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  1. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Natalia Natchan (previously "Yukapon")   

    Honestly, I'm kinda glad that she seems to have broken up with the guy. Agreed with others that he always looked like he was on drugs, and their dynamic never really made sense to me. It's a little sad to see Natalia change herself/her style so rapidly between her romantic interests, it's like she tries mimicking whoever she's into at a particular point in her life. I understand that her past has been difficult and there are more than likely reasons for that kind of behavior, but it's still something that always tugged at my heart as I was keeping up with her.
    I was looking at her videos even from earlier this year, before she was at least publicly with the blu3 guy because I remember really liking the "Super Love" song she worked on. It was refreshing to hear her voice so clearly in that track, but everything she's been producing lately with her now-ex is so muffled and... deflated, in a way? Heck, even Trap Bandit was so much more fun and full of life. I know a lot of people criticized Trap Bandit when it first came out, but at least she seemed to be alive and energetic and having fun in that video, as compared to pretty much everything she's released, music-video-wise over the last several months. 
    Here's a screenshot from her most recent video vs. Trap Bandit, and it's like the life got sucked out of her.
    It sounds like she got into drugs with this guy based on what he's been saying, and her recent videos have made references to drugs frequently. I hope she's not too far down that path that she won't be able to come back from it.
    I hope this breakup is a good thing for her and frees her up to be who she wants to be, and I truly hope that that person isn't someone who's caught up in life-screwing crap like drugs. Natalia has a lot of talent and deserves better. I truly hope the best for her!
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  2. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    Oh man, I've been following Micaela's gradual, downward spiral for a bit, and it's honestly really sad to see. I used to find her content fun and refreshing, but lately, with the massive focus on her weight (I'm also in the camp here that thinks she isn't "fat" by any means, so I can't relate at all to her obsession over it) and now the obsessive focus on her haterz, she's coming across as desperate, and I'm having a really hard time looking past it.
    She gets the opportunity to do really cool things with her life, but instead of gratitude and humility, the persona she projects is self-absorbed and bitter. As people are saying, she really does need to put down her phone, stop reading internet comments, and enjoy her life and focus on what she's on these travels to do. FYI, Micaela, as someone who shares their life online, you will NEVER find a day where the entirety of the internet that sees your content LOVES it and thinks you're a flawless individual and puffs you up. I'm sorry, but it's just the harsh truth -- and it has nothing to do with HER at all. People are ALWAYS going to be dicks online, there will always be negative comments to deal with, no matter how great your content is, no matter how hard you've worked on something, no matter how great you are. People like to use masks of anonymity online to say whatever they want (that they normally wouldn't say to your face), and there's nothing Micaela or ANYONE can do to stop that completely. She needs to learn to IGNORE her "haterz," not bait and threaten them, and live her life for HER. Not to please the masses or make sure EVERYONE says nice things because that will never happen. 
    There are plenty of people out there that like her content, that support her, that don't say rude things to/about her. The cards are not stacked against her, and she needs to grow up and realize this. 
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  3. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    I was lurking on this thread last night, and yeah, her Tumblr was definitely up when Tsubaki reposted that link, and then suddenly gone the next day. I wonder if she just recently realized she had a thread on here, since the link to her Tumblr had been posted a few pages back.
    As for the details on the Botox video if someone doesn't want to watch the whole thing, she admitted that she did have Botox (I can't remember if she said when) to try to make her jaw look smaller, but she ended up not liking it because the Botox made her face look saggy and made it hard for her to chew her food. She also talks about how she routinely gets some sort of "sculpting massage" done about once per week where the massage doctor (she used the "doctor" term so I'm just reciting it here) presses down on certain pressure points in her skull to make it smaller? She said her massage doctor told her that Botox can increase aging. But she said she'll probably do less of the massage thing now that she has this facial exercise tool that she advertises for most of the rest of the video (it's that device you hold in your mouth and sort of wiggle around for some period of time twice a day to try to make your face smaller). 
    The title of the Botox video also changed from "My experience with Botox | How to get a small face" (as captured in the screenshot at the top of this page) to "My experience with Botox and why I'll never do it again."
    And unrelated to the Botox stuff, Coco's channel has been growing a lot lately. She just hit 100k subscribers recently, and is already up to nearly 125k. 
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  4. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    That video is wild! Such intensity for a Direct TV ad 
    In one of her Q&A videos, she at least confirms that Coco is her actual name by showing a part of her passport on screen, and it does show “LEE, COCO” in the surname and given name fields. That’s not to say she couldn’t have possibly had another birth name and then went through the legal process to change it, but Coco is definitely her legal name now. 
