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  1. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Buying face masks from Aliexpress & EBay   

    I personally would use Yesstyle as it offers discounts on skincare items there are no custom fees n free shipping if ur purchase is over £30 (UK price idk about other countries)
    To make sure ebay skincare products are legit look at reviews from that seller, n also make sure they use real photography so not those professional images you see online of the product. Aliexpress I'm not sure about as I haven't brought from it yet I know some clothing is cheaper than what you would pay for in store brands. 
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  2. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I feel in these clips she maybe shifting to a new entertainment role...I think it's been a very long time we saw Dakota speak English...let alone interview in Japanese (they could have been scripted or Dakota prepared the questions before hand) At least see seems happy to be in her own skin now than edit like crazy

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  3. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I feel she's going for that vintage vibe n it ain't working for her... It's like she's wearing a small 1920s wig on her large head n it's not in centre... 
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  4. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I was watching this video n tbh it looks weird to me cuz her skin looks very blurred...I'm glad she mentioned it's the camera that made her skin look 'flawless' 
    Mikan doesn't have pimples/acne but I have a feeling there could be small sebum on her face,,(in the screenshot) and in the video you can slightly see a texture on the cheek / chin area n she mentioned she put sunscreen on some I'm wondering if she looks less tanned due to the sunscreen.Since with some brands I used, the sunscreen makes ur face have a pasty white colour but that's actually the UV filters. 
    I'm also wondering if those brands she mentioned are from Japan since the only UK make up brand in that video I know of is Maybeline lol 

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  5. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Can't tell if its the outfit layering but she looks like she gained a few pounds...
    The hairstyle n outfit  reminds me of Velma from Scooby-Doo
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  6. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I can see a lot of Vloggers fit this description! 
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  7. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    By 'uninspired' has Kenna finally realised there is more to life than Disneyland? 
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  8. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    If that's the case I think Mikan should have included that explanation in the video...Not everyone lives/has experience of living in Japan hence why that comment comes off as arrogant rich kid etc. to her foreign viewers at least. 
    Plus from your comment, I get the feeling charity/thrift stores in Japan work as a another way to get money by selling clothing? So basically she knows if she gave it to charity she will get lower price for it hence why she doesn't want to risk it...Mikan money hungry for the big cash not the small stuff so maybe giving to her friends is the last resort. (In a way, Mikan is sick of Mikan clothing, she hasn't found a good sense of style to make her feel better or good)
    I also feel Mikan hasn't settled down on a type of style or even evolved her fashion sense much...like its just a cycle of buying typical harajuku gurl or kawaii clothing hence why in some pics they don't look suitable to her shape. If she needs to sell/ give away her clothes should stay away from fast fashion n stick to finding a style that works and focus on that more.
    I heard returning clothing/ items isn't really in Japanese culture so it shows the commitment and care Japanese people take to their stuff before it needs to be thrown out/recycled.Nothing relating to Mikan (I guess) but just a cultural note someone can take a note on. 
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  9. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I think it's the flats that make her look even smaller or squeezed in I mean, also if the top part of the dress has some flowers or something interesting happening it would have made the dress more appealing-the only thing I like is the skirt...that's the only thing that making Mikan have muscle to her body (basically the skirt is giving her some shape)
    heels would defiantly work it would have been a spring adult vibe..mostly cuz Spring in Japan is new start schools start and also people look for work after graduating 
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  10. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    In the Hanami video I find it odd how she mentions she wanted to give her clothes away but didn't want to give it to charity as she thinks people won't appreciate them ?? Like really?? Are you, Mikan imply your clothing is worth the same price as a Dior branded dress or something?? Even if it's in a charity shop it still another way people can get introduced to your fashion sense/style.And if she gives them to a Japanese charity shop I'm sure there will be girls interested in Harajuku style wear... Or does she think since she a youtuber n all that her clothing should be given to her followers only and people that like her and her sense of clothing?? 
    I know Mikan says she gets tired of wearing the same styles but is there a small part of her that doesn't want to give it away (to a 2nd hand shop) and rather prefer giving to a follower since she thinks her followers are her friends and won't judge her fashion sense as much...or take it back from them lke a fashion exchange/trade lol? 
    ALSO: I stumbled upon a ASMR video of Mikan and another Japanese youtuber...https://hooktube.com/watch?v=2SEF6YvPEH0 if anyone is interested to analyse it  she started off in Japanese but than got stuck and changed to English...
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  11. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Confidence in driving   

    Thank you 
    'Just breathe, take your time' I think is the best kind of advice to get  
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  12. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    'Gaikokujira' may have mixed the info up or they could have meant an other video or Bri on campus or addressing a different video she uploaded  
    Either way it's legit her behaviour is vomit 
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  13. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Just like it how she perceive herself to be a full grown adult women with big breast n big bottom when in reality,,,she has body of 12 year old...I wonder if her height is short due to bad health (n lifestyle) choices in her hometown...Also I think the guys paying for her aren't getting their moneys worth...you dont need to be desperate for Bri- it aint worth the hype...Seriously your only encouraging her unacceptable behaviour 
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  14. missconspiracy101 added a topic in General Discussion   

    Confidence in driving
    Hello people
    Not sure if this is allowed or not but how does one get confidence in driving? Is there any advice/techniques to reduce anxiety and over thinking?
    Just wondering how people get over these kinds of problems 
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  15. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Proof she has a body of a 10 year old...gurrll u aint got them thighs 
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