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  1. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    1) what is saltybet
    2) s...sexdoll? I shouldn’t be this surprised but I’m hella fucking concerned
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  2. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    The new Peloton ad isn’t sexist or offensive. People need to grow a thicker skin. Hell, if my SO knew I wanted a Peloton bike (which, as someone who loves working out but has a love/hate relationship with the gym, you bet your ass I do) and got me one, I’d be ecstatic. Working out isn’t just to get thin, it’s to build a better and healthier lifestyle, or, maybe, SHE JUST WANTED THE DAMN BIKE! Like ffs, the same ppl who claim women should have the right to do what they want with their bodies are the same ones putting down this commercial because “she’s already thin!!! It’s fat shaming!!” Or “he wants his wife to lose weight he’s forcing his ideals on her!!!” . IT👏🏻ISN’T👏🏻OFFENSIVE. Y’all are making this too deep—judging by the girl’s reaction, she was happy and excited to get the bike, so please chill and go be offended little snowflakes somewhere else
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  3. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    For one, I appreciate your response—normally when I bring this up IRL, I get shut down bc ppl chalk it up to “war in Christmas” nonsense. Second, I admit what I know of Christmas’s ties to pagan festivals is a bit limited—IIRC, it supposedly drew heavily in its celebratory traditions from the pagan holiday/festival of Yule, though to what extent I don’t know. I may take a look at that wiki article just out of curiosity
    I mean again, as a Christian I love the idea of people sharing in a holiday that we hold dear, but to appropriate it to the point it loses the central point entirely is hurtful. I think ppl go a bit overboard with the war on Christmas (on both sides; some ppl argue about it just to be annoying dicks, but others act way too overly sensitive—saying “Merry Christmas” isn’t going to kill anyone, when it’s literally Christmas Eve lol). However, when people try to celebrate all aspects of Christmas (and not just a winter celebration or whatever) just minus the religious part, it’s a bit aggravating.
    also side note; I also don’t see the harm in saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah” or anything else. Let different groups celebrate their holidays with pride—don’t broad brush or erase them with “Happy Holidays” or (I hate this one lol ) “Seasons Greetings”. It feels cold and indifferent to me. 
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  4. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I’m not an Orthodox Christian, but I empathize tremendously. I’m a Catholic, and Christmas has become my favorite holiday (I went thru a period in high school where I doubted my faith, and religion entirely, and so the season kinda lost its magic; it’s since come back as I’ve had a reconnection with my religion). Our traditions tend to be pretty Western (I’m a second/third generation American, depending on your definition, so it’s become ingrained in our fam), but at the root of it is the celebration of Christ. We go to Church on Christmas Eve, have a little nativity under the tree, we focus on family—yeah, there’s gift giving and Christmas decor, but I still feel like it’s just a grand celebration because Christ was born—a holiday to focus on God and family, on togetherness. 
    That’s why it really bugs me how commercialized, and even secularized Christmas has become. I have no problem with people of other religions taking part in the celebration—I think it’s great, and I’d imagine that that’s a huge part of Christmas, bringing people together in the name of Christ, even if they don’t necessarily believe it (kinda like how if one of my friends invited me to partake in Ramadan or another Islamic holiday, or Jewish or any other religious celebration—it’s not my faith, but I can respect the religious significance and appreciate the meaning behind it). But to celebrate Christmas without any hint of the religious aspect—it bothers me. Like do what you want, but don’t call it Christmas—it’s not. Christmas at its Core is a Christian tradition about God and Jesus; if you want to have a tree, to give presents and decorate and lose your minds with commercialism, cool, but without religion it isn’t Christmas. Like—uGH, sorry it’s hard to explain in words but stop trying to remove religion from Christmas, that’s literally the root of the damn holiday; if you wanna do your own thing call it Yule, or a Winter celebration or whatever, just don’t pretend you celebrate Christmas and ignore the main purpose of the holiday. 
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  5. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I agree in that regard—like if I hear MJ on the radio or in a store I don’t care but I refuse to buy his music. 
    that said, perhaps this is an UP but I do agree to an extent about separating the artist from the work. I hate how some stars get crazy political, but for the most part if I like their music or content I’ll watch and support anyway. Unless the message they’re pushing influenced their work in an overly obvious way, or unless their message is so harmful or disagreeable that I can’t in good conscience continue supporting them—I do. As the saying goes, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face—don’t sacrifice something you enjoy just because you’re trying to be fake righteous. Refusing to support musicians who have been entangled in sexual assault/child abuse scandals is one thing; refusing to do the same over something petty like politics is a little ridiculous. 
