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  1. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Btw does anyone know why she chose the last name ‘Cameron’? I know she chose her first name because her dad used to call her dove, but how’d she decide Cameron? I think I read somewhere (maybe early in this forum?) that the initial plan was for nobody to ever find out she used to be Chloe Celeste Hosterman, but if that’s the case they obviously didn’t keep up with it lol.
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  2. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Now that you mention it I don’t think she’s ever actually outright said ‘I’m bisexual’! It’s always someone commenting something like ‘bisexual icon uwu’ and she just likes the comment/tweet or replys with a ‘😏’ lmao. 
    This article ( says she “came out” but when you actually read it, it just says a fan tweeted ‘like this if you’re bisexual’ and she liked it, probably because she saw an opportunity to look woke, and since she never officially said she was bi she can easily backtrack and say she never meant to like the tweet or something (don’t think she’d do that though since there’d be backlash).
    But yeah, it definitely seems like queerbating. This is the video of her ‘making out’ with her friend:
    and an article about it lol:

    Also on instagram she sang ‘Take Me or Leave Me’ from the musical ‘Rent’, a song sung by a bisexual character that includes the lyrics “Ever since puberty, Everybody stares at me! Boys, girls I can't help it baby.” And in the caption she put “happy pride month 😏🌈” but didn’t say anything about being bi except for the fact that she sang a song. 

    And here’s some of her recent tweets:

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  3. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    right? Like I totally get that feeling of my bisexuality being invalidated by someone, but with someone like Dove... it just doesn’t sit right with me. Especially if Dove and Sofia are forced to pretend to be friends, Dove is really riding hard on the Mal/Evie ship in order to satisfy fans, if Sofia hates Dove it must be so uncomfortable for her when Dove is like ‘lol look at how GAY Mal and Evie are!!’ 
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  4. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    100% agree that China is going places, her singing is amazing too! I think all the main cast except for Dove will really go places, they all seem like truly nice, genuine, talented people. 
    As for her being shady towards the model, I’ve never suspected her to be racist, it actually wouldn’t surprise me though. She’s the only white main character and she seems to treat her costars like crap, though I think she treats everyone like crap so maybe I’m pushing it. There’s this post on Tumblr that I saw that said “some people have never worked in customer service/retail and it shows” and literally Dove hasn’t worked a day in her life, started Disney at 17/18, had a role in ‘Shameless’ when she was 16, and was getting all that plastic surgery at 14/15. She literally didn’t even struggle with acting + her family supports her! Yeah, her costars are child actors too, but they have parents that seem like nice regular people who probably kept their kids humble.
    Dove’s mother seems like a huge enabler, she literally wrote this book:
    Probaby told Dove she was ugly or something when she was younger (though some sources say that, while Bonnie is a bad person too, it was always Chloe (aka Dove) who was yelling at her mother, etc.) 
    Dove’s dad committed suicide back in 2011 when Dove was 15, but her parents got divorced before that, not sure when, but I have a bit of a theory about something:
    Her father committed suicide allegedly because he was gay. I say allegedly because I don’t have much of a source, there’s plenty of articles that talk about his death but I’ve only seen the alleged reason in instagram comments by fans, Dove hasn’t ever confirmed if this was why as far as I can tell. So they get divorced for obvious reasons, and it seems like Bonnie had custody of Dove and her sister because the three of them moved to LA when Dove was 14, one year before her father killed himself, and his obituary states that he died in Seattle, Washington (where Dove is from) meaning his ex-wife and daughters left and moved to a place that wouldn’t be easy for visiting. So part of me is wondering if his family shunned and abandoned him or something because of his homosexuality, obviously he wasn’t feeling very much support if he took his own life. Of course, just because he killed himself doesn’t mean he had no support, he was 67 (born in 1944, so like 50 something when Dove was born!) and if you’re an old man it can be a struggle to accept yourself or you can feel like you wasted your life, but this is just a thought I wanted to put out there. The gay rumor could also be fake too just to make Dove seem more tragic but idk... 
    On a related topic though: what are your thoughts on Dove claiming she’s bisexual? Cause I’m bisexual too but personally I’m not buying it, it seems like she’s pulling what a lot of celebrities have been doing where they say they’re bisexual but it’s just to make them look good being part of the LGBT community when in reality they don’t actually care about LGBT issues. Obviously some celebrities are actually bi, but I’ve really been seeing a pattern in the types of celebrities that come out as bi and don’t seem to be telling the truth. She’s also very ‘lol REMEMBER???!! I’m GAY’ like people ship Mal (Dove’s character) and Evie (Sofia’s character) and a fan tweeted something like ‘wow Mal ran straight to Evie’ and Dove replied ‘well I wouldn’t exactly say straight 😏’ and it’s so cringe like she tries wayyy too hard to be relatable.
    anyway idk if the things I just said seemed too out there and pushing it and if they are feel free to knock me off this forum and launch me into the sun, but I thought I’d give some theories/opinions on some of this stuff. 
    Could you possibly link a source/article about her being rude to the model (or if you know which model it is could you name her?) cause this seems interesting and I want to read about it!
    also lmaoo wtf

