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  1. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    hey cuties its been a while.  i see our simpkwueen is still impressing all of us with how she offers zero to the world but steadily gains.  all i can say is i agree with this statement above.  now as a female and a life long gamer, i typically hate gatekeeping what a gamer is.  if you game, you're a gamer, right?  but poki wants to be seen as a professional gamer,  gaming is "her job" according to her.  now, if that was the case, she'd have been hired based on her skill and gaming merit... which she wasnt.  she would have had an education or some sort of training in said field that at one point, took seriously.  but she has not. she would be more qualified than a lot of others to represent said position at her job, but she isnt, at all.  shes bottom barrel gaming teir skill.  and she doesnt even try to improve, AT ALL.  imagine landing a job based on your looks and being so incredibly delusional to think its because of your skills and STILL ONLY TRYING TO IMPROVE YOUR LOOKS AND NOT YOUR SKILL.    i know she tries to take the whole "im not a pro im actually bad at games" approach but in the same breath refuses to acknowledge why she gained any popularity in the first place. i have literally never once heard her admit that the only valuable thing about her to anyone is her looks.   where is the self awareness?  for someone who openly criticizes people at her caliber of popularity sure has no awareness of wtf her worth actually is.
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  2. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    she's just been so far off my radar since i switched interests that i honestly almost forgot about her.  i didn't realize how little reach she had outside of her minuscule fan base.  Plus every time i check its just the same old repetitive poki drama (she'll honestly never change)  and nothing new enough (like a total crash and burn) to pique my interest.  however, hi everyone.  she's still the worst thing ever.
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  3. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    jesus fucking christ.  time for her to embarrass herself again, then claim to quit cause people call her out for being trash tier at gaming,  then change to another game that's all the rage(prolly classic wow),  then quit that too, pulling the misogyny card out for convenience because soda wouldnt let her leach for her weekly 4 hour stream.  then make a new advertised (but private) twitter to subtweet epic about how they hate asian women.  then takes another dna test to prove shes part of that "minority" because she's stupid enough to believe whatever comes out of her own mouth and has no idea how the world actually works.  repeat this til shes 47 years old and is now playing half life 3 banking on the memes from the first two.. that she never even played.  ends up marrying some uberfan who then realizes he sat around for 32 years waiting for her to notice him, just to find out she doesnt clean the foundation out of her ear creases.
    sorry. not sorry.  this is her life.
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  4. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    everyone considers this when it comes to streamers who are consistently protecting their privacy because of their own safety.  not because they'll lose money/followers because they constantly lie and try to relate to their loser fans when they actually cant.  she is a fake. a liar.  a literal smut peddler to children and a dick hopper.  what does she gets out of dating manchild hasan?  the fans that would have never ever given her a chance otherwise. 
    respect for privacy, like any other form of respect, is earned.  you cant bank off being a celebrity, make a million dollars off it and not sacrifice anything.  every single thing in life has its setbacks.  sorry she picked the wrong thing to do if she wants to be unknown and have people not speculate.   but she, and you, know this fact.  she LOVES pulling repression out of her asshole only when it applies to her.  so stop.  she deserves nothing.
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  5. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    im pretty sure we can ALL believe poki would want her photoshopped face on a cake for HER BIRTHDAY.  and bet my life she goes to walmart and has them write "lillie" on lily's cake and calls it a day.
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  6. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    oh my god why do i click these things?
    her whinging is literal nails on a chalk board.
    her voice when she bitches people out gets like 10 octaves higher and just hits my stomach like a spoonful of ipecac.
    literally got nauseous listening to the first minute of that.
    had to turn it off.
    queen ego doesnt get her way and all the windows in my apartment break. i've had enough.
    literally never. ever  not once doesnt give a shit.
    man, her friends actually have zero convictions.  stand up to her!  put her in her place!  the only reason this keeps happening is because they continue to support her fully while she does nothing for no one.   WAKE THE FUCK UP
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  7. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    "It's hard to rp when people make jokes about women"
    this is because your rp is TRASH.  absolute garbage disposal level trash bag. 