    On a similar note, I don’t think it’s quite fair to judge authors’ works from a biographical lens, or vice verse. A lit class I took last year debated this type of issue, regarding Ernest Hemingway and some of his work—whether the misogynistic attitudes displayed by characters in his works reflected his own attitudes. The result was a mixed bag, though admittedly more tended to agree that, in general, writing something doesn’t make you believe that thing is right, just, or acceptable (makes me think of Vivziepop, w/ Katie Killjoy and Angel Dust, in Hazbin Hotel, or evening George R.R. Martin and ALL the effed up shit he wrote in GoT)
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  6. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    funnily enough my UP is similar—
    I hate this obsession with representation. I understand wanting to see more races or different types of people from different walks of life featured. That’s totally fine. But I s2g some of it is out of control. I’m not into Kpop but if what you’re saying is true, then that’s ridiculous, because maybe it’s just me but Kpop=Korean? So no shit it’s not going to be super inclusive it’s Korean singers? 
    Like i think it’s great if a tv show or book or movie includes a character who is another race or sexuality or religion—not bc they wanna score brownie points or seem woke though, bc that shit annoys the hell out of me. As someone who writes and has written diverse characters, if you feel a character is a certain *insert identifier here*, all power to you. But forcing it to look good, or demanding that a small percentage of the population be equally represented as all other groups in every book/movie/industry/whatever, is so freaking stupid. Real facts, when a country has a majority of one particular race/religion/identity, it’s not bigoted for their media to primarily represent them, it just makes sense. I’m not going to the Russia as a Hispanic woman and demanding equal representation in media or whatever, when in reality I’d likely be, to some degree, a minority. 
    again, representation=can be good. Forcing representation to be #woke, or demanding equal media representation for all groups when 1) that’s not actually possible, and 2) it’s likely not feasible when there’s a clear majority in any given country? Not so good. 
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  7. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I will say I kinda like the idea of the reputation chart instead of just a bar. That’s pretty much the only positive thing I gleaned from this video. 
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  8. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I agree with that interpretation of the saying, though personally “not taking no for an answer” always meant more like, if you have a dream or goal and people tell you you can’t make it happen, screw ‘em and do it anyway. But yeah, I can definitely see the toxicity when that mindset is applied to dealing with people, as opposed to ambitions. 
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  9. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    That's...actually gross. Like no offense to you since this is your friend, but who says or does that? For one, yes, friends are generally supposed to give advice when needed, and sometimes when it's not, there's no harm in it unless it becomes overbearing or abusive (not that yours is, bc ffs it's clothing), so that's weird for her to say. Also, she's a massive hypocrite, because she claims she doesn't want the attention or compliments yet is an instagram influencer type. Honey, if you don't want attention or whatever then close your insta, stop posting and advertising and all this bs, and quit playing the victim. People are gonna comment on your appearance whether you're a super star or a nobody, and if you're that selective about the attention and compliments you receive then you come across as shallow and superficial. Jeez.
    Unrelated, but my rant for the day is that I hate when people who don't drink say they don't judge you for drinking, yet all it takes is a glass of wine for them to look at you funny. I have a friend who seems to think I'm an alcoholic and makes jokes about it whenever I say I'm going out for a drink or to a party. Thing is, I don't go out often, and while she's seen me drunk three or four times, that was over the course of a year. I'm a total lightweight, so while I don't drink a lot or very frequently it takes very little to knock me back, so even when I go out I limit myself to maybe two or three drinks. And yet despite this, the moment I mention alcohol, she consistently makes jokes about me having a problem (and even once admitted she was only half-joking, simply because I like booze). Like, Christ, okay, I get it, you're not a fan (even though she claimed when we met she was fine with drinking socially...go figure) but let me live my life? We have mutual friends who drink and get drunk all the goddam time, and she rarely seems to give them as much flack as me. Thankfully I've spent time with family lately who enjoy drinking/getting buzzed, so it's a lot less pressure, but goddam it's so annoying to have someone judging you just because you do something they don't like. 
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  10. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I always get so frustrated by women who talk about being oppressed because their family judges their choices--the whole "when you getting married/having kids" questions have always existed, it's a topic of conversation. I get asked if I have a boyfriend at Thanksgiving dinner, but do I cry that our society doesn't respect single women? No. I just admit I'm more focused on academics (plus the guys I've dated generally don't want the same things I want). That's it. If someone tried to give me flack about it, I shut it down, because I have a backbone and don't give a shit about offending Auntie Karen with my life choices. People need to learn to stop giving a damn about what other people say or think. Hell, I do it all the time--I'm an English major who wants to be an author, so you can imagine the shit relatives tell me about my career options. But at this point I don't care, I grew a pair and told them it's my life, I know what I'm doing and if I want your help or opinion, I'll ask. The same should apply to anything family (or anyone else) throw at you. Tell them it's your life, and if they don't like it they can shove their opinions where the sun don't shine. 