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  5. HanaLiNa added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Coco Lee / Rilaccoco
    Coco's Social Media
    YouTube || Instagram

    There's been a lot of talk about Coco in Edward Avila's thread, so I felt like it might be time to pop in to create a new thread focused on Coco. 
    Coco is from the USA and has been working sort of on and off in the K-pop industry in Seoul. She's an active-ish member of the duo CocoSori and mentioned lately that they're preparing for a comeback, but as of right now, I don't think they're actively promoting anything. (Although I’m interested to see how that goes!) She's also a former member of the group Blady, and she's released a solo song. In her Youtube profile, she says she's aiming to become a K-pop superstar.
    She hangs out with Eddy and Joan in many of her vlogs, I think she's spent time with Sunny before. Over the past few weeks, she's declared more openly that she wants to make more out of her Youtube career. Her vlogs were a bit sporadic but it seems she’s uploading a few times a week more recently. She's nearing 75k subscriptions on her Youtube channel right now, and I stumbled across her a few months ago via Youtube recommendations.
    As for any drama, from what I've gathered from others' comments, Coco has a reputation for being a bit of a fake and using people, as well as trying to get by on her looks alone and do the bare minimum. In several vlogs, Eddy has teased Coco about acting fake/nice in front of the camera, and she definitely acts sweet-as-sugar on her own channel. Apparently she used to be popular on Soompi and denied having work done, but another PULL user dug up a gem of what seems to show before/after possible plastic surgery.
    She also really likes Despicable Me/the minions and seems to enjoy annoying her friends/forcing them to do or watch minion-related things.
    I'm not the best source of Coco info, and it seems like some PULL users have had some personal encounters with her before, so please share your thoughts/experiences! I was surprised when people started talking so much about her in Eddy's thread, so I feel like there's a lot more to be said here!
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  6. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Yes! I think Taylor has some fairly sticky insecurities about her weight. She makes comments about herself that pop up here and there that really make me think, “Hmm. Now where is that coming from??”
    When she started taking birth control pills, she had to ~warn her audience that she might gain weight~ and then we all know she stopped taking those anyway. Then a comment like this one. And even in her latest video (recreating the dance cover), she makes SURE to tell the camera, “Oh, I bet everyone’s going to think I gained so much weight because I bought this sweater in a size too small. It’s not the same sweater, it’s a new one.”
    On a different note, this is actually my first comment in a while about Taylor, but I’ve been watching her lately. I was genuinely surprised that she announced the move within about a WEEK of her planned departure (I can’t even imagine how stressful international moves can be, especially ones that are on such short notice like this), but I’m excited to see her videos in Hong Kong. I’m actually enjoying that some of the Jvloggers are branching out into different countries. I love Japan, but it’s so much more interesting to see other countries when there are scores of Jvloggers out there already. Hopefully with Taylor, she’ll feel more comfortable going out and showing her viewers what HK is all about, more so than she did with Japan, at least. 
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  7. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    I was just sitting here, enjoying one of Safiya Nygaard's (if you haven't heard of her, she's one of the I-quit-Buzzfeed crew who started her own channel that's doing pretty amazingly) new "ugly clothing"-themed video, when she transitions into one section saying she "wanted to show her friends what she was wearing," and suddenly she's at a table with... Wengie?! 
    Wengie's portion starts at around 11:09 if you want to skip to it. 
    I just... was sort of stunned? To see her hanging out with Safiya? I don't follow Wengie closely these days, so I guess I was just surprised to see her in this particular video. Just seems like an... unlikely combination.
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  8. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Hah, thanks Shara for helping us finally confirm what we've suspected about Elbow-san for a while now, I guess!
    I'm genuinely enjoying watching her videos in Hong Kong because she seems to be really happy there. I wonder if she might consider moving back at some point in the future -- especially since she seems to be getting jobs here, Elbow has work there as it is, and it's so much more accessible for her because of the more widespread use of English. Since some of the jvloggers talked about moving away from Japan in the future, I wonder if even that might push Tay to want to move, too. It really is nice seeing her happy and with actual things to do, so I definitely would be in support of a move like that -- even if I do genuinely love Japan and its culture. She isn't that focused on things that are uniquely Japan, as it is.
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  9. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Yessssss, I'm so glad I'm not the only one to have noticed that this seems so much like a true "snap"/break, it's... kind of concerning?!
