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  1. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    here’s your tea ma’am, careful it’s scorching hot:
    Gifs (some are really subtle, others super obvious): 


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  2. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    youre right! She carries a lot more in her legs than the photos on her ig appear. It’s not a bad thing, she’s got a great body unphotoshopped, but that’s why is so sad. She can’t even see how good she looks after working her ass off at a gym and tons of ps. :/
    (Hope you can see the gifs moving?) 
    Celebface caught her again. It’s really sad that she’s so insecure but I’m more angry than sorry for her because of all the young fans she’s pressuring with her literally impossible beauty standards. And yeah it’s not her responsibility to make sure every fan is doing fine, but she herself has said how she loves being a role model to young girls. Some role model, Dove. That’s literally the only reason I give a shit about anything she does, is because she’s actually dangerously affecting little girls when she does this. Yeah, the Kardashian’s and supermodels photoshop to hell and back, but their main fan bases are children, and they aren’t claiming to be role models. This girl is a Disney star and no one expects this of her so her little fan girls think she’s natural and feel horrible that they don’t look like her. It’s messed up. 
    Also I really have to wonder how she has time to meditate or whatever she does when she’s actually spending so much time photoshopping her pictures! She goes on and on about how she hates social media and that celebrities don’t matter but she eats up whatever scrap of fame and attention she can get, and spends so much time photoshopping for insta and posting on insta and Twitter that I really doubt she follows any of her own spiritual philosophy. 
    Alsoooo... this King Kong Magazine shoot is DEFINITELY gonna be her way out of Disney lol 👀 
    look at this shit:

    And these (courtesy of @alexkazemi on instagram): (Again, hope you can see the gifs moving)
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  3. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    this photo shoot actually looks disturbing af. She looks like she got kidnapped and it’s some kind of snuff film or like it’s from one of those websites where they show actual dead bodies and other messed up shit lmao. Definitely trying to get away from Disney now that D3 is done. Nothing wrong with that, but I can’t really see her career taking off past Instagram influencer/part time singer. She keeps gaining tons of followers and is being pampered by makeup artist that Kim K herself follows on instagram yet if you asked anyone over 15 (at MOST) if they knew who she is most would say no. She’s definitely gonna be stuck being fake woke on insta.

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  4. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    yep. Not only does she get most if not all of her acting roles handed to her by Disney, meaning she’s yet to really have to make any actual effort in her career (compare that to Zendaya who talks about how she goes to casting calls where they’re looking for white girls to try and prove them wrong and create more diversity) but she also has stated multiple times that she’s never had a single acting lesson and it shows lmao. Sure some people have a natural energy to them but they still have to learn and perfect their craft, some of the best actors in Hollywood had or even continue to get lessons. 
    Once Dove is done with Disney maybe she’ll get a few roles since she is popular with kids, but it’ll never be anything serious, nothing that would actually break her into major Hollywood productions.
    • She’s had nearly every role handed to her
    • She’s never had and acting lesson (and isn’t that good in the first place) 
    • She literally looks like an Instagram model which you’d be surprised to find that Hollywood ironically wants more natural looking people to make their stories about real life. (Ex: Margot Robbie, Emma Stone, Natalie Portman - all super gorgeous, but they still look like real people, unlike Dove)
    • The more famous she gets the more she’ll be exposed for all the shitty things she’s done
    I imagine she’ll be successful with her music (I don’t think it’ll be on Ariana or Demi’s (etc.) level but she’ll probably have a couple of bops and then end up in one of those ‘Whatever Happened to - ?’ videos.
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  5. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    exactly. Dove doesn’t do anything except for the make-a-wish stuff she HAS to do because it’s set up by Disney. Sure, I know that it’s her money. No one has to give money. But when it’s a celebrity who has millions- possibly even BILLIONS of dollars, they do not need that much when there are other people in the world that are starving. So many rich people could literally end world hunger just by donating a small fraction of their money, while still remaining rich af lmao, but that’s a whole other conversation. Dove is definitely well off, and for someone like her who *claims* to be an empath, who if you look hard enough you can find quotes from her mouth going on and on about how hard it is to be an empath because she really feels for other people, you’d think she’d be dishing out money left and right to charities or AT LEAST sharing it on the social media sites she’s constantly using to encourage others to help donate.
    But nope. She makes one post about her contractually obligated make-a-wish visit to show us what a good person she is and then starts flexing on everyone with her expensive ass trips and tries to sell her young fans weird hair vitamins to spend their parents money on lmao.
    I can’t wait until she either fades into irrelevance or gets famous enough that more people start exposing her crap.
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  6. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Ooh new topic I’m sorry y’all but my sister watches Shameless and it reminded me that Dove guest stared on it back in 2012 and the difference in her appearance freaks me out everytime like damn: 

    how. tf. is. that. the same. person?? Like damn she has changed so much..
    its like how is this the same person?: 

