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  1. gordix added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    her channel will not die that easily and not that quickly, fornite is more popular than ever and even if fortnite "dies" because of another battle royale she will switch to this game like she did with league of legends, even though she was still making good viewers on it
    if an other type of game gets popular in the future and overshadows fortnite she will most likely switch to this game, i don't see her stream dying in any way right now she could even switch to instagram and become an instagram influencer with her 1m followers, her community is a mix of the new fortnite entusiasts her old league viewers and the offlinetv community and it's constantly growing (fun fact she has more followers than tyler1 since yesterday i think, it shows that she is getting more and more potential new viewers than the most popular league streamer ofc she will never have a community that big but her community grow faster than him) 
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  2. gordix added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    i don't know if it's a known story but poki was "leeching" couple french streamers/youtubers back in 2015/2016 mostly Domingo, which had a bigger stream than her back in the day, they did a couple streams and videos since poki speaks french fluently, it was more a sort of collaboration but i mean the dude had way more viewers than her and he had a french only community so there would be no way to mix both communities so he clearly had no intent about doing content with her to gain viewers, this might not be truly leeching him but she knew she could get some viewers thanks to him 
    at that time she always tagged her stream as ENG/FR which was hilarious because she was basically saying hi in french 2 times the whole stream, i can understand she wants to expand her community but why do you need to bait people like that, it's actually a good thing she removed it, since she now has a lot more viewers she can rely on her english community only
    it's not a bad thing to do stuff with other streamers since it helps him raising his community and you raising yours, the job is mostly about getting known as much as possible, i'm not following her anymore since she's playing fortnite so i don't really know what's happening with myth but if she's doing the same thing that she did with those streamers back in 2016 i don't see any problems with that this is the cleanest way to promote your stream on twitch these days in my opinion
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