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    doubt it, she cares more about people who give her constructive criticism aka 'AnTi's' lmaoooo just look at the comments she replies to with her elite humour and oh so sharp wit  
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    a big bang supremacist has joined
    I'll keep this short i guess lol
    i joined a few days ago + ive been a lurker for maybe 2 years-ish now? (might be 1 year but im not sure haha) but still havent made an 'introduce urself' topic post thing
    im interested in: studying, kpop, writing, ~diy~ skincare, weight loss + ofc, gossip!
    i hardcore stan: exo + big bang + blackvelvetwice (+ at this point nct too lol)
    please dont be shy to PM me or anything of that sort haha (i might not get back to you immediately since i dont go on here everyday, sorry!)
    thanks for reading!
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    hi, long time lurker here since the 1st thread(?)
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