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  1. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I...I'll flat out admit it: I flipping fangirled when I read this. It's amazing to meet you haha, and welcome back to the thread!
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  2. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I will give it--these look quite a bit better than the old ones. They look a bit more polished and quite a bit prettier. However, I agree with you. Alex should definitely be more focused on working on the newer models and fitting assets to those, rather than updating so-called "placeholders." 
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  3. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    So Jay just posted a new video (link here) and the first few minutes were dedicated to a new task Alex wrote in for members of the Light Music Club. 
    For those who can’t watch, a summary:
    The girl with green striped hair asks you to take a picture of the band leader when she’s by herself, because she thinks the leader is putting on a facade with her new punk attitude and style. Jay took a picture and delivered as promised, and all we got from it was Green Stripe saying “oh guess that’s really her true self then lol never mind.”
    A pointless add-in, if you ask me, because you gain literally nothing (maybe some positive reputation points but that’s about it). Right off the bat I saw bugs—Green Stripe’s legs glitched through her chair when she stood, and the voice acting was almost entirely drowned out by the sound of the drummer playing music on THE FLOOR ABOVE. 
    But yeah, just something to add. Jay admitted to only making a vid on this bc people on Alex’s website said they wanted it. I s2g without YouTubers like him Yandere Simulator wouldn’t be nearly as popular, yet its these tiny updates that help keep people hooked.
    *Note: I don’t blame Jay, I love his videos and he’s really entertaining. I just hate how Alex reaps the benefit off of Jay’s content, when really he doesn’t deserve any more exposure. I wish Jay would stop wasting his time with YanSim, but he seems to still somewhat enjoy it, so oh well. 
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  4. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I’m—I’m actually fucking speechless.
    10k? 10 thousand friggin’ dollars?! Are you kidding me?! For me, that’s:
    •part of a tuition payment
    •textbooks for the rest of my undergrad career
    •rent for me and my roommates for the next 6 months to a year
    Not to mention how much that could go towards assets for the game, like you said. And yet he was willing to pay that much for a FREAKING SUBREDDIT. Unbelievable. This is where his money is going, likely money’s he’s “earned” (using that term HELLA loosely) from YouTube and Patreon (I still consider the latter a form of stealing, since he’s never going to deliver the finished project his fans paid for). This is his idea of controlling an uncontrollable problem, and it’s gotten way out of hand. I’d kill to see any other developer act this way, but again it’s a moot point, since no other developer would demonstrate this level of idiocy, irresponsibility, or immaturity like Alex does. 
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  5. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I totally agree, but honestly, can we blame them? Alex is a con man, plain and simple, and when you put enough faith in someone you’re almost willing to believe anything that shows them in a good light. Hell, I was there, and there are even times when I see videos like this where I start to doubt how terrible Alex truly is. I know what it’s like to feel like the world is against you, and to have depression that pushes you to the brink, so I’m almost inclined to feel bad—until you either stop and realized how BADLY he’s milking this, OR how none of this is genuine AT ALL (as demonstrated by the artist’s statements). 
    But others don’t get the chance to see that. They want to believe him, and given how the internet can be a terrible place full of lies and rumors, can we blame them fully for not being willing to accept things that show him in his true, disgusting state? 
    I don’t agree with them, and I wish his fans would wake up to the reality that this man is going to keep hurting them until they finally save “Enough is enough” and stop supporting him. That said, though, it breaks my heart to see people who may very likely be doubting Alex secretly but are too afraid to say or admit it, meanwhile Alex is getting all he can out of their dwindling sympthies.
    Enough IS enough. Alex, I hope you’re reading this, because I want you to know, as a girl who once looked up to you and cherished the person she thought you were: you are DESPICABLE. You are utter trash, a waste of space, and frankly should drop off the face of this planet for what you’ve inflicted upon members of your community. The pain, the guilt, the belief in someone who will never come through for them—your fans deserve more, but you’re too STUPID and CONCEITED to see that! I hope you rot, you sick jerk. 
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  6. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    New video up. I'm about halfway through it myself, and you know, I was ACTUALLY willing to believe what he was putting forward--until about 5 minutes in. Watch and you'll see what I mean. V-slice mentality my butt. 
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  7. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Okay, given how every YouTuber and their mother is posting about the release of the final chapter of Bendy and the Ink Machine, I'm wondering if Alex is gonna try to ride that wave of popularity and throw in a BATIM easter egg.
    Can we just appreciate, though, how in this new trend of video games getting released part by part, almost every one seems to suck? Like with Hello Neighbor, enough people had time to theorize with the different builds, so that when the actual game came out, the story was so disjointed and terrible, so now the creators are trying to fix it with additional game/build released (though from what I've seen it's doing little to build up the game's reputation. With BATIM, they released the chapters slowly and ended with something that pretty much screams "It was all a dream/nightmare/hallucination/endless cycle," which is pretty much an awful buildup to a supposed sequel coming out. And, obviously, we see how false/overhyped buildup and crazy amounts of builds/updates have hurt Yandere Sim (not the only thing, granted, but still).
