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  1. strekozalyubvi added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    If Jasmine faked those... horrible pregnancy issues, then she deserves to be a mother even less than before. 
    in response to my OT post: (idk how to put it in a dropdown? so gonna use the spoiler tag.... if that's what i was supposed to do anyway just ignore me, i'm not smart tonight)
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  2. strekozalyubvi added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    So I've posted in this thread a few times and been lurking for a while and I just wanna say a few things. 
    These people have made life as an actual mixed-race Asian hard. as. hell. I don't like KPop, I don't like anime (minus like Death Note), but I accidentally fit the 'absent Korean father' trope (may he rest in peace). But! I've met him and have photos with and of him. And he was a great father while I had him too. 
    I'm scared to like KPop or anime. I am scared to make a post where my eyes look smaller than usual, I have poor eyesight and I make fun of my squinting to read. Like, reading MTG cards, I wanted to make a post like 'when ur blind af' of me with my eyes squinted and the card in my face. But... fear of being called a racefaker kept me from making the joke. 
    I have indeed been called out and accused of being a racefaker many times because I look 'too white.' I'm 'mad dumb' for being mixed race and it hurts? Like I genuinely don't want to be mixed race! Because of these fakers, I'm scared to like parts of my own culture I was raised with or explored on my own because I'm terrified of ending up on this thread (love u guys tho u do god's work) and having to explain myself. I am terrified of having my heritage questioned and it's because of these people like Jasmine 'my mom is Korean' Rideout, scarebrat, and all the others. These people make it hard for ACTUAL mixed Asians to be comfortable expressing themselves... and that's what disgusts me the most about them.
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  3. strekozalyubvi added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    As an actual mixed race Asian, these people are just so culturally offensive. I am constantly forced to prove my ethnicity, which I do not mind doing until it goes beyond just flat out doxing and exposing my family. And it's not because of anything I've done, it's because of these people, these Asiaboos are making life harder for legit half Asians and mixed race Asians. I spend so much time exposing them on Instagram only to get comments like 'oh what about you proof of you pls' and 'hey u dunno, she could be mixed!!1!1one' and it's just hard to see these people abusing the 'mixed Asians can look the other ethnicities they have' thing and... yeah. 
    The specific one I found on here that tricked me into becoming an admin of my account still has people believing her and it's mind boggling to see that she was posted on Prasin the Asian... but I've never been? I'm not 'Azn' enough for them? And do NOT get me started on the squint thing they do! I get accused of it and I literally have to say 'no, I'm Asian. Not squinting' many times. I'm not sure if it's cultural appropriation or just pure stupidity (or both) but this influx has me so scared for myself and my mixed race siblings. 
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  4. strekozalyubvi added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    I need to speak about this girl. I am not familiar with this website, was directed here by a friend from Instagram, but I have something to say about her. 

    I am an Asian activist. I am mixed race and a bit white passing but I was never ashamed to post pictures of my parents or be open about people calling me a faker so everyone believes me... plus, I never randomly changed ethnicities like this girl did. 
    I started my own Asian activist Instagram account and this girl applied to be an admin and I approved her. She said she was Persian, Korean, and Armenian. After a few months of posts we decided to start over and take it in a different direction and have all the admins introduce themselves again... where this girl introduced herself as Persian, Armenian and AFRICAN AMERICAN. We called her out, and then we found her Praisin the Asian post and... well. She's been attacking us ever since. I am a legit mixed race Asian female accused wrongfully of doing what she does. What she did was make a mockery of me and every other mixed-race Asian out there by taking advantage of 'mixed race Azns can look white'. And I am appalled and wish to thank this thread for helping us figure her out, for my friend found the Praisin the Asian post on this thread and gave it to me.
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