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  1. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I'm not sure which is more disgusting: her racism or her thinking that mustard should go on a grilled cheese sandwich.
    eeeeewwwwww... honey, just eeeeewwwwww... we're not dealing with a full deck of cards here I'm afraid.
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  2. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    She probably still considers herself a white Japanese who also happens to be a Muslim. Technically these things are not mutually exclusive but she must be the only white Japanese Muslim on the planet. So we can say that it's an unusual combination of traits. She also claims that when she was a child she spun the globe around and her finger randomly landed on SA. Ever since then she has loved SA (or so the story goes). However, this story is suspect because no one really believes that she ever owned a globe.
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  3. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    The primary difference in their accents is the rhoticity. Vina has a distinctly non-rhotic English accent while her brother has a rhotic English accent. However, it does seem that Vina randomly switches to rhotic pronunciation at times. This is most obvious when she pronounces the words flavor and texture, dropping the final "r" sound at 2:05, but then seconds later at 2:22 she clearly pronounces flavor with the final "r" preserved.
    Her brother, on the other hand, consistently pronounces the final "r" sound as far as I can tell. He also pronounces postvocalic "r" in the middle of the word, for example when he says the word Turkish the "r" sound can be heard clearly while Vina pronounces it like "Tah-kish". My guess is that their parents speak with a rhotic accent which Vina and her brother naturally picked-up but Vina later adopted a non-rhotic pronunciation from her social circle. I don't think it was a conscious decision on her part.
    Turkish Delight:
    I love the English language and all its accents. Such a wonderfully diverse and expressive language!
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  4. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Lol... ouch! While I wouldn't necessarily say her personality is garbage -- abrasive maybe -- I will say that your bluntness is very refreshing and made me laugh.
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  5. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Nikoado Avocado   

    Yes, honey, I completely agree with you. I've never been a fan of Nkocado and I've only watched him in Candy Godiva's videos (aka hungry fatchick) and couldn't stand his vulgar persona so now I skip those videos (but I love Candy!). In any case, I don't know anything about Stephanie Soo but after watching her extremely long response video I found her to be super annoying. I can't believe that a grown woman would be breaking into hysterical crying because some idiot was pushing her for some gossip. Big deal! Just tell him to f--- off and move on! 
    This excuse that she's a victim of sexual assault and therefore beyond reproach is just emotional blackmail. Sorry, but what does that have to do with being completely hysterical over perfectly mundane things like being pushed to spill the tea on someone? Big deal. Keep in mind that (at least) 1/3 of all women have been victims of sexual assault and the vast majority of them deal with situations *much more* serious than this every single day of their lives. And that security cam video of her allegedly having a complete mental breakdown was so over the top... omg. What a performance! She deserves to be nominated for an Academy Award, honey!
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  6. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Hello honey, luckily I was listening to Victor in the background while doing my makeup which can take hours. I found the spot in the video where he talks about Mira. Here it is.... enjoy!
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  7. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    What I see is a young woman who has aged remarkably well over the past 6 years. Everything else is just bad lighting and bad angles.
    Anyway, I've been enjoying her Vlogmas series. I'm impressed at how quickly she can crank out relatively decent videos.
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  8. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic LoveLyzKelly   

    Well honey, I just started watching her videos and I noticed that she has been branding herself as "your virtual ticket to Japan" or something like that. But it felt more like a virtual ticket to leaky gut syndrome, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, gassiness and bloating, mental health issues, anxiety attacks, and small intestine bacterial overgrowth. Did I mention constipation?
    I'm not sure how many of those ailments are real and how many are imagined but certainly many of them must be psychosomatic. For example, she was going on about her "nut allergies" in earlier videos and then in a more recent video she is pouring a giant cup of ALMOND milk into her "organic, gluten free oats":
    She reminds me a lot of some of the ditsy California blondes I've met in Tokyo who are really sweet girls but also easily manipulated and get stuck on these ridiculous fad diets and espouse crazy pseudo-scientific nutritional beliefs. In fact, when I started watching her videos I immediately thought of the "Kelly" character in the film Lost in Translation:
    There was one scene in the film where she's raving about some new "power cleanse" which would have been even more perfect but, unfortunately, I couldn't find it on YouTube. Anyway, I like eccentric people and I've enjoyed watching LoveLyzKelly's videos so I've subbed her. Good luck with your gut issues, honey! We're all rooting for you!
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  9. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Norm - Tokyo Lens   

    The Sharla bump is real but looks to be only temporary. New subs and total views are starting to plummet as the Sharla effect wears off and people get bored with Norm. His content is just not that interesting and his personality only appeals to a small handful of sycophantic, underage fangirls and middle aged incels.
    Even TkyoSam knows how this game works. I found this gem of a comment hidden in one of his most recent videos where he mentions *cough* Tokyo Lens *cough*.
    Lol... too funny! I love it.
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  10. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I asked Rody if he had any evidence that she was deported and he said no, he has only heard rumors. I was hoping for something more concrete but I guess it's not too surprising since Mira cut off all contact with him some time ago.

