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  1. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    The era of the pink plait pinafore needs to end... its always this pinafore and a white blouse or t-shirt behind which doesn't complement it as much
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  2. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Just something interesting///
    So on NHK World, theses a program called Kawaii Internationl, on the latest episode 'How to make it in Japan' they introduced a couple of designers/fashionista that made it to Japan. What caught my eye was a Bunka fashion graduate called Choom who like Mikan was from London and then moved to Japan. Choom also is editor in cheif of her own fashion magazine called The Comm (https://the-comm.online/en/) which is still developing. On Choom insta u can see clips from her section https://www.instagram.com/p/B4sYxdVHQnj/. Choom also does Youtube . 
    SO is Mikan entering Bunka or learning Japanese in sort time be highly praised? at the moment she isnt really established or has a proper basis...shes just a undergrad student if she really want to make it big she ganna need more work not just posting model like images on insta or youtube. When it comes to posting on Youtube i feel nor its more like a gamble u can never tell how many views u get on one vid.  
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  3. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Just a theory
    Funny enough in the new vid she was saying getting a marriage visa was a bad idea...but if for instance Hiro and Mikan continued dating n eventually got married wouldn't it mean Mikan can have marriage visa?? Is this way Mikan was so upset Hiro broke up with her cuz that meant she wouldn't have the marriage visa card ? When it comes to international marriages there is never a straight answer...some go well but others crumble down so Mikan can't say much.
    If Mikan didn't consider fashion school herself that meant she didn't know what she wanted to do and only came to Japan to fulfil her weeb dream (just admit it theres no shame in it)/ was very tired of the UK. If she majored in Japanese course than that would have been useless to use in UK. When one of her friends suggested Fashion school , Mikan might have taken the exam just to see her chances and since she passed them decided to stay longer but the fashion school wasn't prepared at all hence she had to ask her mum for money to fund it. 
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  4. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

     If Hiro's family want to spend money on Mikan's food and all then it's up to them. It might just have been a friendly gesture or even as basic hospitality. Idk if Hiro's parents know about the break up but in the end Mikan is a foreigner living on her own isolated from her parents cuz shes in Japan so rather than abandon her they rather support her, so even if she leaves Japan someday she has good memories and doesn't end up in a troublesome situation. So far I recall Mikan say her parents/mum sends her money (to pay for fashion school) if Mikan asks money from Hiro's family it's completely different case which can be annoying or taking advantage of their kindness. In addition, for all we know Mikan might be the first foreigner ex-gf/friend of Hiro and Japanese people do like to learn about different cultures/ are open to many foreigners now.  As for Mikan's Japanese level which tends to get debated alot I'd say N3 UNTIL she proves otherwise (certificate or something)
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  5. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I remember posting something on the lines of that Mikan doesn't show her making the clothing or like design ideas n a few weeks/days later she put a video of her doing fashion homework...whats in her fashion school bag etc. the video seemed planned than 'it just so happened' or her excuse sometimes 'many followers were asking for one'
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  6. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    This needs to be framed on the thread wall  or plated in gold lol 
    I'm not an expert in Japanese but from all her videos with her Japanese 'friends' she only talked using casual which is pretty basic stuff not really business/keigo level. 

    300 for a cheap looking smoll bag...moreover a bag that doesn't even look like the image shown on the site...coincidentally it reflects MIkan's personality quite well  
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  7. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Extra evidence to support Hiro account could be controlled by Mikan (more) n Hirokazu 
    1) Hiro profile pic on instagram has Mikans room decorations behind..notice the light balls 
    2) Bio mentions 'without mutual respect' , which is odd since Mikan constantly says her and Hiro are mutual n theres no bad blood. 
    3) Amount of followers is wayyyy too much n odd especially since they broke up. 

