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  1. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Poor India
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  2. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    actually the bald guy IS the guy she DID try cheating on when she was sending dms to her ex ripper to shreds begging for ripper to take her back but simone got shot down so she settled on zense7en cause she can use him for a house and free cash. I'm not a fan of hers either but she could definetly do better in the looks department, but whatever pays her way I guess. Simone has always been an opportunistic user, so that's no surprise she's attaching herself to someone she can exploit until something else comes along. As for him, HE must actually be the desperate one if he is that old and has to resort to dating a unfaithful, sexual headcase of a little girl who obviously gets around, because he can't get a attractive woman his own age, but seeing as how he was chasing her when she was underage he's likely just an ugly pedo whos to much of a loser to do better than her. 
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  3. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    What's with simones bfs weird go to lip pose when he gets his picture taken? Lol

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  4. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Noticed she's posted pics of her and her 40 year old sugardaddy lately. This is the guy she said was giving her ketamine and the one she got busted trying to cheat on a little more than a month ago. I don't care for pedo groomers or the "soft prostitution" of sugardaddy/sugarbaby relationships so when she posts stuff like this I don't know whether to laugh or feel embarrassed and sad for her. I mean obviously she's just using him for free stuff and likely a place to move out too and he's just using her for what 40 year old creeps use 18 year old girls for but it genuinely makes me sad to see people who are in relationships of convienience/exchange of services trying to pretend its love. How spiritually unfufilling and cringy. To each their own i guess but still sad and kind of embarrassing. I get she's a scammer and has had quite a few different sugardaddies this year buying her clothes and presents and hotel rooms but what kind of desperate man actually believes shes in love with him when Simone literally got exposed cheating just a month ago messaging her ex boyfriend ripper to shreds begging to let her come back and how much she still loved and missed him. I wonder if this @zenseven guy even knows simone got rejected behind his back while they were "dating" and settled for him,  Or if he's just fine with her cheating or doesn't care out of desperation to date a child? 
    Also why would she post that her "daddy" bought her the Lana red ferrari jacket but only a few weeks later she's selling it for extra cash? Why would she turn around and sell a present apparently from her daddy/boyfriend/whatever for the money a few weeks later and expect her fans to enable her again? I wonder if she's still also involved with the blood vial guy and the native american guy and the guy who drove her back to Florida in his Cadillac truck or the guy she spent her 18th birthday in a hotel room with or the mystery boyfriend that took her old overused motel room/guns pictures that she was making a scrapbook for and she was apparently madly in love with for the last two years as she claimed so often. Everything this girl does seems highly unfaithful and questionable. 

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  5. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Yes for someone who's always claiming people are mimicking her everything she does is a copy cat of something usually lana or one of her men. She just shifts with lana del Rey styles and When she was with Jay she was all backwoods meth runaway trash, when she was with ripper to shreds she was all serial killer jim morrison guitar player, and now that she's with this new guy she's all kung fu metaphysical guru wanna be. My boyfriend says she probably start being a Joe Rogan podcast listener preaching about meditation float tanks and how spiritual  in tune she'll be with the universe once she does DMT any day now. Nobody should be giving her money, if they do they're just as dumb as her desperate pedophile daddies. Her sudden devotion to her new guy is likely just damage control after getting busted begging for her ex back a few weeks ago. 
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  6. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    I think alot of good points were made. Nobody should be giving her money. She was obviously lurking because she posted dumb dancing videos right after trying to sell her stuff flipping off the camera.  She has identity issues for sure, it seems like she either copies her idols or whatever man she's currently involved with. Even recently her current martial arts weapons/eckart tolle wannabe phase is adopted because one of her current men (the one feeding her ketamine and mdma) wants to be a judo/spiritual guru.  It's that zenseven pedophile 40 year old. And she definetly has no plan for the future other than just looking for a desperate man to leech onto and move in with. She literally just posted a picture of herself in his house bragging it was the "house" at the end of the rainbow . My boyfriend takes psychology and looked at her page and says he would probably guess she could be diagnosed "histrionic personality disorder" and if you Google that I'd say it's a VERY accurate description of Simone. Girls got issues.
    Someone mentioned how she has a virgin/whore confusion. I think it's funny that she is making posts about being mad in love, and how she's her man's little ninja boo, and how in the past she claims she's so loyal to her man and daddy's girl. It's like though shes not fooling anybody, she's had about 3 or 4 boyfriends since October. She apparently was with the man from her blood vile who she claims to have been with forever that gave her hickies , then it was the native guy, then it was the guy paying for her hotel and trip for her birthday, then lately it's been this zenseven dude, and then it's like bich you LITERALLY got exposed JUST LAST WEEK the whole time sending love messages for atleast the past couple months to ripper to shreds begging for him back and getting rejected because even he didn't want her problems anymore. Now she's "in love" again with this rion guy. Girl its not love, is probably just the ecstacy you're taking. 
    Either @zense7en is blind as hell and getting played, hasn't caught on she's involved with other old men or is desperate enough for an open relationship and  doesn't mind her with other guys as long as he can get his daddy pedophile fix (he's obviously into the age play thing daddy thing and has been grooming her) and she gets her free stuff.  She posted this daddy's girl pic yesterday and looks pretty off and sickly unattractive

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  7. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    these questions seem forced
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  8. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    i can't pick a side tbh they both seem like very troubled people. I wonder if the old guy she's been claiming to be dating the last couple years is involved in this circus also.  I'm glad I don't have this type drama in my life. Yes he seems like a asshole and shouldn't probably be calling her a slut on social media. Then again if you look at her most recent post of her atrocious over used hotel pics I don't think she really cares. 