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  5. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    yeah I heard she was actually cheating on Ryan with her current bf so that would make sense! As for Ryan I don’t know who or if he’s dating now but there’s some videos that make it seem like he was only using Dove for a career boost, like she got him his part in Heathers and stuff. I think I believe that he “was awful” to her, but I also think she was most likely just as bad.
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  6. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I wonder what all her costars actually think of her? The YouTube channel ‘Dove Cameron Shady’ uploads a lot of stuff like ‘Dove Cameron annoying Sofia Carson’ and while the uploaded claims the videos are jokes, it really looks like her fellow cast members really might have an issue with her. They all insist they’re best friends but I’m old enough to remember the Demi/Miley/Selena/Jonas Brothers drama that went down, and the Hilary Duff/Lindsey Lohan crap. They hated each other. I definitely think Disney learned from their “mistakes” and is making sure everything is under wraps, they can’t have cast feud drama, especially when Dove is their ~best~ star, they don’t want people exposing her crap and it wouldn’t surprise me if her costars were threatened with their careers if they tried to say anything, Dove is on a pedestal while her cast mates simply surround her. 
    If you watch those videos Sofia literally can’t get a word in, she starts talking and Dove interrupts all the time! Literally in one of the videos they’re all on the red carpet and Sofia is speaking and Dove just shouts “trust fall!” then literally falls back while Booboo Stewart catches her, cutting off Sofia talking and bringing all attention to Dove in the process. She talks about how she hates celebrity culture but she can’t seem to get enough attention so???
    She also interrupts or just straight up ignores China, meanwhile her male costars don’t seem to talk much, they probably know they wouldn’t be able to get a word in! It’s really messed up. I can’t wait for their Disney contracts to end so she can be exposed.
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  7. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Is anyone else irritated with her ‘positive outlook’ thing she’s got going on? 
    I’m a very optimistic person myself but her ‘optimism’ is all, “oh you’re depressed? Think happy thoughts!” “Don’t allow negativity to get the best of you!!” And it’s like??? For someone who claims to struggle with anxiety, who’s childhood was “so dark” ( ) she really doesn’t seem to understand how badly mental illnesses can effect people. You can’t just remind yourself that it’ll pass, you won’t always have other people to help you. I’m not denying that she’s gone through stuff, especially with the death of her dad, but she really doesn’t seem to grasp how difficult it can actually be for most people. 
    Also this: I really can’t believe she’s actually trying to convince people she’s trying to be a role model for young girls: 
    A breaking point came when Cameron saw her peers give diet advice in interviews and on social media, telling young fans that the secret to maintaining their bodies was healthy eating and exercise. Upset that they were perpetuating unrealistic body standards and lifestyles, Cameron knew it was time to seek help and change her own habits. 
    “They were telling little girls that if they just watch what they eat and run that they will look like that and that they should look like that and that that’s the picture of health,” Cameron says. “It made me so personally upset. That’s a blatant lie. That’s not OK. That’s not a role model. I realized that if I was going to be a role model then I needed to live like the girls that I needed when I was young.” 
    She talks about how she needs to be real and not lie to these young girls about this stuff, but literally her whole face is a lie that all her fans have fallen for, thinking they need to look like her, and she doesn’t say a damn thing, she just basks in the hundreds of “I wish I looked like you :(“ comments every day. She also posts so many Instagram stories of her in the gym, the camera focused on her body, and she turns to show you how flat her stomach is. Wtf, you call that being a role model?? She also recently posted a photo of her with a single zit, like wow! How relatable! Sure, she’s not telling anyone they need to excersise or eat a certain way or look a certain way, but how the hell is she going to defend all that and still try to convince us she wants to be a role model? 