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  11. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    The fat acceptance movement disgusts me to no end. As someone who used to be a chubby child and got teased/bullied to hell and back for it, who tried to give herself eating disorders throughout her youth so she could be thinner, and who to this day struggles with body dysmorphia and self-image insecurities, I want to tell them so badly to shut the fuck up. There's a HUGE difference between having legitimate health issues that make losing/maintaining weight difficult (I would know, I have PCOS) and those who don't care enough about themselves to try and eat right or exercise a little. It pisses me off that a movement that started out with such good intentions--i.e. the body positivity movement--could be warped into something that condones obesity and spreads this false notion that you're beautiful at any size, and that anyone who tells you that you're unhealthy is just a hater. 
    Like, I get it, weight loss isn't easy. I've had to focus on losing weight and being more active in order to deal with my health concerns, and if you think a day goes by that I don't want to just give up, you're wrong. But moderation's the key. When I screw up my diet, I try again and handle setbacks in stride. If I miss the gym because I absolutely have to, I go the next day and don't beat myself up over it. But you have to want to be healthier. Encouraging people who are obese not to change is helping no one. All you're doing is telling them not to trust their doctors who tell them the obvious, that their weight is negatively impacting their health, and lying to them by suggesting that they're healthy and beautiful regardless of size. I'm sorry, but unless you've got a fetish for 600+ pounds of fat and an assload of health problems, it's very hard to find someone who can look at that and think it's attractive. Harsh reality. 
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  12. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Unrelated to the current topic but I really don’t like Mamma Mia. Maybe it’s because I don’t know the ABBA songs (they’re good don’t get me wrong) but it just feels like they’re singing  unnecessarily every two seconds and the songs don’t always seem like they fit into the scene and it frustrates me) 
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  13. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I should be working on my paper more but I can't bring myself to and I'm stressed sooo--
    I'm abroad atm (terrible college decision on my part in so many way, gonna post a rant on that later when I have a sec to breathe simply bc I need to vent to someone and on a forum w/ a bunch of people online seems like the place to do it). Managed to score a decently priced flight home, right before Thanksgiving in the States, which after two weeks that exacerbated my depression and made me not want to attend lectures/leave my room/do anything because I was so stressed and sick and angry, was amazing to learn.
    Only downside is I now have to finish all my papers early. All 45 beautiful pages of them (divided by 4 it's not too bad but...it still sucks lmao). I'm the type of anxious person who can get things down more or less (even though I deviate from any outline I try to make) in a decent amount of time, but God help me if it's not a jittery, can't-sit-still-or-stop-shaking type of why-can't-this-be-over-this-essay-is-awful-my-grade-will-bomb feeling. So I'm trying to get them all done by the 21st, so I can visit some family one last time and not worry about anything after that.
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  14. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Total agree. This is why I take issue with the idea that you should "try to be friends" with someone first, if you have a crush on them. Spending time getting to know them is fine, going slow is fine, but putting up the pretense that you only want to be their friend, when really you have ulterior motives, is skeevy. I've had people do this to me, and it's never worked out well, because if you know you want more from a relationship and start off pretending you don't, you're building a relationship on dishonesty. 
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  15. Squishy Kitty added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    For your last point I wish more people focused on this. For one, girls w/ pixie cuts or shorter hair can look so cute—I’ve seen some who are super girly or feminine, and it just adds to their whole look so much. I even had one as a kid (though less for the aesthetic and more bc I hated dealing with messy curls lol). But ugh, it just sucks that people are so quick to assume short hair can’t be girly or feminine, it just HAS to mean you’re anything but. Dumb.
    I will add I’m not too sure about romance not being dead in this gen, mainly because (at least from my experience) it seems as if so many people are less willing to give it a chance. Between hookups becoming increasingly popular, and now the rising idea that polygamy is fine and monogamy is “unnatural”, it feels as if finding or making a genuine romantic connection with a person is hard, especially if you’re more old-fashioned or romantic. Those are just my two cents, though, and most of my experience is with early-twenties liberal arts college students, so my experience is likely colored a certain way.
    *not trying to pick or start fights in this thread, just saying. I think it’s awesome that people can use this space to talk about less popular opinions, and I love discussing these sorts of things in a civil manner, so if I reply to u directly I’m not trying to be argumentative, just share thoughts ^_^*
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