    you latched on to anyone you could, making your immersion reliant on other people. big mistake.
    you also had the ego of a fucking god when in reality you broke character often, failrp'd more than 30 different times in your first week, disrespected veterans like milton, vader, kiwo, cyr and more,  used vader to entertain your stream for weeks and didnt give a single fuck about any of it.
    you only got on to appease your viewers, who then turned on you because your character was annoying, stupid, boring, unfunny and painful to watch
    you then claim you were doing it for fun
    until the hype of it died down in your big ass head and you realized people were making fun of you the entire time
    now its misogyny and you care about womens rights.
    give a fucking god damn break.
    she only pulls the womens right shit when it dawns on her that no one takes her seriously.
    and never actually has.
    im so glad she quit.  leave it to the people who actually care about it. 
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  8. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    ok this is gonna sound weird but i think thats a dope commercial and im actually kind of unbothered by her appearance in it.  since i have no idea who anyone else is, i'd assume most people feel that way about her generally irrelevant ass too.  if they google her,  you know what is going to come up,  nothing about her being a gamer, thats for sure.  lmao.
    someone posted this a while back (sorry you deserve so much credit, i cant find it but it was so spot on)
    poki in a nutshell.
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  9. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    because destiny doesnt throw subtle anything. dudes ego is 7 feet taller than him, he truly believes he's the smartest, wittiest, most brilliant and worthy human being on the planet.  his entire persona is being verbally and mentally abusive and calling it a debate.  this is prolly why people think he takes it easy on her. because he absolutely does.
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  10. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    she would never. she has actual self esteem and respect for her peers.  people wanna hate on valk cause hana is trying to turn her into a poki doppleganger but when you're trying to turn gold into a plastic baggie, you're not gonna have a good time.
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  11. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    ok i take it back, i fully understand why she stands for nothing.  she just wished firemen good luck. GOOD LUCK??   i cant make this shit up.  she actually cannot even fake care.

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  12. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    personally its a no from me.  i think shes the reason why the whole "girls gaming for attention" thing started honestly.  she doesnt really pick games she likes,  she picks games that make her more money.   she doesnt try in them, she just wastes time so she can get off the game and go do the things she really enjoys,  like cucking fed or slobbing pro players knobs.  playing games doesnt make you a gamer in my eyes.  deep interest in the culture, community and technology does.  she only holds interest in her bank account.  and if im honest, she probably the only female i've seen on twitch who i could honestly say,  thats not a gamer.  thats just a girl who saw an opportunity to bank off gaming.
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  13. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    im not a soda fan but i have watched him a bit,  he seems like a beta if im honest. not a bad thing, because for as "famous" as he is, he still seems to have a very kind demeanor.   if he's catering to her, its because of his own nature.  you can feel how annoyed he gets when she lingers too long.
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  14. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    im actually really happy her true colors came out in front of him.  ya'll knew that delusional idiot thought he was gonna meet her at eucon and fall madly in love and he would be mr poki and all his hard work would have paid off.   instead, she stayed with people more famous than him,  prolly said ten words total (none of which are a thank you for helping her in gtarp) and then left.  and he feels stupid as shit.
    i very rarely wish rejection on people.  but hopefully this clears things up for him as to why shes giving him the time of day in the first place. 
    way to get used vader.
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  15. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    this:  nopixel is a money farm for koil.  its functionality is decent,  though it really has to be if its being broadcasted so much.   but there are absolutely way better servers.  nopixel is not a serious rp server. thats obvious.  letting poki in, allowing her to rdm and vdm anyone she wants, she breaks character often, which wouldnt be a big deal if it was because of humor or just a random accident, but she is not a good acctress, HORRIBLE at improv, and doesnt really have a single funny bone in her body.   she refuses to build herself an actual story.  she's just a dog on a leash for the people who actually know what they're doing.   to me, its a tragedy.  i cant imagine spending years making a lego house that looks like a mansion then letting someone like poki come in and destroy its credibility within seconds.
