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  1. genio liberado added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - mabel, madison beer, and maggie lindemann are all the same person. you can't convince me otherwise.
    - rugby needs to take over and destory the nfl in america.
    - non-profane insults are so much better than curses. it's not that i'm a prude but i think calling someone a clown/snake/rat is more expressive than calling them a dickhead or something.
    - every youtuber changes after a certain point. every single one of them. no matter the content, gender or age. either they a) get too old for their content and stop posting b) continue to put out half-assed videos for the $ or c) get lucky enough to move to a more lucrative platform. this doesn't make them fake or shady people. you can't start something at 18 and expect to still enjoy it 2/5/10 years later. 
    - god damn it all i want is a cute male pop star that makes dance hits and has choreography.
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  2. genio liberado added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    i think people are being a little extra about vsco girls .they're not exactly a new thing, i always associated that aesthetic with the really sporty girls in high school. sure, the use of stan twt slang is annoying but it's bad coming out of anyone's mouth. i get ~not like other girls~ vibes from people who insist on criticizing them.  
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  3. genio liberado added a topic in Entertainment   

    DC Thread
    Kinda surprised there isn't a thread like this yet! Since there's so many different types of DC media, I decide to just put this in the big Entertainment section. I just got into DC earlier this year and I fell in love with the entire universe lol. 
    So, what are your favorite heros/villians/shows/storylines/comic runs? What do you think about the live action movies? Unpopular opinions?
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  4. genio liberado added a post in a topic What are your musical tastes ?   

    Took me a while to figure out my tastes but I can sum it up like this:
    Synthy europop (Early Britney, N'Sync, Initial D soundtrack, Cascada) UK Rap/Garage (AJ Tracey, Dave, Skepta, Mis-Teeq)Brazilian music (Anitta, Clau, Jao, various funk MCs)Spanish-language music (Shakira, Maluma, Ozuna, J Balvin)"Alt" rap (BROCKHAMPTON, Tyler the Creator, $uicideboy$)Any song that sounds like Not Nice by PARTYNEXTDOORHonestly a good dancey Top 40 hit
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  5. genio liberado added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I think there are many valid things to critique the United States on but I stg sometimes Europeans pick the most innocent aspects of American cultures to complain about. There are too many Batfamily characters. Most Justice Leaguers have ~5 members in their supporting cast while Batman has 15? 16? I think outside of the Robins/Batgirls, the one that should stay and be developed is Duke. Everyone else can go or move to Batwoman's book.Emiko Queen is a bad female Damian and there was no reason for her to replace Mia as Green Arrow's sidekick. I don't expect every superhero show to be accurate but CW DC shows have a bad habit of putting in unneeded OCs. I'm a bit confused as to why Oliver and Dinah couldn't be together in Arrow but I mean ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Out of the new crop of female rappers, the only ones I can see making it big is Doja Cat, Rico Nasty and Megan Thee Stallion. I'd like City Girls to be up there too but with JT in jail and Yung Miami being pregnant idk if they can do it. They don't have as much clout as Cardi B and Migos to withstand stuff like that. 
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  6. genio liberado added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I was watching a commentary channel's video against stan culture, and a bunch of stan twitter people flooded the comments saying that it was the ~ LoCaLs ~ on twitter who were being annoying and using the terms improperly. That they've already moved on to new terms and the old ones were "over". But I see so many black and queer people continue to use them? You can declare something "over" when it never belonged to you in the first place. 
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  7. genio liberado added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    It's been like 6 years and OG Teen Titans fans are still whining about Teen Titans Go. It's time to get over it. The show shouldn't be rebooted. Besides, TTG is enjoyable when you watch it for what it is.Wally West is the best Flash and one of the most powerful heroes within the DC Universe. I wish they would stop giving Barry his personality in live-action media and just use him instead. The Injustice storyline would be great as an animated show.Damian Wayne is best when he has a foil, like Nightwing or Superboy. Someone one to remind him that, despite all the training he's had, he's really just some kid with anti-social tendencies. 
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  8. genio liberado added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    i'm not italian but i'd love a thread on elettra lamborghini 
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  9. genio liberado added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    copying sugarbeets' unpopular sports opinions but with football/soccer bc i too have no where else to put them
    - for every one attractive player on the england nt, there's five more bang average ones people are trying to convince me are hot. it ain't right. 
    - what players do off the pitch isn't any of our business. except starting cheap-looking clothing lines. they should probably stop doing that. 
    - not looking forward to loud ass uswnt stans on twitter during the wwc. not saying usmnt stans are better. anytime either of the national teams plays a significant game, annoying bandwagon fans come out of the woodworks just to act like the fucking worst. 
    - messi's wife antonella is the goat wag.
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  10. genio liberado added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    more music opinions because i agreed with all of jellylike's lol
    shakira is underrated. i know the views on her music videos say otherwise but i haven't seen her being talked about much and el dorado is full of bops.the spice girls' music was trash. just one decent song per album.and victoria beckham was the best one.zayn is really interesting as a person.prettymuch would be more successful if they took the technically-not-a-boyband route such as 5sos and brockhampton. there needs to be more eurodance/europop influence in american pop nowadays. i'm talking evacuate the dancefloor type shit. 
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  11. genio liberado added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    - i'm sick of the soft uwu style of animation on cartoon network. it's not ugly but on shows that aren't gumball, it really isn't appealing either.
    - pitbull owners who blame the young child or the elderly for getting mauled are p a t h e t i c
    -seeing germany flop at the world cup and get beaten by the dutch 3-0 in the nations league was extremely satisfying. speaking of the netherlands, i still think they are a top 15 team.
    - i don't think it's petty to not support something because of its fans. 
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  12. genio liberado added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    New Zealander accents are the best of the Anglos. Canadian ones are the worst. 
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  13. genio liberado added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    god her issues with race are so apparent...hating black men, calling herself lightskin, hating on japanese women bc she puts the men on a pedestal. these woke twitter people are always the most self-conscious.  
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  14. genio liberado added a post in a topic Western Cartoons.   

    what do you guys think of summer camp island? it's kinda of a cutesy tumblr uwu show. not my thing.
    also best y2k cartoon? mine's as told by ginger.
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  15. genio liberado added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    stans/fans of real people have the worst boundary issues. this includes pop star, kpop idol, actors, athletes, reality shows people, whatever. fans don't realize that at the end of the day that's still a person you don't know and you aren't entitled to private information about them.
    they go through their friends' and family's personal account for information. those people aren't public figures. it's fucking weird to try to find the username to a singer's 16yo sister's snapchat bc you think you might see posts about them. real person shipping. i think it's find to say x and y would be cute together...but when you start drawing and sharing explicit fanart, harassing their actual so, implying that their children are actors, like you start to sound like a conspiracy theorist. actually i don't think rps can be justified in anyway that shit's just weird.fuckin...idk how to explain this but have you ever seen stans talk about their favorite people as if they knew them? like they give them advice as if they knew what was going on in their lives. or they take any attack on the celebrity as an attack against themselves.i don't understand why people can just enjoy someone's music or like the way an athlete plays without getting super engrossed in their business. 
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