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  1. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    As a girl who's best friends with like 90% of guys, I can tell you that that is true. I always found it really annoying when people around me go "oh are you dating ____ because you hang out with him a lot."
    Also idk about anyone here, I'm not trying to generalize all girls because I am one too, but the girls I grew up with in middle and high school are TOTAL bitches. I would talk to them, they acted like they like me and then make plans and hang out without me all the while talking shit about me when I didn't do anything to them. With guys, they don't turn their back on you because they're not snakes, they are actually more fun to be around, and a lot more funnier than girls imo.
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  2. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    I think Jo is kind of a hypocrite for posting this. She's been spam retweeting posts about the riots and blacklivesmatter tweets and like yes I'm glad you're retweeting this things but she seems like she's doing "social media performative activism".
    Then she has the nerve to retweet a person saying "stop faking activism".
    She doesn't use her insta platform or her twitter for good. Other than retweeting other things people say, its usually her ranting on her twitter or insta about how she got called names/a small inconvenience that ruined her day and or something about kpop/bts. And for her insta story and posts? Selfies. 
    Also let's not forget her only friends are Asian influencers that HAVE said the n word and called their fans or other people "stupid" or "lowlifes" when they disagree with that person (ex: Anna or annxhy. Probably wrong spelling) and STILL supports and associates with them. Just shows that birds of a feather, flock together.

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  3. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

    Seven dealy sins is so confusing. Like not the plot or characters, but the decisions they make. 
    Why did they decide to get everyone in a love triangle? It's really fucking annoying. I know they did that in Fairy Tail but like this show is on a whole nother level. 
    First of all we got Meliodas and Elizabeth and Dianne liking Meli (I don't like how much they sexualize her btw its gross) and then we have Ban and Elaine, along with Jericho as the third wheel. Then we have Dianne and King, along with Howzer. And Merlin and Escanor.
    Also Meliodas confuses me. Keep in mind I'm on season 3 episode 5 I think, and I don't think I'll plan on finishing it. He literally is portrayed as a Marty Stu. He is powerful then Merlin or someone is like "hold up, that isn't his true power", gets his ass beat, more dialogue after the enemy just retreats after they think they killed him and someone goes again "hold up, THIS isn't his true power". This happens so many times. THEN out of nowhere, Escanor comes out and HE's the most powerful one out of the seven and he loves Merlin (another pairing). 
    So Ban and Elaine are like...a huge no for me idc what anyone says. Maybe it's the fact that she looks like she's 13 and he is like in his mid 20s??? Like I know she's a fairy so that's what she looks like but cmon. Also their love is so forced and there's NO chemistry whatsoever. If she stayed dead and he loved her and he rejects Jericho bc he doesn't love anyone but Elaine is totally fine. I don't mind the fact that he see's Jericho as a younger sis, that's passable. But no they had to bring her back for no reason, she's a very pointless character and the only usefulness she brings is Bans immortality and she's related to King.
    And then people argue that its hypocritical bc Dianne and King are giant and fairy. I think it's a passable romance. If Merlin shrinks her down they're practically the same size and their backstory that made them love each other is ok too. Don't know why the fuck they gotta shove Howzer in there but sure I guess.
    I kind of came to this show to watch some action, not a anime with 12 different romance subplots. 
    Now keep in mind also that I watch this show in very short bursts so maybe I forgot something that makes the romance plausible but my Ban and Elaine thing being the worst thing to happen in the show still stands.
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  4. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Is it just me or her videos are kind of boring and her humor or jokes falls flat most of the time. Maybe it's because how monotone her voice is when she makes the jokes. It's literally a single tone throughout all of her videos. Bored. And when she tries to express emotion (like sarcasm as a joke) it's so forced and unfunny
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  5. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    What are your thoughts on this? I don't really know how to feel about this and also this girl is one of those girls that act fake woke so sometimes I don't take what she says seriously and also shoves her support for trump down other people throats. 
    And don't worry, Cindy Yin isn't her real name so I'm not exposing her or whatever you call it

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  6. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic @annhxy (instagram) @asiandevine (twitter)   

    I'm a little dumb, I'm not sure what she means here.
    If anyone can explain it'll be much appreciated!

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  7. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but I really want a female protag again for Persona 6 hopefully.
    I played every game in the series (besides p5 royal) and the only characters you can play as Maya in Persona 2:Eternal Punishment (2000) and the most well known one, you can play as Minako Arisato in persona 3 portable (2006). I have no qualms playing as a guy, I don't mind choosing the "best girl", but at the same time I would really find it nice to play as a girl and date a boy and see how the story would be with a girl.
    I know people say it takes more time to make a game with 2 different genders and in general, persona attracts more of the male gender than female, but hopefully they do decide to make a female protag for 6, there are some rumors about it but only time will tell.
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  8. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Kneewah   

    I saw her on my feed but didn't really bat an eye because I thought she was pretty but I don't usually follow people who post sefies all the time. I can't say she's problematic either because I don't know much, I do know she's buddies with Cowsel and Cowsel is really fricking problematic. If Kneewah did pop the n word, it further proves the point that like 90% (or even more) of the asian influencer community is so toxic.
    On another note, I saw her youtube video where she was putting on makeup and wow. Im not saying she's ugly, she's pretty in her own way but makeup really does work wonders huh. If I never saw that video I would've assumed that was her natural face. It really reminds of the webtoon comic "True Beauty".
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  9. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    From what I've seen she moved to Cali some time ago (not a year ago like she claims).
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  10. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Angelika Oles   

