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  1. KiwiRiver added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    PREACH! She could have done so much on ins and outs of veganism and fitness in Korea (which would be a dump truck loads more interesting IMO)! Instead she rather do a glossy video on "How to date Korean men like an insecure high school kpop fangirl destined for lots of de-programming therapy for mental abuse one day."
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  2. KiwiRiver added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    I'm new around here. Well more like this is the first time I am posting, mostly I lurk and chuckle at the tea then move on. However, in this instance I had to say something. I use to watch Megan. I watched her and PinkNinja (before Ninja came back to states to adult). I thought like most "expat" daily life k-vloggers she was funny, upbeat, and even better wasn't just trashing the culture she had joined in order to seem "relevant". However, eventually I stopped subbing her. I actually stopped around about the time she became (in my opinion), problematic. 
    See here's the thing about Megan that disturbs me. She's a K-boo who has stopped realizing she IS one. First off she paints Korea as this ideal place (with none of the realistic discussions about culture, colorism, sexism, ageism and xenophobia in his very real homogeneous place as one might get from say a team like AsianBoss or the like). I'm not saying she has to become some political revolutionary (she is real clear on she doesn't know anything about anything not pop culture there), but this chick legit acts like some of the crap is not even a factor LIVING THERE. Even WhitneyBae is more realistic, as she does explain some of the pitfalls her color and hair presents with every thing from make-up to completing styling for TV jobs. Megan USE to do that then gradually. . .
    She started to cave.
    If you look at her now face (and form) versus her past one you will see she has done that kinda "morphing" I have only seen on debuting K-pop idols. Now she can call it aging and "assimilating" all she wants, but the girl definitely takes advantage of the fact that she's very racially ambiguous. She said it with PRIDE in her voice in more than one video that native Koreans don't "think" she's black. Furthermore, her so-called "style" evolution is at the cost of BOTH her racial identity, and her national one (I'm gonna get to that "green card" thing in a moment). She claims her style is picking and choose things she likes about "Korean" fashion. The thing IS, the stuff she wears is NOT how native Korean's even style themselves. Between all her new boobage on display or the tattoos--she's technically wearing things nothing like the people around her (not even the young people) would. She dresses like she should be in a trashy girl group or something. She even says "Korean women dress too cute" in one of her videos. Chile make up your mind then! Are you taking style pointers from native Koreans or aren't you?
    Next. . .the face. Now indeed, some of it is absolutely the change of diet, etc. (though I have a few thoughts on her veganism too, which directly contradicts statements she made for being in Korea in the first place, which I will keep to myself for now.). However, that would only account for slimming on her features. It does not account for all the "brightening" and lightening "treatments" and facial "tweaking" that are the cornerstone of the Korean medical tourism and she has had A LOT. There are discrete non-invasive freebie plastic surgery clinic "enhancements" all over her! Meanwhile, she takes every chance to pound the drum on camera about being so "black". Girl just stop! She strikes me as someone who took flack in the US for not being "black enough" who has now learned to capitalize on her appearance elsewhere in a country where she is an "oddity". Do you, but don't pretend you don't know why you getting a pass. It's not "bad" but it is definitely creepy with a capital C (especially when she immediate jumps on the "they're just jealous of my success as an attractive person" bandwagon.). Nooo honey, folks are creeped out by the fact you have not learned how to BE YOU while enjoying the surrounding culture. Sam Okyere has also assimilated into Korean culture but he still has his own features, pride and his own personality.
    Next, that store. She definitely takes advantage of the naivety and impressionable youthfulness of her audience. All the clothes are made in China, you can get them and far better carbon copies right on Aliexpress/Alibaba and numerous other shops in the China wholesale market. In most cases they are cheaper (hello free Aliexpress shipping). She could even have the orders DROP shipped in which case, her customers could get products with tags featuring her logo--or at the very least some art work SHE had designed or commissioned. She's doing the same shady copyright dodge and weave that a lot of Korean bootleg outfits do--so is that the part of "assimilating" to the "culture" she's talking about? Cause if so shady is too nice a word for what she's doing.
    Finally. . .the "green card". Again she glosses over the difficulties, and the even the racial inequities of getting Visas in Korea. No substance at all (cause FYI it's not so easy to do ANY of the stuff she is talking about if it wasn't for the fact she is from the US and not Asian, and doesn't have a "typical" expected American appearance.). She wastes more time showing her discomfort at being Korean age 30, then useful information. I spent more time just being glad she had a nice normal shirt on for once that didn't have me looking down her shiny new cleavage. Furthermore, when did her channel go from "let me show some things about Korea I like" to "How YOU too can immigrate to Korea"?
    Whew. . . I been hold that in a while haha! Sorry after listen to her be her K-Boo Diva fantastique self on that Exposed video I had to put in my two cents. She's definitely getting "snowflakely" and I bet she'll will be more so as time goes on. . .
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