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  11. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Oh my... you've really hit the nail on the head with that summary, sweetie, thank you! Poor Sharla, she really doesn't seem to know the sort of person she's dealing with but I'm here to tell her... and everyone. 
    It's getting late here in Tokyo on this cold and rainy day so make yourself a nice cup of tea and let me tell you a little bed time story from Missy's grab bag of warm and fuzzy Norm memories. Since this story is more about Sharla than Norm, I decided to post it in the Sharla thread.
    Once upon a time, back in February of 2015, Norm was assigned to the position of Academic Counselor (AC) at the Tokyo Gaba Learning Studio. An AC is a position they reserve for incompetent Instructor Service Leaders (ISLs) who need to work alongside more successful and talented people to improve their basic sales skills. It involves pushing new Gaba products onto insecure, struggling students, and occasionally doing regular lessons and first meetings with potential new clients. It's low paid and relatively easy work and it comes with lots of downtime.
    As luck would have it, the video of Norm and Sharla's first meeting that was posted in this thread has a timestamp at the end which details exactly when that meeting took place. I checked the schedule on that date and Norm was working that day which is not surprising given that he's wearing his Gaba uniform in the video. A close friend of mine was also working in the Tokyo LS on the very same day and I asked her if she could recall Norm mentioning the name "Sharla" in any of his conversations. Her immediate response was "YES!" and she then launched into a lengthy account of how Norm had boasted about how he knew a famous YouTuber called Sharla whom he described as "just another Japan fanatic who got lucky with some viral videos about pizza and bread" despite having "boring, weeby content" and "poor video editing skills".
    Apparently, Norm had no interest in ever meeting Sharla in person until after her YouTube channel took off. My friend said he was even showing everyone a newspaper article about Sharla in the Japan Times and made sure everyone knew that he intended to meet up with her in order to ride on Sharla's success and build up his own channel so that he could "finally leave this dump and you losers" (referring to Gaba and his Gaba coworkers, respectively). 
    What Sharla says in her Norm video seems to be consistent with my friend's account. In addition, Norm's boasting about using Sharla as a stepping stone to fame and his smug condescending attitude toward his Gaba coworkers is very consistent with Norm's character. Therefore, I believe that my friend's recollection is accurate. I also found the Japan Times article about Sharla that she mentioned. It is here: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2015/02/23/digital/sharla-japan/
    I'm sure that Sharla will see this post and won't believe it and that's fine but I have a personal message for her: Stay safe, sweetie. No matter what happens we will always be here for you. I always knew you were a good girl even though you have at times shown very poor judgement when it comes to choosing friends. As they say, nobody's perfect.
    I also have a personal message for Norm Brandt, aka "Nakamura" (who is also reading this): I've got more dirt on you, Norm. This is NOT done yet. The only thing preventing me from exposing all of your treachery is this terrible arthritis in my hands that seems to flare up at the worst possible moments and keeps me from typing these lengthy essays as often as I'd like. But someday I WILL get around to it. 
    Bet on it.
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  12. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    OMG... yes, I'm so glad others noticed these things too! I subscribe and get alerted to new videos so I was cautiously optimistic when it came up. But this rant about an airport terminal?? Are you kidding me?! I think most of us have our own personal airport horror stories and it's just not an original or exciting topic that other people want to hear about or re-live. After a few minutes of listening to that rant I decided to let it play in the background while I did my makeup which is something I normally only do for the most extremely boring and rambling YouTubers like givemeabreakman and TkyoSam. Sad that Rachel has sunk to that level in terms of content quality but I'm just telling you how it is honey so don't shoot the messenger.
    I mean seriously? A rant about the most boring nondescript airport terminal in the most boring nondescript city in Japan? Not interesting, honey. Not interesting! Now I could tell you about the time I had to run through the maze called Tokyo Station wearing five inch silver stilletos and a sparkling glitter ensemble with feather boas streaming behind me. I got stuck in a construction zone and somehow ended up on the Chuo Line instead of the Yamanote. But I'm not going to bore you with that old rant, honey. Okay, maybe over drinks sometime in Kabukicho but certainly not while you're sober. Lol
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  13. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    It's a point of reference. If someone is moving toward me, he/she is coming to my location. I'm not moving. If you are moving from here to there then you're going somewhere. So if I'm at home and my husband is late I can call him and say "When are you coming home you naughty salaryman?". Then he will tell his friends in the izakaya "I have to go home now because my wife needs me."
    So Misato made a good point because on a subconscious level Miranda should have said her friend is coming to Japan if Japan is indeed her point of reference. If she is somewhere else in the world then she would have said he is going to Japan because Japan would not be her point of reference. It's very subtle but a good catch.
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  14. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I was just watching (Tokidoki Traveller) Emma's latest video that was filmed in Korea a couple of weeks back. In the middle of the video Emma visits Sharla and her cats at the apartment of Sharla's ex-husband. The scene lasts for only a minute and the entire time Sharla is speaking off camera. Emma clarifies the situation in a hushed voice: "Sharla will not be in this video which is totally fine. It's kind of a chill out day so... no pressure to be on camera." I found it very bizarre. Why is Sharla going out of her way to hang out with that annoying self-absorbed woman-child called Taylor but can't take the time to make a quick cameo in Emma's lovely video? And since when has Sharla not wanted to appear on camera? 
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  15. Missy Deluxe added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Yes, honey, the whole thing seems very, very shady to me as well. But I'm willing to bet that Okano was fired by the investors at Redhorse which is the company that funded this venture after Okano and Takamasa Kawasaki ran Odigo into the ground. Since Kawasaki was the actual investor from Redhorse, he would be in the position to fire Okano. The glassdoor reviews for (now defunct) Odigo consistently highlight the fact that Kawasaki had a habit of randomly firing people, creating a toxic and unpredictable work environment. Then there is this from the Redhorse investor's relations page that I just discovered:
    Looks like the company was hemorrhaging cash and the shareholders had to make some drastic changes. That was June 20th and Okano's linkedin profile states he left in July. Coincidence? I don't know, but usually when people quit a job it's because they have a new/better opportunity already lined up somewhere. I don't see any job history on Okano's linkedin profile after TC so... you be the judge.
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