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  1. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Ok but can we talk about how her face (in the introduction where she has bangs) looks very weird and kind of "stiff"? 
    To me it doesn't seem like she is simply too stressed to fake some enthusiam about the towelkini video, it seems like she can't move her face muscles very well??? I suspect that when she filmed this intro part she had some face lifting shortly before (botox possibly?). It's said that people have trouble making their normal facial expressions after injections. I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case, but I wasn't prepared for her to look so smooth and kind of... hollow? Especially compared to how she smiled in the older footage when she was shopping with Safiya. I actually do like the bangs on her, but in combination with this lack of facial expression it's unsettling.
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  2. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    She had so many possibilities to have a doll-Taylor-esque look for this ad and she went with THIS?
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  3. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I don't see any contradiction there. It could be as simple as this: He USED to be absent at night due to his job's night-shifts and then later quit his job. Voila.
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  4. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    It takes an abuser to know an abuser, huh?
    Shame on Margo for pushing Venus onto Manaki for marriage and being such a control-freak-mother in the first place
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  5. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Your comment sums everything up I wanted to point out!
    I am surprised by her no make-up, not fancy editing no nothing way of doing this comeback video (as opposed to her super heavily edited IG posts lately in the same phase). But ok, drives the point home of being honest and "coming clean" so why not! The message she gives is important!
    I was kind of expecting an explanation on what the hell she was thinking when she had the Malice.exe phase. But I'm hella glad that she realized this was so not happening and not working out. Glad to see her grow and heal, glad to see her return to non-Malice!

    And now speculation time...
    In regards to Manaki: Venus points out that she is still married to him, she asks people to stop contacting him but...what she DOESN'T say is interesting. She doesn't say they are still together, or still in love, or still living in the same apartment...she just states that they are still married. Like the "hamsters ate him" comment, it sounds like an indirect way of admitting they are not a couple anymore but technically remain married for her visa. Just my take on it.
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  6. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Saw this under her first video on her new Japanese-only channel.
    PS: The comments under her video are mainly from her English-speaking fans, lmao. That backfired. I doubt she will gain a significant Japanese following. Also the video seems kinda weird and confusing in terms of structure? Was it supposed to be VLOG? It's kinda all over the place, no neat transitions etc. (Cannot judge the language part.)

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  7. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    I really don't see where you guys think Rachel had surgery done? Like, not at all? She talked about correcting her nose for health stuff and then some more for aesthetics when she's at it. Yes, the nose job is obvious. But other than that I think you guys are honestly making this up. Seems paranoid to me?
    For Taylor R I can understand the criticism, there was lenghty and believable analysis with extensive research and photo proof. Yep, I'm totally convinced. But I seriously see nothing wrong with Rachel's face? Angles, lighting and heavy make-up vs no make-up can make SUCH a difference! Hell, I look like I had surgery when I go full-out with make-up and posing as compared to my everyday potato face with no care for angles.
    Concerning the videos, I'm really disappointed by the video draught. You'd think they'd be settled in after the move now and would put in some work for their fanbase. Some "real" videos other than raising money for a dog or unpacking boxes with stuff for their cats... Like, there's nothing wrong with a few casual videos about your cats or a low-key Vlog here and there. But it's really been some time since they moved.
    Well if they aren't in need for the money, I guess it's pretty tempting to cease creating high-effort content. I get it. It's just... a bit lame. I mean they practically have TWO kitchens for Jun's cooking videos now! And they moved to Fukuoka to escape their loneliness, and as seen in Micaela's IG, they have definitely met with their friends there... I honestly expected more and sooner at that, not gonna lie. Hope they use their downtime well and come back stronger, it'd be a shame to just see them letting their past years' work die slowly but surely.
    As for the thing with having kids, that's a tad too personal for my opinion and should be excluded from the discussion. This is literally 0% of anyone's business other than Rachel's and Jun's. And even if it weren't, there is no pressure whatsoever to start at a certain age with having kids or to even have kids at all. Especially nowadays it's absolutely medically manageable to have kids late in life. And if Rachel and Jun had serious disagreements whether or not they want kids, they will figure it out without gossip anyway.
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  8. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I feel like how Tay and Tom handled the situation was less than ideal and they don't even seem to notice it.
    They were so caught up in trying to fight off accusations, "clearing their names" and stressing how "everything is legal" that both of them overlooked the most important point: That it's tasteless and outright creepy to feature underage girls in a men's magazine.
    However legal and un-connected to them as it may be, no matter if the underage model in question posts such revealing pictures of herself on her own IG - it is just WRONG to promote the sexualisation of minors. Saying "it's not inappropriate if there are just pictures of her in an article" is very close to saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people!". Of course making an article about this minor was not directly doing anything illegal, but why would you spread her images on a site where it's obviously in a context of sexualisation? They put the metaphorical gun (underage girl) in a metaphorical shooting range (men looking at pictures of sexy women for entertainment).
    I do somewhat understand that Tay felt the need to use her platform to defend her people. But it would have been a bazillion times better if she and Tom would have taken a hard look at the situation, re-evaluated their stance and then acted accordingly FIRST (removing the article and ordering the staff of the online magazine to avoid all mention of underage models). And then, afterwards, it would have been a good PR move to address the rumor, say what you've done and why you would defend it, but still act ethically and changed something.
    It just makes them both look bad. And very unneccessarily so.
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  9. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic Eugene Lee Yang   