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  8. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Correct me if Im wrong but...
    Mikan: Born Kurdish but claims to be Swedish, doesn't like the UK at ALL
    Also Mikan: Bashes her friend online
    when comments say: 'I think that's offensive to your friend etc. That's quite agressive'
    Mikan be like: 'no, no that's British humor its only banter blah blah blah.../ my sarcasm she gets me I wasn't being meann hehe'
    Does she use the British humor card when shes under attack from her follower? Yes. Yes she does... 
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  9. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    ^Agree with you! 
    For anyone not aware of Japanese: 
    Mikan in the video uses the word 'Damare' (おだまりください) which is a very rude way to say 'be quiet', she adds Kudasai (please) to make it sound polite but I think it's still concerned rude since the word 'damare' is quite harsh toned..(I from a Japanese person was told it is extremely rude so I stopped referring to it ) I'd love for a Japanese person on this forum to add their input or analyse the two girls behaviour in the video.
    And also does she really need to take her camera to school n start recording? Like she could have just chatted to her Japanese friends than be those kind of people who are on social media 24/7. The  main theme of the video was to meet her 'long time' friend Piper...so why not record at the station greeting her or hugging her than start with banter? Even the clip to the shopping mall place was pointless-Piper having just come that day might have been tired n just wanted to catch up as friends or just relax than take on/ impress 1 million subs. And if Mikan knew she would be in a mood with her than why record the meeting with her why not let her settle down n record with her the next day
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  10. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    TBH I feel Mikan is torturing herself lately...Like if she keeps claiming to be hanging out with Hiro it just showing she's insecure and didn't want to break up. Another thing is she won't be able to move on from Hiro as she's resisting change...This is also why couples that break up don't become friends (it shops both of them from finding their own happiness or purpose) and even if Mikan claims to still be friends with Hiro in Japanese dating it's quite rare for old couples to be friends n even if they are it's more like acquaintances/pass-by strangers. 
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  11. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Maybe except for buying new items for a haul video she could just talk about fashion or outfits she thinks might work on a date or for summer, winter. I think if she was to thrift she'll keep on saying 'thrifiting is slightly expensive in Japan' then a week later be buy 5 or more expensive american cereals. 
    Also since Mikan is a fashion student I dont see why she can't do a talkative video with her drawing some ideas of clothing ideas or patterns to include in a mini project series/ show her school work-At least it's ganna show shes serious about fashion school. Mikan could also design a kimono that has both Japanese and Kurdish/Swedish fusion?? designing and making fashion and buying fast fashion is soo different 
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  12. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    This somehow reminds me of Kenna 
    And I feel this kind of style is more in the Tokyo teen-adult style range than the normal Harajuku Kawaii clothing 
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  13. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic Overpriced Brands   

    With main brands like Dior, Channel and other major designer brands I find in local areas some shops are pricier than online.
    Jewellery for me in any store feels always overpriced...they don't last long and also tend to get green/rust. Doesn't matter if its a set of earrings or a set of necklaces/chokers their not worth it, also most items in shops are generic and if they have a unique detailing or style its normally pricey. 
    With online shopping I find 10% off subscription / first order offers and sales online work better than in stores . I have a feeling stores rank up the price to get some for rent/additional seller costs for selling that kind of item in their store (like custom fees)
     I heard putting top coat on jewellery helps stop rings/jewellery from degrading but like u said if its 10-18 euros you'd expect it to last a few years before going bad. 
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  14. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    On the recent vid: 
    I feel I can't take Mikan seriously due to her voice sounding rusty when she whisper talks..I feel she's trying too hard in it like trying to be more casual but that's just me n when she does talk she makes it lag too muchh 
    I find it odd Mikan claims she Bi yet the only experience she has told of dating  is with men. Hiro being the latest (before break up) n one before Hirokazu who was in England..n saying 'My first bf didn't want anything to do with me...honestly, tht's his loss', sort looks like Mikan did something bad/makes her arrogant, spoiled. 
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  15. missconspiracy101 added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    For one thing I'm surprised her mum looks kinda posh/looks of a refined background...like the way Mikan talks about her makes me think she's one of those teen-mums that are arrogant nasty or something. 
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