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  1. Taroham added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Oh wow. AND that's the actual console not the lite version. She could have just said it's broken... but why add in that she's just gonna get a new one. Weird subtle flex but alright... 
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  2. Taroham added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Must be nice to be that privileged.
    I'm not surprised though. This is the same girl that sold used clothing on Depop to her fans at a small discounted but still high price. Wouldn't be surprised if she has or thought of selling stuff she got for free from other companies. 
    How are you certain she didn't try to to troubleshoot or ask Sei though? I imagine that's the first thing people would do.
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  3. Taroham added a post in a topic cupofjasmien / jasmine chan   

    Found her tattoo arrangement inspiration  

    That crown just looks so out of place and ugly. Man.. 

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  4. Taroham added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    I think she's just in denial and making excuses for her need to even wear real leather... Her justification is that since they're second hand, they don't last that long for her... so she justifies buying real leather new, because she think's it'd last her longer and it would take years for her to even make another purchase. None of that makes sense to people who don't buy leather for animal cruelty purposes.
    "p.s. i want to talk a bit about buying and wearing leather. originally i spoke about it in the video but removed it because it made it kinda lengthy. as a cruelty free beauty consumer i never bought or wore leather unless second hand for many years. i realized somewhere down the line that my collection of vegan leathers weren't high quality and were so replaceable, and i always kept buying more and throwing away the excess because of that. honestly i got tired of buying crappy shoes so i decided to start buying leather shoes, because i realized that as long as i treasure and take care of them i won't continue to buy more shoes than i need. i guess i've rationalized it as the lesser of two evils, i hope this makes sense!"
    Her video on the 4k haul is a joke as well. She bought expensive tights and says she's gonna make it a "personal challenge" to try to not ruin them.. umm ok sis. I'm pretty sure when you have a lot of shoes, it'd take longer to wear them down since I would imagine you'd switch between different shoes. Sis is acting like she's running marathons. 
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  5. Taroham added a post in a topic cupofjasmien / jasmine chan   

    Wow I haven't caught up with this chick in a while but I am not surprised she's still copying others. It just keeps getting worse it seems. I didn't think anyone would copy someone down to their damn finger tattoos!! THAT'S MENTAL 
    She looks like she's going through some shit kinda like that one girl, smallbootymary  who if I remember correctly,  did a tattoo apprentice thing but ultimately ended up getting married. I can't take her seriously just because we've seen her plain self before and now she's oddly randomly tatted with piercings.
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  6. Taroham added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Glad to know people aren't sheep. 
    This is her response her description: 
    She makes no sense. IF you keep buying leather, they'd have to keep producing it. If she's buying leather from a brand, she's essentially supporting it. Does she really wear them out THAT much to need to keep buying new leather shoes ffs. Also the comments show everyone's true feelings... 

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  7. Taroham added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    She's privileged enough to live her fantasy life in New York or wherever she wants to go. She has enough money to live life without going through the struggles that regular people who work 9-5 jobs go through. She doesn't have to struggle, and when she does, it's with her own self.
    She's radiating a lot of Cozy Kitsune Mckenna vibes. 
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  8. Taroham added a post in a topic Nikoado Avocado   

    LOL how delusional are you fans? "He was perfectly set up to get taken down" you mean HE set himself up by being a POS? Whatever she did in the past, doesn't excuse his shitty behavior in the present. Why try to steer the hate away from him for his current wrong doings by bringing up shit in the past? Y'all really go through great lengths to find something to pick at with her but that doesn't surprise me because Nik did the same thing in his video trying to expose her by saying her wearing her own merch proved a point (it doesn't), YET his good ole friend Hyunee Eats is out here monetizing her fake monotone ass apology video. 
    Her keeping her Fiance's FACE private is her own choice. Why does it bother you? Nik purposefully putting the camera up towards his face and not the food just shows how he was scheming to use that as potential blackmail against her. 
    I don't think this shit could have been handled off camera. Nik would've talked about it sooner or later and brought up a whole exposing video anyway. It was inevitable. If she hadn't brought his shitty behavior to light, no one would have known, and others wouldn't have came out to expose his ass. 
    The comments say it all.

