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  1. mouserat added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    Yeah, I realize that. I guess it's kinda just my "online voice"? I don't know. I get what your saying and I hope it doesn't make you guys feel like I'm representing a group of people as idiots. Again, I apologize.
    (But no, I don't talk like that in real life. Thank God.)
    Aah!! One more thing!!! I didn't type my messages like that either that was just how I put them on PULL.
    EDIT: I fixed it and made it more accurate.
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  2. mouserat added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    You guys. I did it. I broke a rule. Before anyone gets mad at me, trust me, I apologize. I commented on Kankle's post. It was from an account of mine and was for my own amusement, but nevertheless. I'm sorry. Now, I'd like to tell my interaction.
    I said, "THE DAMAGE (three skull emojis. I thought that was important to include. Carry on.) Shave it off, please." Yes, I could have been kinder. But did she really deserve my kindness? Nah. Anyways, Ken Doll replies, "Who even are you"
    At this point, I was about peeing my pants. I responded with, "LMAO @myfriendsaccount look at this girl, thinking she's all high and mighty." Kankle responds, "Laughing MY ass off, look at this girl thinking she's all high and mighty saying I have damaged hair in a photo of my BLURRED HAIR. Stop tearing other women down."
    After this, one girl came to my aid and said "I don't think she was trying to tear you down." Kenna responds, "I don't think telling someone to shave their hair is exactly nice." 
    I was like, okkkk.... I said, "I said your hair is DAMAGED. Not ugly. (Even though it is. Sorry. Carry on.) The definition of damaged it something that has been negatively effected. Your killing your hair, that's all."
    I think that was all, she blocked me after that. Maybe there was a little more? I don't remember. Anyways, sorry again. I couldn't resist.
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  3. mouserat added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    okay so this is kinda OT, kind of related. i just gotta say something real quick.
    do you think kenna realizes how toxic she is? to her followers and supporters and everyone, because she has to by now. maybe this is a little to personal to be putting on PULL, but i developed a borderline eating disorder BECAUSE of kenna. and i know you should never pin a problem like that on a person, but when she posts things like "AWH look how TEENY and SMOL i am. heheheehhe!!!!" and "look at this HUGE PLUS SIZE sweater on ME!!! you can barely SEE ME!!!" it really fuels problems like that.
    i'm about two inches taller than kenna and only a little smaller than her, but when she posts shit like that it makes me feel bad. and i'm sure other people feel the same. 
    i just think she needs to get her head out of her ass and stop talking about shit no one cares about, and also watch the things she says.
    fix yourself, kanken.
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