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  1. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    So BuzzFeed posted a ‘cute celeb couple Instagram posts’ article and Dove was included and there was a comment about her. She not super well known in the general public  but for the people who do know who she is it seems she’s not well liked 👀 her only fans are mostly people under 12 and they’ll eventually grow up and outgrow her. Once her contract with Disney is up she’ll be completely lost without them to hand her roles, might even be easier to find stuff from her past since they won’t care about burrying it anymore. I feel she’ll probably have couple songs that are hits and then she’ll be stuck as an sort of popular  Instagram model since she can photoshop her face there. Can’t see her career going much further than D3, she’s ruined her face for acting. It’s sad.
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  2. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    the weird Nickelodeon foot guy is Dan Schneider not Kenny. I believe Dan has since quietly resigned from Nick after the conspiracies but as far as I know there are no weird conspiracies about Kenny. Kenny is also gay but some people were kind weirded out by how he wrapped his arms around his casts throughout high school musical and decendants, but I don’t think there’s anything malicious behind it, he’s probably just a weird dude.
    so you saw little instances of Dove being nice cause obviously no one is just constantly mean but do you think there’s any hope for her? Obviously the bad outweighed the good because she left you with a horrible impression of her but do you think there’s any chance of her learning her lesson? I try to see the good in people but Dove has pissed me off enough to be on this forum which I never would be on usually, and I haven’t even met her like you have lol
    Also have you ever witnessed her what must’ve been very awkward photos and videos with Thomas where they’re staging kisses and stuff for Instagram? 
    What does she look like in person? Is her plastic surgery as bad as it seems in her candid pics? Was there any gossip or comments about her surgery or did no one really care?
    Just spill as much as you can this is really interesting to here stories from someone who worked with her literally just a few years ago, I was hoping the bratty stories of her in high school were just who she used to be and she actually might’ve improved as a person, but to hear that she’s just as bratty as a 21/22 year old? Yikes.
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  3. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    were all nosy bitches please spill as much as you can on this forum lmao
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  4. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    god it seems like every time I get a little optimistic about her or think ‘maybe I’m wrong’ or at least ‘maybe she wasn’t nice as a teen but has since matured because we were all kinda assholes as teens’ someone comes and just drops something like this. 
    I’m so sorry she put you through all that but it’s nice to hear that everything else (besides Thomas) seemed to be nice. Do you know and are you allowed to say what everyone else thought of her? I know you said she played nice around the other actors but I’ve heard there was some major beef between her and Sofia. So if you know anything about that or her relationships with the other actors, please spill if you can!
    also I was always wondering what her hair and makeup people are thinking when they’re just trying to do their freaking jobs and she’s making weird faces/singing or messing with her hair like in these videos:
    Selfies are cool and fine, but no one who films their faces that much and takes that many selfies could possibly care about anyone but themselves —at least they certainly wouldn’t care about disrupting simple peasants who are doing her hair and makeup. And no one who’s oh so genuine would constantly have very convenient photos and videos of what would usually be intimate moments between her and her bf. They seem cute at first but then you realize someone is awkwardly standing there and taking pictures while her and Thomas jump and kiss on each other. That’s not real and it’s honestly gives me second hand embarrassment thinking about someone constantly having to pose cute moments with their bf instead of actually genuinely loving them. They’re both assholes and I feel like the only reason they even like each other is because they’re trophy hot gf/bf to one another, nothing else connects them except maybe their superiority complexes, which will eventually lead to a messy break up that we all know Dove is going to milk and say he was abusive or something. And also the nice act in front of others is so obvious that you can see it in literally every interview she does. There’s nothing genuine behind her eyes and it’s almost creepy when you really start to notice it, it’s like she’s some kind of wax robot. It’s definitely got to be her mom and upbringing. Her dad dies when she’s young and even before that her mom had custody in the divorce. Her mom lets her get a ridiculous amount of plastic surgery underage. Her mom is literally the author of a couple ‘how to make your kid famous’ books. Her mom has just gotta be awful and Dove is exactly like her.
