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  1. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Hello folks...Been away for awhile....
    I quit following Katieaegi / happyseoulgirl/ ??? whatever she calls herself now...
    cause she bores me....and I have been super busy with school, work, etc etc...………..  Going to Las Vegas End of month....
    but I just had to say something when I saw the short youtube of her snap. and snap video..
    She looks wasted or high on something...or both.   
    I seriously think she needs professional help.
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  2. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    I misphrased the student visa 
    yes you can provided that she did it in the US before she entered Korea.   A much smoother process.  Etc etc.  
    but since she arrived in Korea as a tourist and now want to change it to student they kinda look at you funny.  And well usually takes a whole lot longer and more than not denied or just not as smooth of a process hence why she prob had to visa hop still.  
    So I should have said she ain’t getting a visa the way she’s doing it.  Now if she did it the right way yes she would  have it D-4 I think and could have it renewed if she continued her studies.  And it’s like a 4 month visa anyway instead of 3.   
    I hold dual passports so lol 😂 I may not be 100% in this statement here but  I think im
    pretty close.
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  3. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    She's so crazy I just shake my head... 
    She is the example of white privilege.   Daddy esp willing to pay her way through college if she actually was going to do it The RIGHT WAY....yet  she well you guys already know....(YET she shames other people about white privilege or bashes people about privilege..)
    She has done slut shaming..(Yet she herself is acting like a slut) and quite the drinker too I might add.  She has had practice in the states.
    She thinks she knows it all...yet she had to hop out of country to reset her passport...CAUSE THEY DON'T GIVE STUDENT VISAS TO 90 DAY language programs. (I'm sure she found out now since she had to hop out of the country for a weekend)
    She denies being on suga daddy websites..yet she's been exposed again and again...Her dad must be real proud.   Most dads would disown their daughters for crap she's done.
    You guys just gotta remember when she shames or bashes someone for something...especially if she sounds like she's passionate about it....It means she herself has done the same thing and or she Is the thing that she's bashing someone on.
    Kathleen dear you need psychological help.
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  4. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    I went to school with her.
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  5. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    She actually went to a expensive Middle School..../  High school (it actually was a small really expensive Elementary-High School.)  
    which had really only like 5 Asians total in that Private school. That tuition in that school was like 15,000-20,000 per year.
    She abandoned that school and wanted to go to a Magnet Public School for the sole reason that it had the most Asians.  30-35% to be exact. Her twin brother stayed at the private school.
    But unfortunately for her they were really no Koreans in that high school.  (I think 5 maybe 10 total) but they didn't really like her.   Most were Chinese, Vietnamese.  Hence her somewhat interest in Chinese in High School because it was a pilot program where they taught China Mandarin aka Simplified Chinese.  (Which she didn't know of course you want to learn Traditional Chinese which is a more universal writing language among Mandarin Chinese.
    But she has always been infatuated by kpop and wanting guys to look like kpop idols...in which most Asians in that school do not dress like that or put make up like that at all.  That school most if not all Asians were scoring highest possible on PSAT SAT ACT, etc....and most got either a fully paid scholarship to Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Caltech...etc.  I think even 2-3 people got in the West Point, Naval Academy.etc..…..and /Or at least got the Louisiana program for High School students...Paid tuition for 4 years in any public university in Louisiana...
    But she abandoned all that to chase her crazy koreaboo dreams... LOL
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  6. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    She probably got herself a sugar daddy ….Her dream come true....   what she don't know is...Sugar daddy will move on to a another woman when they find a better looking one...and there are plenty way better looking than her...smarter...educated....She's just a plaything to these Koreans...they will not take her seriously.
    All she got is looks right now...maturity wise zero....Those looks will fade real fast the way she's partying about.  I have a friend who aged 10 years in one.....doing just about the same crap she's doing.
    The only thing she got going for her atm is Koreans love pale skinned white girls....OMG with anna coming to see her....Lord help Seoul, Korea.   Bad girl meets another one that'll give her even worse influence.  
    So she's living it up while she can....SAD...
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  7. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    She's really living large
    Westin Hotel averages 200-300 (closer to 300 a night)
    That plate looks like its at least 20.00-30.00  USD gotta love room service...
    Wonder how is she even booking the room... (she has no credit card, most of these higher end hotels overseas 4 - 5 star really do not take debit cards or gift credit cards for reservations)---(I may be wrong but that is how I remember it...I travel sometimes w friends and parents)
    Perhaps its not her room...hmmmmm…..