    no pixel has destroyed serious rp in my opinion.   the more i get into my own server with my own peoples the more i realize that people spend so much time building these things, taking it seriously, following rules,  then we get the stupid left over unwhitelisted trash from poki's chat who come in and rdm people over and over.  poki gets away with it,  guess they should too? 
    if she ever wondered why people consider her cancer,  this is why.   she takes something special,  she treats it like hand me down sweater she can do whatever she wants with it and after she wears it once, she throws it away to move on to the next game she can destroy.  she's worse than cancer.  because there is no fucking chemo to get rid of her.
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  16. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    so not really off topic but as i said i've been exploring gtarp on my own, found a sick server with awesome people. last night we're in discord and one of the other ladies in the crew says something in french.  one of my favorite dudes is like "can we get pokimane out of here" and i chimed in like havent you people ever heard of PULL?  they didnt.  but man that was a fun convo.  no one likes her, all of them say pretty much the same thing we do here,  she's only where she is because of her looks and timing,  she gives girl gamers a bad name,  one was even laughing because he said when he watched her and greek he thought they'd make a perfect couple,  because he couldnt tell who the bigger leech was.  everyone in this group is over 25 so im assuming thats why they share our opinion.  it just felt so good to listen to people be so woke.
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  17. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    called it.
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  18. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    nah, feel bad for the women who come into those dudes lives after they fall in the poki trap.  their expectations of what a gamer girl should be like is going to destroy any girl they come across.  fuck her.
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  19. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    honestly i dont even care if her pictures look exactly the same or if she tries to make herself look skinnier.  for a wholesome pure shit talking against all other women piece of trash, she sure does wear the tightest pants possible. i can literally see her labia.  is this real fucking life?  does she not realize what an absolute hypocrite trash bag posting pics like that makes her?  stupid fucking thot.
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  20. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    so you got me thinking,  what COULD she do to redeem herself.  what kind of person should she be to please herself and people who like her for her. in my opinion, i want to see her passionate about something.  specifically geared towards women in gaming and streaming.  she has so many connections, so many ride or die people in prominent positions.  she could literally change the face of gaming for women with her platform.  if she tries this,  if she goes for it,  she lose her thirsty audience, but would gain a much stronger and truer one.
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  21. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    and vader!   its obvious she does this tactfully. she enjoys the attention, the shipping and being noticed by the streamers themselves.  imagine having everything she has, and still having rock bottom self esteem.
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  22. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    also, hes such a fucking turbo narcissist, the only think he cares about is adding her name to the notches on his bedpost for bragging rights.  lets be real. 
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  23. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    totally agree. its hard to look at the accurate pictures of her and have anything negative to say other than being mad she hides such minimal flaws and flaunts the fake ones. shes not fat, shes just lazy and it shows. 
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  24. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    im not on nopixel and i dont stream. i wouldnt touch nopixel either,  hearing all the shit from other servers about how they work,  i have no respect for them.  i mean look what they did with poki?  people take rp VERY seriously.  there's a ton of rules and they're not incredibly forgiving on popular servers, especially whitelisted ones.  they let a complete amateur who has zero reason to respect any of those rules or the hard work they put into it, get priority JUST BECAUSE shes a streamer.  in fact, when you apply for nopixel, its required to list a twitch channel.    i dont want to be within ear shot of her ever.  they are not the best server to play on either. so nothing lost.
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  25. isitwierdtolike added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    i just dont see what he thinks he can gain from her at this point. hes been having double her viewers.  he's got the majority of non soda/summit watchers.   i'd say close to 75% of his chat doesnt want her around.
    now, shes manipulative, she convinces men that they're special to her, when they're not.  so if this is some sort of school boy crush he thinks hes gonna bag pokimane,  hes an idiot.  even if hes not that bad looking, she would never go for him.  shes too shallow and too disloyal. 
    its really a shame when you associate yourself with someone and turn your fans against you becuase of it but doyou homie.
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