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  5. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    these were I think after her 2nd (and I think last?) nose job from what I can tell. She definitely has some bottom lip fillers. These pictures are from the ‘era’ where I find a lot of people think she was at her most beautiful. 
    In my opinion her face was more unique, now she just has the same face as every Instagram model. But I also think that without any plastic surgery she was really gorgeous too and you really have to wonder who tf made her so insecure that she had to get these done at 14/15?? I’m betting on her mom since she would’ve had to have parental consent.
    Sometimes being on this forum makes me feel really bad. I look back at some of the stuff I’ve said and it’s mean. I don’t know why but something about Dove just bothers me a lot. I never go to forums to trash on the Kardashian’s or other Instagram influencers. I think someone else mentioned that something about Dove just throws them off too, and they’re not sure either. I’ve been trying to really take a step back and check myself and I ask myself if I’m jealous, but I don’t think I am. I look at other beautiful people who’s lives I admire and aspire to be and I get inspired, I get happy, I look up to them and I’m a fan - but that’s not the case with Dove. I don’t aspire to be her. I don’t feel inspired. I kinda just feel like I’m looking at any other Instagram model, but she makes me angrier than usual. Angry enough to be on a forum like this an idk why.
    I guess it’s sort of what I mentioned before about her main audience being kids, that definitely still bothers me. I don’t have any problem with plastic surgery (I’ve mentioned on here I’ve considered a nose job in the past but rn I’m trying to love myself, still unsure though) so long as people are honest (they don’t have to mention it every other sentence but if asked just tell the truth) because stuff like plastic surgery, topped with photoshop is really toxic to our society. So I think it’s just her lack of honesty when she has such an influence over kids is really troubling. There’s also her shady and inconsistent past and blatant lies that you can see on the one YouTube channel. Maybe there’s not anything super evil behind why she lies, but it’s definitely not beneficial to her reputation to have such inconsistencies like those videos.
    idk. I’ve just been feeling kinda weird lately. I’m like, pretty sure that Dove is aware of this forum just based on how she seems to google herself (she posts articles on her ig sometimes and also who wouldn’t google themselves if they were a celebrity?) but if somehow this gets to her I really hope she’s as ‘woke’ as she promotes herself to be and really thinks about her negative influences. I understand she’s probably gone through some major insecurities and it’s not an easy thing to get over but as an adult with a large audience of children she has to make a decision on wether or not she’s going to give other little girls the same insecurities. 
    I can only hope she stops photoshopping (maybe even open up about her surgeries one day) but for now her careers in a place where she’ll either soar or flop. She’ll succeed if she deserves it and if there really is bad stuff from her past then it’s just up to a waiting game for it to bite her in the ass. I hope that I’m wrong and she is a good person like she preaches, but for now I really don’t know what else to say except I hope she checks herself and works on becoming a better person and influence on her young audience.
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  6. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Since Disney did such a good job of erasing so many pictures of Dove from before her surgeries, I figured I’d post a bunch I found here. Some I got from celebface, some from dovecameronbefore, and some from Pinterest. 
    (I found a Pinterest account under Dove’s name and I’m not sure if it’s actually her but it seems like it might be, though she probably hasn’t used it since like 2015):
    she says she’s 5’4??? But now she’s all about that ‘I’m 5’2 look I’m so little n cute’ so wtf. Was there a point where she was insecure about her height so she lied about being taller or does she lie now and she’s actually taller lmao?
    anyway here’s some pics of her from various points in time before and after her surgeries, all super different than what she looks like now: 
    Some “all natural” pics:

    compared to now:

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  7. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Y’all idk if any of this is you but I found this insta and they’ve posted before pics of Dove that I’ve never seen anywhere before. I wonder if they knew her before or how they got access to the rare pics? https://www.instagram.com/dovecameronbefore/
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  8. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    So she just posted this and LMAO

    she has no fucking consistency in her internet body 
    yo, do you have any info on this bullshit she’s saying? Maybe not since if it even happened it probably would’ve been in Washington.*never mentions this ever and finally decides to tell fucking Cosmopolitan that her best friend and the friends sister was MURDERED by their father* Jesus fucking Christ I gotta look into this and if anyone else can somehow find if it’s true or not post it here.
    well damn, the story is true. Don’t know if the girl was really her friend or if she’s just using the story to gain more sympathy though. 