    At this point, I'm seriously questioning the video games that have achieved peak popularity now, plus I'm starting to wonder if Alex won't see what games like BATIM and HN are pulling and try it himself. Game got a shitty ending/nonsensible plotlines? Draw it all out into a shitty cliffhanger and sequel to further milk your fans for cash! 
    I just...ugh. Sorry, I'm a bit pissed right now, because I hate seeing games with such promise go down the drain.
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  8. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    How do we revive that and where do I find that. I would kill to have Alex's face on this banner, like I'd actually die
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  9. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    TBH I took the "Empty Girl" persona to be a (albeit short) step up from the "Emotionless Girl," only because it seemed less like Ayano was an emotionless husk and more like a human. Like, she had the capacity for kindness, determination, sorrow, empathy, consideration, sillyness--all the things that make up a person, particularly a teenage girl. She just felt something missing, and when her Senpai comes along, she really feels whole (still kinda like a drug-effect, but at least then it'd be interesting to show a comparison between this seemingly normal girl and the monster she could become just to keep this feeling-whole sensation in her life). That's definitely been touched on in fiction in various forms, but it'd be fun to play with nonetheless. 
    Of course, Alex couldn't understand the complexity of this sort of thing, nor could he appreciate the value behind crafting such an intricate character...but that's just my inner critic and lit. major talking  Instead we get plain Jane Senpai and creepy weirdo Yan-Chan. It speaks volumes when people start disliking your protagonist, not for the actions they've done, but because they are written so poorly that they become aggravating to deal with. I almost feel bad that Michaela has to voice this chick--she's Ayano's one redeeming quality. 
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  10. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Probably, though it’s hardly funny to literally anyone else. Like, what even is the point? For a guy who wants to get away from YanSim’s image of a “meme game,” he’s really making an effort to drive it in that direction. 
    Also, hey, wait, I was reminded of something with YanChan’s pseudo-yandere persona. I was browsing YanDev’s old posts and videos, and found the one where he was debating between making Ayano an emotionless husk who feels only when Senpai is with her (drug-like emotions), or making her a sweet girl with actual emotions who just never feels totally complete until she meets Senpai. Pretty sure the majority preferred the latter in the polls...gonna try to find that and link it. But it seems weird that he had an idea where Ayano was much more like an actual yandere and just seemed to scrap it. 
    Edit: here’s the blog post—>https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/2017/06/16/the-reason-yandere-chan-lacks-emotions. There were three polls: 1) as to whether Ayano’s current emotionless state is liked/disliked by fans (most didn’t care, but the dislike option came in relatively close second); 2) whether fans preferred Ayank as an “emotionless” or “empty” girl (overwhelming favor to the latter); and 3) whether it’s too late to change her personality (most said no).
    It’s amazing how much fan support poured in for making Ayano more of a legitimate yandere, with actual emotions and an ability to actually understand people, yet Alex decided “eh, screw it” and ignored them completely. I understand you can’t always give in to what your fans want if it’s not good for the game, but if your game IS a “yandere simulator” and your main character isn’t an actual yandere, you’re going to have a bad time. 
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  11. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Alex, I know for a fact you read this site. As one final, FINAL plea before we go back to critiquing this mess: PLEASE THINK THINGS THROUGH BEFORE YOU USE THEM. You aren’t Scott Cawthon, who can transform a seemingly complex mess of story into one of the most twisted and intricate yet marvelous stories the video game world has seen. Get your game together, and maybe then people will have more faith in you.
    ...but we all know he’s never gonna do jack sh*t.
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  12. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Hey y'all, just thought of something while watching Jay's latest vid on YanSim. If you unlock the secret option in the guidance counselor's office, you have the opportunity to blame the delinquents for any bad behavior you commit (laughing maniacally, holding weapons, blood clothes, trespassing, taking panty shots, etc.) so long as you don't use it for the same bad behavior twice. Ultimately, if you blame the delinquents each time, you can get them expelled. 
    The thing is...what happens to Osoro if you expel the delinquents in, say, the first week? She's the delinquents' leader, so it could be assumed she'd get expelled too, but if she's not even at school for the first several weeks, what would happen? Would she just never show up? Would she come to school and just remain by herself? It seems way too easy to have this fool-proof plan to eliminate the delinquents, since it can theoretically be used early in the game, thus leaving Osoro by herself (presumably) by eliminating the main source of her power/protection (you wouldn't be able to attack her when the delinquents are around, but if she's by herself, even at full strength, she's not that hard to beat--think fighting Budo). 
