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  1. Undercut added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    You're right. But I swear it was the previous URL. I even remember a .jp/mahoto page  Maybe they changed websites? Or I'm bad at gathering info. 
    EDIT: I was right, if you Google "Genesis One Mahoto" this is the first result: http://genesisone.jp/artists/mahoto
    I agree, UUUM is very corporate, and I liked a lot of these YTers because they seemed against the idea of quantity over quality. Now, I don't know what to think of them.
    From what I know, it's not mandatory but it's super difficult to get an audience without an agency backing you. Your videos aren't recommended as much and there's so much competition with UUUM that almost no-one will see you. It's also a money thing. YouTube is a career, and without an agency you rely on AdSense, which is very unreliable and not guaranteed. Videos are always getting demonitised, so even if there are ads on a video, the poster won't get the money. 
    I saw this too, maybe they're still updating. In the news section they're talking about merchandise. It looks like they're still deciding what to do with the all the merch (albums, clothes, etc) from all the artists. 
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  2. Undercut added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    I think something big happened with Genesis One. Not necessarily a scandal, but the whole website is gone (http://genesisone.jp/). It seems they've shut down totally.
    Mahoto and the others haven't mentioned any personal troubles with G1 (as far as I know), so maybe it wasn't their choice to leave. i.e. the company shut down and everyone was forced to leave.
    Edit: found some articles (all in Japanese though). Japanese fans are quite confused too. Seems that some artists/creators had issues with management from lack of communication, and G1 was struggling to compete with UUUM for a while. 
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  3. Undercut added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    1) love your picture.
    2) I totally agree. Policing every little thing is just stressful. Being politically correct doesn't make you a good person, it's honestly a waste of time. People just do it to feel superior and have a reason to look down on others. No person, industry, hobby, or system is perfect and people need to get over it. Liking something while acknowledging that it has flaws is what normal people do. It's called context! If someone can't do this and insists on giving up the "problematic" thing, they're just childish. 
    3) The general stereotypical view of Asia (including China, India, and all other Asian countries) is the real problem. It's either extremely desired fantasy land or extremely hated cringe. It's either amazing and technologically advanced, or backwards politics and poverty. No middle ground. Not like Asia is more than 50% of the world and is full of real normal people. Anything involving Asia has to be "wow, so shocking, so extreme" - this distant land, so mysterious.
    Also, casual fans of k-pop are so disrespected. It's music, it sounds good. The dancing is good. It's not that deep. (That goes for all fandoms actually). 
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  4. Undercut added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Her Instagram account is private, so I can't lurk  
    I might be totally wrong! (spoiler to save space) But this is why he looks old to me:

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  5. Undercut added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    He looks late 20s/early 30s to me 
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  6. Undercut added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   


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  7. Undercut added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    It seems I'm going to end up ditching her if she continues like this. I'm happy to give advice, but I've been giving advice for years and she never listens. She just wants to have an eternal pity party and gets upset when I don't want to join. 
    It's clear she doesn't notice or care how this impacts me. (Not to mention, she never asks about me or wants to talk about me). Why should I continue to care about her, you know?
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  8. Undercut added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I'm so fucking sick of my friend who's hung up on this douchebag of a guy. He's been stringing her along for years and she just won't move on. She says she's in love with him, but they don't see each other in person more than 3 times a year. He's blatantly lied to her face and stood her up multiple times. 
    It's all good and well, it's not my relationship and I don't control her. But all she ever talks about is this dude and what he does to make her upset and how she's feeling so sad or angry because he didn't respond to her messages quickly enough, or didn't say what she wanted to hear. Her moods depend on what nonsense this guy tells her that day. 
    I feel like we're not even friends anymore, I'm just her relationship counselor.
    He's know her for years! If he hasn't dated her yet, he won't magically get his head out of his ass and date her now. She's stayed single for so long, holding out for this dude, but he had tons of girlfriends. 