    In the first few videos with her more sassy/carefree personality, I was sort of digging it, honestly. I've mentioned before that it's nice to see her loosen up and be casual and show off a fun side and personality, but now it's very quickly morphed into something else. It's not just fun and carefree and sassy like you'd portray if you were hanging around with friends, it's this weird mix of, like a lot a people have said already, immaturity and bitchiness. She really is drawing MORE attention to the negative comments if she continues to "call out" her 'haters'/PULL/etc. like this in her videos. Her viewers who haven't read the comments or sought out places like PULL are going to be confused about the multiple references to "dad's money." And even in this way of addressing these comments, she never really... clears up where her money is coming from?
    I know she responded to someone's comment saying that Social Blade site had YouTubers listed and projected their income. So, seeing as she referenced THAT website herself, I went on there to see what it said and...

    The range is just so huge that it's really not revealing anything... between $10,000 and $164,000 USD a year. Obviously, the low end is not livable, especially in Tokyo, ESPECIALLY with the amount of shopping that she does and the place she lives. I'd honestly say a big chunk of that RANGE is not livable in Tokyo to support her current lifestyle. Now, clearly, Tripod-san/Elbow-san contributes because they're living together and we know he has a job, so that takes away a share of the expenses, but it's still so murky.
    I'm really not trying to be "SHOW US YOUR TAX RETURNS, TAYLOR!" at all, really. On my own, I couldn't care less about her money source. If her YouTube career really does support it along with the "side jobs" she said she takes occasionally for modeling from her agency, cool. If she's a trust fund kid or actually getting money from dad, that's still 100% totally fine. But clearly, it's making her uncomfortable because now SHE'S drawing attention to it. She's making a bigger issue out of it now, and it makes ME (and other viewers, I'm sure) pay more attention to it.
    I feel like the topic of her income came up a lot more recently because of daily vlogging where we'd see her shopping a lot and always purchasing new things. WHICH IS TOTALLY FINE. The only issue that I had with it, and it really wasn't an issue but more of an observation, was that the daily shopping kind of made for boring daily vlogs. That was it. Girl can go buy as much stuff as her heart desires. I'm not angry because I feel like she should be living below her means or becoming Mother Teresa or something. It was literally just about content, and I do think the only reason it came up more recently was because we were getting bored of the constant shopping and lack of variety in her videos... that she produces to entertain people. Thaaaaat's it.
    Anyway, income stuff aside, her attitude was getting to be a bit much. I think she toned down a little bit in the vlog from today, but yesterday's was just pretty wild. She seemed practically manic, and the fact that even her sister messaged her to ask what "she was on" means to me that this is out of the ordinary for her. It doesn't feel like we're finally getting to see "the real Tay" because even people who KNOW the real Tay are like "um, what the heck was that?"
    Personality is GOOD, and I feel like there are occasional flashes of a more relaxed, happy Tay and not this "I need to be sassy" mindset here and there in her videos (honestly her and Tripod in the car together were adorbs and her being a little goofy there didn't feel awkward and forced).
    Hopefully it's just stress from the move and she can find a zen moment at some point and just... relax. And do her thing and not give a crap about justifying her income and calling out her "haters." It's gon' be okay, Tay.
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  10. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Hey Tay~ is that a little PULL shoutout I see?  "Since I started daily vlogging, I kind of need to lead a more [air quotes] entertaining life."
    This most recent vlog I think was a bit more boring to me of her two most recent uploads. Since she didn't do much on those two "bigger" tasks she needed to get done (her hair, nails), I didn't seem that significant since she just removed the nail designs and trimmed her hair. The length she took off WAS fairly significant but because her hair is so long to begin with, even a change like that doesn't translate to any real transformation. It does make sense to me that she couldn't actually cut her hair into a bob like she discussed wanting to do because her agency needs to approve it. Since they're the ones using her image professionally, it would be bad if she just drastically changed and didn't let them know. It'll be interesting when spring comes along (she mentioned keeping it long for the winter) to see if she goes anywhere with the idea/gets approval.
    What I did really like in her vlog before today's was her getting excited about the gifts she received from her viewers. When she was opening one box (the one with the ombre lights), she was getting a little giddy and loosened up a bit, I think. She pulled out a candle that said "shit just got magical," and idk, maybe I'm just weird, but I get a kick out of her swearing. It's nice to see her not so buttoned up, and I feel like those are more glimpses into her... actual personality vs. camera personality? Maybe it's just me, but I have a feeling that she's not as PR-friendly polished, put together, and sometimes bland as we see in her vlogs. I'm thinking what we see is her very structured, planned personality, because even though her plans aren't always super elaborate or big, she does think ahead about the day and the tasks she has to do and typically presents them in a structured way.