    One thing I will admit tho is that she has amazing skin and I want to know how the hell she does. Cause it seemed pretty clear even before she was getting a whole bunch of ps. Hmm...
    ALSO- 20.1 million followers? I don’t thinks so, she popular but not that popular, especially because she literally just hit 20 mil the other day. I know most of her fans are kids and a lot of kids have Instagram, but she’s 100% buying followers lmao.
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  7. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    this is legit how Kylie Jenner looked before she got her fillers taken out (looks like she’s gotten them done again, idk not the point) just the way the lines on the face form (especially around the mouth) it’s very awkward and artificial. You can especially notice it in the candid with Sofia- Sofia is a few years OLDER than Dove, yet Sofia looks younger and more natural because she doesn’t have those botox lines. I know her fans are young but I’m still really surprised how even on other Instagrams (like for magazines or photographers) no one mentions how obvious it is that she got injections. 
    Look at these comparisons between Dove and Kylie: 
    Thought I’d throw these ones in lol, Dove also likes to advertise fake stuff on her Instagram to her young impressionable fans, such a role model!!:
    Then compare that to their before photos: 

    (Dove had already had at least a nose job at this point but her lips are obviously different)
    Also this isn’t meant to be a dig at Kylie or anything (at least she’s admitted to getting fillers) it’s only to compare their faces that are eerily similar now...
    imho if Dove wanted to get away with lying about plastic surgery, she should’ve stopped when she looked like this: 
    these are screenshots from the video + one of the many comments from her young fans: 
     (she captioned it ‘call me margot tenenbaum’ but idk why, it’s a reference to the movie ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ but I’ve never seen it, if someone gets why she captioned it that lmk)
    Dove the Role Model™ has no time to reply to stuff like this, no comforting her fans or assuring them that they’re beautiful, she says nothing:
    And I know what you’re thinking, it could just be a matter that Dove doesn’t read or reply to comments, but nope. She seems to have plenty of time for this: 
    Dove is 100% still suffering from her eating disorder, she been posting photos and videos a LOT lately of her stomach, she also always posts insta stories with her workout regime: 