    I still stand by my opinion though, that no matter what shitty stuff happened to her it’s still disgusting that she makes little girls feel ugly and worthless and knows what she’s doing. If even half the shit she says is true I can’t possib begin to understand how someone who went through so much that would seemingly make you as deeply empathetic as she claims to be could go on to be so fucking shady and then preach about self-love while simultaneously getting plastic surgery and continuing to photoshop herself when she knows she has little girls who are talking about how ugly she makes them feel because of how “naturally” gorgeous and skinny and perfect she is. 
    Also she looks so much like Bella Hadid in this pic, everyone was saying they must have the same plastic surgeon and now I see it: 

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  9. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    she was okay in AoS, that scene she posted on her ig did impress me but her character every other time was almost completely emotionless, and not in a good ‘evil villain’ way but in a bad acting way. The character was written to be stoic but if she was good you’d still be able to see something behind her eyes. But maybe that’s not her fault, Marvel is owned by Disney and she either got the role because she complained about wanting to do more mature roles, or because Disney wanted to boost the ratings of the show by hyping her and getting her fans to watch, even if it meant a bad plot/character.
    in her other stuff like descendants or Liv & Maddie her acting is pretty bad. Liv and Maddie was one of her first major roles so I guess you can give her a pass on that, but you think she’d improve on descendants by now. It always sounds like she’s reading off a script (which of course she is, every actor does, but when they’re good at acting it’s not supposed to feel like that). Stage acting definitely suits her better because of this. I also think she has major issues with making her characters her own. In Hairspray Live! she did well but the entire time she kept trying to sound like Kristin Chenoweth (her fictional mother and real life idol) and in Clueless it seems like shes really trying to channel Alicia Silverstone and when you’re taking on a role that was previously played by another person you’re not supposed to try and copy them, you’re supposed to make it your own (to an extent) and all I saw was her trying to imitate instead of trying to be good. For example Emily Blunt playing Mary Poppins, she’s taking on a huge role filling Julie Andrews shoes, but she did a great job without being a copy cat. Same with broadway actors who aren’t the og portrayals, they play the same characters but they make it their own. And I know Dove isn’t really comparable to someone like Emily Blunt who’s older and had spent years learning and honing her craft but the thing is, is that Dove has bragged about never having any training before. Like the best of the best have had training, no one pops out of the womb with abilities like that, that’s not how life works. idk if she has had any training since but she never talks about it, probably because it makes her feel better to pretend like she’s just naturally perfect in her talents and her face. She’s not a horrible actress overall, but she’s not good enough to actually get anywhere near big movies like Zendaya (a former Disney star) in Spiderman. She’s also royally fucked up her face to the point where if she actually improved and became a good actress she still wouldn’t make it because of how unnatural she looks. Christ, Saoirse Ronan is two years older than Dove and Dove looks ten years older than her. She may have been good in AoS but she looked so ridiculously out of place next to everyone else because of all her plastic surgery that it was ruined. 