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  9. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    . I'm glad I deleted my messages to him because he's posting up stuff from people trying to contact him. So many questions though lol. Why is she still contacting him if he hates her so much and also when she always talks about currently having some other boyfriend 20+ years older than her? I'm still confused too. ..have they actually met in person and were dating or is this an Internet thing only? 

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  10. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    I tried following and messaging him in the past but he never accepts and he must have made his account public recently because it's been private for a long time. He is obviously lurking this page hard 

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  11. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    besides her mother passing away I think all the "trauma" she loves to try and build up and exploit is either made up and used as leverage on her fans to gain sympathy and attention or to make people feel sorry for her enough that they give her money or attention. She's milked the whole "missing" story for a couple years now, coyly trying to avoid telling the real true story, but still keeping it going so she can use it as a "poor me" routine.  We ALL have had "trauma" (drama queen word btw) and endured shitty things in life, WE ALL HAVE, doesn't mean I go beg for money on the Internet, Or try to exploit it. If anything her "trauma" is minor compared to what many people have gone through in life, and her manipulating it to seem more extensive is insulting to people with REAL problems.  Also she goes from being a beggar one day and then the next day she's bragging about how much she spent on hair extensions or nails or ten new dresses, etc etc. Also, she's got a multitude of "daddies" she's claimed to have had that buy her stuff all the time. Why is she scanning her fans when she is already using men to get free stuff.  Anyone who gives her money is falling for her scamming, and they deserve to have their money taken from them because if they read anything about her they'd realize she's not something a person should be investing in. Waste your time and money on something better than alida simone. 
    Also has anyone else noticed how in her YouTube video she puts on an extra annoyingly fake cutesy voice, during her lives though it's toned down a bit, but when she talks to her dad or friends for real during her lives it drops significantly to her real lower voice. What's next, a fake accent? Is anything this girl does NOT for show and fake? 
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  12. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    The day after her mother died she posted a lana lip sync video on her story and made a post with a caption about how she couldn't wait to get back home to daddy, that she took down in about an hour. I thought those were both inappropriately too soon. I know everyone grieves different but cmon, give it a few hours atleast before diving back into your fetish aesthetic. You know you're addicted to instagram when. 
    Also I noticed when she moved out of her godmothers in about September she said the saddest part was leaving her Daddy who lives there in NORTH Carolina. This was the native 30 year old. Then on her birthday in October she got flown to a resort in SOUTH Carolina to visit her Daddy and said that's where he lives. This was the man with the Glock pistol. The day after her mom died last week she said she couldn't wait to get back to Daddy in Fort Lauderdale. She's said many times on her lives that she hated living in Florida away from 'Daddy' tho. Today she posted flowers she got from her Daddy and also another picture later with the pedophile @zense7en she spent Halloween with . Very interesting. 
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  13. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Her attempt at sexy dancing is embarrassing and awkward and to post a video of a sniffle and tear about what he dad said is extremely cringy and seemed put on. I wonder how awkward it is for her father to live with her and see her constantly taking pictures of herself and hear her doing videos of herself alone in her room. I don't agree with a parent calling their kid fat but as her father i would think he must be quite disappointed with the sl**ty way she actually behaves. Apparently she spent Halloween with another pedophile using her for her childlike sexuality. ANOTHER boyfriend??? Lol

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  14. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Nazi? Probably. Lol. are you sure they were ever dating? I think he lives in Canada. She has said many times lately too that she has been involved with her ugly native boyfriend the other child predator for about two years. And she has posted photos to prove it. The guy she just got a free vacation and motel out of? That seems more likely. Unless she is playing both? Kinda weird she still has up rippers flowers and other references to him if she's involved with this other disgusting 30 year old. The whole thing is gross. If this current 'kalvin begay' guy she is with that gave her the handgun to play  with has been sexually active with her since she was 15 wouldn't that be statutory rape? 
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  15. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    i don't think either of them has a good excuse to be acting like idiots. Wtf to the whole story itself. I wonder if this is who simone was threatening with the handgun? He seems to have a gf also. 
    can anyone get screenshots of his accounts? I'm very curious to see what he might be posting. I tried to message him a long time ago but he ended up just blocking my main. He is deeeefffffinetly lurking. Changed his bio lol

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