    Has it been deleted or am I just too dumb to find it...?
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  10. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Now that Venus is openly out as bisexual... I can't help but wonder whether she and her friend Mikan Mandarin (Vina? is that her name? who is also openly bisexual) would at some point have become a couple, hadn't Mikan come together with her boyfriend Hiro in the meantime.
    Her and Venus' dirty jokes and their level of trust just always struck me as "clicking" more than well - they definitely had a "possibly more than friends" chemistry at some point(s). Of course that's just my interpretation and kind of pointless with both of them being in other relationships. Oh well.
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  11. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I didn't catch why the video of the matching pet costumes (Taylor as Princess Leia & Rosie as a wookie and so on) wasn't uploaded...?? What's the story behind that?
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  12. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

     I take back what I said on the Video Thread. She came so far only to "normalize" her behavior again!!! WHAT. THE. F*CK.
    People on her IG spread BS like "Haters gonna hate, they are just jealous!" Smh.
    Venus: Constantly posts videos and IG captions about her weight, about losing weight, about dieting, her surgery, feeling bad about her weight, making food challenges, you name it. The list goes on and on.
    Also Venus: Everything normal, I got tested, like once, and the spreadsheet said no! Lolz guys, y u mad?
    ^ This. This exactly!
    I don't want to drag her down, I don't want to see flaws where there are none. It's just so frustrating to see a young girl that is already very thin being solely concerned with her weight. She actually never was overweight, not once. She looked perfectly fine during her blonde-hair-Netherlands phase.
    It amazes me how one week she spills the beans about her weight loss surgery and her - still topical -  concerns to stay thin, revealing her issues....and then glosses over all of that and claims everything is normal.
    I bet she compares herself to Mikan Mandarin (stick-thin skinny) and Taylor R (tall, toned and skinny, Model)...and just about every thin Japanese girl. It hurts to see her struggle so much with self-acceptance. Self-acceptance and self-love are tough cookies for just about everyone. But it's kinda sad to see her struggle "out in the public".
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  13. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

     Don't get me wrong (or do, if you feel like it), I adore Venus and I admire how far she has come, and I pity her for what she was been through in life up until now. It's heart-breaking to watch her latest video.
    But I did call BS in March on her defensiveness concerning not having issues with food/weight etc. when she uploaded her hospital video. Please downvote me again and insist that she clearly has no ED whatsoever "because the people at the hospital said so". Lol. I knew it but you people here didn't want to acknowledge the truth back then. Am I salty? Nah, but amused by this false white-knighting. Let me repeat myself: 
    It obviously took Venus some time to figure this out. I applaud her for trying to get better. You can start hating now, but let me tell you that having had first-hand experience with EDs I have a very low tolerance for romanticizing EDs and all the fuzz (or in Venus' case: downplaying it with "cuteness" and denial in the past). It's a good thing she has found the strength to stop lying to herself and the fans and has found the courage to face her inner demons and toxic experiences of the past.
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  14. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    Venus has come a long way from living with Margo. She has become self-dependent and improved a lot, mentally and personality-wise. She is still young and it hasn't been that long since she moved to Japan and began to live her life without her toxic mother. So I'll give her that.
    While I normally somewhat like her videos, I could not stand her attitude in the last video. It was somewhere between desperate, insecure (those two are to be expected, no problem with that) and self-righteous, bratty and defensive. Girl, you have a hardcore obsession with food and weight that's not healthy anymore. That's not kawaii. It has been visible for years. I still remember one IG post of hers not too long ago that said something delusional like "Oh but dieting is part of my life, I won't hide myself anymore I am so strong". No, an obsession with dieting is not a "cute perk" that is "part of your personality". It's sick. 
    It bothers me that the video was poorly made and that she is so defensive about not having an ED when literally EVERYTHING she said in this video makes it crystal clear that her obsession with food, weight and looks is beyond normal teenage insecurity. Not making an armchair diagnosis here, but it takes no doctor to see that something is wrong here. And has been wrong for many years. Pretty shocking what she said about Margo, too. It doesn't surprise me tbh, but it's still shocking how insensitive a mother can be. 
    TLDR while it's a first step in the right direction to open up about her issues, her stubbornly clinging to "normalizing" her behavior in this obnoxious tone bothers me. She got lots of helpful comments in the comment section on YT which she seems to read, so there's a chance she will realize she needs help. 
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  15. GrumpyCat added a post in a topic Mira the enlightened Muslim   

    Would someone mind giving me a short recap where all that came from??? 
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