    I mean honestly if Dove actually wanted to be good she could be headed towards Zendaya’s level. She could be like Sofia Carson (her co-star in descendants) who is staring in a spin off/sequel to Pretty Little Liars, and who attended the freaking Golden Globes tonight. She could be like Noah Centineo who is the same age as her and started out with little roles on Nickelodeon and Disney but then got onto the Fosters and became a household name after to all the boys I’ve love before. But I don’t think dove actually gives a shit about being good at anything, she just wants to be famous. If she wanted to be good then she would be headed down a better path. I’m positive that if her mom didn’t already have Hollywood connections that she’d be a tik tok star or and ig model. She’d probably be a pretty popular singer if she actually released the album she’s been teasing for at least 5 years now. But all she cares about is continuing to trick her army of 7-12 year old fans who are to naive to know when she obviously lying to them about her life, her past, her face, and her body, making all these children hate themselves in the process, just because it makes her feel good about herself.
    Dove will ride her Disney fame wave for as long as possible until they don’t need her anymore and then she’ll fade into irrelevance, she’s almost completely unknown outside of her Disney fan base.
    sometimes I wonder why I hate her so much, but then I remind myself that’s she’s actually fucking evil. I usually don’t give a shit if someone gets plastic surgery, that’s not it. It’s annoying and sad when someone photoshops themselves, but that’s not it either. People like Kim K or Bella Hadid have obviously gotten surgery and are known to photoshop their pics, plus there fan base is mainly adults and while they definitely make people feel bad about themselves, they’re not going around claiming to be the best role models. Dove goes on and on about how important being a good role model is to her but then does the same crap that Kim and Bella do, only she projects it onto her fan base that she knows damn well consists of mostly children. I’m fucking tired of going into her comment section on ig and seeing children talk about how they hate their bodies and how they want to look as naturally pretty as Dove, they want to be as skinny as Dove. And Dove reads her comments too. She reply’s to dumb stuff but she can’t reply and at the very least tell a fan that they’re beautiful or anything, she just lets her comment section get full of children who could develop eating disorders because of her. And Dove has opened up about struggling with anorexia in the past (could be a lie since almost everything she says is) but this should make her extra aware that she shouldn’t post photoshopped pics or lie about her plastic surgery because why would you ever wish for anyone to suffer the way you did. 
    also I’m pretty sure she literally blocked the word ‘photoshop’ on her instagram lmao:almost half a million likes, just 976 comments. It had more comments before and a lot of them mentioned photoshop, and the only comment I could find after that mentions photoshop, the commenter shortened it to ‘shop. (AND look at the comment under it, I went on their profile and they look anywhere from 9–12 years old, it’s fucking awful): 
    so to summarize, I guess I don’t give a shit about Dove’s mediocre acting or her picture perfect life being the poster child for privilege or even her botched nose job. I hate her because she knows damn well what she is doing to thousands, possibly millions of children with her lies and photoshop. Anyone who knows how big of an influence they are on children and still does this and lies about it can’t be anything but just evil. She knows she’s giving little girls everywhere horrible insecurities, shit that can lead to eating disorders that will most definitely lead to some deaths. I know this sounds extreme but it’s true. I would never wish this disease on anyone and dove encourages it. I’ve been insecure about my weight since I was 11 and I didn’t even have Instagram or Dove Cameron to influence me. As someone who has struggled and continues to struggle with anorexia to this day I proudly say that Dove Cameron can just fuck off. She can’t fade into irrelevance soon enough. 
    I’m sorry this literally went from some light criticism of her acting to a heated rant, but sometimes I really just wonder why I have and account on here, why I spend my time talking shit about her but then I remember and it makes me so angry that she’s not called out more. Honestly it’s just disgusting to me. Its sad and it sucks that she’s so insecure that she got plastic surgery probably as young as 14. It’s sad that she’s still so insecure that she photoshops her pictures. But the fact that she projects and encourages those same insecurities in children by getting plastic surgery and by photoshopping is disgusting.
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  10. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    so she’s Austrian now too LMAO: https://youtu.be/4ZOVIxX4-rA
    she’s so desperate to be as interesting as possible that she’s really out here claiming she’s every type of white 
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  11. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    What year is that from? God she’s so different. Did you see the progression of her plastic surgery or did most of that happen after she left?
