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  1. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Of course she re-uploaded this to her main channel.All for dem views.
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  2. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I am astounded...Got nothing more to say xD...
    Oh and Taylor completely lied about the porn situation. Most models posted over there are porn actresses ( Miss Noir Li, for example). I don't care about that, just pointing out her lies.
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  3. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I am so frustrated. I basically commented on Tay's video about the 13yr old situation, that it is wrong and all of her fans are so butthurt. Why is everybody agreeing to this? Am I missing something? >_> And now a 15 year old shows up? The fuk Tom?
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  4. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Honestly I feel like this was her mom's plan for Yumi: find a good ol' man like she did and live happily ever after without having to work a day in your life. Like we already know her mother has a big impact on her life...Ugly eyebrows? Let's ruin them. Your feet won't grow big if I push them in smaller sizes shoes! Small toe get broken. Your hair must be natural, black and long, because it's very feminine! Greasy af forever with 0 volume. 
    So of course, Yumi is very insecure about herself, depressed, confused and always relied on people. She can't live without Splenda so he is taking advantage of this, he wants her to be 100% subordinate and dependent of him. She wants to get a job? Why support your wife? Tell her she will be garbage and won't be his happy pet waifu. He is supposed to be the grumpy one, not her, duuuh! 
    This girl needs therapy asap. Needs to get out in this world, make a few friends, gain experience, get a job, whatever. 
    Yumi, I really hope you are lurking, just go away from that freaking abusive old weirdo. Do you think he will treat you any better than his ex-wive? Or your kids better than his other kids? He is ABUSIVE, period.
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  5. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Taylor, of course you're trying to defend this s*it, that's where the money comes from right? Even though you actually disagree...Funny, somehow she and some of the comments are making us seem like the bad guys that hate her sooo bad, but honestly his thread has been pretty positive...comments like "she looks good with this makeup" or "this outfit is great" or "nice video" whatever. Nobody is jealous of you jeez. Why would I want to sell myself to a sketchy guy? She also looks damn depressed.
    But what really bothers me is that Tom has been called out on Instagram about the 13 year old model post and he kept saying "there is nothing wrong about it, there is nothing wrong about it" instead of saying "yes it could be morally wrong, I apologize, this should be taken down". Having a 13 year old posing in bikini, in a "sexual" manner on a men's website is wrong and if her parents are supporting this it's f'ed up. Not even on Instagram it's ok what she's doing but this website is dedicated specifically for men's fun. Nobody should defend the one who posted this.
    And god I will never forget Tom's reply to "What if you had a daughter, would you approve this?"...sooo... the reserved guy won't let his kids show their faces on camera on Tay's channel, but would agree with soft porn at 13?
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  6. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic WANTED: Artist for 2019 banner   

    Our Hanfu Princess Yumi MUST be in it as well. 
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  7. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Can't edit posts   

    I can't edit my posts either ;-;...
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  8. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    New video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrrWAis71JU
    Her nose contouring is.........uhmm....

    it looks like something else....
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  9. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    If they don't hurry up the baby will be a rat... no kewt animal for baby girl!! 

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  10. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Yumi Gifs   

    When someone prettier passes by. 
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  11. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    And I completely agree with this. I was just narrating how I think it happened, but it's indeed his fault.  
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  12. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    ~How I imagine the whole situation...~
    Old Spice just started his new work, so he wants to do a great job and impress his boss and colleagues. He meets Splenda, who may or may not be his superior. He makes dad jokes so he seems fun to be around. One day he approaches Old Spice and asks him if he wants to hang out with him and his wife, Corn. Splenda knows Old Spice wants to make a good impression ,so he can't be refused, and he might be a good companion for his wife, since they are similar in age and he has a cat. 
    The next weekend they meet up at his place. 
    Splenda: "I have to do something, but I will be right back. You wouldn't mind hanging out only with my wife for now ,right? Just do whatever she wants and you will be fine. Good luck!" 
    Corn: "Can I...Can I pet the cat?" *approaches the cat* "He looks dusty...when was the last time you washed him?"
    Old Spice: "Uhm, never. Cats don't really need to be washed..."
    Corn: "Oooooooooh! But I can't pet it, he is dirtyy......Hey that would be a good video! Cat first time getting a bath! So keeeewt!"
    Old Spice: "..." 
    To be continued...
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  13. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Poor our Hanfu Princess! Bad people are being mean to her online because they don't like her  
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  14. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I am glad that most of the comments are about this issue though. She is so freaking ignorant as always so I don't think she will even add a warning in the description or whatever -_-. 
    Oh and...now she is getting a commission if you purchase cat toys lol? ( https://amzn.to/2REwhzq ) 
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  15. Gravity Queen added a post in a topic WANTED: Artist for 2019 banner   

    I'm a bit late here but oh well I'd like to help PULL too.   
    My style is somewhat semi-realistic- anime-ish, depending on what I'm drawing (real people or fictional characters). The photo from the spoiler is an example of a portrait of a real person.
    (you can see more here: https://www.instagram.com/axelis.art/ )
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