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  9. Taroham added a post in a topic Nikoado Avocado   

  10. Taroham added a post in a topic Nikoado Avocado   

    Here it is y'all. His "receipts" are him talking to other people in voice messages. The least he could do is show us his voice messages being played on his phone because they could absolutely be fabricated after the fact. BUT the fact that he tried to justify all his actions like this is just pathetic.  Y'all he really tried to use her wearing HER own merch in that video as a reason to why she's evil or some shit. MAN he tried it. 
    No one in the comments is buying it lol

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  11. Taroham added a post in a topic Nikoado Avocado   

    I hate the fact that the whole video, she sounds monotone af and absolutely shows NO emotion but when it comes to her talking about people harassing her about her dad and family, we see an immediate change of REAL emotions. If that ain't a narcissist! NO WHERE in an apology video should you start defending your or someone else's actions. She should have just accepted her faults and wrong doings, apologized and that's it. Don't bring up the fact that you were harassed or whatever because guess what.... she deserved it! She REALLY did that to get us to try to pity her. I can't believe the audacity of people. Her reasoning for the in and out joke makes no sense and doesn't justify bullying in any context whether she knew or not about Steph's past or her state of friendship with Nik. 
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  12. Taroham added a post in a topic Nikoado Avocado   

    When you get caught lying and try to play it off by avoiding the need to answer. This bish really made it seem like a hitman job, said he had receipts, and STILL chooses not to apologize for being a creep and manipulative asshole. OH and he needs to remind us he has mental health issues FFS. 
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  13. Taroham added a post in a topic Nikoado Avocado   