    I watched her for a bit and was a fan, but the slowly her videos got boring, its like crickets x her voice talking. It really feels like a fever dream. Some commentary channels I like are Elvis the Alien, and when he made a video of like Morgz or Tana he cracked jokes or added interesting opinions, Angelika is like "hey guys...today we're gonna be talking about xyz, but first let me go on a ramble for 6 min before I get to the main topic and then when I do it's going to be very boringly delivered and super anti climactic."
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  11. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

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  12. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I know this one guy who was 2 grades under me. He did track, though he was a sprinter and I was a long distance runner. He was somewhat nice at first though he did annoy me from time to time (and we'll give him a fake name Isaac for convenience). 
    I talked to him a lot because we both have (or so I thought) asshole parents. And I would rant to him and when he ranted I started to realize something. He was like really freaking rich and spoiled. Like we were friends but at the same time the way he complained about himself like "my mom took my credit card away" like bitch I didn't get a phone until my sophomore year of highschool and it was a very cheap android phone (I wasn't mad though, I'm thankful I even have a phone to begin with) while he got the most expensive clothes and always upgrades his iphone when the new one comes out. So first off the bat, I don't think his mom was "abusive" at all because she took his card away for spending too much at ihop (which is EXACTLY what happened one time). 
    Now I don't like making labels on people but I think I would call him an incel, he fits perfectly for it. He made a tiktok of him in his room with the title "why girls don't want to date me" and it went "im too nice, i buy too many expensive gifts, im too skinny (when hes literally jacked for a sophomore and constantly makes it a personality trait?), etc." then I come to find out from my other sophomore friend that he cheated on ALL of his ex's and treated them like crap. THEN AFTER THAT he breaks up with ANOTHER girlfriend and flirts with like 12 girls after that. The gf got mad and popped off in public them Isaac came to me like HE was the victim. 
    Ok so now to the most recent thing. He posted a tiktkok on his spam acc of a guy saying "girls shouldnt be best friends with guys if you have a boyfriend, vice versa" and I think that's probably the dumbest shit I ever heard. Gender shouldn't define friendships and if you don't trust a girl in a relationship just because she has a guy best friend then don't fucking date her or talk it out. So I commented that and he went full jerk mode and said " I didn't say I agreed with it, I just posted it you dumb fucking clown". And usually if you're my friend I'd take it as a joke, but him, it was full hostility. So I responded that he didn't have to be rude and he literally SAYS "well im a nice guy but if you come to my account and try to come for me then you're dead" like ok NICE GUY. 
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  13. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    No I haven't played it but I seen clips of her on youtube and stuff. I can totally see why you think that. I plan to buy it soon, maybe after my graduation.
    Tbh the only characters I really liked are Ryuji and Akechi which is ironic bc the voice actors that play those characters are my personal favorite VA's.
    I really liked Ryuji because I thought he was a funny character and probably the most realistic. Like we got futaba with her mom killed and shes a master hacker, we have yusuke who talks really weird, and then we have Makoto who's parents are gone and shes student council president, super smart( I'd explain more but I think you get me). Don't even get me started with Haru and Ann. Ryuji is maybe a little over the top but he's just goofy and the least annoying. Idk maybe because I saw him as a total bro beginning to end. 
    Now I loved Akechi. People say he was a crappy "evil twist character" but they fail to see his motives. He didn't do it to be evil, he did it for his OWN JUSTICE, just like Joker and his lackeys have their own justice too. Also I thought that his own conflict was the best and that the personality and the way he was written wasn't bad either.
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  14. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Yeah idk why would anyone complain about that. Also I disliked Ann's conflict. It was very contradictory. I liked her as a character but her struggle with Kamoshida was sad yeah but like- he sexualized her and the volleyball team and she HATED that. But then- they use her in scenarios where shes sexualized 
    -Her as a decoy in Yusukes house while Mona snoops. Keep in mind Yusuke found her beautiful and wanted to paint her nude.
    -Morgana is like head over heels for Ann and calls her terms on endearments like Lady Ann.
    -That one instance where Ryuji was staring at her tits while they were driving to Futabas Palace
    -Her used as a decoy (again) to talk to one of those administrator guys to get like a letter of recommendation or some shit for Shido's palace. The scenario is they were all in bathing suits and Ann played the "sexy rich girl who has royalty blood."
    If you're gonna make a character, be consistent. It didn't take me out of the game much but I felt like Atlus really needed to step up their game in terms of character conflicts and personalities.
    Also maybe its an unpopular opinion but I dislike Futaba and Chihaya too. That rant is for a different time though lol.
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  15. caravan.mp4 added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    yeah every time i try to report a post a meme page made (it was a video of pigs being burned alive) INSTAGRAM SAID IT DIDN'T VIOLATE GUIDELINES LIKE WHAT THE FUCK. Also what pissed me off more is that some of the people in the comments were laughing.
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