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  1. Enigma added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - I wish there was some kind of laws that protects 18 and 19 years olds from borderline pedophiles, they’re still technically teenagers and most likely have the same mindset as their high school self.
    - Idc that 18-19 year olds are viewed as adults by law, but if you are in your late 20’s and up sexually attracted to them, you’re a damn creep and are very lucky you have the law on your side. Those type of people at usually the ones who will wait for a minor to turn 18 to prey on them. 
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  2. Enigma added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Am I the only one the rise of men becoming edgy gg stans?? It’s so weird because they’re the ones who preach about “feminism” yet are the main ones who reduce women that likes boy groups as “hormonal rapid teenage fans” and say crap that goes against their so called “feminism” agenda.  
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  3. Enigma added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I don't care if he read a comment or not, he still said it and then everyone laughed... yeah no. Plus like I said before, I personally don't care when idols wear hair styles as long as they don't turn around and insult black people/culture. My last sentence was just speaking in general about why many people don't want their culture to be shared/appropriated, there are ways like educating yourself on where it originated from and giving credits. If you want a better example, think of Bruno Mars, years ago there was a big debate on if he was a culture appropriator or not, more thought he wasn't because he always credited black artists and was inspired by them. It won't please everyone, but you will have a lot less people seeing you as a culture vulture. 
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  4. Enigma added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Call me sensitive or whatever, but shit like this is way CA becomes a thing.
    "Fried octopus hair" seriously, come on now it's 2019 and idols still are saying ignorant shit about my culture. I honestly stopped caring when idols wear hair styles like cornrows because they end up looking like a hot mess, but to make fun and insult when black people have been shamed for having the exact same hair styles??  Don't get me started on the amount of clueless kpop stans who say anything to defend and the infamous "but your faves did____" as if what they did suddenly cancels out or makes what the idol did less offensive. You can't expect people to be open to share their culture if you go around and make fun of it, especially when you don't even truly appreciate it and use it for your own needs.
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  5. Enigma added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    People who find Taehyung ugly (not referring to people who aren't attracted to him, there's a difference) scare me. And no, I'm not just saying this because I like BTS, he's just that attractive. 
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  6. Enigma added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    All memes aside, leave the poor guy looks alone, he ain't deserve to get roasted yet. 
    He actually seems like a nice dude who doesn't know what he's about to get into. Plus, this is Brianna were talking about, y'all really think she downgraded when she looks like this?

    Don't tell me you guys are getting soft on her now.
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  7. Enigma added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    They broke up a while ago, around a week ago I think lol
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  8. Enigma added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - All fandoms are toxic, tired of people complaining about certain fandoms as if they're the worst, if you like a group/person, don't let the 5% ruin it for you.
    - I've also been thinking this for a while now but, don't let a fandom be a main cause of why you don't support x anymore, I can only understand it if it's a video game which requires you to communicate with others.
    - Stop holding an artist accountable for their fandom's actions, no matter what, not even the artists themselves can control them. If their "fav" is constantly talking about being nice/peaceful yet their fandom is doing the opposite, what more do you want them to do, especially if fandoms are filled with children and immature people.
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  9. Enigma added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    It's true that Alex can't control his fan-base and can't pick who he wants to support him, but I can't help putting some blame on Alex. Before you try to debunk me, listen. When it first blew up by "Let's players" in 2014 or 2015 (forgot the year), it gathered a lot of young teens/children to start playing his game and to support him. Even now, majority of his fan base are still young and impressionable, instead of making his game more teen/child friendly, he continues to make the game the opposite and to appeal to them. What I'm trying to say is this, his game has been in development long enough to at least attempt to cater to his young audience. You would think when YanSim got banned from Twitch he would've changed his approach with the direction of the game.
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  10. Enigma added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    I'm watching it right now and this girl is fucking negative as shit and her fans are worse, she needs to take time away from her social media because her fans are toxic as shit and encouraging her.
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  11. Enigma added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    - Bighit really needs to step up their game with security for BTS. Those boys are too popular in a toxic environment (talking about how idols can't date to give off the illusion to delusional fans that they're your "oppa" and etc). Today in J-hope's live some sasaengs were able to not only book the same hotel BTS was staying at but even stick their heads in their room... now just imagine if they were some crazy antis, they all could've been robbed live with millions watching. I know I'm probably going overboard with this but these issues can be solved a lot better if they had more/better bodyguards. That one Jungkook sasaeng is still out there following him, even after being exposed MULTIPLE times, is stalking not a crime or something?
    - Also, let idols fucking date, not only do they deserve happiness and freedom, but it could at least ease the "stalking culture" and crazy delusional fans from doing stupid shit.
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  12. Enigma added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Can you DM me too, I’m curious. 
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  13. Enigma added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    Pretty interesting video imo, not what I was expecting but it wasn't bad.
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  14. Enigma added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Honestly, Bri was really trying to sound so "woke" and "educated" like girl, you're literally one of the last people we want to hear this from. Just because you moved to Japan doesn't automatically make you some kind of expert in Japanese culture. She's fucking doing the same shit she's trying to drag Ariana for, only difference is that Ariana's fame isn't from fucking asian dudes. If it wasn't for Japan she wouldn't be relevant lmfao
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  15. Enigma added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    Many say she only did it to avoid a lawsuit lmfao
    but ye, that remix wasn't it
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