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  1. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Hate her?! Haha, she wishes... exactly like some of you mention, most of us don't care enough about her to even have such feelings like hate towards her. So yeah, she needs to get over so many things. Adressing every little shit people say about her is not going to make her happy, instead she will feel more and more miserable. If she is so dedicated to get her life out there for a lot of people to see, she needs to grow a backbone. Otherwise this youtube-thing she has going will not fullfill her.
    Btw, I hate both dresses *lol* Neither of it suits Tay, but that's just my opinion...
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  2. amayuchan added a post in a topic Deleted/rare videos   

    What is this Zipper C Channel anyway? And OMG, she tries so hard to be Dakota in those videos.
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  3. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Simple, she forgot to edit that. Because let's be honest, she edits her face in her vids to the hell and back. That's because she looks so different in other vids (e.g. Sharlas).
    And why cosplay? Well, she has to fill her days with at least SOMETHING. And as we know learning Japanese or getting some education is not her "thing"...
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  4. amayuchan added a post in a topic Deleted/rare videos   

    This is legit scary! How much she forces her eyes open... thanks for sharing these!
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  5. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    New vid:
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  6. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    On a different note, a comment under her 1488-video:

    What exactly is a Youtube manager? Is it like a manager you have to pay? And if a Youtube manager takes care of ads and sponsored content, I guess Taylor is doing sponsored content but she NEVER discloses it in videos. I always thought Youtubers have to say clearly when a video is sponsored...
    (btw, unsubscribed)
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  7. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    New vid:
    Sorry, not going to watch it, just letting you know~
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  8. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Girl (or Boy), this is on point! I would give you a 100 reputation if I could!
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  9. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Did she really say that?! (I won't bother watching) If so, oh girl, she is an ignorant one... but hey, at least her hair is on point! *sarcasm off* And that she still sticks to her "88 is my lucky number" when in reality it's her f****** birth year! It's getting really ridiculous. You keep on watching, I take a break from this. But thanks @kurukurupaaaa for the summary!
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  10. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Really, I only heard "Bla bla bla"... so basically she was talking about what she wanna do 2017 - more working out, get a video out every single day (either Vlog or main video - e.g. something like "This is what I like, this is what I dislike"-vids with beauty products), doing livestreams, explore business wise (whatever that means) and show more of Japan and outside of Japan. Other than that she changed her bed sheets, rolled around her boyfriend in bed, went grocery shopping, made some food and went out with Rosie. The Lasagna making was by far the most interesting thing! If you wanna see it start at 20:00-ish.
    I hope she will stop with those kind of videos where literally NOTHING IS HAPPENING!!! And that she makes them shorter... I think nothing of that will happen but hey, one can at least hope!
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  11. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Tayfacegoing to Brooklyn todaytaxi timelapseat a Fish restaurantgoing to Manhattan Avenue nextat Peter Pan Donut shopat MOMAit's her second time in NYfilming random things (she really does like her face)back at the hotel and editingtrying to replace her head with a huge head decoration from the hotel (it's so stupid, really... Taylor, you are not 5 anymore)complaining of her widows peak (c'mon Tay, since you know that this is a sign of beauty in some countries, you are not getting tired of adressing it again and again... it's ridiculous)going to a Basketball game because Elbow-san always wanted to see one live (Taylor, stop filming your mouth!)50 Cent is also sitting in the audiencegoing before the game endsback at the hotel running a bath (wow, this push-up bra is also ridiculous.... everything kinda is)Tay sitting in the bathWow, this was getting on my nerves so hard. I just can't stand how she behaves sometimes. Like a spoiled, foolish little kid with no sense for filming whatsoever. The MOMA footish was just... the shittiest stuff I have seen in a long time! I wish she would just improve her filming and also put more effort into her stuff. No wonder her viewcount of her videos are stuck so low...
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  12. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    To get this thread back on track - new video:
    Tayfaceshe is currently in NYCthey tried to see the big New Year's show in NY but it was a hassle to get there with all the police so they went back to their hotel and fell asleepwanting to find Casey Neistat and in order to find him she needs to become Neistattalking to the Taxi driver and asking him if he knows Neistatat the Hudson River running (because Neistat does that too apparently)some drone shotsgetting some green juiceshe got the same juice Neistat always getsshowing some graffitifilming some dude singing in a carinfront of Neistats officetimelapse of her sitting in front of ittries to get his attention through skating infront of the officegoing to his favorite pizza place but it's closedfilming some street impressions (artist, break dancer, food trucks)getting a hot dogin the middle of the two bridges and drone shotsshe couldn't find him but she thanks Casey for inspiring herSo she is back. Yay... some old Vlog-shit, but yay...
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  13. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Most-boring-video-of-her-evar! And why wasn't she allowed to upload it for so long?! There is literally nothing special happening! And how Bii just appeared out of nowhere like "Heya, give me some fame tooooooo~"
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  14. amayuchan added a post in a topic Tripod/Elbow-san   

    Well, I am pretty sure that our questions about and around Elbow-san will find some answers soon when they do their first Q&A vid together. This stuff will come, definitly (since it was also generate a lot of views for her).
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  15. amayuchan added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Her last Vlogmas part:
    Some almost naked Blake action, they are getting their gifts in the morning, showing what she go, then eat, then go to her sister's place and eat again and then she finished this year's Vlogmas at the end with Elbow-san.
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