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  8. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    The article:
    The photo:
    theres a lot of comments but the person who posted it is under the name ‘Izzy’ in February 2016. 
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  9. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    True, I imagine a part of it is her manufactured, squeaky-clean Disney image, but I can’t really imagine any significant change in her personality after she leaves. Maybe she’ll be doing more ‘sexy’ roles or photo shoots, maybe she’ll swear more? But that’s about it, can’t imagine the oversharing and fake woke motivation tweets will go away, but we’ll just have to see. But you’re definitely right, I think she tries wayyy too hard to be relatable which will become annoying (as if it hasn’t already) because it’ll seem fake and pushy, just like JLaw.
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  10. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    shes listed as a main character in an upcoming movie ‘Dumplin’’, it’s apparently a musical that stars Jennifer Aniston. After that she’s got voice roles in a Marvel cartoon and ‘Angry Birds 2’. After those and D3 nothing is listed. But I can’t personally see her acting career taking off past Disney, she’s just too unnatural. I’ve literally never seen a young, working, successful actress with as much plastic surgery as she’s gotten. Sure, plenty of actresses get nose jobs or even possibly lip fillers, but not to the extent that’s its horribly obvious. I mean, even if she gets more well known outside of Disney, her fans won’t be mainly kids anymore, meaning more people are bound to go looking for her ‘before’ pictures and more people who knew her before will come forward and spill some tea. I don’t think she’s a bad actress, but it’s hard to tell when all she’s really done is Disney. I saw a few clips of her scenes on AoS, and she wasn’t the worst, but my god her face is so stiff because of all those fillers, she just doesn’t move naturally imo, and she looked so out of place compared to all the other more natural looking actors. She looks like every other Instagram model, and I’ve never seen an actress look like and instagram model. Maybe she’ll eventually admit to her plastic surgery and possibly get her fillers removed like Kylie just did lol, but I guess we’ll have to see. 
    She is a really good singer though, I wish she’d work on that cause she’s been teasing an album or single (not sure which) since September 2017, literally almost been a year and her fans are getting anxious for it. Plus you don’t have to look natural to sing! I’m all for looking how you want, I just think it’s really horrible of her to not own up to how much work she’s gotten done when she has young girls who want so bad to look like her, and no matter how many ‘send me your makeup free selfies’ she tweets, plenty of fans are still going to look at her “all natural” face and feel bad for not looking like her. I imagine Disney wouldn’t want her (or possibly forbids her) to admit she’s had plastic surgery, so I guess it’s only a waiting game for when she leaves Disney to see if she’ll own up, I’m still not sure how to feel about her but everything I’m reading on here makes me think she’s shady. 
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  11. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    This is a photo someone posted in a comments section on a article about her to prove they knew her. It’s of their second grade year book (Dove is Chloe Hosterman, last photo in the third row). I wonder if anyone can find any of these people and ask them about her! Anyone could be a different person in second grade, but apparently she came from a very small town and people in the book probably knew her past second grade! 

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  12. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron
    this is the Instagram story she uploaded, at first I thought I was really cool, she talks about how she’s considering taking a break from the internet and how it’s all fake and blah blah blah, you can watch the video for the rest. But then immediately, literally the day after this rant she’s back to posting photos that should be personal (only ones that make her look good, of course). What do you guys think? In my opinion the video seems nice, but take a look at her insta and you’ll see she doesn’t follow her own advice.
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