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  8. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Correct....They are usually Korean, asian or half Asian girls.  They don't take too kindly to white girls unless they are superbly talented.
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  9. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    From what I know she dissed just about all her high school friends except for maybe 3 girls... (not many)  and her older friends from the private school she went to before she went to high school. (if they have snap)
    She adds her "idols" snap if they have them and converse with them through that and her private IG...
    She was adding people when she started snap randomly...All you have to do is have some kind of Korean sounding name and pretend to be a nice guy and she'd add you.  Or girl.  Lately I don't know since are antics are getting so boring.
    But of course if you criticize her on snap she will block  you rather quickly just like she did on Instagram.  LOL... 
    Its funny how she directly points to this site on snap as we have no life...salty ass.etc...
    Hey hunny its called free speech...You have your free speech to show us how perfect your life is...and we have our free speech to bash you.
    If you did it the right way I think most of people here would be pro katie….  She is what I'd call a Drama Queen.
    Don't you guys agree that....when this thread goes quiet she'll post something so she'll get attention...And then she complains about it...WOW.
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  10. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    this is how katie wants us to react....  (imagine a crazy voice for the text below)
    OMG Katie that's so awesome ….Its so nice to be you...
    You are so cool Katie OMG ...OMG ….so cool.
    I wish I was you honey....Meet so many cool people ...have kpop agents wanting to introduce themselves to you...OMG so awesome. 
    You so cool honey...so cool..... "faints"
    etc etc...

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  11. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL  so funny
    She think she's all that....
    I know people who are way prettier than her , taller than her, (with natural dirty blonde hair n blue eyes, and baby faced, which is what they like....She has a witch face in quite a few of her snap pics, .hate to say it like that)….speaks language fluently,..with lots of talent...Tried it out and was outta there so fast......Im sure I don't need to say more.
    She should watch the darkside of kpop on youtube before she thinks its all that.
    I'm not here to dog kpop but its not all sunshine and roses especially for the performers.
    I'll be waiting for Katie's debut 10 years from now.... if she survives that long being a Korean dish in executive parties.
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  12. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    Katie's making a fool of herself on snap again (clubbing, drinking, etc.)
    Im mobile so anyway I was just letting you people know
    Someone record it before its gone and post it so it can be herefor posterity and on  youtube.
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  13. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    That looks like pig intestine.  It actually could be either or a mix.   But from what I know anything beef is pretty expensive in korea. compared to the USA.    Just saying.... 
    i said pig cause it’s usually pig and pig is cheap.   
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  14. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    She basically subliminally telling us (with that caption)
    "Hey look I am white and I'm eating pig intestines, ain't I special"
    I hope she can stomach all the change in food and pallet.
    And to be honest that looks like leftovers from the restaurant from a day or 2 ago that they couldn't sell.
    Anything soupy I can't eat when I am overseas....They use tap water ...not filtered water...and while it tastes nice at the beginning.  At the end my stomach don't agree to the food and I have to well you know.  Usually after a hour my stomach gets that ...wrong gas rumbling sound...and if its leftover food I can tell in about 30 minutes.
    TAP Water loaded with chlorine and god knows what.  I have relatives that I know that know people who do restaurant business there ...They do not use filtered water in food they serve to customers....Unless its a nice higher end restaurant. 
    Her ordering take out food delivery tells me that she is afraid of getting lost and kidnapped or just basically getting lost and cry if she can't find her way back.  Poor Katie.
    I think her 5am walks is she trying to find a donut shop in korea….she loves donuts....I hope she's handling not having a/c well....  
    Even me as a native speaker but I do not know the roads well....You get taken for a ride when u do taxis if u do get lost because they will take the really long way back to your place to get as much money as they can from you.  And of course they will take advantage of her even more since she really doesn't know anything...probably hands taxi driver a card she copied of where she lives....And let me tell ya they will take the senic route (did I spell that right)
    katie better be careful eating from vendors on side streets...have u seen those propane tanks and grill that is nasty and grimy and really they don't clean it...ewwwww….  and have those scooter exhausts blowing at u while you are eating....yuk....
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  15. asianpersuasion added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    LOL  I sure wasn't going to go there...  LOVE MOTEL.... LOL.... I didn't want to bring that up, but yes there are many "LOVE motels" in Korea, and other Asian countries...where people go to hook up and they really do rent by the hour.  Usually 2-3 hours for like 50 USD sometimes 100 depending on where and if its the weekend or weekday.....or if there is a convention or event... 
    I hope we don't hear "Now for story time: (Katie's) My tour in a Love motel and how I (katie) got bedbugs and std"       
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