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  1. bok lahong added a post in a topic Xxxtentacion   

    i saw the leaked tape shit all over instagram and when i tell you how much of a headache i got.....  it infuriates me how his fans are just like "sO wHaT aRe yOu gOnNa dO, aRrEsT HiM?" cause the point literally went over your fucking heads. the problem is that back then, y'all headasses victim-blamed and defended this abuser all the way up his ass. and now that he's exposed you wanna be all hush hush about it? lmfaooo
    i even saw fights in the comments where X fans ended up acknowledging his actions but still wrote it off as a whatever thing. "yea, he beat her. so what? she deserved it." man, i only pray for these people lol
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  2. bok lahong added a post in a topic Storytime Animators (General thread)   

    off the top of my head i can say i like domics, eroldstory, billy but better, and emirichu. i hope there's nothing problematic with any of them but if there is anything to educate me about them please do so 
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  3. bok lahong added a post in a topic Beauty trends you love   

    i'm absolutely in love with the primary color aesthetic! (the red-blue-yellow color scheme for those who don't know) it's very appealing to me in mostly anything. red themed/toned makeup is also very beautiful to me, i just think it looks so classy and sultry. i think a bit of the drunken blush look is adorable as well 
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  4. bok lahong added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    why does every kboo do their makeup like that LOL, it doesn't suit their features. not only does it make them look washed out but they're still on 2013-2014 era korean makeup trends 💀
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  5. bok lahong added a post in a topic Maryjane Byarm   

    the way she types gives me a headache lol
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  6. bok lahong added a post in a topic Woojong Oppa/ Sanai Woojong/ Woojong Yi   

    some of the things he says now lowkey reminds me of incels lol
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  7. bok lahong added a post in a topic General Language App Drama   

    finally a thread like this!! i have only used meeff out of all the apps listed but i do have some personal experiences to share
    i used to use meeff actively back when i was 14, hoping to practice japanese and korean with native speakers but i eventually deleted it because you guessed it, it's the perfect place for kboos to match with korean guys with fetishes for foreign girls. the best i got out of using the app was talking with the girls, they were all sooo sweet and helpful and genuinely wanted to exchange languages like how the app was originally intended. the guys however, it was fucking weird man. me being underage i was quite uncomfortable that these guys in their 20's-30's were attempting to groom me. i would get messages from them like, "how are you so pretty if you're only 14?" "oh, you're so young! come to korea and i'll show you how to have fun ;)" or other miscellaneous comments of me being innocent/pure or wanting to do sexual acts with me. the worst interaction on meeff for me was with a korean guy who was homophobic, transphobic, and anti-feminist. he kept debating with me how being trans is "wrong" and more bigotry, i had to block him cause it was a headache lol. the japanese guys were a bit easier to deal with, nothing "too much."  as in, the conversation would go "hi" "hello" "will you be my girlfriend?" 
    i believe katieaegi has also used meeff before and even met her man on there?
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  8. bok lahong added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    not sure if this has ever been talked about (i don't keep up with this topic :'D) but child abuse within asian cultures goes SO overlooked. hitting your kids as discipline is so normalized in asian cultures that the line between discipline and abuse gets blurred. additionally, because of the importance of family values it pressures kids, making it harder for them to come out about it along with believing that this kind of treatment is not abnormal.
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  9. bok lahong added a post in a topic Waveya   

    oooh these girls. i usually enjoy their dance covers but sometimes i don't get certain things they do which have already been mentioned in this thread. wasn't there one time miu put her waist measurements at the end of one of their videos? why was that necessary lol
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  10. bok lahong added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    uwu bitch uwu
    you guessed it, i've been a long time lurker like everybody else since 2016. decided to finally join and possibly create topics of my own.
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