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  8. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    She’s 22. Born January of 1996, though there’s a conspiracy going around that she lied and is actually older but I personally don’t believe that one lol.
    She said she was Scottish and then Russian lol?? Never heard that one, now she goes on about how French she is lmao. Though it’s possible for her to be all three I’m sure there’s some context about her lying if someone called her out about it?
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  9. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    You shouldn’t be forced to talk about your struggles but Dove has no problem talking very vaguely about her obviously fake struggles. She never elaborates on what exactly ‘very dark’ means when referring to her childhood, she doesn’t say what the bullies did or said to her, she doesn’t even offer coping mechanisms or talk about how important it is to actually get help when you have a mental illness. She only always insists it happened and says she struggled with anxiety but doesn’t tell her young fans how to actually deal with things like anxiety except ‘happy thoughts uwu!!’ And then when happy thoughts alone don’t work her fans will be left feeling hopeless. 
    Not impossible that she’s struggled with feeling anxious before, but a lot of people have and that doesn’t mean she has anxiety. I’ve been very lucky to have been able to support myself through a lot of my issues, but I still struggle like crazy and I’m seeking professional help cause I know I need it, happy thoughts have helped somewhat but they’re not a cure and Dove has no grasp of this: 
    lmao I don’t welcome negativity, I hate negativity, I don’t “allow” it to effect me, it just does.
    Ironically, it’s insane how Dove’s mind works, but I guess that’s how anyone’s mind would work when everything in life is served to you on a silver platter.
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  10. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Okay so supposedly she got hacked on ig but I couldn’t find any evidence to support it, I think her fans think she did cause she posted a video of this old Indian man talking about how ‘nothing in life is miserable, that people only choose to make it miserable’. I know it wasn’t Dove actually saying it but she posted the video and agrees with it, and I absolutely hate all her positivity bull she puts out. She says she struggles with anxiety and depression and stuff but she clearly doesn’t understand how it actually works. 
    First of all there are things in life that are just miserable and stressful and bad, there’s nothing wrong with feeling negative emotions, it’s what makes us human and helps some of us empathize. I’m not going to try to make everything positive because not everything is positive, and while there are some issues that in actuality aren’t as bad as you think, there will be other things around you that reassure your fear or prevent you from escaping that situation, no matter how trivial it actually is.  
    She agrees that misery is some kind of choice, if it was a choice no one would be miserable, Dove. If I could choose to stop having anxiety and worrying about little things that I know fully well don’t actually matter, I would, but that’s just not how it works. 
    Dove is literally the most privileged person I can think of, blonde, light eyes, white, skinny, pretty before plastic surgery, grew up traveling to places like India, France, learning languages, parents who love her and were rich enough to move her to LA at 14, as well as pay for the copious amounts of plastic surgery she got (at 14/15!!), had acting jobs from age 15, so almost immediately after she moved to LA (pretty sure her mom had connections), became a Disney star at 17/18 and has been the main star for the past 4/5 years, hot boyfriend who she’s seemingly head over heels in love with, continued plastic surgery, movies and shows and music lined up for her in the future (I suspect since a lot of its Marvel (including AoS) that she was handed the roles by Disney and didn’t even have to work for them). The only thing I can think of that happened to her that was bad is her father’s death, which is horrible, but the rest doesn’t add up with her ‘very dark childhood’ she insists she had. She supposedly got bullied, but we’ve already established in this thread that there were people who proved with pictures that they knew her and said that she was the bully, so I’m really doubting that story. 
    And I’m a very optimistic person, but I understand that someone’s problems (and my own) aren’t going to be fixed with a ‘just stop thinking bad thoughts :)’ literally Dove seems like the type of person that would comfort someone by telling them to think happy thoughts, when that’s the last thing that person needs to do. Or she’d tell them the only reason they’re sad is cause they made someone else sad so it’s karma or something. She really has no grasp on a peasants reality lmao.
    Also she tweeted this in response to a fan who ships Dove and Sofia’s Descendants characters (about Evie [Sofia] being jealous of someone touching Mal [Dove]) and I feel like this was a dig at Sofia: 
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  11. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    this is an old post on this thread but when I first read it I thought that her photoshopping her childhood pictures was a stretch, that people were just assuming random stuff but she actually posted this picture twice and she actually did photoshop it!
    2017 (wonder why she only posted the face?): 

