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  1. oikawa added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    This girl legit annoys the hell out of me. Aside from what else has been said on this thread I also really don't like the way how aggressive she comes off towards people in her videos about things she may not like. Perhaps that's just a window into some of her not so great personality but since she is going on the twitch bandwagon maybe she'll get a rude awakening. I'll be honest I used to really love her content until the whole thing happened with her and the lolita dress. As someone who has had to save for a couple years and set aside money for my first brand lolita dress I felt personally upset. Here is a person spending their money on a wonderful dress only to not respect their policy and demand they take it back. The way she speaks about her anxiety seems kind of funny to me. As someone who really struggles with social anxiety I barely if ever talk about it to people. I mean everyone is different about sharing things but the amount she brings it up in her videos and social media comes off wrong. Wouldn't talking about your anxiety so much to people create more anxiety? It's almost like she feels she needs to remind everyone that she has problems so it justifies the questionable or not so great things she does. If that's the case it's really a shitty move.
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  2. oikawa added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    That is freaking beautiful I'm ded
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  3. oikawa added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    Tbh when I first saw the post I thought she was talking about Grace. Only to reread the message to discover she was talking about herself. Good job making yourself look way worse than you already have Kenna. It won't hurt to give your friend a nice compliment being that you took a selfie together and all. 
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