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  1. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Yeah that top lip looks horrible. Between the lips, the eyelashes, washed out hair color and the bushy brows I just can't even with this girl anymore. She has the ability to look pretty but it's kind of going to waste.  Throw in her even worse personality and that's quite the package,, It's no wonder she had to settle on some aging average looking pedo creep buying himself a baby girlfriend because he can't impress a normal girl his own age. She also posted a video of her and her gross boyfriend kissing and I swear it looks like a full grown man kissing a tween... ...yuck. I bet they get a lot of looks in public and not the good kind. 
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  2. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Maybe I missed something and didn't see that simone was following nazis (screenshots of the nazis anyone?) but the Riley thing seems suspicious.. ..a few to many 'big coincidences'. ...apart from all the other coincidences I pointed out and ways this Riley thing seems made up, it even seems sus that of allllllll people to just haaaaappppppeeeeeen to get a screenshot of rippers bio just at the right time even tho from what I can tell he hasn't changed either page in forever it just haaaapppppppens to be this riley girl. Hmmmmmm. and yet both him and simone don't seem to have anything to do with each other and have different relationships going on and seem to have no connection to this girl Riley (Riley even admits she has nothing to do with either simone or ripper in real life) I'm still going with the obsessed fan trying to get attention and noticed theory if you ask me.  like someone mentioned before, stick to topics that aren't almost a year old and enough milking your catfish story connection and move on.
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  3. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    All I'm saying is according to what's written on this forum its sus that out of nowhere there's an 'exposing Riley' insta page that is about some little girl who pissed off someone she was catfishing. According to the doxing info posted, the information on the exposing instagram page and negative family picture posts the person definetly knows Riley enough personally and this girl literally has nothing to do at all with Simone or ripper OTHER than for some reason this little girl was allegedly using simones pictures to catfish men and Riley was calling her personal insta gram page "@ripper2shreds" just  like simones exes name for some creepyreason. Other than that there's no connection. Then this Riley page starts tagging simone, then Riley messages simone, then Riley creates an account here and posts the messages between her and simone, then Riley starts bashing simone on here for not standing up for her (why would simone stand up for you if apparently you're using her pics to catfish men and where are these nazis you've pointed out simone is following? ) and now out of nowhere Riley is bringing up the old posts about when simone was attempting to cheat on her current bf with ripper last year. Seems suspicious, honestly mostly like it's a fan trying to get noticed through simone, or less likely a person mad at simone and her ex. Just saying. 
    As far as if ripper changed his bio recently I didn't see it but his page seems to stay the same and has been private almost since when he made those old posts.about simone .he made his other ig page unprivate for a couple weeks around Christmas but I didn't think to screenshot it but there was pictures of him and his gf who was probably about 30. I assume it's the 1 follower he still has on his other page. So if he did recently post for simone to leave him alone is likely simone is still bothering him like she had a history of doing with other people. 
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  4. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    When she says "these two girls are in your bed what are you going to do about it" all I can think is um......disinfect the bed. ..lol. 
    Gotta say I smell a troll with this Riley girl, the ripper posts and bio are all  from last year when simone was begging for him back him while she was with rion. .. i don't know why we're revisiting this again as the whole storyhas already been on here. I even posted some posts about his screenshots cause I used to follow him because I thought he was kindof cute.  I check his page and he hasn't changed his bio in forever and on his other private page he very clearly has a gf about his age and there's no mention of simone.  However this Riley girl seems very very suspect... seems obsessed with Simone and Ripper, so far she's the only one bringing them both up....out of nowhere.... and Riley is using simone pics to catfish men and rippers name on her profiles. .as well as Riley seems to trying to be play the victim when she's clearly causing problems in her own life and now trashing simone AND ripper on this site with old material. ..  .we already established this. I'm guessing it's either some dumb fan of simone or a mutual friend of simone and ripper that is angry with them? ?
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  5. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Whatev, give it time and it seems she eventually proves ALL our opinions are right about her. Speaking of cringe. Addison Rae and Charlie d'Amelio she is NOT. LOL 
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  6. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    this site itself and most the people who post are hypocritical and dealing out passive aggressive forms of bullying. Like, how many times are we gonna comment on her racist fish lips and ignore say.....that literally almost all of her friends such as Joanna, Mars, Leila, cry.baby.e, the Ireland girl, etc are completely open about being sugar babies or straight up sex workers? And that being said, all the signs that point to simone having being groomed to be one too, with a boyfriend that encourages it. Personally I've lost interest to simones instagram page antics because She's more just for a good eye roll and laugh every once in awhile. But when she posts pictures in her underwear I had to speak up about how lame she is. She deserves all the negative attention she brings upon herself, she'll screw up her life on her own and act like a clown enough that her actions will speak louder than any of our words on this page. Here's a thought....how about everytime she makes a post, everyone who is concerned, collectively reports her page/posts to instagram. I'm sure if a hundred or so people continue to report her EVERYTIME they'll hopefully eventually shut down her page. 