    side by side (2017 left, 2014 right): 
    its even more obvious if you overlap the photos swap back and forth like celebface does on instagram but I can’t upload gifs on here. This girl must be deeply insecure and I’m actually becoming genuinely concerned for her mental wellbeing...
    [email protected] the least you could do is "credit to whoever make this". how would you feel if your movies, your songs, your whatever just go around for free and you get [email protected] not everyone has negativity within them. i typically do not read my comments at all. i noticed just now because people kept saying the same thing on my newest post. not your art, which i haven't looked at since posting, as i tend not to after i post something. i also have my notifications turned off, and have for over 2 years. i have also been in scotland with my boyfriend, most of the time with my phone dead, which is why i have posted less this week. i did not mean to disrespect you. i have no desire to make other people think your art is mine. just thought it was pretty. The part I bolded/underlined
    It's like she was mocking plaaastic for being open about being suicidal and how she expressed it in her art.   "Not everyone has negativity within them". I don't understand what this has to do with the conversation. She's just taking jabs at plaaastic.  
    Considering her dad committed suicide it’s pretty messed up that she would be so passive aggressive towards someone who was suicidal (and has since committed suicide). Dove claims to be an empath yet she doesn’t seem to care about other people, let alone understand their pain.
    (this whole thing is around page 5 of this thread for anyone who wants to read)
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  12. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    As much as I don’t like her I do feel bad that she has to deal with all her fans that are mostly literal children. She posts a lot of stuff on instagram that she end up having to edit captions on telling her fans to chill because they get so ridiculous. She posts a happy birthday to Kenny Ortega (who I’m a huge fan of cause High School Musical lol) and it’s a picture of him hugging her and all her fans start calling him a pedo (not even accurate since Dove is an adult) and she has to edit the caption to tell everyone that Kenny is just her friend (and gay). She posts a photo of that painting of Aphrodite and all her fans freak out cause boobs lol. She most recently posted a video of her stretching during a photo shoot where she’s wearing tights and a sports bra and shorts and fans are freaking out saying she’s being inappropriate and she edited the caption telling them to chill and that it’s just a body, which I do agree with her on. Basically her fans are idiots, though I was an idiot when I was a kid too and if I had Instagram back then it would’ve been even worse so I can’t  really blame them?? So I do feel bad for Dove in that aspect but overall I still don’t thinks she’s a good or honest person, and since her fans are in fact literal children, I still think it’s disgusting of her to continue to lie about her plastic surgery and then also photoshop her pictures as well, because on that exact same video of her stretching, and then all her selfies and stuff like that, I see so many comments from kids anywhere from 9 to 15 years old talking about how much they wished they had her body, her looks, etc. 
    I read somewhere that she used to go as far as saying that when she hit puberty her lips grew or something like that and it’s really gross that she’s lying about something as natural as puberty and making girls think there’s something wrong with them if they don’t pop out of puberty looking like Dove Cameron. Cause again, I’m not against plastic surgery, in fact I’ve been thinking about a nose job, but the fact that she claims she’s all natural when she obviously isn’t and then photoshops even further but also wants to be a role model for young girls who she knows so desperately want to look like her but never will is just gross.
    Also she recently retweeted a video on twitter of her singing when she was 14, and I’m really surprised she gave attention to it cause her lips were so thin in it. Though the microphone is covering her mouth most of the video, at the end she takes it away and you can see how much thinner her lips are. 
    (Also also lol, I wonder if she’s aware of this thread? She definitely googles herself enough to have been able to come across it, but she’d never call this page out since it would not only expose her plastic surgery, but also expose when a bad person she is on the inside.)
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  13. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    ^ that’s the picture and holy crap you’re right!
    its freaking insane! Besides the height, hair, and skin tone they look almost identical, like sisters! I wonder what Miranda was thinking when she saw Dove and took that picture that night, it must be pretty freaky to see someone look so much like you. The dimples are what really put it all together. In a link I shared a while back someone who supposedly used to know her said that they remembered when she got the dimple surgery and how they were never there before, but all the sudden she had dimples without even smiling and she insisted she “just started smiling different” lmao. 
    On another note- wow she’s pale. And why I wanted to talk about it is cause I remember reading articles where she claimed she was so insecure about her pale skin and I’m not saying it’s not impossible to dislike your skin if you’re really pale but I call bullshit. Like you were so insecure about your pale skin but I almost never see her with a prominent tan (except the photos of her at Coachella) and she got all that PS at 14/15 but couldn’t get a tan?? I bet she just wrote down a list of all the traits she has, picked one, and then lied online pretending to be insecure about it lmao. She’s obviously insecure as hell don’t get me wrong, but I think she absolutely loves that she’s white as can be and just like she “makes fun” of her height and forehead I wouldn’t be surprised if she started being like “wow look how pale I am 🙈” if she’s dumb enough I bet she’ll even try to say she understands what racism is like because she got made fun of for being pale. Though I definitely wouldn’t call her dumb, she’s definitely conniving enough (with the help of Disney ofc) to maintain that squeaky clean innocent white girl image.  
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  14. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    idk if anyone here is a fan of Marilyn Monroe or cares at all, but I’m a huge fan of old Hollywood stars, including Marilyn and it irritates the crap out of me when people compare Dove to Marilyn Monroe! It’s like whenever a famous woman goes blonde everyone needs to compare her to Marilyn for some reason, but Dove in particular seems to be getting even more full of herself with these comparisons 🙄
    she did this inspired photo shoot and imo it’s really cringe:

    And then she posted a screenshot of this interview on instagram:

    And she posted this tweet in 2012: 
    again, not sure if anyone is a fan of Marilyn or cares, but for someone like me who’s read about Marilyn’s life and knows a lot of stuff about her, it’s really annoying to see someone as fake, stuck up, and mean like Dove Cameron, be compared to someone who was so genuine, empathetic, and kind like Marilyn Monroe. And you can 100% tell this is all going to her head in addition to her already inflated ego. Not the first celebrity to do a photo shoot or be compared but she’s really milking it.
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  15. annasunn added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Btw does anyone know why she chose the last name ‘Cameron’? I know she chose her first name because her dad used to call her dove, but how’d she decide Cameron? I think I read somewhere (maybe early in this forum?) that the initial plan was for nobody to ever find out she used to be Chloe Celeste Hosterman, but if that’s the case they obviously didn’t keep up with it lol.
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