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  1. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Just ganna go on a tangent,, I watched half of the V-log... 
    If Tom wants a baby so badly I'm wondering if its to do with Hong Kong/ Chinese Culture or inheritance...I know for a fact some Chinese/Hong Kong people tend to get married earlier-it's like in the culture...With the age gap I'd say it would be difficult since even tho Tay is in 30s? she still thinks like a teenager and has zero body posititivity always trying to play the victim cuz she can't get pregnant...Treating pregnancy like a game or something...Getting a baby is one thing but what about the things that come after that? Is Taylor ganna feed the child, take care of the baby waste, take them and enrol them to school tbh with how she portrays herself I think if she did have one she'd be a wreck n be exhausted 24/7. I remeber another vlogger couple who wanted to get pregnant (TexasinTokyo) and in order to do so, they decided to take a break and return in a few years probably after they had a child/is older, that's taking responsibility. Youtubers that have kids or have them quickly or even think about v-logging them end up ruining their career one way or another. 
    Also has Taylor ever done a video featuring Tom's parents view on her or even included anything about their culture/values?? I feel whenever she posts it's always about her life...but tbh her life is very bland and boring whats making her stick out is the fact shes's basically a foreigner with a camera crew following her around (by that I mean that other person that tags along Taylor and holds the camera) I feel Taylor is the type of person to manipulate and also make herself appear rich or of high status even tho all she did is get 'lucky' with a Tom. Other thing about Taylor is I think with the model working n travelling she is accustomed to that kind of high life so maybe that's why she prefers seeing herself rich and adored by strangers online...
    If she is revealing her own brand, I'd say she just trying to follow the crowd of the 20 + YouTubers that have their own merch or brands...maybe even trying to spark something by realising a new product e.g. Just a few months ago Kim K's underwear line stated a world wide debate and got alot of attention soo maybe Taylor is trying to do the same?? 
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  2. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Yeah I know Bri is working everyday since  it's summer vocation in Japan now but like what is she working as? that's the main part n she doesn't know advanced/intermediate Japanese sooo...is it something illegal again?? I know of her tutoring but whats the main job she doing there? 
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  3. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    On her recent video she mentioned she's working everyday and than after work she has tutoring for Spanish n English 
    Bri's schedule stated in the video: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=DYTZe8WPYTM 
    'I work every single day, no days off...Tuesday-Sunday 10.00 to 3.00, Monday 10-5.00 and after work on Tuesday and Thursday I tutor English and Spanish...'
    Soo is her real job hoeing? or is she implying Youtube is her full time job? Has Bri left schooling? or is she still trying to wing it? or bluffing? like Bri is pretty much well known on here at least for being a E-beggar,,sooo what she on about?  
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  4. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I feel her Turkish features are the only things that are making her look attractive...sadly if she carries on with the 'kawaiii asian gurl ' aesthetic she'll look more or less the same as blank white paper...just another copy from the Utube influencer printer.  
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  5. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    https://hooktube.com/watch?v=DYTZe8WPYTM <proof is there 
    Seriously Bri would be the last person to give a review on a product especially make up  There is her code mentioned on the vid description in so i think for every purchase that use Bri's code she gets half the money? (if codes work like that idkk,,)
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  6. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Im surprised Yesstyle gave her a sponser...like really Bri..?!! The girl who barely knows how to put make up on ?? Surely there are other more talented and better rep Youtubers or Make up Gurus out there...All Bri is ganna do in that tutorial is show half the world how always expanding the eyeliner makes u a 'qweeenn' 
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  7. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Far as I was aware Kenna looked like a stereotypical rich girl spending her trust fund money non-stop. I wonder what made her or her family final take a autism test on her? Maybe looking into Google reviews (or tripadviser?) of the clinic she used may help determine the place is genuine or not and if she has autism or not...but far as I am aware it seems staged to me. I feel if anything if she does have some sort of mental illness it would be something linked to social media or lying. 
    Like has there been insta posts/pics where her socks seem to be inside out? When Kenna mentioned about her previous drama about her tattoo and claiming to have drawn it when it was clearly a stock image i felt it was forced in the video so people on Pull or Youtube can re-evalauate her past drama and give softer criticism or white knight her . On the video some were siding with her and happy for her whilst others where still suspicious soo its still debatable...I do agree she made have made it so (on the quiz/test) look as if she has autism just to clear herself off. 
    I guess in a way when u do sooo much internet drama and then finale make a video explaining u have mental illness it can come off as covering ur past footprints and looking for forgiveness easily. I'd expect  Kenna to make a simple video no background interior or deer like make up on and explain nicely her every drama-related actions, justifying them herself and ask for a second chance and also talk about her autism and how she intends to better herself and her channel so no more drama is caused...but maybe it's abit too sensible for her tastes. 
    ------------------------------------------Other topic -----------------
    In another video where she did a Q&A she seemed like an adult and normal for once. Kenna said about getting a speeding ticket...and for me since I maybe used to Kenna viewing herself as a child in her own bubble that's into Disney I was shook to know she know how to drive...??like driving and stuff like that is for adults/ mature people yet the way Kenna shows herself online made me think she won't care for adult things...(even tho she technically is 24yrs old)
    I was abit disrupted when she mentioned about college/studies...Yes obviously Kenna isnt ganna care for education she spend her trustfund on Japan to do jack all not even bother with the language and doesn't really mind not being in Japan again. It saddens me some youngsters will think education n studies isnt needed due to her influence( Alot of Youtubes are giving that impression which is annoying). Kenna life is very different/ questionable in some cases. Normally u'd think if American education isnt good enough maybe getting education elsewhere will help build a better life/perspective but only if u put the effort in otherwise its wasted which is the case with Kenna.
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  8. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    ^^Thank you!!
    This is what I mean (or tried to mean) 
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  9. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Sorry but it looks like the rest of PULL has become too soft lately...or maybe biased 
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  10. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Not to burst Mikan's bubble or something but the only reason her Japanese improved is because she is surrounded by Japanese...Basically to survive she had & has to put in the work,,its not a choice, (her mothers paying for her fashion college n if she blows that what will u expect?...)she also has a Japanese bf so impressing his family (and also supporting her uni life) is also a reason, when its two different cultures, languages could become a heavy barrier. Daily interaction is key to pick up on key words/phrases and if not people there is always watching native T.V, reading mags etc. 
    With the Japanese friends she made, most J-vloggers go to Japan on a working holiday visa and don't/ didn't get the opportunity to enrol into a Japanese vocational school, (MikaeraDesu/ Ciaela is a native Canadian Utuber who went to a Japanese music school ) other than a language school even if they do they would be aged older maybe older 20s so it could be hard to fit in/ make friends with younger people, and a typical language school you also get alot of gaijin so not much Japanese interaction. I guess in a way Japanese work relations are very different to Japanese College/uni life since there is more freedom for Japanese uni students, there is more social time since on some days u have uni whilst on others ur off. I don't think Mikan is the only one to include Japanese friends or classmates in her vids (AbroadInJapan for example), some Japanese tend to be camera shy or private hence even if some gaijin j-vloggers have Japanese friend they maybe hesitate. Mikan for one wasn't happy in the UK so I guess now that shes in Japan and doesn't know for how long she wants to make the most of it that n she can explore her fashion more since Japan is open to various styles and the shops there have access to various fashions unlike UK brands. 
    Also even tho she works part time, she still does sponsors for example the K-pop Idol Fashion video. Mikan still needs money, even if it is a good paying job or someday full-time she still ganna need more additional money from sponsors.It may look like rainbow or stars now but who knows in a couple of weeks, months or a year. What we see on utube is her 'alter personality'. 
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  11. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic People's experience in driving/being a learner driver   