    Because she's talked about wanting to have this friendly, more intimate connection with her fans, it's really nice to see her just chill out, relax, be more casual, and not worry about having everything perfectly-as-planned. ESPECIALLY for these daily vlogs where there's no particular THING she's trying to share/convey/teach other than her daily life. That organized, lecture-y, structured tone is perfect for how-tos and tutorials, reviews, or other formal things, but it's not necessary all the time.
    And just personally, what I really want to see more of is house decorating/organization once she has everything in place because I'm a sucker for home decor and things like that. She's got this huge place, and I'm glad she hasn't been shy about showing it so far (omg that amazing CLOSET she gave a tiny glimpse at in the last vlog), so I'm excited to see how it all looks when everything's put together.
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  11. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    I think she was still living with her boyfriend at the last apartment, at least for some of the time. She titled/described it as moving "with" her boyfriend, not moving "in with" her boyfriend, so that sort of implies that it isn't the first time they're living together, I think, and they just wanted a bigger place.
    And hot damn, this new place is HUGE for Japan standards. The second she showed the stairs and the couple of rooms she did film in, it gives the impression that place has got to be massive. She has her own office, there's a spare bedroom, there's their bedroom... they can fit an AMERICAN KING BED in the bedroom, and she even admitted that Japan doesn't really sell American king size sheets, everything that's available is too small.
    I wonder if she's still living within Tokyo (in which case, where in the world do you find a house like that?!) or has moved outside of the city for more space.
    Also I couldn't ignore that comment about "I've done the most growth in my lifetime in the two years I've lived here," especially when so many people are urging her to grow more, expand her horizons, do more than what she's been limiting herself to. I feel like she's certainly CHANGED a lot in the two years she's been there, but change doesn't necessarily equate to growth...
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  12. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    omg, that part made me laugh out loud. Although I cringed a little at Tay's slightly forceful "Yeah, we DO have to do this." And then it sounds like she's saying "COOKING WITH MAMA TAY" right after that through gritted teeth.
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  13. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    It can be normal or abnormal, honestly. I have a small dog (not Rosie-size small or the same breed, but he's only around 6-7 pounds), and I catch him with his tongue sticking out from time to time so I did a little research and it's apparently common with small breeds. Sometimes it's fine and just due to an overbite or underbite, or even small teeth since there's not enough teeth or lip area to keep the tongue in, but sometimes it can be due to something more serious (neurological problems . As long as they're able to pull it back in, for the most part, they should be fine and their tongues won't swell or experience complications, but Tay should definitely keep an eye on Rosie's tongue and get it checked out if it starts cracking/drying out or even swelling, since that can happen if their tongues are out TOO much.
    I think there were a few of us a few days ago commenting on how much nicer the videos would be (especially sightseeing and travel-focused ones) if she just showed what she was doing rather than talking to the camera over and over again about it, and voila! Looks like it was a success. I honestly quite enjoyed this vlog too since it's something she doesn't do too often and really showed a gorgeous area with a lot of "pretty sights" to take in.
    Also... I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Here's a gif of Tay doing a little hula dance while she was giving background on the area she visited.

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  14. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    In addition to the sloppy edit around her lips on this one, did anyone else notice the warped bedpost next to her head? 
    It looks like a chunk was taken out of it on the right side (you just see an awkward line of the wall where the rest of the circular top seems like it should be) and was bent. I tried referencing her latest video just in case it really IS curved, but it seems to be straight from angles in the video where the other post is visible. Whoops.

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  15. HanaLiNa added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    New vlog comments, a few things before I get into the "internet hate" portion of it. --
    I seriously laughed so hard I spat my drink out when she was walking around with her mom and commented that her mom asked to go to more unique/local shopping places. Definitely a good idea from mom! I laughed when Taylor took her to Zara in the last video, like you guys were saying before... her mom comes halfway around the world and she takes her to Zara, of all places? It's definitely a better use of their time to check out the sites (or, yes, even the shopping places if they're in the mood!) that you just can't find anywhere else rather than going to a big name brand place.
    I swear she's doing "arigatou gozaimasu" to continue this long-running joke. Her way of showing the "I stopped at Starbucks" portion of her day was her picking up the drink with the obligatory "arigatou gozaimasu."
