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  1. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic Momotokio   

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  2. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    Taking back what I said.
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  3. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic Momotokio   

    Taking back the things I said.
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  4. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    she fakes it too!?
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  5. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I decided to point out the obvious. 

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  6. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic H3H3 (Ethan & Hila Klein)   

    Calm down Tana. They're just being phased out by new commentary channels that are already acclimated to getting monetized on YouTube as well as having the ability to still "punch up".
    I mean, granted, the quality of their content has plummeted exponentially so you do have a point, but we are way past complaining about things that Ian says lol. Especially since his whole schtick is "You're giving it the power that you so desperately dont want it to have." 
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  7. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    shes trying to sound like Marzia I swear lol 
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  8. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic H3H3 (Ethan & Hila Klein)   

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  9. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    It boggles my mind that any girl above 5 feet tall would consider themselves short still, haha. 
    It seems like she doesnt use much makeup and that could play a part in looking youthful, when you compare her to other 23 year olds who wear dramatic makeup for an everyday look. But certainly wouldnt think she was any younger than 17 based on not ever hearing her voice, watching her videos, or observing her behavior. Just on the pictures alone she cant look any younger than that imo lol.
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  10. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic H3H3 (Ethan & Hila Klein)   

    I think JonTron had mentioned on the podcast that he takes long breaks from YouTube and everything is still okay when he does upload and Ethan was stoked to learn he could take a long break from YouTube and still have viewers to come back to.
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  11. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic H3H3 (Ethan & Hila Klein)   

    I think on top of their podcasts being successful, doesnt twitch pay them to be on there? 
    iI also want to add a point that they're hilarious home made looking videos were at a time where they could still "punch up". Ethan mentioned before that because they've gotten so big it's not often/easy to punch up without the possibility of looking like big bullies.
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  12. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic Spechie   

    Gonna make a nitpicky, bitchy rant rn, prepare your butts.
    So I actually learned about Spechie through lolcow and was surprised to see she was dating Papa Timmy because I knew about him before her. So I checked out the thread and I see how she is a cow.
    (tl;dr) Spechie, to me, come off as young, naive, ignorant, and lacking in self awareness.
    Her rant against the art teacher, as we all know, is basically that she didnt wanna do anything that wasn't 2-D because shes just "sooo good at it".
    I feel that's like going into a math class and saying, I think we should only do multiplication because I'm so good at it, when there are kids in class who still need to learn addition and subtraction and after everyone is on the same page they can move onto multiplication but with the stipulation that after multiplication they'll all need to work on division, and Spechie ONLY likes multiplication so she gets upset with the teacher, and doesnt do any work. Of course she will fail and ultimately it makes her look stupid as heck.
    Secondly, the depression video shows her ignorance and lack of understanding for true mental illness. Theres no reason to talk about something that you clearly have no knowledge about as well as not bothering to read up on any extra information that might help your video's narrative. She went in clueless and made a whole video out of it. It shows her laziness, lack of research she puts into any topic, as well as proves that her channel is just about her ramblings on her own life and that she somehow thinks its helpful for other people to learn from when its truly just about her circumstances and situations and hers alone.
    Lastly, she is clearly overweight. Call it what you want, chunky, chubby, thicc, fat. But all in all, shes overweight, plain and simple. Shes not average and shes not even close to as skinny as she draws her sprite. I think it's another example of her lack of self awareness. Either she truly does believe that's her body or shes too ashamed to admit just how big she is. Seeing her irl pics and her collabs with Tim was a shock because shes not even close to resembling her slim faced character. Shes got a very rectangular/long oval face and she draws her sprite so slim and dainty in the face. Or is it just a true testament to how bad her art is and that shes so bad she cant even do a proper self portrait, which is part of drawing 101?
    She blocks anyone who gives constructive criticism and banned people from her discord who may have given her any. Then she suddenly changed her mind and said she will "allow" the constructive criticism but wont unban the people who initially gave her any because "they did it when it wasn't allowed". Truly mind boggling. 
    She definitely comes off as an awkward chubby girl who spent all her time online because she was too obnoxious to make friends in real life. (Side note that I am overweight myself and am not trying to fat shame.)
    (tl;dr) Initially came off as promising but fell into being generic, as well as lazy.
    When I first came across his channel I enjoyed his content and thought he made some good commentary. Then his videos started to become bland or clickbait-eye and I completely forgot he existed until I saw him pop up on lolcow for dating Spechie. I think the two are a match made in heaven, despite Tim looking seemingly uncomfortable around Spechie at times.
    He comes to whiteknight her on videos critiquing her and seems to have the same arrogant personality that his content is just so good, despite needing obvious clickbait or notoriety for dating a slightly more popular YouTuber, to get views.
    Whats also funny is that his video on the woman who hasn't washed her bed in 100 years was blatantly copied by a smaller youtuber, so an anon called him out for being a copy cat in response to a comment he left on a girl from spechie's high school video about spechie and he deleted it! 
    Funny that he was hating on that emo guy for dating a popular YouTube animator "to get more views" and here he is doing the same thing. Seems like he just wanted to do it for himself and how he is!
    Sorry for the long post I just think they're so silly and dumb lol.
    I watched the whole thing! It's a very good video and the guy is funny.
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  13. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic H3H3 (Ethan & Hila Klein)   

    Crazy to see them on here but not entirely surprised. They really have been falling off lately. I think most of that falls on Ethan and his depression. I used to watch every podcast but lately I've just ignored them completely. They overuse formulas and I think they're stagnating.
    Also, I feel like I'm being nitpicky/snobby but Hila's clothing line isn't um...great. It was mentioned that she got rejected from fashion school so she decided to start her own clothing line. Like....in my personal opinion, whatever fashion school rejected her probably had valid reasoning....idk maybe I'm just rude. 
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  14. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    shes getting close to thatthat 125 lbs she said is fat lol, so by her logic, does that make her chubby?
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  15. kawaiidesubae added a post in a topic Bobby Burns (Youtuber)   

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