    She's a total doormat with him. She never calls him out or even says she's upset with him when he fucks around. She just comes to complain to me. Why would he bring the issue up when she provides the perfect environment to ignore it? Why would he punish himself or put himself on the line when he doesn't have to? He knows she won't bring it up. 
    But I can't tell her this. She'd get offended and really upset with me. At this point I wonder if I shouldn't just drop her as a friend. I'm starting to not care if she'd get upset with me. 
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  9. Undercut added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    I agree, but I also disagree a little. If he gets big he'll be ripped apart for all his old stuff, but only by newcomers I think. 
    He's got a rabidly loyal fanbase from FF days that I think will stick with him no matter what. He did have a few million subscribers. And 88rising has a dedicated fanbase too. Most fans are normal, but you'll always find the weebs and Asian fetishists who look past every flaw of their idol and defend them constantly. 
    Unless something unknown or really bad comes to light I don't think he'll lose support. 
    But I definitely think he regrets his old content. He stopped doing it for a reason and he doesn't seem to talk about it at all now. The hardcore FF fans dont let it go, though. I'm sure he regrets the toxic fans on top of everything else. 
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  10. Undercut added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Halaal (halal) = allowed, permitted
    Haram = not allowed, forbidden
    I'm not Muslim myself, but I live in a country with a large population of Muslims. From what my Muslim friends have told me "halaal" processes happens in 2 places: during slaughter and during cooking. 
    The slaughter is pretty straight forward, the animal has to be slaughtered in a specific way and has to do with respect and cleanliness. 
    For cooking, the meat and food has to be prepared in a kitchen/factory that has not been in contact with pork (or other haram items). For some, they are fine if the kitchen and all dishes/utensils have been cleaned thoroughly after being in contact with pork, or if there is a separate section in the kitchen/factory that never is in contact with haram items/food. 
    Restaurants and shops usually have a certificate/license and products have a sticker to show their meat is sourced from halaal butchers or made in factories that aren't in contact with pork or other forbidden products. But if a restaurant or product does not have a halaal sticker or halaal certificate then it is not halaal. Simple. 
    Of course, in countries where halaal products aren't standard, Muslims have to make some exceptions and just go to some places or avoid some places.
    WITH ALL THAT SAID, Miranda claims to be a strict Muslim, therefore would/should avoid eating non-halaal meat. She should know. 
    tl;dr - She's making stuff up as usual to suit her. It's almost certainly not halaal meat. 
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  11. Undercut added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    From what I've seen, the 100 yen store ($1 stores and £1 stores) hauls and toy reviews are an old genre on YouTube but they get tons of views. 
    When Elsagate was going down a ton of them were toy review channels. They had millions of subscribers and views.
    There's also this YouTuber called Ashens that's been doing Poundland reviews for years. He makes fun of the quality and such. I think the negativity speaks to Duncan's pessimistic side. Something to complain about, but less likely to offend someone maybe?
    It's frustrating that they both complain about being short of cash (Mimei saying she can't go back to the hairdresser for touch ups because it's too expensive) but Duncan's buying a load of crap on the regular. 
    I don't know what either of them are even going for anymore. Duncan seems to want to make fun of trends while simultaneously following the trends. Mimei is just same old boring bland safe content. 
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  12. Undercut added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    It's been said before, but I'll say it again. She looks horrible. So bloated and tired. I couldn't even watch for a full minute. Every video she looks worse and worse.
    In her newest video I think she's trying to over compensate by having a really hyper attitude because people have been on her about looking tired and appearing to have less energy in videos. It's just cringey and feels forced. 
    Also, she's in an airport. Possibly confirming the rumours that she was in Canada? There was speculation that she's back there but trying to hide it for whatever reason. 
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  13. Undercut added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hi everyone,
    I joined a few days ago. I only posted here now because I didn't see this forum before (I'm using mobile and it's a bit tricky to navigate). Long time lurker, particularly interested in j-vloggers and YouTubers. 
    Looking forward to the tea. 
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