    I think invalidating someone's experience and feelings is exactly what others have done to those who are involved in the MeToo movement and for you to do that because you think she's "annoying" amazes me. You saying "BIG DEAL" is just like Nikocado saying "that little metoo movement" belittling people's real feelings and experiences. You do realize it's not just the pushing for gossip, but the manipulation, blackmail, and creepy shit he did to her in her own house that made her feel a certain way right? 
    If someone feels uncomfortable, then THEY felt uncomfortable. It's not for you to decide if it's a big thing or not and should never be an excuse to say that someone shouldn't be worrying about such a thing no matter how big or small the encounter. I'm not going to say my sister didn't get assaulted by her teacher if it wasn't as "severe" as others have gone through, so why should you make that comparison with Stephanie?  
    If it were easy for those in abusive relationships to say "fck off" and move on like you mentioned, don't you think they would have?? It's NOT that easy. OR how bout telling a person going through depression to just "suck it up" or "don't worry about it"? These things don't magically disappear or resolve themselves. There is a whole study of psychology and sociology behind these things. It's only easy for you to say because you're not her. 
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  14. Taroham added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Thank you for bringing these points up! Everyone seemed to heavily hate on my last post but THIS is exactly what I am alluding too. Though we can't know for sure if she has any internalized issues with her ethnicity, I don't think we can entirely rule out the possibility given the many small but degrading comments she makes about anything asian and her dating life. She is also very young and others have depicted her as being fairly immature for her age.
    I really think she just learned how to "walk" in the real world. Her awkward persona might be just her not having much experience socializing or forming relationships with others. That being said, she seems to be lost and she probably is at that age, especially as a youtuber, who doesn't know herself yet. So if she doesn't know herself, she is not going to know about or openly express any internalized issues with her ethnicity. A lot of people have preferences, yes, but my point is, it could be something she just subconsciously does to overcompensate for something else... whether that be to be more connected with her white side, to feel more confident- superior or cool, etc. 
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  15. Taroham added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I wasn't aware I was supposed to sift through 60 pages of her thread to know that I'm not supposed to talk about her asian identity. I just stated my speculations and have even mentioned reasons that could attribute to how she is such as growing up in a predominantly white area. Also not sure where or why you're bringing her mom up? I wasn't even sure if she was half or not. I am asian-american and can relate a to a lot of those struggles but as an asian-american, seeing those speculations are a reality in the community which is why there is such a thing as asian females dating white guys in order to birth a mixed "cute" baby, or choosing to date only white males because they see asian males as inferior. 
    THANK YOU. This is exactly what I am talking about but I guess people just don't want to fathom the idea or possibility when it is such a common and known phenomenon in the asian community. 
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  16. Taroham added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I'm a new sub of hers. I watched her recent moving to NY or whatever video and actually liked that she was open about her sexuality but as I watched more of her videos and went to check out her PULL, I was soon disappointed lol She became more and more annoying at how open she was but it wasn't the point of her being open about her sexuality that was annoying, it was that she was coming off as doing it to BRAG about it and awkwardly at that. And come to find out she doesn't have much experience with relationships made it worse. Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if she did or almost did cheat on her ex... just because of how loosely and open she views sex... but also how 24/7 horny she makes herself out to be. Some people like being in open relationships, and maybe she hasn't explored that option? 
    I don't blame her for wanting to leave LA (at least downtown and the city area) as it can be tiresome to live around all the fakeness that all the other youtubers had to deal with. I've lived in "LA" but LA is composed of so many neighborhoods and areas that it's hard to talk about LA as being such and such like how she did. She might have been better living in the suburb areas or the lesser known areas that aren't downtown LA or close to Hollywood. 
    Something else I've noticed being a new viewer is that she looks "part asian" but at the same time, seems like one of those half asian girls who grew up wanting to be white. A part of this is also attributed to how she "sounds white." If anyone knows, was she adopted or is she half white? But also, I think I heard she grew up in a state that was most likely predominantly white... Someone also mentioned her possibly being one of those asian girls who glorifies white guys. Idk if she is... but let me tell you, that is a REAL thing in the asian community and is often a part of internalized self hatred/racism. A lot of those girls say that's their preference, but don't realize it's often deeper than that. TBH she reminds me of Jenn Im in how lost she seems and how unaware and out of touch she is with herself and reality. If anyone has read Jenn's gurugossip page, you will know people have took note on her internalized racism growing up and need to seem white to fit in...(her hipster phase) but also dating a lot of white guys. 
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  17. Taroham added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    Jeez, responding like that with such a poor piss attitude really shows her petty side. How bout just don't go on these gossip sites? She's obviously so invested in what people think of her if she's on here. 
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  18. Taroham added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    Yeah I recently noticed this in one of her videos. 
    @ 16:40 she speaks some korean. I thought she was one of those ambassadors or something to promote others to travel to korea... and if she's not, she's doing a good job at looking like it. I feel like if she was though, that would be embarrassing to not know how to speak the language of the country you're promoting. I think maybe also to be able to gain an upper hand as a foreigner in Korea, she realized that she needed to learn the language in order to survive and gain more credibility and networks. 
    Also saw her in this video from Alexa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgrk5L5avG4 for i Seoul U (same as the one BTS did a promo vid for here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmkK7DVv1Tc) 
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  20. Taroham added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    IMAGINE how conceited and self-absorbed you have to be to reply to someone thinking anyone who follows you MUST know everything that happens in her life because she posts it online. You'd have to think you're some hot shit to not realize people have lives outside of hers. This girl reminds of of SimplyKenna and it looks ilke she's got the personality to match. She's just openly full weeb tho. What ROTTEN youth. 
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  22. Taroham added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    She looks WAY happier and prettier with this guy, genuinely.
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  23. Taroham added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    Was it ever confirmed that he was THAT guy?
    I definitely believe she's well off now because of her influencer work but I think a lot of people, like myself, think she was from a well off family because we've seen her parent's house. Their bathroom where she died her hair and living room area where she filmed her snack box review or whatever doesn't look like no middle class family house. 
    YES they were immigrants, but a lot of asian families who immigrated here, made a living for themselves, and lived well off. For example, the MAC family https://www.youtube.com/user/luvableviet and her sisters. Most people who mention their parents immigrating mention how hard they work and the struggles they had to go through compared to now because they're proud of where they came from and they lived through it. Mei mentions growing up she didn't think they were poor, but what's poor to her? People who address that question usually state what they've gone through but she didn't really even touch on it. It's hard to believe she came from nothing, but what was "poor" to her is probably a dream for someone less fortunate (I'm talking about people who've lived this struggle: living in a one bedroom apartment with a whole family, taking the bus to school/work everyday, eating sleep for dinner, having parents who worked multiple jobs etc. etc.)
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  24. Taroham added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    I do feel like Koreans would find her forehead to be a bit excessive considering for example, Kim Sejeong's (from Gugudan) forehead was measured on a show lol
    but it's nothing compared to Sissel at least proportion wise

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