ayano up, it looks like a pancake)—it doesn’t scream “professional game” nor does it make me want to play the game more.
    Also, does anyone take issue with the whole way Ayano described herself? She sounds lowkey colorblind (the world was filled with “color”and life when she met Taro?) and borderline suicidal without this magic senpai who’s going to “save” her (dreaming of this person was her reason to live, plus she’s empty and cold inside-??) Since we’ve already summed up she’s no Yandere, it seems like Alex is trying to save face with the cutesy bits, but really it’s like he perverted the “damsel in distress” trope. Ayano is hopelessly lost in life without a big strong MAN who’s going to save and complete her and wipe away all the problems in her life—it’s just weird. I’m not against cutesy damsel tropes, don’t get me wrong, but considering how Alex is, this just gives me a very weird vibe and I don’t like it. 
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  14. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    What a disgusting waste of space. I physically can't right now--my blood is boiling reading the sheer entitled, asshole-ish nature of this. Can someone put this on r/entitledpeople? Please? Alex Mahan pisses me off--I currently am struggling to find a job because no one in my area wants college students. I'm trying to save for living expenses next semester and trying to figure out my housing situation for Spring 2020, because I can't afford rent in the city my college is in and I have no chance on on-campus housing. Meanwhile this absolute f**kwad who pays for nothing, who has zero responsibilities and understands nothing about reality or finances or bills, is trying to tell us how to spend our money?? How about he starts. paying my college tuition, my daily expenses (travel, food, housing, textbooks), all my other bills, and THEN try and buy a proper gaming computer, all on a college student's salary (newsflash--it's not a lot!). 
    Jesus Christ, this manchild needs to be stopped. 
    Yes, just a link unfortunately. No explanation, nothing. She gave me permission to post the correspondence (all private info blurred out). 
    EDIT: My friend wanted to clarify--she is not in fact a fan of Yan Dev's, or at least she isn't anymore. I started showing her this site back when I joined, but she was pretty hesitant to believe it. With stuff like this, though, I think we've successfully won her over to the side of the gremlins >:3

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  15. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    So a friend of mine emailed Dev about the tweet regarding frame rate-- he replied only with a link to this blog post:
    No other information, nothing. Her email was long af--we were both pretty pissed about the whole thing--about how insulting that tweet and attitude are, how you can't tell ppl to just buy a new laptop and assume if they don't have the money they're stupid kids living on their parents' dollars, etc. Literally all she got was this link. Idk, maybe it's just me, but that seems a bit unprofessional, no? Like, here are you fans speaking out about actual issues, and he doesn't bother to personalize the email in the slightest. If anyone wants, I'll ask her if I can post the email here, but it was ridiculous.
    This guy lacks personality, professionalism, decency--ugh, what a nightmare excuse of a person. 
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