    Thank you for the helpful advice! It's nice reading about other people's experiences 
    TBH i'm just ganna rant/express myself since I have a real stress... 
    Last year I passed the written theory test (first time) and this year I wanted to do my driving..Only problem is no matter how many lessons I take I always get scared or have anxiety...I tend to forget the following day too. (Also dull in maths if that contributes to driving/Logical thinking) I think I got hang of the road and the controls but I still struggle abit.I know what to do but its just I'm too slow paced. I found doing driving practice with a family member is better compared to an instructor  and with a instructor no matter how much money I would use it still didn't work. So far I did like 40 (2hr each) lessons and again 20 (2 hrs) paid lessons and I'm still gutted I'm on the basics. I try not to be beat up about it like I even work with people in their early 30s who don't have a car or know how to drive...my plan B is to stick with the bus use and it really isn't like its the end of the world if I can't seem to get the hang of driving.
    Recently I been leaving driving out only cuz its a waste of money just doing bloody basics every time! and I'm stressed. the instructors I take aren't really patient patient, I researched into this but instructors are only there to help u pass the exam not really each you how to drive properly. They advertise '99% pass rate' or 'Will pass with blah blah driving school' yet at the end of the day it depends on you and only you...the instructor doesn't have a magical wand to make you more confident in driving or easily pass with no faults.Yes they give u lessons but 70% depends on you practising on your own car/family car and the rest is to do with instructor telling you what to do and exam routines. and tbh I dont think I'm at that stage yet 
    I think i can rant about driving instructors or driving in general...like i seen Utubers being like 'The instructor needs to be like a friend' but I dont think tht helps I can't see myself being friendly too a 50 something yr old grumpy instructor who just benefits from making money. From what I experienced so far I feel the best way to drive is my pre doing lessons with relatives/family- this will allow you confidence in doing driving with an instructor. Also when booking for lessons with an instructor do the theory test along with the driving than take the theory test a few months in advice before the real driving practical-if the instructor thinks your ready for a test therefore u dont waste any money and in my country the theory tests have a 2 year expiry date so if you do it that way that knowledge would be fresh in ur head...I like how they changed the driving system yet they cant give proper structured advice to take the theory prior the actual driving practical test than take it first thing and find an instructor n forget what you learned on the theory test. 
    How it is: 
    Thoery test > Lessons with instcutor> Practical test to pass
    How it should be: 
    Pre-lessons with family memeber > Practice thoery test a few months before finding instructor, when u passed theory test only than look for an instructor> Practice with instructor till ur ready for test > Pass thoery few months before u booked the practical test with instructor. 
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  12. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Disney Thread   

    I know The Little Mermaid has it's 30th Anniversary in 2019...is it just me or is it not hyped as much as I expected? ...Like I don't see many advertising/ merch in store like they did with Frozen...It's my childhood fav so i'm slightly disappointed...not even a remake movie?? 
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  13. missconspiracy101 added a topic in General Discussion   

    People's experience in driving/being a learner driver
    I'm curious to know about peoples experience in driving or any advice/opinion/rant and frustrations on driving...things like how many lessons thy took and how long it took them to pass, were you nervous first time? Whether thy think it's all just a scam etc. I would like to share my experience/view on it since it's a stressy subject sometimes 
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  14. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Disney Thread   

    Mulan Live action is coming out in Spring 2020...I have a feeling Lion King live action is coming out this year but it's CGI not really 'live'
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  15. missconspiracy101 added a topic in General Discussion   

    Anime figures and merch experiences
    I want to know what people think about buying anime/vocaloid figures and their experiences with some online companies they used to purchase from.I been into anime/manga for a long time but idk if I wanna invest in a figure...is it a waste of money or good to to buy than resale?  Also about buying manga books? Are thy worth it or is it better to read online? 
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