    I thought this would be important considering how many people have brought up how Alex skewed the "rivals get more difficult as weeks go on" part of the game. With everything as it is, it'll be crazy difficult to eliminate Osana (way more difficult than a tutorial rival should be), but once you do that, the others won't get harder, they'll get easier. Okay, so you may have to deal with lower school atmosphere, those Scooby-Doo ripoffs, or Senpai's decreased mental state (assuming that's still a part of the game). But really...it's not difficult at all. It seems more tedious, because it's already hard to start off, so it's not like you get some pleasure as the game goes on. And if my theory about the delinquents it correct, then it really won't be hard to eliminate other rivals, since you can pull shit like this and significantly lower their threat levels.
    Idk, that's just my two cents. Anyone else care to offer their thoughts?
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  13. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Okay, I will strongly disagree with you there. Some of the voices aren't great, I admit (Kokona and Saki's original voiced lines when talking on the roof, for instance), but some of these characters are voiced by legitimate voice actors (Michaela Laws for Ayano, P.M. Seymour for Budo, Momoki for Midori, and Brittany Lauda for Osana are the few I can name right off the bat). The lines themselves can be cringy, but I feel like with this update for Ayano, Michaela Laws did a pretty good job. Even the lying lines, shitty as they are, are acted out pretty well. I just generally don't think it's fair to say all the voices sound shitty, when somehow (by some miracle of God or something) Alex managed to recruit not one, not two, but several talented, professional voice actors for this shit show. 
    Also, for the whole flirting thing--is it bad that I somehow immediately thought of Undertale? Like, I feel this game is more Undertale than it's supposed to be. There's the different routes (which I'm pretty sure Alex compared to UT at some point or other) of violence, non-violence, and a kinda neutral half-and-half one; the stupid Sans Easter egg; FREAKING FUN GIRL; and now the option to flirt, which frankly seems pointless as hell since it never works. IDK. If it were any other game I could forgive some of this ish, but since it's Alex, do I need to say anything more?
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  14. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Okay so not super related to this topic as a whole, but have any of y'all heard of the YouTuber "Repzilla"? He's made several videos about YanDev and calls out his and the game when it's due, how it won't be finished, etc. Recently he posted a vid in which he took a post made by CareyAisha a few pages ago asking whether YanDev's channel is dying, so this thread got featured a bit in this vid! (Not gonna lie, I fangirled bc part of my post also got included in the screenshot--he's one of my new favorite channels at this point haha)
    Also, I really wanted to touch on what LeafStorm924 said. TBH I cannot comprehend for the life of me how that storyline would work. Ayano's mom is a Yandere (kinda) who is obsessed only with YanChan's father. For Ayano and Megami to be sisters, either the mom would've had to have cheated on her husband (unlikely) and then given that child away (also unlikely), OR her husband would have had to have cheated, which doesn't seem like something his character is capable of currently (he's too fearful of his wife to do much of anything, much less invoke her rage through infidelity). Plus, if that happened then Megami wouldn't be a true Saiko (there's also the possibility that YanChan isn't really her parents' daughter but, given what we've seen so far, that also seems unlikely).
    My point isn't to criticize your theory or anything, because frankly I wouldn't put it past Alex to make that a reality given how awful the story is so far.  If that happens, though, I'm 100% giving up any slim hopes this game turns out even remotely decent, story-wise. 
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  15. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Okay, so before I found this thread, I really wanted to volunteer for YanDev as a writer. Writing's my passion; I'm an English/Creative Writing major, and honestly working on fiction ANYTHING is right up my alley. I kept my eye on his volunteers needed list (I'd have to go looking for it again, if I find it I'll link it) and hoped for when he'd ask for writers, a volunteer group he claimed he currently didn't need.
    Whelp. Fast forward to now, and I have to say that I am entirely disappointed and just baffled by the way he's managed to screw up an idea with so much potential. Not so much the game itself, but the writing aspect. I used to be intrigued by what the Saiko company had to do with Ayano, Ayano's history, what Megumi's motivations were, etc. Now, it's just a mesh of way too many ideas so that it's become unbearable. Demons? The delinquents' backstory? The weird Fun Girl character who seems to have actual reveleance to the story, despite being based on W.D. Gaster who (as far as my knowledge of Undertale goes) didn't really have an effect on the main game? Like, wtf?
    There are too many loose ends, to the point it makes me nauseous to think how he'll try to tie them all up. I had to edit the above section several times because more and more "plot lines" kept coming to mind. Honestly, as a writer who tries to make her work coherent, this appalls me. The best advice for someone writing a story out, as someone told me, is to keep the plot simple and the characters complex. Granted, that's a bit different for video games, but it seems Alex went WAY beyond complex plot straight into what-the-actual-fuck-how'd-you-fuck-this-up territory. 
    Ugh. Sorry, long post, but I'm just so disgusted. I wouldn't touch this mess of a plot with a thirty-nine and a half-foot pole 
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