    Simone: here's a picture of me in my panties
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  7. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    derp, except I'm a girl and my whole point is she makes the rest of us women look bad by all her superficial "I can't do anything good with my life so I'll just take the easy idiots way by selling my sex and using my body instead of my brain attitude." And f-that, my mother and father and brother would be mortified and embarrassed to all hell if I was like hmmmmm nothing else to do to day guess I'll just get my pedo old sugar daddy to take a picture of me in my bra and panties and splay my gross little coochie all over the Internet for the sexual gratification of a bunch of creeps where it can be passed around and used for any nefarious purposes. My girlfriends would probably kick my ass for being such a s*ut too because they know I'm better than that as a woman to take such degrading ho tactics. If Simone doesn't want to be percieved publically as a dummy then maybe she should stop doing dumb things publically. 
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  8. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    wow. Mom would be so proud. it's funny how this girl when in doubt has literally nothing to offer but beinga sex tool. And not even a good one.  It's like it's her only form of attention getting because she fails so hard at every other aspect of her life so when she can't get instapraise for all the crappy crafts and fake spirituality she does she immediately just starts taking off her clothes to divert from the fact that she's just an airhead with no substance that can't do anything cool. No wonder she can't get a real man. And yes if you ask me she is selling her gross little kid body for sure. If you put all the past facts together she is 100% obviuously an escort/Webcam ho.  Is anyone really surprised tho?
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  9. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    So now her new idea of "leveling up" is VERY obviously taking various pictures from the internet, tracing them on her ipad and then calling them her own drawings. Always a liar trying to pull some sort of scam. 
    And what's with her gross extra fuzzy eyebrows lately? Her boyfriend must like caterpillars? 
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  10. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    the page captions seems like it's some fan of simones that must have started following her during her Ripper to Shreds days that is using both their identities to piss off people, using her pics to catfish men with multiple accounts, one of the accounts name being based on simones bfs name except she changed the word TO to a number 2.
    Creepy that Simone and Ripper to Shreds must be her favorite combination of simones many relationships and she decided to be them both 
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  11. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Poor India
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  12. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    actually the bald guy IS the guy she DID try cheating on when she was sending dms to her ex ripper to shreds begging for ripper to take her back but simone got shot down so she settled on zense7en cause she can use him for a house and free cash. I'm not a fan of hers either but she could definetly do better in the looks department, but whatever pays her way I guess. Simone has always been an opportunistic user, so that's no surprise she's attaching herself to someone she can exploit until something else comes along. As for him, HE must actually be the desperate one if he is that old and has to resort to dating a unfaithful, sexual headcase of a little girl who obviously gets around, because he can't get a attractive woman his own age, but seeing as how he was chasing her when she was underage he's likely just an ugly pedo whos to much of a loser to do better than her. 
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  13. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    What's with simones bfs weird go to lip pose when he gets his picture taken? Lol

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  14. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Noticed she's posted pics of her and her 40 year old sugardaddy lately. This is the guy she said was giving her ketamine and the one she got busted trying to cheat on a little more than a month ago. I don't care for pedo groomers or the "soft prostitution" of sugardaddy/sugarbaby relationships so when she posts stuff like this I don't know whether to laugh or feel embarrassed and sad for her. I mean obviously she's just using him for free stuff and likely a place to move out too and he's just using her for what 40 year old creeps use 18 year old girls for but it genuinely makes me sad to see people who are in relationships of convienience/exchange of services trying to pretend its love. How spiritually unfufilling and cringy. To each their own i guess but still sad and kind of embarrassing. I get she's a scammer and has had quite a few different sugardaddies this year buying her clothes and presents and hotel rooms but what kind of desperate man actually believes shes in love with him when Simone literally got exposed cheating just a month ago messaging her ex boyfriend ripper to shreds begging to let her come back and how much she still loved and missed him. I wonder if this @zenseven guy even knows simone got rejected behind his back while they were "dating" and settled for him,  Or if he's just fine with her cheating or doesn't care out of desperation to date a child? 
    Also why would she post that her "daddy" bought her the Lana red ferrari jacket but only a few weeks later she's selling it for extra cash? Why would she turn around and sell a present apparently from her daddy/boyfriend/whatever for the money a few weeks later and expect her fans to enable her again? I wonder if she's still also involved with the blood vial guy and the native american guy and the guy who drove her back to Florida in his Cadillac truck or the guy she spent her 18th birthday in a hotel room with or the mystery boyfriend that took her old overused motel room/guns pictures that she was making a scrapbook for and she was apparently madly in love with for the last two years as she claimed so often. Everything this girl does seems highly unfaithful and questionable. 

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  15. sugarbowl added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Yes for someone who's always claiming people are mimicking her everything she does is a copy cat of something usually lana or one of her men. She just shifts with lana del Rey styles and When she was with Jay she was all backwoods meth runaway trash, when she was with ripper to shreds she was all serial killer jim morrison guitar player, and now that she's with this new guy she's all kung fu metaphysical guru wanna be. My boyfriend says she probably start being a Joe Rogan podcast listener preaching about meditation float tanks and how spiritual  in tune she'll be with the universe once she does DMT any day now. Nobody should be giving her money, if they do they're just as dumb as her desperate pedophile daddies. Her sudden devotion to her new guy is likely just damage control after getting busted begging for her ex back a few weeks ago. 
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