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  1. Anonsc67 added a post in a topic Nicole Dollanganger   

    what happened with her dad ? Never really saw anything about her parents or hometown, I’m intrigued hahah 
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  2. Anonsc67 added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    she’s jailbait, she’s knows it and she loves it. She doesn’t care who she gets in trouble. Yeah the older guys should know better but she’s obviously good at manipulating and probably uses her alcoholic mom as an excuse to say she’s “mature” when she’s the exact opposite.
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  3. Anonsc67 added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    he never made her smoke meth, he has never even done meth. Story from a insider is Simone was gonna be sent to the crazy house( guess she caused too much trouble) so her family then made her lie about this and say she ran away. Simone and James weren’t even found together she was at her home. The case is being thrown out because no body believes her because it never happened and there’s no evidence. That’s why it was never covered heavily on the new, just a girl crying wolf. It’s pretty obvious considering how much she posts about him and it’s obvious she pines for him. A lot of people in SC say they’re “Nazis” and James is not one of them. Just something else to make him look bad. Sad how girls can cry rape so easily, and I’m a girl. Hell im a slut! Also if this actually happened don’t you think he’d be on a sex offender list. Now in regards to the age difference. It’s nassty but sadly it’s normal. Everywhere you go you will find a high school grad who hooks up with a freshman and it is legal in SC. If you need more evidence just explain to me how parents would allow they’re kid to be on social media like this and live stream after being “kidnapped” and raped. Even if her moms an alcoholic it makes no sense. They obviously knew her looks made her instafamous and that’s why she posts all the texts on there
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  4. Anonsc67 added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    So I come to this website every now and then and check up on threads this being one of them. I follow Simone on insta and have for about a year, I also live in S.C. so I reached out to her because I was surprised she lived so close to me. She told me about the James incident and I haven’t spoken to her sense. I just saw the mugshot of James again and realized I actually know him and a girl I’ve known for years is dating him, guessing that’s her posting but I’m still in shock. Posting a recent photo of him tell me if I’m crazy or if they actually look alike!!!! Only met him a couple times but as far as I know he’s out of jail and has been

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