    Do you by any chance know why she changed her last name? She always tells the dad story about her first name but never explains her last name. I’ve read it was because she wanted to leave her past in Seattle behind once she moved to California but then her real name got leaked so she was just like ‘lol it’s a stage name.’ but still never explained the inspiration behind her fake middle and last name (Olivia and Cameron)
    and she was really always Dove at your school? That would mean the dad story is bs because he died a year after she moved to California with her mom and sister (and not with him) so that’s crazy. Thank you for this amazing contribution to the tea spillage on her lmao. 
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  12. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Found this vid of her talking to a fan: https://youtu.be/ZUjPFdaMOqE
    I wonder if this is what she tells herself when people talk about all her plastic surgery.
    ’they’re fake’
    ’oh, well, if you bought them they’re yours’
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  13. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    could you link some? I’ve seen the Dove Cameron Shady channel that makes fun of her hypocrisy and obnoxiousness, but it’s hard to find anything else.
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  14. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Does it bother anyone else that Dove keeps calling ‘Dumplin’ her movie or her project?: 
    like I realize that she’s in the movie, but they way she’s posting about and phrasing things makes her sound like she’s the star.
    for those of you who don’t know, from Wikipedia: “Willowdean, nicknamed "Dumplin’" by her mother and called "Will" by her friends, is an overweight teenager that has always felt that she was comfortable with her body and herself. She doesn't care that her mother was a teen beauty queen or that people have poked fun at her for her weight. All of that changes when she meets Bo, a handsome boy her age that has expressed interest in dating her. Suddenly Will is full of insecurities and can't bring herself to date him out of fear of what others would say. In order to prove to her self-worth, Will has decided to enter and win the Miss Teen Blue Bonnet Pageant. However, as the date of the pageant approaches, Will finds that it's not that easy to take part in a pageant - especially after her best friend Ellen decides to enter.”
    This is obviously not a film Dove is staring in. She doesn’t even play Will’s best friend, she plays some pageant girl named Bekah Cotter who is ‘the favorite to win’ because she’s oh so pretty but you just can’t bring yourself to hate her because she’s nice too! No seriously that’s the character description. Sounds very Mary Sue to me. 

    But despite Dove nowhere near being the star of this movie, the internet can’t stop gushing over her and practically ignoring the actual star Danielle Macdonald. Of course that’s not Dove’s doing, it just reflects that our society will still ogle at the thin, pretty, blonde girl while ignoring the literal star of the movie. 
    Heres the trailer, Dove doesn’t speak in it at all and any shot she’s in lasts half a second/she’s in the back doing nothing: 

    and here’s a article about it lmao:
    And literally just the other day Dove posted a throwback to when she played Amber in Hairspray and said that Amber (racist, bullies the fat main character) is a mood. It’s a clip of her singing Cooties, a song dedicated to Tracy where she calls Tracy and her mother ugly and fat. but maybe I’m looking too far into it 🤷‍♀️
    Dove is so fake woke. Though I do guess being faux woke is better than being outwardly nasty, at least she’s spreading good messages to her young fans. But I feel like in a few years a video or screenshot is gonna surface of her saying the n word or treating someone like shit. Disney covers that shit up real good but celeb videos like that always find a way to pop up eventually. 
    Also this lmao: 
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  15. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    brilliant way of describing it, I completely agree. My issue with her has always been her lack of honesty when she has all these little kids looking up to her, but the more I look into it, the more I feel bad for her rather that angry at her. I remember Billy Ray Cyrus said he wished they’d never done Hannah Montana, Disney is fucked in what they did to people like Miley. I’m really interested to see who Dove will be as a person and influencer once she’s out from under Disney’s shadow, which I’m guessing will be soon, since they wrapped Descendants 3 and she’s almost 23. But it’s probably hard to break out of your contracts unless you do something like 2013 Miley, which I doubt she’d want to do.
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