    The "show, don't tell" shots work out so much better for videos like this where she's doing a lot of sightseeing. I feel like there were a little to many shots of Tay looking at the camera and explaining what she's showing her mom vs. actually showing the cool shots. The time lapses and scenes from the streets at night were SO visually interesting, and when she started showing the street rather than just looking at the camera and explaining where they were, the effect was a lot better! She can always add voice-overs or text in editing to explain where they are and cut the unnecessary "here's me looking at the camera for several minutes talking about what's going on" vs. jumping right in and just showing it.
    I kind of wish she didn't do the Q&A. I know she explained that she's already seen all of what her mom was watching on TV, but it feels like she's arbitrarily filling in the time because she wants more variety in her vlog for the day when literally no one would blame her for making shorter or fewer videos while her mom was around, because I think most people would think, "Hey, your family is visiting from out of the country. They're only going to be there for a short while, so spend as much time with them as you can!" I wonder what her mom has been thinking when she has to spend extra time to get footage or goes off on her own to film something like a Q&A while she was there. :\ Personally, I would feel a little sad...
    ANYWAY. Now about the hate part...
    For the most part, I think what she said about dealing with hate was fine. The "they're insecure/jealous of you" argument is never a 100% reliable one. SOMETIMES, yes, people are jealous and insecure with themselves and get something out of putting others down. This really rings trolling, rather than constructive criticism to me. I can't say I go anywhere else than here to read about what people have to say about Taylor, so I'm sure there are trolls out there that might say awful stuff about her, but the general sense I get from everyone here is that we're not here to troll her or even HATE her. Much the opposite, a lot of the comments I see here are very constructive and suggest ways that Taylor could manage her online presence, her videos, the things she says/does/puts out there in a way that would cast her in a better light.
    For me, personally, I absolutely DON'T hate Taylor! I don't come here to hate on her. Much the opposite, I quite like her! I wouldn't waste my time watching her videos if I didn't find something enjoyable about them. She's more like my problematic fave. I see so many GOOD things in her, but also so many things that I wish she would stop doing or that she could be better about. A lot of it is my very arbitrary opinion, and the only things I sort of get really frustrated about with her is how she might come off to younger/more impressionable viewers if she isn't honest (especially on videos where she offers questionable advice lol like that one where she suggested people are always talking about you behind your back), or when she does stuff like... goes to a foreign country for a few years and doesn't spend as much time as she should learning the language. But honestly, my intenion by posting here -- and I feel like the intentions of a LOT of people that post here, too -- is never, "Oh, I HATE this girl, I'm going to go badmouth her online so maybe she'll stop what she's doing." But rather, it's to engage in discussion with others who watch/see/generally consume the media she puts out there and talk about what I like/don't like. Our comments really have no inherent influence on her life. She can read about how she's being perceived and CHOOSE to do something about it or figure out her own way of dealing with it (or not dealing with it). It's up to her, and I definitely don't have any sort of end-goal in mind by engaging in discussion.
    She mentioned how the end goal of those comments on the internet is to get her to stop what she's doing (and, she argued later, consequently, to stop her from progressing forward). It might be for some, but for me -- and probably for here -- I really don't think that's the case. My desire for Taylor is definitely NOT to see her stop making videos! I think I'd be a little sad if she announced she was quitting YouTube or something. I just want to see her make better videos, more thoughtful ones, and just sort of improve that persona she puts out there because I feel like she DOES have a lot to offer. She has an interesting life (even if she puts out many videos of the same old thing/shopping/etc., she still has the foundation for something REALLY interesting... not everyone can say they moved to and traveled around Asia as a model and cultivated a job (her income source aside, I'm really just talking about the YouTube work that she chooses to engage in every day) that she truly seems to enjoy and be interested in. She's in a very unique position and could be taking advantage of it more, and I HOPE that she does. I don't want to see her quit at all, and I DO want to see her keep moving forward.
    And yeah, absolutely, she shouldn't waste her time paying attention to pure trolls whose end game is just to get people to think how edgy/clever they are and make the other person feel bad. There's no point. But there's absolutely a point in interacting with your viewership (especially if you choose to incorporate your fans/viewers/etc. so much into your personal image/brand like she does) that goes beyond just trolling you.
    The "focus on your own life" comment was the only part that didn't sit as well with me, haha. Fortunately, I have the capacity to think about several things over the course of the day, and me commenting on Tay's videos doesn't detract from me improving my own life, lol.
    Good lord, I'm sorry for my frequent novel length comments. Being brief was never one of my strengths!
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